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  1. I don’t follow bb close, where can I read about what happened after he was fired?
  2. You like the offense, and I think they stutter more than they march. Agree to disagree. WDE
  3. I couldn’t tell where the other ref (one that called incomplete) was positioned, I wish they would clarify what made it incomplete during the replay call. If a play is that close they should have never changed the call on the field and just replay it. That was the beginning of the reason I can’t talk today.
  4. Not sure why Gus hiring Steele entered the convo based on my post, HIS offense has been less than what’s needed to be great. If you disagree, make a point
  5. Exactly. Bama offense scored 42 and Auburn scored 22. I feel like this was another stars align game where a good break, great game kicking field goals, a few pick 6 and enough offense beat an untested team. War Damn Eagle
  6. If the recruits get cbs, no more damage can be done
  7. Schwartz in the middle could be enough, like Ryan Davis in 2017 iron bowl, If the defense can continue dominating
  8. Where can I find rankings of all teams? I would like to know the opponents average ranking of Auburn Alabama and Minnesota
  9. So Jeremy Johnson referred to himself as a “goat”.... geez, greatly overwhelmed all times maybe
  10. It irks me also, I would rather him be humble, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal.
  11. If they could enforce on either points after or kickoff, could they line up for 2 and force them to use the 15 then and not on the kickoff? That could be another strategic move to learn from and maybe never see another squib kick
  12. Better odds of AU making the 2pt than Oregon missing the XP...go for 2 in the situation every time. Good to win a big game to star the season. War Eagle
  13. Superstition story... Our flight was pushed back in 2013 on our way to Pasadena (winter weather). When we arrived at our hotel (1hr before kickoff) they handed me the room key...666! Who makes that a room number??? Anyway I stopped and turned around and the young lady looked as she expected this. She told me everyone that she had given the key to had brought it back and they were out of rooms... I cost us the title! I should have slept on the street like the locals
  14. No but thanks for putting it in my head.... geeeez