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  1. If he and Jared and Austin all come back next year, we can be something, considering the recruiting class we're bringing in. Having a big year as the centerpiece of an offense can easily throw him into lottery pick status, and even if that doesn't happen, he's still got late first/early second round talent and a year left to negotiate with. The pieces coming back to this team...are ample!
  2. I didn't mean to be down on anyone. And I know you're right in some cases that we still claim some of, like Brandon Jacobs, who played at Auburn but didn't have a place behind Caddy and Ronnie, so I would imagine he would maintain some connections in Auburn.
  3. Of course it takes effort on the players' part, but that could just be a preferred walkon who spends his career on the scout team who gets the acclaim. Like Rudy. I hate Notre Dame with a passion, but I love Rudy.
  4. No, I don't know that he has, but it's always been my assumption that playing at Auburn gives a person those connections. Do you know that they don't?
  5. You're right, but someone needs to sit down with him and explain that NFL teams aren't going to shell out the dough to a guy who couldn't get cleared at his college to play. Jamel Dean is the exception to the rule (I believe that had more to do with OSU being full and coming up with an excuse not to honor the scholarship), but if you're already on scholarship somewhere and they don't think you're physically fit to play, that's another matter entirely. I mean, I hope it works out for the best for the kid, but I'd be leery of burning bridges.
  6. There's a difference between foot speed and football speed. Otherwise more sprinters would play football. The fact that we have two guys who sprint in the spring now is an anomaly, especially considering both of their speed transfers to the football field. Junior Rosegreen wasn't particularly fleet of foot, nor was Will Herring, but both were outstanding college safeties because they knew when and where to move.
  7. But at the same time, if he stays at Auburn, he keeps those connections within the program, and he can get a job with a booster or a job as an assistant coach pretty easily. I'm not sure how readily he would get those hook ups if he transferred to try an ill-fated return to football, especially when the likelihood of him playing in the NFL is virtually nil.
  8. Good to hear that Byron seems to have gotten his head straight. Wish he could have shown out at Auburn, but sometimes those are just the breaks. Hopefully he'll have a good career in the NFL. Always love to hear humility out of athletes like him.
  9. If it's a freshman, I'd say Mark-Antony Richards has the better chance. By all reports, he's the more complete back, and has been compared favorably to Kerryon Johnson. But I still say Shivers is going to have a breakout year, even though he's not participating in spring camp. He likely won't be the starter, but with his explosive ability combined with the pop that comes out of his 5'6 body, I wouldn't be surprised to see him take several to the house from 40-50 plus, not to mention KO returns (if teams kick it to him). If he can field punts consistently, I'd love to see him back there returning them, too, because one wiggle and he's flat gone. I'd love to see him and Shwartz on the field at the same time, fake to one going one way and give to the other going the other way, maybe even with Boobie going up the middle for a triple option...especially if Gatewood is QB, because then you've got four dynamic runners and no way to tell who has the ball.
  10. Gotta be careful with that holding onto the staff thing; Tommy Tuberville and the BBQ gang let the game pass them by and ended up giving us a miserable 2008 season. IMO, you need a core of coaches who stick around for a while for continuity, but should also encourage your coaches to move up with their careers if they can, to impress other head coaches with their ability and (when they move up) make other promising younger coaches incentive to come here as they move up the coaching ladder. I like having Steele over the defense, because he's highly unlikely to move on, and Garner seems perfectly content to keep churning out great recruits and great D-lines, but seeing McGriff take the DC position at Ole Miss was good, and I wouldn't mind seeing T-Will do the same (even if it's just taking over our D after Steele retires). I'd love to see Dilly move on up to head coach somewhere in a few years, because that will mean we're doing something right on offense, and he's getting credit for it too. But yeah, have to have both stability and upward mobility to keep the coaching staff evolving properly.
  11. I knew about the enroll number, I just wasn't sure we could still count back to the previous year (provided we have the slots still open, of course, and the players that enroll early) or if that rule had been done away with.
  12. Think he was saying he'd like to see Tisdol and OP on the field at the same time.
  13. I think you might have been exaggerating a bit, but if we can back count a few players (if that is still allowable) and sign more than 25 total, I'm okay with this, but we still need other positions filled. I rather hope we get 7 OL with at least 4 of them ready to come in and make an immediate impact. I think we've got a few guys who are or will be on campus this year who can help us out in 2020, but I do think we'll see at least one or two first year players on the offensive front, and we'll need the other immediate impact guys for immediate depth.
  14. Is Building Science a separate program from COSAM? You're absolutely right, of course, I just thought it was under the sciences and mathematics banner.
  15. That absolutely includes Auburn. There are very few schools I put as clearly better than AU. Everyone knows about the engineering program, but we've got a top notch veterinary school, a top notch pharmacy school, a top notch architecture program, a top notch math and science program, a top notch agriculture program, and with the money Lowder has put into it, a top notch business school to boot. Our liberal arts aren't exactly strong spots, and we don't have a med school or a law school, but for a public land grant university, I'd say we're at the top of the heap.