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  1. It's just really tough when you've already got one guy who will be a third year freshman this season as well as a true freshman who the coaches view as the future of the position for us. I feel you on the need for a 4 star signal caller in every recruiting class, and ideally yes, that is exactly how it would go, but it's easy to understand why this position grouping is maybe on the back burner a bit for the current recruiting cycle.
  2. Yeah, I gotta be honest: after reading that, I'm kinda pulling for Ashford, too. And he's definitely got a legit shot at winning the starter's job outright from what I've been told, which would make for a hell of a story (with Bo going to Oregon and a backup from Oregon coming here to start). More than anything, though, I'm happy to have a QB room for a change. From what I've been able to gather, of the 4 scholarship QBs on the roster, one has successful SEC starting experience under his belt, two others at least have the talent to compete in the SEC (both 4 star prospects), and even the fourth has SEC starting experience, too, his just wasn't so successful. It's a lot more than we had grown used to seeing out of the position group!
  3. So you came up under the *first* bammer god's reign, huh? Yeah, they've been "skirting the rules" pretty hardcore since at least Bear's tenure, probably since Wallace Wade was on the sidelines. Side note for the board: In researching to see if Wallace Wade was the coach when Bear was playing (he wasn't, he left Tuscaloosa a few years before...Frank Thomas was Bear's head coach), I discovered that Auburn has the best winning percentage against Bama of any team in the current SEC. They have at least a .600 winning percentage against every other team, whereas with us it's like .560. Kinda depressing that no one else has been able to get a consistent upper hand on them, either, but I think we earn the badge of being their biggest rival for more than just being in the same state.
  4. Yeah, I don't believe for a second that the boosters hire and fire presidents while not meddling in sports, but I can believe that they weren't involved in this deal. I have no knowledge that isn't public domain already, but this doesn't feel so much booster related. Maybe that's just because I hope so much that it wasn't until I convince myself there wasn't, but whatever.
  5. Well, I realize it was just a couple of 5-10 second clips, but he looked to be regaining his confidence playing in the Combine (or whatever they're calling the workouts). If he can shoot 35-40% from 3 and keep giving the defense that he's known for, he'll fit perfectly into what we need out of him next year, not to mention diminishing the need for a high quality wing, since that version of Flanigan could play 25-30 minutes a game without being an offensive hindrance.
  6. Not a perfect time for it, no, but perhaps a better time, when one scholarship isn't being taken up by a big time glue guy, one by an undersized forward coming off an injury, and one by a freshman expected to redshirt. Seems more practical to fill out the roster with a wing who can provide quality minutes this year and worry about the scholarship later.
  7. I actually retracted the post you quoted there pretty quickly, because I read more of your posts and realized it was just my frustration with Mikey building, not so much about you. I'm surprised you were able to respond to it with as much time delay as there was between me deleting it and you posting your reply.
  8. I'm not going to read the article (right now, at least), but this does remind me that I heard back from my guy about Ashford, and apparently not only is he basically the wildcat QB, he's right there with Geriner, maybe a hair behind him in the battle to be the regular backup. Was very complimentary of what they've seen out of him.
  9. ...Both of whom were in their first season on the Plains, because Gus didn't have anyone in line to back up Bo. But no, his roster management was spectacular.
  10. And he doesn't deserve our support unless we understand and approve of everything he's doing, right?
  11. I think he had been hired by Bobo at USCe but came to Auburn with him before ever coaching a game for the 'Cocks.
  12. You didn't say it was outstanding, but you have it stuck in your head that it was if you really believe your logic regarding how we should have been 10-2 last year. A completely new system with players who weren't recruited to play in that system is a recipe for growing pains. And even that's if the veteran QB doesn't get hurt. Hmm, I wonder why there were no adequate backups in place...
  13. No, his task is to rebuild the program into something more than what it had become. Whether you admit it or not, Gus had trashed the program. There's a reason he got fired despite not having a losing record in 8 seasons. Rebuilds take time. The problem is that you refuse to acknowledge it's a rebuild. This is why no one believes you when you say this isn't carryover from Malzahn: you have it stuck in your head that the team Gus built was outstanding, when that's just not the case.
  14. Any amount he went backwards was due to being left with far less than you are willing to admit and having to make do while changing to something completely different. One thing you didn't mention about that graphic of all the head coaches was that the record he was trying to match was the best of all the "previous year" records. None of the others were winning records, so he had a bigger task than any of his predecessors, now didn't he? Don't let that keep you from continuing to bash Harsin, though. He's only the head football coach at the school you proclaim to love. He doesn't deserve time to get his program together before you start tearing him down, does he?
  15. The problem is with your barely suppressed glee at talking about how bad Harsin is after you defended Malzahn right up until the very end, and your consistent beat of being a negative Nancy after what you didn't want to happen (Malzahn getting fired) happened. You have it stuck in your head that a "good" head coach would have turned things around immediately while ignoring the fact that the last two head coaches we had who started fast flamed out pretty quickly after that. Which is why I brought up the one game under .500 record. The last two coaches we had who took us to sustained success started with a record one game under .500. Maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe, just maybe, building something takes a little time to get all the pieces together.
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