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  1. Fantasy Football?

    Oh and if anyone else starts a league. Hit me up I'll play there too. Fantasy, pickem, whatever game you start College/NFL I'm in. Just PM me here.
  2. Fantasy Football?

    Ok we have 6 teams. in the interest of keeping it even and very competitive I have finalized the roster. so were full at 6 teams. Remember draft time is 7pm EST/6pmCST/5pm MST/4pm PST . The draft room opens 15 mins before the draft starts. get in early and set up your own rankings for the draft. Good luck to all and have a great time. I'll see you all next Sunday Evening War Damn Eagle!
  3. Fantasy Football?

    Draft Time update: Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm PST 7pm Eastern
  4. Fantasy Football?

    Guys we need 1 more person to even us out or 3 more to max out the league at 8. I'm not against going with 6 teams either though. just adds to available good players and makes us all work for it. the more good players available breeds constant roster changes. So 6 teams is awesome but 8 is awesome too. anymore and it diminishes the pool of available talent and usually the bottom 2 teams aren't very good. so Someone else join us please. If no one else joins us an hour before the draft I'll go off boards to fill the league to even numbers. Also I'll change the draft time 1 hour later. I have to go to bed way too early due to getting up at 4 am so I can't make it later than that. Hopefully everyone can make it.
  5. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Great but short. wish I could get that tiger roar and growl as my ring tone. so awesome
  6. Fantasy Football? Invetation
  7. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    FloridaGeorgiaTennesseeSouth Carolina KentuckyVanderbiltMissouriAuburnAlabamaLSUTexas A&MArkansasMississippi StateOle MissAuburnAuburn 626
  8. Cam Newton is even better than we thought!

    Really? was there ever any doubt? Tebow just a hybrid RB/Tight end who didn't have the duribility to play RB or the size to play TE. oh so what he could throw the ball 3 feet to an open receiver while jumping in the air...Cam can throw it 60 yards for a TD while falling backwards. WAR CAM EAGLE!
  9. Fantasy Football? Looking for 7 more at the most. league set for 8 players. any more and it becomes not fun for at least 2 teams. 6 to 8 is perfect. come join me. Draft set for Sunday Aug 27th, 6pm Eastern time
  10. SI CFB Preview - Auburn

    I'm sure the lighter DE's had something to do with our lack of getting the rusher down and stopping the rusher. The size of these guys should be a bonus as long as they really did keep their quickness, or become even quicker through their workouts when adding weight. we will see very soon, I[m optimistic that we will be better both up the middle and on the edge this year with a another year under their belts and a little extra muscle. Interesting article though. thanks for posting.
  11. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Yes it is the best ever. Catalogs the greatest season in Auburn Football History and the greatest player to play the game in recent memory if not ever. But it was a video for what would turn out to be the worst season I can remember. It was horrible. So many players jumped ship to the NFL topped with having a QB who couldn't hit a wall if he was 5 feet from it with a backup that had an arm but absolutely no control. Man it was so bad. It was so hard watching every game that season. But the video definitely goes down as one of the best ever definitely top 5 for sure. But there are other moments that I think are just as great in our history outside of that season. As for the skill of the editor, it doesn't get much better than that.
  12. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Long time no see everyone. been working my tail off up here in Lafayette, Indiana now. Working at Subaru. anyway great to have a little time to read and post on the boards once again. IT"S ALMOST TIME!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WAR DAMN EAGLE! this was a nice video. I thought it took a bit too long to get to the point. but once it did it was great. I love the use of the Independence day speech. always loved that speech, along with the meany great moments from our beloved announcers. Also loved to see some of the great moments in Auburn Football history along with those great vocal calls. My favorite being the use of the "Cam Superman flight" against SC. always thought that was his superman moment, not the LSU dive the media always used. the SC dive was so much better and so much longer than the LSU dive. I had a screenshot of that dive as my desktop across 2 screens for almost a year. I just loved it. anyway great video. It's good to be back I think it's been almost 2 years. Missed chatting with you guys. but life gets in the way of our wants some times. War Damn Eagle!
  13. CFB Playoff Poll after Week 10

    I think TAMU still there because the voters realized they were total tools putting them at 4 the week before and are trying to save face. look for them to continue to fall rather fast from here on out. Oh, Hello all. been super busy this year. Hope everyone is enjoying the season. Miss talking football with all of you.
  14. Reese Dismukes

    The Carolina Panthers sign guard Reese Dismukes to an early contract. (No link story on the Panthers app.) FULL STORY: The Panthers have signed eight members of their practice squad to future contracts for the 2016 season. The list of players includes defensive tackle Chas Alecxih, safety Marcus Ball, linebacker Brian Blechen, wide receiver Damiere Byrd, defensive end Rakim Cox, guard Reese Dismukes, defensive back Ras-I Dowling and offensive tackle David Foucault. The Panthers previously signed eight others to future contracts. The contracts are referred to as "future" contracts because even though the players have signed, they do not officially become members of the roster until the beginning of the new league year – March 9. Future contracts essentially allow teams to sign players for the 2016 season even though it has not begun yet. Only players who are not on an NFL team's 53-man active roster at the conclusion of the regular season are eligible for these contracts.
  15. Yahoo Pickem

    Thanks AURex. I like the Confidence points as well. I'm always killing my self on the spread, especially the first week or two. I participated in the pickem here, thit pickem we played together, and 3 other pickems, all a little different. I really love pickem. some years I'm really great. Last year leading up to the last few weeks I bolted up to #2 on the pickem on the boards, then destroyed my run for the top in the last 2 weeks. didn't fair to well this year, was a really strange year. 2 years ago I won a pickem I played with some friends by 1 game. It's just a lot of fun. As for the pickem here on the boards this year, I missed the last 2 weeks picks. between work and packing and doctors appts and my swinging schedule I slipped and forgot to put in my picks . Oh well there is always next year.