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  1. That couldn't have anything to do with playing in an extremely hostile environment, could it?
  2. I actually expect to see DJ Williams get the most carries, not Martin. Kam will probably start, but I think Gus feels like he needs a bigger back to make his offense work, and I think he'll be preparing Williams to take over the role of RB1 against LSU.
  3. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson North Carolina State Wisconsin 73
  4. I didn't know you were related to Harry Adams! I actually thought he was related to Schwartz...maybe I just got mixed up.
  5. 94 and 01 were epic, but probably the most memorable for me was 06. I was living behind the Wendy's on College St, and at one point during the game I went outside and could hear the roar from the stadium. I can't imagine it getting much louder in JHS than that.
  6. Shivers was given several carries, though, which I liked seeing. I want the ball in his hands often for the same reason I want them in Schwartz's hands often: either one can take it to the house on any given play.
  7. Davidson hasn't been too shabby, either.
  8. We're 4-0 with two wins over ranked opponents, one of which was on their home field with 100k+ in attendance. No, the sky is not falling.
  9. Given the attitude of many on the board, it sounded like you were blaming Gus for something he had nothing to do with.
  10. ...You realize Malzahn was at Tulsa orchestrating one of the best offenses in the country at the time, right?
  11. Oh, I agree. I think this is the year the rubber needs to meet the road for Gus. My intent with this thread was to emphasize that it's not over for him yet...but I think it was in vain, because there are those who have made up their minds about Gus and will not be dissuaded unless we win 10 games for three straight years.
  12. So now that you actually consider it, you agree with me, but you can't help getting a shot in at me before admitting it. Right. Carry on, Loof.
  13. Yes, people like you, who consider that fantastic November of 2017 and our run to the championship game all for naught because we lost it. I made no assumptions, I'm going on what you have described as your thought process in this thread. Check what I actually said against your judgments and see if they don't line up.
  14. That tweet is misleading. It's not that the detractors don't believe in or love Auburn. It's that they don't believe in Gus. THAT is why we are so divided. There is the contingent that doesn't believe Malzahn will ever be better than an 8-4 coach, and there is the contingent that is still willing to wait and see. I am one of the latter, but my patience is wearing thin.