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  1. Just give it a rest. It's over now. Maybe I got my signals crossed. How about we try to agree to disagree the way DAG said you two do all the time, hmm?
  2. I didn't sling the insult. I was trying to make the point that I WASN'T meaning bromance as an insult.
  3. I didn't make the statement that they were gay lovers. I was trying to explain that I meant no harm with the bromance comment. That's all the intent that was there. If I hadn't had the conversation with my gay friend that I mentioned in a later comment, I wouldn't have said anything about it in the first place. Maybe it was misplaced, because I'm sure not every homosexual feels the same way my friend does, but that's what was on my mind. I meant no harm, I assure you.
  4. And it's fair enough that you see it that way. My issue is with those who have essentially said Gus always finds a way to lose 4 games. It's technically true, but the way he found to lose 4 games in 2017 is that he made the conference championship and lost. To me, that's a far sight better than losing 4 games without playing in the SECCG. Which has been my point the entire time.
  5. Chizik was wanted to be gone both because he failed to win an SEC game and because he had a feud with Malzahn, the architect of the offense that won us the national championship, and then the offense tanked when he tried to go a different direction with it. And Malzahn did win 10 games two seasons ago, so my contention is that there would be less people as unhappy with him as there are, and the consternation would not be as great. I don't know if that's the case or not, but I think it would be. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  6. Doesn't sound crazy at all, though I still contend you would feel differently about Malzahn had he won that game and then everything played out the same way afterward. That's not really all that debatable, though, because neither one of us knows how your feelings would have evolved with that extra win in the national championship.
  7. Yes, because the circumstance I was asking was about if we had lost 2 SEC games, meaning Bama won the West despite losing to us, so we simply didn't play in the championship game to lose it. How else do you get to 10-4 if not by losing the conference championship?
  8. I disagree, because Auburn doesn't carry the clout Bama does (sadly). I think in that case the SEC only gets one team in and the other one loss team (don't remember who it was, but I'm pretty sure there was one) gets in ahead of both Auburn and Bama.
  9. For the love of... No, I didn't play myself. My point this entire time has been about the way the loss in the SEC Championship is treated. You've already played yourself by saying you would rather not play in the championship game than to play it and lose.
  10. I'm sorry, I was using the universal "you," not speaking of you in particular. I should have made that clearer.
  11. πŸ™„ I actually have run it by one of them. Calling you gay would be the equivalent of calling him straight, which he said would be offensive because it's untrue. That's the only reason I made that point in the first place. If either of you are actually homosexual, then I'll gladly withdraw the point, because that would change things.
  12. I already said that bowl games count as much as regular season games because simply winning 6 in the regular season is enough to get you in a bowl game. Did you miss that?
  13. What I'm talking about is that by saying Gus manages to lose 4 games every year, you're penalizing him for making it into the championship game. You would rather lose less games than to have the chance to play for a title. You admitted it earlier in this very thread. Shame on you.
  14. And I didn't say "as much." I said "the same way." Call me unhinged all you want, but right now I'm going back and forth with two members with the same agenda at the same time. Makes it a little more difficult when having to answer everything twice.