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  1. With three potential tackle prospects already in the class, including a four star in Caleb Johnson, I think we can afford to slow play Orr a little bit. I mean, to be completely honest, at this point, I would be more than satisfied if we took him and one more interior OL and called it a day, because that would give us at least three 4 stars at a place where we DESPERATELY need depth. But I understand the logic behind going after one elite prospect when we already have four solid ones locked up and not many more spots left.
  2. I took 2+ to mean more than a pair of seasons. If it were 2 even, then we've had at least Dyer and Mason in the past decade, whether you count Kerryon or not, and the question isn't as meaningful as it would be if he did mean greater than 2 seasons.
  3. I think a lot of it might just be hype due to the depth of our RB unit. We have a sophomore and two freshmen who all look capable of carrying the load in the SEC. I don't think it matters, because the only back on the team with the kind of speed Goodwin has is Worm, and Shaun hasn't shown that he can take carries away from Armoni to this point in his career. I feel pretty good about the commitment, personally.
  4. Can tweets be edited? If so, @Jake Crain, it should be affect, not effect. I know, I'm a resident grammar Nazi, but I only mention it to help a brother with his business.
  5. Any ideas as to who those commitments might be, or just a hunch?
  6. I only included that bit because the last time we had an heir apparent waiting in the wings, it didn't work out so well, and I wanted to head it off before anyone came in blaring about the dangers of being complacent with an heir apparent backup and not trying to get other quality players as well to keep up the competition. I just think back to what it was like having Berger-->Slack-->White-->Nix-->Craig...
  7. Meh, there are a lot of 3 stars that have impressive offer lists. How many of those offers are commitable varies from prospect to prospect. I have to wonder if we would accept a commitment from him right now, with Kool-Aid and Nyland Green still on the board. Given that the yellow one likes him so much, I would guess that the answer is yes, and then if both of the other two want to come to Auburn you create an extra spot (presuming we're only planning to take 2 corners this cycle...E might be able to verify that). But, honestly, as far as rankings go, he's already borderline 4 star. Last year 247Composite had 382 players rated 4 star or better at the end of the cycle. If he stays at 353, he'll probably gain a 4th star by the end of evaluations.
  8. I'm really, really excited about Davis. I keep telling people that if he was two inches taller, he'd be a five star recruit. I think he has more potential at the college level than even Bo, personally. I don't think he'll take the starting position away from Bo or anything, but I do think his legs are going to make a world of difference in this offense, much like Nick Marshall's did. I don't expect him to have quite the same kind of impact as Nick, because Nick could outrun most SEC defensive backs, and I don't think Dematrius will ever have that kind of top end speed. He does, however, have that acceleration burst necessary to be a step up from just enough to keep the defense honest with the zone read, as well as great escape-ability when scrambling. And I LOVE the way other top prospects are following him as the alpha. Of course, the fact that he led his team to the state championship the last two years has been regurgitated a lot on Auburn boards, but to have been the starting QB at a Texas powerhouse program since he was a freshman, you just know he has to have something special about him. It's nice having a full QB room again with four guys on scholarship, but it'll be even nicer having a full QB room AND a chain of succession where the heir apparent is already there and the starter is an upperclassman. That's the way you want the quarterback situation to look, but we haven't had a line of more than 2 successful QBs with a starter as well as the heir apparent on the team since Pat Dye was running things (Bowden had it for his first few years with Stan White/Pat Nix/Dameyune Craig from 93-95, but that was due to Dye's recruiting). I suppose it makes sense that times have changed, and kids who have what it takes to be quality SEC QBs don't want to have to be a backup for 2-3 seasons, but it sure would make me feel better if we were able to maintain a line where the starter was never lower than a redshirt sophomore (barring injury), and there was always an heir apparent youngster either redshirting or waiting in the wings after redshirting. Yes, I know, that's the dream...but with Davis coming in 2021, I can see the first step of that dream finally coming through. And I honestly don't think he's going to be like Jeremy Johnson and fall so short of expectations. He's had too much success in a league that is as close to college football as high school can make it for me to believe he will fall so flat.
  9. Was there just no one out there at punter for us to bring in by the time that happened? Or did the coaches think it was a bigger deal to have a backup QB with some experience?
  10. It is rather ridiculous...but I, personally, do consider Thor a big fish. Not as big as Green or Brown would have been, no, but still the 7th highest rated recruit in program history (Cooper, Mustapha, Okoro, Wiley, Korvortney Barber, Chuma, then Thor), and he would have been the second highest rated recruit ever before Bruce. I think he and Coop are going to become a big deal very quickly, just like Isaac and Chuma did. I think both will be more like Chuma than Okoro in that it'll take a couple of years of development before they're ready for the League, but I fully expect they'll each be a catalyst for the team from the word go. Hopefully, we'll find a 2 that can be a scoring threat as well as help Coop take care of the ball, but I'm not concerned. I trust Bruce completely.
  11. I'd rather have Goodwin anyway, if he's able to get back to full speed. Sounds like he's a cross between Tre Mason and Shaun Shivers. Would LOVE to see a track guy with the size for Gus to trust him as an every down back. Having the kind of weapon that can take it the distance on any given play in the backfield is palpable. It's why I so want to see Shivers get a chance to be an every down back.
  12. Yeah, I want Nyland more than I want Kool-Aide. Might be due to feeling like we have a better shot at him and that shading my judgement, but I LOVE his length. I hope we pull him AND he vaults to a 5 star rating.
  13. You didn't mention anything about winning past Bama in the initial post I quoted. But yes, of course, all other things being equal, I would certainly want to beat Bama 6 straight times. I'd like it even better if we won 10 straight, to one up their 9 straight from 73-81. I just don't like making as big an issue over it as we (me included) have in the past. But yes, McKinstry. I don't really have that good of a feeling about him coming to Auburn. I would obviously love it if he did choose Auburn, and not just because we need corners, or because he played with Bo in high school and I'd like it if he wanted to do so again, though both play a part. No, the guy is an athlete and then some. But I don't think he's going to be residing on the Plains any time soon. Be kinda cool if he came, though. We could call him GQ.
  14. All you said was 6-0 vs. Bama. Yes, that is a good thing to be, but it doesn't say anything about the rest of the season. We could, conceivably, be 6-66 over that span, and it would still meet the qualification of winning 6 straight against Bama. If you'd said 6-0 vs. Bama with 6 trips to the playoffs, I wouldn't have said anything. But defining your season by beating your biggest rival while they're busy winning national championships DURING YEARS THAT YOU BEAT THEM is the definition of being "little brother." I mean, you DO remember that happening, right? When we beat Bama and they still made the playoffs ahead of us, then won the national championship? So forgive me for not being willing to consider winning the Iron Bowl the end all of the season. That's not enough for me by itself. Also, not for nothing, but even making the playoffs isn't good enough for me, not by itself. How do you think the Buffalo Bills feel about making four straight Super Bowls without winning one? How do you think the Utah Jazz feel about making back to back NBA Championships only to lose both to Michael Jordan's Bulls? Virtually everyone here questions how good a coach Malzahn really is, and in his one appearance in the national championship game, he laid an egg down the stretch. Why are you so sure that we would do any better than that?