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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Texas A&MGeorgiaOle Miss Mississippi StateSouth Carolina Georgia Tech USC West Virginia North Carolina State 44
  2. Notes going into Week #6

    Good to great!
  3. His choice of playing "Slob on My Knob" wasn't particularly popular with me or my father...
  4. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    So you out?
  5. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    I was 15, sitting in a field quail hunting with my father and several others while listening to the game on the radio through my headphones.
  6. I was at my apartment across from the College St. Wal-Mart for the 06 Florida game (assuming that was the one with the blocked punt where Tre Smith somersaulted into the end zone), and at one point in the game, I stepped outside and could hear the stadium, it was so loud. I can imagine that one standing out.
  7. Bama and UGA twice?

    Well, for those teams that do make it through, it would be another week of not giving their studies full attention, if we are to maintain the facade of college football being a pure amateur sport. Maybe this could be remedied by moving the first playoff game to a week before the new year (though that would interfere with Christmas), but I just don't know. I'm not sure taking away one of the rent-a-win games would be an issue, considering the amount of time between the end of the regular season and the beginning of bowl/playoff season, though.
  8. The video board comments deserve special recognition, because the use of it was outstanding in getting fans fired up at the right times during the game. I will say, however, that it didn't strike me as being particularly louder than an average SEC game I've attended in the past, and in watching the replay yesterday, the announcers mentioned the crowd noise multiple times. I wonder if my perspective was off and it really was louder than normal (very possible, as I have hearing problems and was not wearing my hearing aids), or if JHS is just always that jacked up. I think the fact that I've experienced so many games from the student section might have affected my ability to notice a difference, as well (I was in the north end zone), games that include 2004 LSU (still the loudest I've ever heard that stadium), but I don't know. In any case, thank you for writing out this post, as I think it brings a welcomed perspective to the board.
  9. Bama and UGA twice?

    I don't disagree with any of this. I believe I was advocating an 8 team playoff when we were first seriously debating the playoffs, but time has rusted my memory. Still, I wonder at the negatives an 8 team playoff might bring to light, if any.
  10. Bama and UGA twice?

    These kinds of questions are only going to drive the push for more teams to be allowed in the playoffs. For example, an 8 team playoff could include each power conference champion along with three wild cards, either from the power conferences or even a mid-major who had a fantastic year (like Boise State that year they beat Oklahoma in their bowl game). Of course, that further extends the season and dilutes the prestige of making the playoffs, to begin with, but I imagine it will happen sooner or later.
  11. Running Game

    I wouldn't mind seeing us put him there if the coaches can teach him to block halfway decent for the run game, so that it doesn't tip our hand to being a pass whenever he's in there. I would LOVE seeing someone step up and play as a solid tight end.
  12. Bama and UGA twice?

    While I do agree to a point, there was at least decent rationale in putting Ohio State in last year despite not making their conference championship game. They had only lost one game, and though it WAS to the eventual conference champion, it was also by only 3 points and at their place, and Penn State had lost two games, itself. OSU had also had a big non-conference victory over Oklahoma, so I could understand that decision. Was it the right one? Who knows? But things are not always as cut and dried as only the conference champions should have a spot in the playoffs.
  13. Running Game

    One note on TEs...I'm not sure we have one who can be relied upon in the pass game and the run game. Supposedly Cannella can't block that well, and Harris can't catch so well, which leave (if memory is serving me correctly) a walk on and a true freshman at the position. I feel like if we had a Lutzie type, he would be thriving already in this offense.
  14. Bama and UGA twice?

    I VERY strongly doubt two SEC teams make it into the playoffs this season with the way the conference as a whole has looked. I'll admit that the greatest likelihood of it happening would be for us to win out and Bama's only loss being to us, but the rest of the country would throw a conniption fit if we get two teams in when the conference is down.
  15. Running Game

    Need I remind you that one of those "wasted plays" turned into a red zone TD last night? I get the frustration with seeing so many WR screens and no slants or crossing routes or really any intermediate passing game whatsoever, but sometimes those WR screens work out pretty nicely.