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  1. Not if Arkansas went 11-1 Not likely if AU, uat, and lspoo are that good. But I see your point. I don't see it either, but it's magic man's prediction
  2. True. If he does have evidence, he's pulled this thing off very well. But if he doesn't this won't make him look very good
  3. Go back to and suck up to your uat pals. Good one?
  4. And you know he has no evidence how...? Why would he hold evidence to himself? Shouldn't he have come out with it already?
  5. From the beginning I thought JLee had no evidence. He really is that naive to accuse Bama without evidence. I do believe they did something wrong in the recruitment, but he shouldn't have done this with no evidence
  6. That's good news. I don't care where he wants to play, as long as he's at Auburn
  7. Well their compliance staff just cleared him and the investigation, so I doubt it
  8. TOS= the other site. I've heard it before but I still don't know what it refers to
  9. Well, I am sure glad they got to the bottom of that. They spent a whole, what, 24 hours? they talked to like one person and ended the investigation
  10. No surprise, but Bama found no violations in the recruitment of Calloway...
  11. What exactly did they do in the whole Cam saga? Besides play some music?