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  1. Because they have Clemson, North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Georgia left to play, plus a trip to Miami. It's certainly not our slate, but at least on paper it doesn't look too easy.
  2. That's a fairly common practice, brother...
  3. Just hope it doesn't mean we're screwed...
  4. Okay, Clemson needs to score a TD, then get another quick score to make it less interesting of a game.
  5. We can hope, but I'm not counting on it.
  6. You're right, it does. Would be funny if we messed up their Whiteout by being too numerous with our orange...
  7. So is Clemson-GT going to flip to one of the ESPN channels, or are we going to have to watch a divided broadcast because of the inclement weather in Clemson?
  8. Come on now, Flash, it's not just another game. It's the first real test (on the field, that is) of Harsin's career at Auburn. But no, the atmosphere will not be particularly new to any Tiger who has been around since 2019.
  9. To be fair, he didn't exactly have to deal with the pressure of being on the playing field during the Whiteout, while he had to face his stiffest challenge defensively all season to go with the noise. Don't get me wrong, we're second to none, but I would imagine Happy Valley is an impressive venue, as well.
  10. Oh, if we're strictly talking this year, then yeah, absolutely. Baton Rouge has been a dumpster fire since Joe Brady took his NFL offense back to the NFL.
  11. My BOLD! prediction... 50-350 yards passing 5-75 yards rushing 0-5 TDs responsible for 0-3 INTs thrown (if he gets to 3, Finley will be taking snaps in short order...and only 3 if one of them was deflected and not really on Bo)
  12. I do want to issue a bit of praise for Gus, in spite of it all. Lost in the drama of the pick six is that Malzahn *GASP* called a crossing route. That it bounced off the receiver's hands and into a defender's might keep it from happening again, but hey, maybe he's growing as a play caller.
  13. Historically, I'll give you Michigan over LSU, but over the last 20 years that one isn't even close.
  14. Okay, the others I can give you a pass on, because they get lost in the crowd much more easily, but on that one...lol.
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