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  1. Rednilla

    Josh Marsh

    I stand corrected.
  2. Rednilla

    Josh Marsh

    Church of the Highlands has several campuses across the state, so it still might have been one...though I tend to doubt it if he's a preacher's kid, because those churches have one pastor who records his sermon and broadcasts it to all the other campuses.
  3. Rednilla

    One missing piece on defense

    Auburn has had a pretty stout defense since Kevin Steele took over, and, yet again, we won 10 games in 2017. You are the definition of a debbie downer: any negative light that can be shined on the team, you make sure to crank it up full blast, whether warranted or not. By the way, since you obviously can't do math, Gus is averaging a little less than 9 wins and 4.5 losses per year. No, it's not where we want to be, but the sky is not falling, chicken little.
  4. Rednilla

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Lawrence had an incumbent who took Clemson to the playoffs starting ahead of him the first few games. Fields was playing behind a true sophomore QB who, if I'm not mistaken, started from game 1 in Athens. It does usually take a true freshman time to get ready to start, but Nix has been around his dad's coaching all his life, so he has a leg up even on the normal coach's son QBs, and he'll be going through spring practice to acclimate. I agree completely that we need to name a starter as soon as possible. As for my prediction, I'm torn. I sincerely doubt it will be Sandberg (think he's going to be a career backup, barring injuries). I have my doubts about Willis, as well, though he could surprise us all once he's operating the full offense. If I had to put money on it, I would say Gatewood starts the season, and then depending upon how he does, he either locks down the position or gives way to Nix at some point. As far as transfers go, I could see Willis going to a smaller school, but something tells me he's okay with being the backup. Gatewood is another story; if he doesn't win the job, he might be willing to change positions (he did play receiver in high school while splitting reps at QB), but more likely he will transfer to another school. Which would be a bloomin' shame, because he has all the tools to be a great one, just right now I feel more comfortable that Nix is the ultimate future of the position and Joey will have to make a move to get on the field. Would be pretty awesome, though, if he'd switch to WR and give us another red zone threat in the passing game, as well as the ability to line up in the Wildcat without substituting and allowing the defense to adjust, while also retaining the ability to keep the defense honest by throwing the ball, a la Tebow his freshman year. If Gatewood DOES win the starting job, however, I don't think Nix transfers. I think he'll redshirt, remaining a year behind Joey G, and at worst start for two years after Gatewood goes pro (with those measurables, if he starts at Auburn for three years, I think he leaves early).
  5. Rednilla

    2018 Statistical Review, Part I

    The OL returns 5 starters from a group that improved as the season went on, the leading rusher was a redshirt freshman (with all other primary contributors returning), and we replace a QB (who seemed more intent on playing out another season in college to enter the draft in a down year for QBs than being part of the team) with an open competition between a junior with a little bit of game experience, a redshirt freshman with all the measurables to be a standout, and a true freshman who is a two time state champion, Mr. Football in Alabama, the son of a former Power 5 offensive coordinator, and from all reports has an astronomical football IQ. That said, however, I feel pretty certain the first five words of your post were made in sarcasm, based upon what I know about you.
  6. Rednilla

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    According to your quote, he grew up a fan of both Auburn and Alabama. That doesn't happen in this state unless you're just a pure front runner. He wasn't a die hard like we are. He just thought he could come to Auburn and be the man from the day he stepped on campus after Kerryon went pro. Then Kam Martin was the starter from game one. Then Whitlow, a fellow freshman, overtook Kam Martin as the bell cow. Then Shivers, the other true freshman who is diminutive but built perfectly for a small back, was getting reps ahead of him, too. Even Malik Miller was getting the ball more. And then the coaching staff goofed because of a misinterpretation of the rules, and Asa Martin lost his redshirt year. Yes, it's unfortunate, but it just means that instead of redshirting during his first year at Auburn, he'll be redshirting while sitting out a year for Miami. Sucks that it worked out that way, but he'll be fine. He doesn't get to have a waiver to play early just because he didn't get a redshirt his first year. If he'd gotten the redshirt the first year, he still would have had to sit out for a year before being able to play, meaning he'd still only have three years to play three, so it balances out.
  7. Rednilla

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I don't disagree with that.
  8. Rednilla

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    It's more likely they can't count to five, because of a mix up of some sort. No way around this one, Mikey.
  9. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    You never know. If he starts as a true freshman, he'll be the starter for at least 3 years, and I wouldn't put it past him to want to finish his degree, maybe win another national championship or something. It's not unheard of.
  10. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    Willis wouldn't surprise me, and Sandberg wouldn't surprise me. If Gatewood is willing to play somewhere other than QB, he'll stick around...but as it stands, I think he's the front runner heading into spring practice, and from what I've seen, I don't think he's willing to play elsewhere in college, so if Nix does take hold of the starter's job this year, I suspect JG will transfer. And I wouldn't blame him. He's too good not to put his talents on display.
  11. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

  12. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    Well, I think Gatewood is a wild card. He could easily win the job, especially if Gus is wanting to run his 2010 offense. I just feel like things are lining up too well for Bo for him not to come in and be the four year starter type that goes down in the AU record books, kind of like Stan White was. But of course, we DO need a capable backup, so Gatewood, Willis, and Sandberg have to be prepared, too...though if he loses out on the starting job, Gatewood may switch positions. He could be outstanding as a WR/Wildcat QB, giving us a player on the field who could line up at QB without having to substitute a special package in, which always gives the defense the chance to sub and react.
  13. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    How many quarterback recruits do we get who are the son of a former college offensive coordinator? Not just a high school coach, not even just a two time high school state champion high school head coach, but somebody who has done it at the next level before? Because that's what Bo Nix is. His father isn't some schmuck who volunteered at the local middle school, he's got legitimate coaching ties. What does it mean? It means we get a kid who has been as prepared for the next level as he possibly can be. The same kid who apparently was the alpha at the Under Armour High School All America Game. Don't worry, though, I'm sure you'll come around.
  14. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    Last two years have seen three true freshman QBs make an impact in the Championship Game: Fromm for UGA last year, Tua for Alabama last year, and Lawrence for Clemson this year. The time when the college game is too complicated for the advanced high school QBs is coming to an end. And Bo is the son of his head coach, who also coordinated offenses in the Power 5. So the son of a demonstrably good coach. Who grew up around Auburn stuff. At this point, I get the feeling that we're all here to see the Bo Nix story play out in legendary form.
  15. Rednilla

    Feeling better about next year

    Not when he is still the best option you've got to work with.