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  1. Yes, let's put things into perspective. In spite of NIL, Alabama and Georgia still sat at 1 and 2 last year in recruiting rankings. They are currently 5 and 1, per 247Composite. What that means is NIL didn't change a whole lot, proportionally. The probability is that Alabama and Georgia were never doing anything that every other big time program in college football wasn't doing in the first place, we're just most sensitive to it because they are our two biggest rivals. There is no doubt that Smart is a good coach, and recruiting talent to his program is part of that.
  2. You realize that since White is part of this class, he's the one that can be recruiting for us, right? Don't believe Ashford is allowed to recruit high school players with whom he wasn't already acquainted. And even if he can, he'll be a senior by the time the kids from the 2024 class (those in question) even get on campus, so...
  3. That Hail Mary pass shouldn't have ever been necessary. Aaron Murray was stopped short of the goal line on 4th and goal, but there wasn't enough video evidence to overturn the call on the field. I've always thought of The Miracle at Jordan-Hare as divine intervention to right a wrong, because that game should have ended 37-31 good guys.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like that's his worst year, record wise, while at Alabama, with the exception of his first year when he was rebuilding...
  5. Saban will be 72 this year. Yeah, maybe he's gonna JoePa his way into his mid-80s before he hangs them up, but I gotta believe he's getting close to the end. I don't know exactly how relevant this is, but he was just turned down by UDub's offensive coordinator, who was offered the same job at UAT. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Freeze turning up the heat at Auburn might push him to go ahead and call it a career in the next few years. Of course, he might well be like Bear in that when he retires, he'll lose his drive to keep pushing forward and his body will quit on him pretty much as soon as he stops going full steam. I doubt it, because I don't believe Little Nicky has the substance abuse problems that Bahr did, but you're right about him being a workaholic. It's not inconceivable that having nothing like coaching football to occupy his time, he might keel over, and hell, if I were him and I felt like that was coming, I doubt I WOULD hang them up so quickly, just out of self-preservation. *Disclaimer* While I would love to see Saban's tenure at bammer end, I am wishing absolutely no ill will on his life, simply drawing parallels with the other legendary bammer coach.
  6. For what it's worth, while I don't know if this is what Niebuhr was talking about, I read that bit about finding our Dabo/Kirby as we found the perfect fit for the program, who will capitalize on the advantages inherent on the Plains in ways his predecessors just weren't doing. Another way to say essentially the same thing is that Freeze is the modern day Pat Dye. He's taken over and changed the trajectory of the program from day 1, at a time when a legend at Bama is nearing the end of the road.
  7. Until a couple of months ago, he'd never been at a program that was realistically capable of getting to the top. Doesn't change the legitimacy of your questioning this facet of Freeze's coaching ability, but it's worth noting that he's never had the resources and clout behind him that he does now.
  8. That's what I had been led to believe, and I was hoping/expecting him to be the X-factor for us this season. Oh well.
  9. Wow, that's kinda crazy considering we only signed one this year. I guess we won't be quite as deep next season as we are this one. Are the 2-3 others part of the playing rotation, or do you know? Actually, upon further reflection, the only player of the 4 seniors that I really see us missing all that greatly is Jaylin, because without him we've only got 3 bigs on the roster, and Traore isn't exactly the traditional big. I mean, not that Allen is a pushover, but Chance fills the big guard role, and Aden will likely be a significant upgrade from Zep, so adding one more big in the portal would still potentially leave us with a solid 2-deep. Of course, I'm sure there will be a desire to add at least one more big guard, and if we have more than 7 new players on the team next year... well, that would change things rather greatly, roster-wise, so who knows? I do hope Broome sticks around for another year, however. He might be good enough to play in the NBA due to his defensive prowess, but I just love having Dylan ready to come off the bench and infuse life into the team, and I have to wonder if a transfer would be able to come in and be the third (fourth? I don't remember who started at 5 in Dylan's freshman year, but I don't think it was him) player to start ahead of Cardwell in as many years? I suppose Yohan could move into that role, but he hasn't impressed me much with his around-the-basket skills, so I guess we'll see.
  10. Ah, now that makes sense, because the Yanks are the kings of pulling that kind of thing. And considering they've won close to three times as many World Series championships as any other team in baseball, I suppose it's worked out alright for them.
  11. I don't try to pretend to know a whole heck of a lot about basketball, but I know a little something about teams and teamwork, and I really don't think we're that far away from being good enough to play with anyone in the country. It's just maddening because the team is so infrequently hitting on all cylinders that we see the potential in beating overmatched opponents, but then get to watch things fall apart when the spotlight gets put upon them. That having been said, what I've learned from watching college basketball for the last couple of decades is that teams like this one will sometimes come together and get hot at just the right moment. That's what happened with our Final Four team. Not saying it'll happen again this year, just sayin' that we have the potential.
  12. Ah, yeah, I suppose that does make sense. And no reason to shake his confidence unnecessarily when we really don't have so much of a need for him due to the depth on the team (and the presence of Allen Flanigan). I'm just so excited to see him get going... but this isn't a wasted year, because he's still with the team and building that chemistry, even if it's not on the court during games. And, honestly, like I said, I don't see him playing at Auburn for 4 seasons, because I feel pretty sure the NBA's going to be calling long before he gets that far, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if he were forced into action this season. Man, how nice is it to have the luxury of not forcing the issue with a player of Chance's caliber and still have legitimate aspirations for a deep run in March/April? I just feel like we'd be at a different level as a team if he'd never been bothered by the injury and been able to play from the beginning.
  13. Quite honestly, I'm guessing that the injury is a bigger deal than I was led to believe pre-season, because I find it difficult to believe he wouldn't be able to add anything to the team if he were 100%, and I'd be rather surprised if he's still around when what would be his redshirt senior season rolls around. I mean, I don't know, maybe I'm putting too high of expectations on the young man, but based on what I'd heard about him, I kinda figured it was unlikely he'd be around past next season when we were coming into this one. Of course, that having been said, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he still wasn't around past next season. A 6'6 guard with his athleticism and two years in Bruce's defensive system could be a hot commodity if he comes back strong.
  14. Yeah. We sign a pair of top 40 players and a 3 star PG (who was rated higher in football, and has probably never focused all his energy on basketball for more than a couple of months in his life) when losing just 2 from the playing rotation, and have a near 5 star PG signed to come next year when, due to the COVID rule, I'm not sure we'll lose anyone from this year's playing rotation... and Bruce is losing his mojo? My, we've gotten awfully spoiled awfully fast with the basketball program, haven't we? *Shakes head*
  15. I'm sure this has been discussed in here and I just never saw it, but why hasn't he been playing? I seem to remember there being an injury before the season, but I know he was on the floor briefly... was the injury aggravated? Or is he just going to redshirt this season?
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