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  1. This might be the most insightful post I've ever seen from you.
  2. I can't help but to wonder if that still stands with the pandemic and all.
  3. Actually, Kuminga plays the 3 and Brown is listed as a 4, but Brown's father has indicated they want him used more in the role of a 3. But that's not exactly why I have the feeling that we don't get both of them. I'm not sure exactly what it is, maybe just the overwhelming thought that it would be too good to be true. Either way, I'm certainly far from the most educated about all of this, I'm just talking gut feelings, so don't let me put a damper on your hopes. I, for one, would be ecstatic about getting all four 5 stars who are seriously considering us.
  4. I know. I was saying the only way I think we'll get him is if Green commits to us first. I think we can get Green by himself or both Green and Brown, but something inside of me says we don't get Brown unless we get Green first. Weird gut feeling, but there it is.
  5. Personally, I never got the feeling we were really in it for big Cliff. With Kuminga, on the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if he picks Auburn, unless Brown picks Auburn. As I just mentioned in another thread, I don't see both of them coming to the Plains.
  6. Honestly, if we get Brown and Green, I'm not too concerned about Kuminga. Sure, it'd be awesome to have four 5 star players in the recruiting class, but I've just got a sneaking suspicion that we won't get both Brown and Kuminga. Would LOVE to be wrong about that, but in my gut I don't believe it will happen.
  7. I don't think there's much chance of that happening, personally, but that's just a gut feeling, not based upon anything I know that anyone else in here doesn't know. I just feel like our only real shot at Brown is Green signing with us on the 15th and setting up for a super class that Brown decides he wants to be a part of.
  8. Don't forget Kuminga, the #1 player in 2021 who is expected to reclassify to 2020. He's strongly considering us, as well.
  9. Not in the context I was using it. My question was whether there's any chance we could end up with all three, however minute a chance it might be.
  10. If you had to guess right now as to who will be in the class (just going on having 3 slots open), who would you think it will be? Do we have the capacity to have a monster class with, say, Green, Brown, and Kuminga? Or is it too much to think we could get both Brown and Kuminga, since they play such a similar position (Brown's dad wanting him to be more a 3, etc)?
  11. We did when his pick was for Auburn. IJS
  12. The good news is that he admits to being in the minority with that opinion, and I suspect it has everything to do with thinking Green looks like a young Penny, not based on any information regarding Green's leanings.
  13. As far as the football season is concerned, I'm more concerned about a second wave of the virus hitting in the mid-late fall when it cools down some if we haven't found a vaccine.