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  1. Well played sir, I like your style
  2. I love the hire, but my main concern is will he be ready to coach the bowl game with short notice....
  3. 1)Gus became OC so it would not have mattered. It's only off field positions. 2) good highschool coaches have good players, a team might skip on hiring said coach, so they don't miss the chance at said players for the next two years.
  4. I will wait to see. My opinion is if players are coached well enough other places to be plug and win guys here, then let's get the coaches that get our players to that level. Hoping that is Lindsey.
  5. I see what your saying, but I don't care as long as we win. If Malzahn can win with well coached quarterback play, then all we need is a qb coach. Stidahm bridges the gap between Lashlee and chip having time to get his guys ready.
  6. Link took me to a kid doing a windmill jam? Edit. Refreshed and it's right. Hahaha
  7. I don't know what he did but apologizing could be for anything. If he said I'm sorry for the rape or I'm sorry and I know I should have stopped, is one thing. I don't know the laws on rape that well, but seems like if he said I'm sorry I kept going when you said no, he would have been arrested.
  8. Lagrange is so dang hot, when I got home at the end of the week, I spent it all on....
  9. I know how she feels. My wife watches it too much. I smell my drink if she fixes it.
  10. I have no inside but would think no. I know he was at bama and some NFL but what side of the ball? I honestly don't know enough about him, but would like to see 1 more home run.
  11. Booooooooo bad loss. Don't deserve the tourney this year.
  12. If Horton is asked to change positions, will it be any drop off? Horton had been fantastic at RB. I remember Hood bc we were after him, but don't know much about other backs.
  13. I like the idea...let him jump on first down and it solves the third and long problem.
  14. Hahaha dude has got to be the biggest ding dong out there.
  15. Elsewhere, nick satan has his feet on a desk, surrounded by grown men and all of them are laughing at this kid. If the kid is ok with it, so am I.