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  1. Rednilla

    Can't make this up

    Last year Auburn was 10-2 in the regular season. UAB was 8-4. The year before that, UAB was 6-6. I'm not saying Clark is a bad coach by any means, but there are high water marks and droughts for every school. Just because UAB is the flavor of the week doesn't mean that we would be better off trading coaches with them, as some in this thread seem to be suggesting.
  2. Rednilla

    Can't make this up

    Wonder what the strength of schedule multiplier would be...
  3. Rednilla

    Can't make this up

    Would you care to line up Bill Clark's resume with Gus Malzahn's?
  4. With regard to this topic, I can't imagine an Auburn season without Amen Corner...I just wish they'd get it back to having one home game against either of our two biggest rivals every season. It's more than a little bit daunting to be forced to play both at their place every other year. I can see the logic of having the UGA game played earlier in the season (maybe even on the third Saturday of October, to mimic Bama's playing of Tennessee on that day), but I'm loathe to do away with the tradition of playing them at the end of the SEC schedule. We'll see how it plays out, though, as none of us have a say in any of this.
  5. Methinks your prejudice causes you to underestimate your message board nemesis.
  6. Rednilla

    First Game

    Be CERTAIN to be in your seats at least 20 minutes before game time. The eagle flight is not something to be missed, and I've seen it at least a couple dozen times.
  7. Rednilla

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    I agree. Much as I hate to say it, Bama looks quite unbeatable, but UGA lost handily to a team we should have beaten, so we do have that going in our favor.
  8. Rednilla

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    I think we've got a lot better shot against TAMU than UGA or UAT.
  9. Rednilla

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    You do realize that Auburn defeated #1 ranked UGA in 2017, right?
  10. Rednilla

    Simple Solution?

    I think the offense would be better with a true dual threat, but I agree wholeheartedly that offensive line play makes a big difference. That's my contention with the article, and with the guy who posted it (who swore up and down that all our problems have the simple solution of needing a DT QB).
  11. Rednilla

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    I may not be as sure about all these things as you are, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize the wisdom in your words. Even if you're completely right, maybe having a mobile QB in either Willis or Gatewood next year, plus the year of experience on the line, will bring back the dynamics that made the offense so great with Cam and Marshall.
  12. Rednilla

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    The OTs have not played that poorly. Nick Brahms is a freshman, so growing pains are expected, but this time on the field for him is invaluable to his being an asset going forward. The guards, however, have been underwhelming. I could see Calvin Ashley moved permanently to guard next year to shore up one side, but hopefully a full year under their belts will make a difference for the guys we have there already. In other words, I don't think going the JUCO/grad transfer route is the wise move here. There's no guarantee that those players will be any better, and we really need to focus on finding incoming freshmen on the line (we do have one 4 star guard, at least). We need young OTs for the future, but JUCOs aren't going to help with that. Both starting tackles are back next year, and again, they haven't played badly. We just need depth, and a quick fix from JUCO isn't going to help much, IMO. Just gotta remember, on offensive line, especially, experience matters a great deal, and our guys are getting it this year. They all return next year, so we can expect them to be better, both individually and as a unit.
  13. Rednilla

    Simple Solution?

    There's an article on right now that suggests the solution to our offensive woes is, very simply, having a true dual threat quarterback calling the shots. In the Facebook group where I was exposed to the article, I made two observations: 1) It's never that simple. The offensive line's struggles would have inhibited the offense regardless of having a more mobile QB, because football is almost always a game that is won or lost in the trenches. 2) Having a dual threat QB would, however, be a simple solution to many of our ills. My contention is that, with adequate protection, Stidham and this offense could light it up, because Jarrett has enough mobility to keep the defense honest if all the blocks are made properly, and with better pass blocking, he'd light it up in passing yardage, especially with this receiver group. And I do think the offensive line is going to get better...I just don't know that it will happen while Stidham is still a Tiger. I've thought the tackles have been adequate to good, while the interior line has woefully underperformed. Part of that is having a freshman at center, I know, and I expect his learning curve to be the most dramatic of any O-lineman. The guards, however, have been a severe disappointment to me, and I can only hope that with a full season under their belts, they will perform better going forward. I still hope Grimes is busy developing different blocking schemes for the same plays we run, so that even the predictable play will have a solid outcome with the defensive front seven not knowing where their blocker will come from. A coach more well versed in such matters might should chime in regarding this, because I played receiver in high school, so my blocking responsibilities came down to either a stalk block or a crack block. However, the point about a dual threat quarterback covering shortcomings on the offensive line cannot be understated. Being able to extend a play with your feet and either find wide open spaces to run or buy time for your receivers to get open is invaluable when protection breaks down. Stidham is a good athlete, and again, with a solid line I think he's plenty mobile enough to keep defenses honest, but he doesn't have the escapability that a true dual threat would have. And it is true that Malzahn's offense is built for a mobile QB, considering the Wing T is an option based attack. This is part of the reason it has been so frustrating to see the limited reps for Malik Willis, and moreover, the limited playcalling with him in. Obviously, I don't go to the practices to know if he might simply not be a feasible option, but at this point, anything to create a spark would be a good thing. Thoughts?
  14. I was very impressed with the patience Shivers showed on his runs, even the one or two when the blocking never developed and he was dropped for a loss. One of these days, he's going to hit a crease and be gone, with DBs taking poor angles on him due to his track speed. I still like Asa, and think he could be an important piece for us at some point, but Worm is living up to my billing him as the best running back in the 2018 recruiting class.
  15. Rednilla

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    Didn't realize it was state law that the Iron Bowl had to be played in the largest stadium, but that has got to have Bear's fingerprints all over it. I've known full well how much it was a home game for Bama every year, considering the number of other games they played in Legion Field (not to mention the proximity to hell's outhouse). The push to bring Alabama back to Auburn for the first time since restarting the series would certainly endear fans to Dye, even the some of the rabid ones online today. Still, the fact that it can take a while to build a consistent winner is one that can't be overlooked. I still consider Dye the best coach in modern Auburn football (Donahue would give him a run for his money if comparing eras), but it took some time for him to get securely planted as The Man (even if he SHOULD have won a national championship in 83). I'm hopeful that Malzahn can get out of his own way enough to become the CEO we need as the face of the program, contribute where he excels (power run game) and let a more seasoned OC take the reigns of the offense...or even let Lindsey run his own full playbook. I think ending the micromanagement of the offense would go a long way toward us becoming more unpredictable. Hell, get John Samuel Shenker involved in the passing game and add a different element for defenses to have to worry about. If we do get a new OC next year, I really hope it's one of the Briles boys. I don't like what they allowed to happen in Waco, but they know how to coach offense with the kind of players we have. Maybe get Art as the OC and give him the reigns kinda like what Gus has done with Steele and the defense: two seasoned vets with (hopefully) no desire to be the front man anymore to run the offense and defense, while Gus starts learning how to manage the press better and keeps up the recruiting (which is his primary selling point at this time, because we've continued to pull a lot of talent). Kendal seems more the type to bolt for a head coaching job, which isn't a bad thing, just leads to less security in the coordinators. Hey, a guy can dream, right? Whatever happens, I sincerely hope that this bye week is being well used, and we'll come out a different team against A&M than we have been most of the year. I know it probably won't happen, but again, a guy can dream.