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  1. 2018 4* OG/C Jalil Irvin commits to AU!!!

    You think he could pick up the reads and calls quickly enough to be center as a true freshman? I still think Kaleb Kim wins the job, Jalil redshirts, then starts as a sophomore after Kim leaves. Edit: However, I'll be happy with whomever the coaches deem best.
  2. Early Signing Period: December 20-22

    I suppose maybe later in the season he could, but I rather doubt it (barring injuries, of course), and I REALLY doubt he'll begin the season as a starter. I still expect Kaleb Kim to step into that role next year. As far as I know, he's the only non-senior to play center for Auburn this season.
  3. Early Signing Period: December 20-22

    It's not THAT big of a deal, except maybe for depth. Everyone who will start on the O-line next year is already on the team.
  4. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Deep breaths. Wooosssaaahh. Life goes on. Auburn is still Auburn. We'll get our share, don't you worry about that.
  5. 2018 3* JuCo CB Benjie Franklin

    I see what you did there.
  6. So who wants to keep him now?

    That's all well and good, but it should be mentioned that we play one more cupcake game a year than we did with Tubs or Dye. Not wishing ill upon Gus, just trying to be fair in the comparisons.
  7. So who wants to keep him now?

    I suppose that's fair enough, even if I still think 4+ years is pushing it. Again, we are still in the hunt for the national championship THIS year, despite the screw up in Red Stick. We've also been ranked in the top 10 during the second half of the season every year Malzahn has been here. Gus has at least as much to do with that as anyone else...I would think a little slack could be cut, especially following one of the biggest wins ever over our oldest rival. What's more is that, even during down years, we've been competitive in most every game played, where a couple of breaks our way could have made a huge difference. I'm not touting Malzahn just because he's our coach, I'm pointing out some of the good that has gone along with the bad. Recruiting has been stellar, and hiring Kevin Steele is looking more and more like a home run every week. No, we shouldn't be entertaining the notion of giving him an extension and a raise (or maybe an extension to his current contract if we do win it all), but that still doesn't take away from the foundation Gus has laid here.
  8. So who wants to keep him now?

    Okay, so your "frustrating game" in 2013 was the FSU game? That seems more than a little nitpicky considering that was THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I mean, if you want a coach who never gives you frustrating losses, then you need to give up sports. It happens, whether you continue to support the coach/team or not. Being undefeated consistently is not attainable, and minus that, you're always going to have frustrating losses. Now, I won't disagree with the talks of raises and extensions being premature, as I believe I've already indicated on here, but you included both an SEC championship year and a year in which we still control our own destiny for both the SEC and National Championships. That only begs the question of what will make you happy? Do you expect to win it all every other year? Because that's sure what it sounds like.
  9. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    Much as I would LOVE to see Kerryon get 100+ and continue the minuscule amount of Heisman hype he's been getting, I would rather not see too much of him. He's too important a piece if we are to have a chance against Bama. Thus, if I had my way, I'd give Stidham the first half to continue his continuity with receivers, pull Kerryon after the first quarter, and get a TON of reps for the second string offensive line. Kaleb Kim, especially, needs to be out there getting comfortable at center, because he's the odds on favorite to win the job next season. However, to paraphrase what a couple of others have said, win handily, no injuries, and Malik run the whole offense while he's in, and I'm happy.
  10. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    The only players slated to leave are on the offensive line and the defensive backfield, plus Tre Williams. We don't need to be overly concerned about reloading OR rebuilding next year. That's not to say we shouldn't play the backups, only that they will mostly still be backups next year, as well.
  11. So who wants to keep him now?

    I'm always frustrated when Auburn loses. That's just the way I'm built. I may know full well that the odds against are monumental, but it's still frustrating, especially when Auburn has done pretty well against monumental odds in the past. I was frustrated with this year's Clemson loss, in spite of the fact that we got outplayed that day. And yes, the LSU game this year was beyond frustrating. My point is that this season is not over, and he was saying that it's been "4+ years" of losing like this that has him up against the wall. Uhh...4 years ago we were in the midst of winning the SEC, so I wouldn't say that year should count. At most, it'd be 3+, but considering we have everything ahead of us, the "+" seems a bit unwarranted. 3 years of it I can buy. No more. That was my only point in bringing up the frustrating losses.
  12. So who wants to keep him now?

    Now, I just got through typing an exposition on why we shouldn't extend his contract, but let's be fair here: Auburn has been in the top 10 during the second half of every season since Malzahn started. TAMU in 2014 was the beginning of the unraveling, and only one game was truly frustrating about this season (LSU), so that's really more like 3.5 seasons that have been so frustrating. Surely you weren't frustrated the last three weeks, as we took care of SEC West opponents at their place and then dismantled the undefeated #1 team in the country. Yes, losing is frustrating, always. But the loss to LSU in 2013 was pretty frustrating, too, and that season ended up being alright. If you're talking about the AMOUNT of losing being frustrating, you really shouldn't include this year, because we're 8-2, ranked #6 in the College Football Playoff rankings, with a game against one of the teams ahead of us and two others set to play one another, as well. For all intents and purposes, the LSU loss, painful as it was, did nothing to diminish our chances at the playoffs. In fact, it might well turn out to be the wake up call Malzahn needed, with Leath calling him out about the team's performance. So please, don't qualify the last "4+ years" as being the reason he shouldn't be granted favorable treatment, not when the fourth year is yet to be over and still has all the potential in the world.
  13. So who wants to keep him now?

    But if they do a piss poor job, they don't get their salary cut or the length of their contract diminished. They might get fired, but even that comes with a big buyout these days. The only reason I can see for giving an extension and/or raise is for the impact it'll have on recruiting, being able to battle the negative recruiting against Malzahn by other schools. I came into this season with the expectation that we should win at least 9 games for Gus to not be on the extremely hot seat next year, and we're a Louisiana-Monroe victory from eclipsing that total. If we beat Bama and then Georgia again and make the playoffs, certainly we should look at Malzahn's contract and see it needs adjustment. I would just assume that we give him one more year after this one to prove that he's not an all-the-way vs. mediocre head coach before extending his contract and giving him more of a buyout if he reverts to 7-8 win seasons after that. However, if by some miracle we're able to pull off a national championship with two losses, we may be backed into a bit of a corner in at least giving him an extension. Does he really need any more money than he's making? I mean, most of us (even those of us who are younger than you and Golf) could live our entire lives comfortably on a year of Gus' salary, and he only has one season of more than 8 wins so far. Don't get me wrong, I was exceedingly excited at the UGA game, and I've liked everything that has come out of the football team since Leath chastised Gus for the LSU game, so maybe that's all that is needed: someone to hold him accountable. I don't know. But what I do know is that we jumped the gun on giving him an extremely lucrative contract after 2013, and he's not lived up to his end of the bargain until this season...and even this season could have been much better if he had not gone so damned conservative against LSU, so his coaching still has not been up to snuff across the board. Now, all of that said, I'm still a supporter of Gus Malzahn, and I'd LOVE for him to put himself into the conversation for a raise by making the playoffs, or maybe even winning the playoffs. But there's a LONG way to go for that to happen, and even if it does, would we really make another deal with a coach who has, thus far, been either a championship or bust (with the number of busts outweighing the championship) type of competitor, or do we wait until he proves he can maintain that championship caliber level for another year or two before making any movements on his contract situation?
  14. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 12/17/17)

    And what, exactly, is it that you base your assumption upon? We haven't had playmakers at TE while Malzahn has been head coach here, and we brought in Cannella to provide a big guy to make possession type receptions. He has dropped more balls than he's been targeted with, so we've had to go without a versatile tight end all season. BTW, have you noticed the few passes that we've been working to Chandler Cox? Now imagine a tight end who can operate as a lead blocker OR a dynamic threat in the passing game. You don't think that's something Chip Lindsey wants? Really? Oh, wait, I forgot with whom I was communicating. Troll away, because that's all I've EVER seen you do on here.
  15. So who wants to keep him now?

    Is there anything positive that you contribute to this board? By the way, Nick Saban is not the best game day coach in America. He's probably the best recruiter, and he's good at assembling a formidable staff, but if it comes down to head coaches and their decision making, Auburn has a shot.