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  1. Uh, you do realize that the SEC West is only three decades old, don't you?
  2. I'm pretty sure Holden is slated to get reps today, regardless of how the game goes, but I guess we'll see.
  3. Seriously. That's just common sense for a QB. . .
  4. That's a fair point. It's why I would prefer Freeze, personally, with Grimes as my second choice.
  5. The first two I really don't have too much problem with. The third one might be troubling (though it's "tone-deaf", not "tone-death"), but I know nothing about it.
  6. When does Bob Stoops have SEC experience? He was at Oklahoma, which has yet to join the SEC. I mean, he was Spurrier's DC more than two decades ago, but that 3 year slice is the only SEC experience he has, so it's not a particularly strong selling point.
  7. What about Freeze is so toxic? Because he oversaw the paying of players? Because he called an escort service? Putting Freeze in the same boat as Meyer and Kiffen is pretty baffling, if you ask me. Freeze has success in the SEC on his resume, he just got knocked down a notch for BS reasons. Like Bruce Pearl did before Auburn hired him. It's not difficult to understand why the two feel like similar hires.
  8. For those of you hoping for Mark Stoops, be watching for Mitch Barnhart to be named AD at Auburn. I don't think we get Stoops without Barnhart, but honestly, that would be a bit of a coup for Auburn if we pulled it off.
  9. Edit your initial post, and then at the top of the screen it should give you two tabs, one for Content, one for the Poll. Tab over to the Poll option and you can edit the poll. I've already added the "Other" option, however. . . although, since it won't let me allow people to change their vote, it may be too late with that.
  10. But would he be able to mold a team out of those recruits? Because that's kind of important, too.
  11. He would out-recruit most everybody, for sure, but I don't know that he'd be such a great head coach. From that list, I prefer Grimes or Freeze, but would be okay with Mark Stoops as well. Hell, to be honest, I'd be okay with Deion, I just don't know enough about his coaching pedigree vs. his recruiting pedigree. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with Freeze. Something about Hugh has the same kind of feel as Bruce Pearl did when we hired him, and that one worked out okay for us.
  12. Yes. You're right. He should, and probably will be Coach of the Year (if it happens, I mean). But it's not outside the realm of possibilities, and I wouldn't call it miraculous. Miraculous would be 12-1 with an SEC Championship headed to the Playoffs. 9-3 just means everything came together alright and the ball bounced our way more often than not. I can realistically see us going undefeated at home and splitting with the Mississippi schools on the road. I can also realistically see an utter collapse at 4-7.
  13. I feel you 100%. If we lose this game, then barring a miracle that I can't see happening, Harsin is toast, recruiting will remain in the gutter for another year, and we'll be searching for a coach who is both completely competent and crazy enough to take on the Auburn job as it is. If we win, however, 5-0 seems pretty realistic, and 10 wins (including bowl) is not out the window. That's the kind of positive momentum we need to (hopefully) start winning some of these recruiting battles at key positions and put the program into a place where we might be able to start winning championships again.
  14. If we're fighting to win 6 games, Harsin's not going to be here next year whether we go bowling or not.
  15. Well, it just feels like we haven't earned our way into the rankings yet. Beating Mercer and San Jose St (assuming we do) isn't exactly setting the world on fire.
  16. Yeah, he seems like the scrappy type that would take your best shot and just smile at you maniacally.
  17. I'm not worried about getting in the top 25 this week. I'm worried about taking care of business so that a win next week puts us there regardless. I'd almost rather that we not vault into the rankings even if we do win handily, though in truth I don't think it really matters.
  18. He's in phenomenally good shape. There's a reason he can get out there and do the drills with the players still.
  19. If all else fails, you can park at the mall or TigerTown and ride the transit in, though I'm not sure when those buses start running to take fans back to their car (it might not be until the game is over).
  20. It's filler, to be sure, but unless you've earned a living as a beat writer, or maybe a sports editor, it seems a bit droll to criticize a filler article that he writes because his editor tells him he needs 500 words by 2 AM. Sometimes you have to create out of thin air. That's part of the job.
  21. No, he couldn't have just said nothing. He gets paid to write stuff. That's his job. It's how he puts food on the table. There's nothing groundbreaking to be said, but he's got to say something.
  22. Again, he has a job to do. At this point, there's just nothing more groundbreaking he can say.
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