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  1. Rednilla

    No Matter What

    Never said to be happy with a loss, and I believe I said it's fine to criticize here, amongst ourselves. I just posted this as a reminder that we're all Auburn to the core.
  2. Rednilla

    No Matter What

    You know, I was talking to my father (also an Auburn alum) earlier today about one of my proudest moments as an Auburn Tiger. It was in 2009, when we played the eventual national champion Alabama Crimson Tide down to the wire, but came up short. After the game, the Bama fans who were there were chanting their classless Rammer Jammer cheer over and over, when something incredible happened. Rising from the rest of the stands, Rammer Jammer was overtaken and drowned out by "It's Great to be an Auburn Tiger." There were those clad in crimson who were looking around in utter confusion because they'd just won the game, and we were still chanting over them. That's what it means to be an Auburn Tiger. Through good times and bad, it's ALWAYS better to be part of "that Cow College", as Bear Bryant famously called us, than it is to be for anyone else. Our orange and blue doesn't go in the drawers for next season when the current one goes sour, like Alabama's crimson does. I, for one, wear it all the more proudly, because it's a part of me, no matter what. Now, here, amongst ourselves, we are free to criticize and second guess and complain all we want. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it's ALWAYS great to be an Auburn Tiger. I think some of you guys need to keep that in mind while lashing out about the play of the football team. If you're just a bandwagon fan, go ahead and get off now, because we're more than that. Always have been, and always will be. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! No matter what.
  3. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    Don't get me wrong, Saban is a great coach, but he got lucky to get the Alabama job. He NEEDS a recruiting hub with the tradition of Alabama or the geographical advantages of LSU to get the players. Now, he's great at coaching up DBs, and he generally does a good job of surrounding himself with a solid staff, but he's not all that when it comes to game day coaching. I'll give him credit that he does well with the game plan coming into the game, but it's the superior talent he has from recruiting that garners most of his big wins, not stellar game adjustments. If you look back to his time at Michigan State, where he had to go head to head with Michigan for recruits, it took him four or five years to do better than 7 wins in a season. That said, he's arguably the best recruiter in the country when he does have the proper resources, and that's enough in itself to all but guarantee good football teams.
  4. Rednilla

    Scouting Report: LSU Tigers Defense

    Well, reading this certainly doesn't make me feel all that good about the game tomorrow. However, I do think that if Stidham can make them pay for playing press man, we'll see the running game open up. I suspect that Grimes will have the O-line playing better already, with the film vs. Washington to study and make adjustments. It certainly doesn't seem an easy task, but if we keep their defense on the field for long periods of time, we may be able to wear them down since they aren't as deep as usual (according to this article, at least). All in all, I feel cautiously optimistic about our chances. On paper, the matchup seems to favor us, and hopefully the guys will be ready to pay back the Bayou Bengals for the humbling second half they delivered last season. I do like Coach O, though, and more so than most seem to, so I worry about the coaching matchup. Still, provided that the team comes in focused and ready, I think we'll win this one in the second half. By how much I dare not guess.
  5. Rednilla

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    I've made that comparison several times because of size and quickness, but I don't see Worm's style as being particularly similar to Sanders'. Growing up, Barry was always my favorite running back not only because he was so danged good but because he was always modest on the gridiron (not so much on the basketball court, I've heard), but he would stop and start a lot to leave pants around players' ankles. Shaun strikes me, thus far at least, as more of a one cut, hit the hole as it opens, and then run til they catch him type of back. I like the comparison to Sproles, though.
  6. Rednilla

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    I still want to call him and Schwartz "Flash 1" and "Flash 2" (in whatever order) after the DC Comics superhero. Considering their track speed, I don't think it's a stretch, but I suppose since Shaun already has a nickname, maybe we can just call Schwartz "Flash".
  7. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    I'm not sure Auburn fans could handle sustained success like that. The only time we've had it in the modern era was the 80s (not 10 wins in consecutive seasons, but less games were played), and I'm too young to remember that time, so I really don't know what it's like. I fear that a portion of the fan base would become like the bammers (as opposed to Bama fans, who are generally okay, if a bit misguided)...then again, it would be nice to take the final step from a stellar football school to an elite one. Here's hoping Gus is learning how to do that.
  8. Rednilla

    Player Departures 2018-19

    Coe is in his first year starting, and he's a redshirt sophomore. That's why I don't see him leaving.
  9. Rednilla

    Player Departures 2018-19

    I think Coe comes back, but Davidson spending three years dominating on the D-line for a good Auburn defense is hard to overlook.
  10. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    That's fair enough, because consistency does buy confidence, but Auburn has had 2 undefeated seasons in the last 15 years, including a national championship and another year that we played for the national championship. Not to mention that we beat the top ranked team in the land two out of three of the last games of the season last year. But yeah, I still understand what you're getting at. We've been up and down, plus we lost the Peach in humiliating fashion at the end of last season. However, I like the idea of not getting the respect we deserve. We play better in those circumstances, and if the team can get that edge (not to mention the revenge for last year in Baton Rouge), then we could beat LSU handily, which might well bump us up to the top 5. That said, I'd kinda rather see a slugfest where we win by 7-10 points so that we keep getting questions about how we might fare in a true road game. I mean, we'll get those questions anyway, but beating LSU by 2-3 touchdowns would drown it out in a lot of ways. I kind of like the idea of having doubters, something to give the coaches to use in firing up the team.
  11. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    If the offense shows up to its potential, this game could get ugly, because I think they can score 35-40 against LSU (as well as everyone else we play before Amen Corner), and the defense shouldn't give up more than 21 against anybody we play unless we sustain significant injuries. That said, when I've felt this good about a game in the past, it hasn't turned out well for the orange and blue, so I'm still rather leery.
  12. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    I really feel like we have a trio of ball carriers who can make an impact in big games. Kam gives us experience and quickness, Boobee gives us size and power, and Shivers gives us speed with a little pop mixed in. Haven't seen enough of Asa to judge whether he's ready for the big time yet, and fumbling the ball the way he did certainly doesn't inspire confidence, but he has the talent. I would venture to say we are in a better position at RB than we have been in years, depth wise.
  13. Rednilla

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    I don't seem to remember UGA doing that...
  14. Rednilla


    I suspect that's mostly coachspeak, considering what passthebiscuits said. He might be day to day in practice, but come game time, I'm sure he'll be good to go.