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  1. I'm not mistaking uncertain for certain at all. Yes, there is an infinitesimal chance that Stidham might go pro after an outstanding season, and in that case we have a (hopefully) redshirt freshman who has drawn rave reviews along with an injury prone senior who spent two seasons as the starter. I expect Barrett to transfer (I'd rather he get to work and challenge Malik as the future at QB, but I have doubts it will happen at this point), but I don't think Sean would go the grad transfer route if Stidham does blow up and go pro after just one year. So it is likely we will have an experienced signal caller for the next two seasons, after which we'll have not only Willis but also Gatewood and Nix (or whomever we sign in the next two classes). All of that to say that even in the worst case scenario, we'll have at least one good option behind center, probably two, in 2018, and the presence of two highly recruited prospects behind Willis in 2019. In other words, barring injury, we're just about set at the position for three years. If Stidham does well enough to go pro after one year, the offense will have performed well enough that top prospects will be attracted here no matter who it might be, and if he doesn't, he'll start for two to three years and have Malik as a backup. So regardless of the uncertainty of how, exactly, it might play out, the odds are extremely good that we will be in a great position at QB. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are a lot of things that have to go against us for QB to be in as bad of shape as it was last year. Forgive me if that provides me with a little peace of mind.
  2. I don't know why, but something tells me Byron Cowart is going to be making a lot of noise rushing the passer at DT. He certainly has the ability, but time will tell if he does truly reach his potential.
  3. I'd really like to see Tega make enough of a leap in his development to start at LT so James can move to LG. I don't know that he will, but I see that as the optimal projection for our line, because I think his upside is greater than Harrell's.
  4. QB could become a problem if White and Barrett both transfer AND we have injuries, but we're in a better position at quarterback than virtually any other team in college football. Willis has the makings of a great QB in this offense, and Stidham looks like a world beater behind center. That means we'll have have at least two viable candidates for the next two years (I REALLY don't expect Stidham to go pro after just one season), plus whomever we might sign on the recruiting trail. I mean, honestly, we are perhaps in the best position at QB in college football right now; what more could be done to make you happy?
  5. This times 1,000. I LOVE the proper use of the Wildcat, but proper use means it's a player already on the field in another position, where the QB lines up as an outside receiver (like Darren McFadden at Arkansas when Malzahn first implemented the formation). That's really about the only way to gain an advantage, because the defense can't substitute to counter the formation (as they can when bringing in the Wildcat QB from the sideline). Personally, I'd love to see Jason Smith get on the field enough that he can be the Wildcat QB, seeing as he does have experience at the position and can throw at least a little bit, to keep the defense honest.
  6. Well, the pieces are all there to be a top 25 defense, barring injury at safety. Of course, I wouldn't be too surprised to see one or two of the corners, like Dinson or Myers, move back to safety to provide the much needed backups, but the great thing is that we have depth everywhere else on both sides of the line of scrimmage, and an outstanding freshman class coming in to supplement what's coming back this year. I expect we'll hear from "Big Cat" Bryant a fair amount at the Buck end, and Byron Cowart might well become a legitimate beast at DT. So we've got a lot of promise added to an even bigger potential for a great D, but we shall see how it all works out.
  7. Well, if we do beat Clemson this season, we have a little bit of history on our side...the last time Auburn beat the defending national champs on their own field was the legendary Camback against bammer in 2010. Would LOVE to have the same outcome for both the game and the season!
  8. This, completely. It's easy to forget how good Brandon was, considering he was sandwiched between undefeated teams that our minds automatically go to when thinking of the best, but the guy was pure heart. Look up "moxy" in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of him. I'll never forget that fourth down in Athens in 05, when he stepped up and drove a spike right into UGA's heart. Chris Todd did well to bridge the gap between Cox and Cam, but that's really the best you can say of his playing days at AU.
  9. I'd LOVE to see Lawson go to my Steelers!
  10. I'm not sure if I would put Montgomery and Wiley on the floor at the same time too much or not, preferring to have one on the floor at all times and thus only overlapping in time for fewer minutes...but it WOULD create matchup problems down low on both ends of the floor.
  11. Indeed it would. But I don't know if Montgomery has the credits, or the desire, to be able to graduate early. Definitely would be awesome to have that lineup next year and potentially make a run at/in the Big Dance.
  12. With 4 freshmen as the leading scorers, no less. The sky's the limit for these guys, but I think the potential will be greatest in two years (provided neither Heron nor Wiley go pro), when EJ Montgomery gets here. That'll give us two legit monsters down low, and the versatility to play any style of ball we want to. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited as all get out about next season. It's just that thinking about Wiley and Montgomery with Heron, Harper, Brown, Purifoy, Spencer, McLemore, and the other two recruits from this past cycle (Okeke and Mitchell) gets me very, very excited about the future beyond next year.
  13. I don't believe anyone said our problems are because of him not being here, only that adding him would be a plus...
  14. I was there, sitting in the Alabama section. I'd been to the last two Iron Bowls at JHS sitting in the Bama section, and we lost, so it was particularly sweet how quiet it got right about the time Caddy turned the corner up the sideline.
  15. No, we don't need a guy who can make all the throws. We need a guy who knows how to make things happen, sure, but we have plenty of talent to win with a solid and HEALTHY game manager. I wouldn't say Nick Marshall could make all the throws. I mean, there's a reason he's not playing QB in the NFL. But he made things happen. There was mention of us being an 11 win team with Stidham, a 9 win team with White, and that may not be far off...but it's only because Sean has had injury problems and it's only with no backup. Of course, Stidham broke his ankle in his one and only season, so it isn't as if we don't need a backup for him, too, and if Sean were to start and get hurt this year he'd have two capable backups, unlike last season. And that's the whole reason for so much optimism. It isn't just that Stidham signed, it's that we have two QBs who have proven themselves, at least to some extent, in a Power 5 conference, as well as a former four star who physically fits the mold of a quality QB. Depth. Something we simply didn't have at QB last year.