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  1. This loss had nothing to do with the QB or the QB play. It was totally bad coaching, bad coaching, and bad coaching. I thought he learned his lesson last year to let his O Coordinator call the offense. Obviously he didn't learn his lesson and is meddling again. This game was full of absolutely the worst coaching decisions ever made. No real coach sits on a 20 pt lead in the first half, much less the beginning of the second quarter. who the hell takes a QB with a great arm and accuracy and doesn't throw intermediate passes? You can tell that the deep passes and the bubble screen passes were all coach called passes. Because no QB wants to throw bombs all day for such a low % attempt. Or throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage on a 3rd and 10 play. The only time this happens is when the coach says throw this pass or tuck it and run, or take a sac. All bad coaching. Furthermore a QB change to get the freshmen some reps isn't necessarily a good thing. Gus has ruined more that one QB by putting him in in the redzone to run the readoption, rather to run the football only to ruin the QB's confidence and destroy the QB forever. Gus needs to relinquish all play calling forever and never be allowed to make game time decisions, period. It's obvious he can't make a good call ever. It takes the croud booing him for him to go for it on 4th and 1 in the redzone, anywhere else on the field and he refuses to try for it no matter how much booing the cloud does. Second the offense can war0 speed down the field wear out the defense and as soon as we reach the redzone he's swapping out players giving the defense the chance to do the same resulting in no TD and a field goal try. Not to mention running the same running play 3 times in a row resulting in no gain or more often than not loss of yards... Not even high school coaches make these horrible mistakes. Full fledged dumpster fire!
  2. If I win, I'm willing to pay the shipping fees. but I'm also willing to chip in a few bucks to help cover the cost of it all.
  3. yes that can be a problem, but that can be a problem in any league because guys don't hit their projected as often as you would like. plus you could think your making the good pick and the guy you bench doubles the score of the guy you picked. nature of the game. The game is more difficult at 6 teams if you ask me. and much more involved.
  4. I can't believe I missed the draft for my own league. i'm fairly pleased with the auto draft. just have to make some changes especially with the extra kicker and defense. don't need them. they are always available when you need one.
  5. Actually 6 teams becomes very competitive. you can't just sit on your players. just because you have this great team, It will become hard to beat the guy who is trading and hitting free agents every week to get players who are playing teams that have a weekness such as week pass defenses or bad teams and can score more with that bottom end #1 or #2 reciever than you can with your #1 reciever playing the best defense in the league. so really it's very competitive because everyone has good players and yes the scoring will be different and look high, but it's all relative, everyones will look high. but will your be better than mine? It's really not different except because you drafted a great team down't mean your going to win. your really going to have to pay attention and participate to win each week.
  6. Oh and if anyone else starts a league. Hit me up I'll play there too. Fantasy, pickem, whatever game you start College/NFL I'm in. Just PM me here.
  7. Ok we have 6 teams. in the interest of keeping it even and very competitive I have finalized the roster. so were full at 6 teams. Remember draft time is 7pm EST/6pmCST/5pm MST/4pm PST . The draft room opens 15 mins before the draft starts. get in early and set up your own rankings for the draft. Good luck to all and have a great time. I'll see you all next Sunday Evening War Damn Eagle!
  8. Draft Time update: Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm PST 7pm Eastern
  9. Guys we need 1 more person to even us out or 3 more to max out the league at 8. I'm not against going with 6 teams either though. just adds to available good players and makes us all work for it. the more good players available breeds constant roster changes. So 6 teams is awesome but 8 is awesome too. anymore and it diminishes the pool of available talent and usually the bottom 2 teams aren't very good. so Someone else join us please. If no one else joins us an hour before the draft I'll go off boards to fill the league to even numbers. Also I'll change the draft time 1 hour later. I have to go to bed way too early due to getting up at 4 am so I can't make it later than that. Hopefully everyone can make it.
  10. Great but short. wish I could get that tiger roar and growl as my ring tone. so awesome
  11. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/868197/invitation?key=67f62502946d21e6&ikey=0b6d6faf754e4416 Invetation
  12. Really? was there ever any doubt? Tebow just a hybrid RB/Tight end who didn't have the duribility to play RB or the size to play TE. oh so what he could throw the ball 3 feet to an open receiver while jumping in the air...Cam can throw it 60 yards for a TD while falling backwards. WAR CAM EAGLE!
  13. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/war_damn_eagle_1 Looking for 7 more at the most. league set for 8 players. any more and it becomes not fun for at least 2 teams. 6 to 8 is perfect. come join me. Draft set for Sunday Aug 27th, 6pm Eastern time
  14. I'm sure the lighter DE's had something to do with our lack of getting the rusher down and stopping the rusher. The size of these guys should be a bonus as long as they really did keep their quickness, or become even quicker through their workouts when adding weight. we will see very soon, I[m optimistic that we will be better both up the middle and on the edge this year with a another year under their belts and a little extra muscle. Interesting article though. thanks for posting.
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