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  1. You know, I remember another Auburn receiver who was gifted with leaping ability, and he was mentioned prominently in a recent thread on here: Frank Sanders. If Igbinoghene comes close to reaching Sanders' heights, he'll be a real weapon out on the field for us!
  2. The only real concern I have is something that was brought up in another thread: chemistry on the offensive line. The old adage that football games are won in the trenches is absolutely true, and we have a rather tough battle up front in game 2. Now, losing to Clemson wouldn't necessarily derail the season, as it does nothing to SEC standings, but given the way things have gone the last few years it would still be a gut shot.
  3. If that's the case, then I agree, but it's only speculation that's what it was. We may never know, but we can agree it's good to have him back.
  4. Is skipping spring practice because of "personal issues" not enough to get him in bad graces?
  5. Certainly a possibility.
  6. This X 1000. Josh is just talking up his brothers because he knows it's the biggest area of concern...and, barring injury, he could very well be absolutely correct. We aren't deep at safety, but the players we do have are such that they've proven themselves in game time situations. IF they stay healthy, Holsey's prediction will likely be an accurate one.
  7. Indeed.
  8. There's really no way to know how it would have affected the program. On the one hand, as has been mentioned, it might well have solidified Malzahn in his ways, making him less able to adapt to the constantly changing college football landscape. And it assuredly would have raised the expectations of the fan base, particularly since that would have put us just one NC shy of Alabama between 09 and 13. We'd undoubtedly have had more bandwagon fans latch on, fans who would undoubtedly become very loud if we performed the same way in the following three seasons as we have without winning it all in 2013. On the other hand, it might have made a difference in the way the 2014 team carried themselves. Maybe Nick Marshall doesn't fumble twice in critical situations against Texas A&M, we win that game, and finish the season with confidence (and perhaps another title). It most likely WOULD have made a difference in recruiting, telling every high school football player in America that Auburn is the real deal even without the greatest QB of a generation. Maybe it gets our foot in the door for a couple other QB prospects so we don't have to roll the dice with JF3, and a competent backup saves our season last year. The butterfly effect that winning the NC in '13 might have had is unknowable, because it didn't happen. Things could have gone in either direction very, very easily. However, as much as it can be positive to reflect on the past to learn from it, it can just as easily be damaging to languish in the what-could-have-been scenarios. Every now and then, I still wonder what might have happened if I had not been in the four wheeler wreck that left me comatose at age 13. Could I have built myself into enough of an athlete that I played college baseball or football? Or maybe I would have learned the work ethic necessary for academics in college, and not had the troubles I did, thus putting my life on a better trajectory than the one I'm on now? ...Or perhaps I would have done well enough in high school with such ease that I grew a big head, and failed spectacularly when I hit the real world, instead of clawing my way through as I have been. Take my word for it when I say thinking about the what-ifs can be far more detrimental than the actual outcome of that game. There are too many variables at play for anyone except God to understand them all, so at the end of the day, the outcome is simply unknowable, and floundering about with wondering what, why, when, where, or how is ultimately pointless. Gotta keep your eyes forward...and the good news is that there is a great deal of positive potential on the Plains right now. What happens if we win it all THIS season? Does 2013 then become just a near miss in a powerhouse program's beginning of dominance? Do we reach that pinnacle of success where even the bammers of the world are forced to recognize they share the state with a truly formidable foe? Again, right now, that is unknowable, and getting too far ahead of ourselves can be just as detrimental as living in the past (where have you heard that before?). Still, if you want to think about possibilities, I would suggest that you focus on those of the present and the future, because the past isn't going to change whether we like it or not.
  9. It's June. I'm chomping at the bit for football discussion, and this is about the best we can come up with right now. Besides, I doubt if we'd be buying too heavily into an elite rising junior being a near lock if we want him if it weren't for the fact that he's the son of Patrick Nix.
  10. Fair enough. I'm just glad we have a high quality athlete already committed at QB in case we don't get Fields, and one of the most reliable insiders on the board saying another elite QB prospect a year younger is ours if we want him.
  11. Wishful thinking, I suppose. But as to Fields not redshirting, I think Malik Willis is the bigger reason Fields would redshirt, if he does. I don't think Stidham goes pro after just one season, either, but I don't think Sean as backup would keep a dual threat from getting playing time behind Stidham, just in case of injury and to prepare for the future.
  12. If it's accurate, I have even more doubts about him starting as a true freshman. I'd REALLY like to see Prince Tega step up and take that spot.
  13. My thought is that Fields might not redshirt, or go pro after his junior season (possibly both), while Nix redshirts and has two years of eligibility between the two. Honestly, however, this leaves me kinda torn. If I were to choose, I would take Nix because of his father (haven't watched enough film on either to have a definitive opinion on ability), but he's a year behind Fields, and as has been mentioned in one of these threads, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I suppose the good thing is that this decision will have nothing to do with my opinion, so I'll be waiting to see just like everyone else.
  14. Even if Fields and Nix both come to Auburn, I don't think Bo would transfer should he lose the battle for top QB. Remember, his dad was a junior before he ever started.
  15. Gabe Gross was a great outfielder...