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  1. We might not miss a beat if Cooper reclassifies and comes in early, and I'm of the opinion that he will announce he's doing exactly that when it's confirmed that Harper won't be back next season. He was the national player of the year, and is widely considered a heavy Auburn lean, with two of his high school teammates signing in the 2019 class.
  2. Probably, but it's not impossible that the light finally comes on for Prince Sammons.
  3. Not many grad transfers are going to come to Auburn to be a backup, even if they do have two years of eligibility left.
  4. Not many of those out there...and we really need young OL, not grad transfers. We should be good on the line for this year, at least.
  5. Auburn will be his fourth college in four years. It certainly seems like he transferred from Oklahoma because he realized he wasn't going to get any spotlight there, went to JUCO, then apparently didn't have any suitors in the FBS ranks so he went to an FCS school hoping a big school would get interested. To be completely honest, this seems like a kinda desperate move by Malzahn.
  6. I understand the stated reasoning of wanting a replacement for Slayton, but I don't particularly like it. Why not put Matthew Hill in that spot if we want Seth Williams in the big slot role? We have an abundance of talent at wide receiver, three tight ends who all fit the mold of a big, physical receiving threat, and now we have one less initial counter opening to bring in a grad transfer at a different position. That said, since it's a done deal, I hope the young man has the season of his life and gets the chance to play in the NFL. I wonder how his jumping skills are for high pointing the ball? I really don't know what to expect out of a former 3 star (who played at a high school football powerhouse, so it's not like he just slipped through the cracks) that hasn't exactly put up all world numbers since leaving Norman, but he does at least have the size to give me hope that he can contribute.
  7. What do you think Harper will do? Virtually nobody is projecting him to be drafted, but what would you say are the chances of him simply signing with a team rather than coming back for his senior year? I would think that at this point, the only way he comes back is if no NBA team will sign him, because I doubt how well he will be able to improve his stock with another season in college. However, I have no read whatsoever on the pulse of NBA front offices, whether he stands a reasonable chance of signing when/if he goes undrafted or not. Honestly, at this point, I'd rather he not come back. That is in no way a reflection upon my feelings for Jared, because I love watching him (and will welcome him back with open arms should he opt to return), but rather hope that he'll get his shot in the League and an inclination that it's time to turn the page to Cooper at point.
  8. I don't believe that is the case any longer.
  9. Again, didn't he participate in the senior day festivities at his high school already? That would indicate he has plans to reclassify, but he just doesn't want everybody to know about it until it actually happens (if it does happen, of course).
  10. Honestly, I don't know enough about him to know how to feel about whether I want him to stay or not. I would lean toward trusting what Coach Pearl wants to do, because I've fairly well hitched my basketball wagon to him. Bruce knows the questions that would follow if he keeps the guy around, and if he thinks it's worth it, then I'm sure he has more redeeming values than simply a connection to a highly coveted recruit. Personally, I think Cooper comes to Auburn either way, whether he reclassifies or not. So yeah, at this point, I'm all in on Pearl. He's taken our program to heights never before attained at Auburn, and he did so without letting the FBI deal ruin all he's built. I suppose the 2019-2020 season might be the true measuring point as to how much that scandal might have set us back in the long term, seeing as we are losing three players who were here before all of that went down, all three of whom played huge roles in both SEC Championship seasons (and, of course, the run to the Final 4), but all indications are that we will remain in good shape going forward.
  11. Indeed we do, but I think he's a culture changing type of coach. I mean, we've seen what kind of crowds he's been drawing to the arena, and he now has 2 SEC titles and a Final Four run here on the Plains. All he has to do is more of the same, and whenever he does retire, there are going to be a lot of passionate fans (not to mention a roster full of talent) waiting for whomever takes over next, so this will be a plum destination for a hot shot coach.
  12. What I'm wondering is if he has no plans to reclassify, why did he participate in senior day with his teammates who were graduating? Am I remembering wrong, or does this still seem like he's going to try to reclassify?
  13. I'm sorry, Auburn isn't a particularly prestigious basketball school (yet), especially not compared to UNC and Kansas. We've been past the Sweet 16 only twice in program history. Don't get me wrong, I do definitely think we're on our way up, and not just for making the Final Four. Bruce Pearl is the real deal, and he certainly seems 100% committed to Auburn. We'll probably get another decade or so out of him (he's 59), and the sky is the limit as far as how far he'll take us...but the Tar Heels and Jayhawks are basketball royalty. It would take winning a couple of national titles coupled with "down" seasons being 25+ wins for Bruce to get us anywhere close to their level of prestige.
  14. So if he reclassifies, would he be coming in during January like Wiley did?