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  1. Not that I disagree, because I don't, but nickel is a little bit different from quarterback, so that's not the most fair comparison to make...
  2. I get the feeling you may be lumping the people on AUF with another group of Auburn fans, because no one here is talking about that Finley is likely to unseat Bo as the starter. When I got back on FB and went to the Auburn group I'm a part of on there, I ran into a guy saying adamantly DD needed to be given the keys, and we don't need Finley. And then there was someone saying that Davis was horrible, Finley was going to be the savior. And neither one really liked my comment that Bo was likely to be the starter, regardless of anything else. So maybe you just don't realize that no one here
  3. How long have you been around college football fan bases? There's a running joke that the backup QB is the most popular player on the team, because unless the team is performing well on offense, there's always a contingent that thinks the backup would do better than the starter. But, the thing is, I don't remember seeing too many people saying Dematrius was going to beat out Bo this spring. And yeah, now we're on to the next QB who is most likely to unseat Bo...because we need such a quarterback to fill out the depth chart and give Bo some real competition so he has to push himself to get
  4. I'm not going to bother with the other stuff, but seriously? You realize that Joe Brady, the mastermind of the offense you're talking about, was working for the Carolina Panthers last season, right? Steve Ensminger, the notorious second half of "Nallsminger," was not AT ALL responsible for the offense LSU had in 2019.
  5. Well, whatever his decision, at least we'll know it come next Friday at noon.
  6. I have a feeling that the staff knows more than we do about how all this transfer business is going to settle out, but I think the NCAA is going to basically be forced to waive the initial counter rule for transfers. Too many guys already in the portal from too many schools. But, that having been said, you could be absolutely right.
  7. @ellitorDo you have any idea yet what kind of numbers we're looking at on OL for the 2022 class? As in, both the total number and the number of OTs the staff is looking to take.
  8. Okay, this has gone on long enough. W.E.D, literally no one is assuming that TJ would come in and take over for Bo. The people you are disagreeing with simply think he would have a reasonable shot at unseating Bo, something neither of the other QBs on our roster seems capable of doing. Pretty sure no one is rooting against Bo, either. I guarantee you that everyone who is legitimately on this board would be thrilled if Bo had a transformative year and breaks all the single season passing records en route to championship glory. It's just that there are those of us who question whether Bo ha
  9. He's definitely a reason to get excited about next season. With him and Kessler, we might have the best front court in the nation. If Scoot Henderson does decide to come to Auburn rather than going to the G-League, then we might well have the most talented team in the country on paper, with four likely first rounders starting, and, quite honestly, we're going to have a 2 deep that rivals any team in the nation, regardless. This is going to be a big year.
  10. Okay, then the change is very recent, because that's the definition of unrecruited that has been cited by every reputable source in the industry. You know, the people who SHOULD know what they're talking about, as opposed to your deteriorating memory databank about what the rule regarding something that you might have caught in passing somewhere along the way could possibly have been at the time.
  11. Yes, for the ten thousandth time, "unrecruited" means by the school they blueshirt at, not unrecruited by any school.
  12. "Unrecruited" is a legal definition. It doesn't mean we didn't recruit them at all, it means they did not take an official visit (meaning we paid for it), our coaches did not visit his home, and we didn't send him an NLI. For most of the players in the transfer portal, their only actual recruitment is Zoom calls, which are allowed under the wording of whether a player is "recruited" or not. The transfer market is full of SEC-caliber players who fit the definition of unrecruited, and thus are eligible to blueshirt. Oh, and all those guys who transferred out recently? Yeah, their scholarshi
  13. I really don't think this Harsin and Bobo are going to pull an Al Borges here. I fully expect Tank and Worm to be firmly entrenched at 1 and 2, but I doubt we'll see them on the field at the same time very often.
  14. I've seen mention of it, but I have no idea if it's been discussed by anyone who matters, or if it might actually happen, or if it's just a dream. Probably others on this board know more than I do. Actually, check that, there are certain others on this board that I KNOW have more intel than I do on this situation, but how much they know, I don't have a clue.
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