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  1. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    I live an hour from tuscaloosa and it snowed here from 4 am until 5pm non stop and poured down for most of that. Also had around 100 big ducks on the hole we will be at in the 20 degree morning.
  2. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Pm me some info as well.
  3. Hugh Freeze

    I agree, the problems should follow the responsible people.
  4. Gus' first and most important job

    Hahahaha nah just a few😏
  5. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    I saw article title said gators visiting him. Any thing to worry about?
  6. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Bammer loses the last game, sits at home and it means nothing. Unbelievable. Why should UGA and AU have to play for a winner takes all, loser goes home when the team that's already at home gets the express ticket.
  7. Gary Danielson

    Us throwing with our backup qb was excessive to him but them throwing on 4th down into the end zone was "padding stats". 3 games out of 4 weeks was too much Gary for anyone.
  8. did we just screw Bama........again

    Osu has 2 losses but played an extra game against number 4. I'm curious how much they value the conference title for osu
  9. On the plus side

    That's what I was wondering. Special teams were so solid with him.
  10. On the plus side

    Was it fountain had sp teams?
  11. A little perspective, please

    If KP did something deserving of kicking, do it. Nothing to do with the outcome of this game or the lack of depth left by his absence.
  12. A little perspective, please

    I'm not, coming off a big game emotions are different and a lesser team can win. My point is keeping a high motor for 3/4 weeks is tough.
  13. A little perspective, please

    Trap games are a real thing coming off big games. What if 3 out of 4 weeks you have to play #1 or a previous #1! Hard to keep intensity. Top off the fumbles and missed fg, and it's almost impossible.
  14. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Gary again doesn't call them out for going for 4th down and passing for abscore
  15. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Who could we get? Honestly asking.