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  1. We did lose all of those. We just had a higher score than the other team at the end of one of them.
  2. This lines up with what my contact on staff had to say.
  3. Oh good grief. Just to be clear, it doesn't matter what my opinion of you actually is, the fact that you felt the need to make the statement that the admin doesn't like you in your OP means that you were playing the victim card by telling everyone that we don't like you. (For the record, I'm using the plural of the pronoun because I took you to be talking about the administration as a whole, but I'm not really trying to speak for everybody in the administration in saying that you aren't liked, because I don't know for sure what all the others think of you, and I'm not going to pretend that I do.) Also, just for the record, Cole, I wasn't vowing to leave you alone for the duration of our stay on AUF, only trying to end this round of the open sparring.
  4. So you're admitting what I'm saying about you is true, then? Or is this just more of that "I know you are, but what am I?" crap? Look, let's just stop. I'm tired of this. So go ahead and get the last word like you know you always have to do, and I will try not to respond this time, no matter what parting jab you try to throw.
  5. Yes, I did. I quoted a run-on sentence from your OP and explained how you played the victim card three times in that one excerpt.
  6. If you had said that people don't like me, that would be one thing. But you said none of the Mods like me. Where the hell did that even come from? The Mods and Admins work together pretty well on here. If one of them had a problem with me, I feel like they would have said something to me after more than a decade as a Moderator. It was comical. It's even more comical that you think it hit home.
  7. Huh? Oh, wait, you're saying that your not talking to me was an actual reasoned choice you made, and not that my posts simply didn't hit your radar, meaning you have always had the opinion that I am unlikable, even before you started interacting with me. So that whole thing about the admin not liking you was really a mutual thing, I guess, then? And it actually isn't because of some argument that apparently happened sometime in the last year that no one else seems to remember? Hmm. Imagine that.
  8. No. The thread was already derailed by whatever Mikey and Cole were talking about that made Cole make a challenge to quote where he has played the victim. Did my comment giving him what he apparently didn't believe existed stir things further? Yes, it did. Does that bother me? No, not particularly. Because it hit home so hard that Cole started hurling sophomoric insults at me. And he needs to understand, on some level, that there are those of us who see through him. via GIPHY
  9. Have a pretty good feeling I know exactly why you don't want to talk to me, too. But I've already gone there, so I won't rehash.
  10. Yes, actually, it does. I had you on ignore (that's the actual function, my apologies for using the wrong terminology, because it did confuse things somewhat, I think), which is why I never interacted with you. I don't remember what happened to make me respond to you the first time, but having you on ignore completely explains why I didn't interact with you in years past. I find it curious that you say I'm not a likable person right before admitting you don't know me, though. Why did you say none of the mods even like me? Have any of them told you that they don't like me? Or were you simply hating? (The term "hate" has quite a few definitions in practical usage, after all.)
  11. It explains it from my side, now doesn't it? But none of the other mods like me, and they've probably been trying to figure out a way to get me off the mod squad for years. No, you don't hate me at all, do you?
  12. No, I'm saying that your posts were blocked from my view, so I didn't feel compelled to respond to them.
  13. You went years without interactions with me because you spent years on my blocked list before I finally decided to start calling you on your BS. And that's the reason you hate me so much.
  14. You know, it's funny, you've been coming at me for stirring things up, but no one has been able to answer my post highlighting the way he plays victim. Are you conceding that I have a point, or is there some other rebuttal coming somewhere down the road? It's pretty clear whose side you're on, too.
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