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  1. This, completely. It's easy to forget how good Brandon was, considering he was sandwiched between undefeated teams that our minds automatically go to when thinking of the best, but the guy was pure heart. Look up "moxy" in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of him. I'll never forget that fourth down in Athens in 05, when he stepped up and drove a spike right into UGA's heart. Chris Todd did well to bridge the gap between Cox and Cam, but that's really the best you can say of his playing days at AU.
  2. I'd LOVE to see Lawson go to my Steelers!
  3. I'm not sure if I would put Montgomery and Wiley on the floor at the same time too much or not, preferring to have one on the floor at all times and thus only overlapping in time for fewer minutes...but it WOULD create matchup problems down low on both ends of the floor.
  4. Indeed it would. But I don't know if Montgomery has the credits, or the desire, to be able to graduate early. Definitely would be awesome to have that lineup next year and potentially make a run at/in the Big Dance.
  5. With 4 freshmen as the leading scorers, no less. The sky's the limit for these guys, but I think the potential will be greatest in two years (provided neither Heron nor Wiley go pro), when EJ Montgomery gets here. That'll give us two legit monsters down low, and the versatility to play any style of ball we want to. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited as all get out about next season. It's just that thinking about Wiley and Montgomery with Heron, Harper, Brown, Purifoy, Spencer, McLemore, and the other two recruits from this past cycle (Okeke and Mitchell) gets me very, very excited about the future beyond next year.
  6. I don't believe anyone said our problems are because of him not being here, only that adding him would be a plus...
  7. I was there, sitting in the Alabama section. I'd been to the last two Iron Bowls at JHS sitting in the Bama section, and we lost, so it was particularly sweet how quiet it got right about the time Caddy turned the corner up the sideline.
  8. No, we don't need a guy who can make all the throws. We need a guy who knows how to make things happen, sure, but we have plenty of talent to win with a solid and HEALTHY game manager. I wouldn't say Nick Marshall could make all the throws. I mean, there's a reason he's not playing QB in the NFL. But he made things happen. There was mention of us being an 11 win team with Stidham, a 9 win team with White, and that may not be far off...but it's only because Sean has had injury problems and it's only with no backup. Of course, Stidham broke his ankle in his one and only season, so it isn't as if we don't need a backup for him, too, and if Sean were to start and get hurt this year he'd have two capable backups, unlike last season. And that's the whole reason for so much optimism. It isn't just that Stidham signed, it's that we have two QBs who have proven themselves, at least to some extent, in a Power 5 conference, as well as a former four star who physically fits the mold of a quality QB. Depth. Something we simply didn't have at QB last year.
  9. We'll have two backups better this year than any backup we had last year. And, hopefully, the true freshman we signed won't get injured at the start of the season, thus potentially being ready late in the season if everything else goes wrong.
  10. That's fair. However, we aren't talking about the Swim and Dive program under Marsh. We're talking about the job Jacobs has done as AD. All good things come to an end; the beginning of other new good things is noteworthy.
  11. Does get more TV coverage, however, and they're a lot of fun to watch. Increases name brand a bit more than swimming, which is why I was hesitant to say it only picked up some of the slack. Now, don't mistake me: I hate it that Marsh was run off, and I SO wish we could get the swim program back where it was. But if we're picking nits, it seems fair to recognize the softball team's success. Seems like gymnastics has made a step up, too, if memory serves.
  12. That certainly IS one of the major shots against him, but the softball team seems to be picking up that slack for the time being. If, that is, non-men's sports are considered "tiddly wink".
  13. He inherited a basketball program that was in the dumps, hired a proven winner as head coach, and from all appearances the team is well on its way to sustained success under Pearl. As for football, I still believe in Malzahn, and I believe we can get to the point of winning 10 games a year. I know little of the baseball program, but that's still two of the major sports who have already excelled or appear (to everyone) to be on the verge of excellence, and he's the guy who hired those in charge of things. I'm not a huge Jacobs supporter, but that's noteworthy if you want to look at it just from the view of the big three men's sports.
  14. To be fair, while recruiting is certainly an inexact science, there is a far greater likelihood for 5 star players to make it big than for 3 star players to do so. It's like the odds of a player panning out...Auburn did well enough this year that, with just a couple of diamond-in-the-rough pickups and normal development of the higher rated players, we can reasonably say we held our own, but over time the teams that consistently get the higher rated talent are typically going to be the top teams in the country.