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  1. What exactly does it mean. I honestly have no clue about basketball draft etc. does he have a way back or definitely not
  2. Knowing how long it took to get to the final four, and knowing that blue bloods are not even a shoe in year in and out, makes this hurt so bad. I hope we are able to keep BP for a long time and he can build on this.
  3. “Auburn speed has got them back in this game”!?!?!?! Constant lead changes and the LEAD at half.....smh
  4. Last year AU had home field advantage and Gus was there....
  5. Td AS and that my friends is full circle
  6. I always have said refs human element makes the games special. That being said, after this point of the season I wouldn’t mind them adding sensors to the balls and making it sientific. Rod Gilmore 0-2 lobbying for targeting against smoke and now this spot.
  7. It’s personal opinion on what’s acceptable here....I was banned last year for stating the receivers were bad. Be careful what you say
  8. Yea on one end there was a goal line cam to one sideline. The other end zone when boobie fumbles, looks like the cam was on the 15, at a horrible angle
  9. 1. Refs gave state 7 on goal line stop. 2. JS overthrown td, boobie fumble at goal line, Punt fumble, slayton not catching the td, boobie dropping passes and ASHLEY BEING MANHANDLED ALL FREAKING NIGHT! Sad sad sad
  10. If you take the 7 away the refs gave them, they scored 9 points the entire game.....oh and 7 after being on the field forever and AU giving the ball back just past mid field. But yea 9 points is too much also.
  11. Why does the review camera look to be shot from the 15? One end zone only has a camera on one side of the goal line and the other only has a camera on the 15ish? Horrible
  12. If he can get open at his next stop he will be good. My opinion, AU freshmen>
  13. the horrible spot was corrected. Other than that the no call PI is the only problem with me. I don’t think AU gives the ball back at all if the refs were consistent with their calls.