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  1. Can you find or create a gif for the no call.
  2. the horrible spot was corrected. Other than that the no call PI is the only problem with me. I don’t think AU gives the ball back at all if the refs were consistent with their calls.
  3. tigerfangs

    Tuberville on Malzahn

    @aubiefifty thanks for posting, enjoyed.
  4. tigerfangs

    Heisman Watch

    uat claims he already has two, and 1 he got in highschool.
  5. tigerfangs

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    I will be in the dove field, is Hulu tv reliable for streaming to iOS?
  6. tigerfangs

    Media crickets

    Watched a video on YouTube of Colin Cowart and Joel Klatt picking the UMvsND and UWvsAU. Klatt picked both wrong, so naturally I went back to see his reaction. Klatt said Washington was the better team and that they beat themselves by not scoring inside the 10 on 3 trips. Colin said Auburn is good and Klatt basically said “meh”. I don’t get it.
  7. tigerfangs

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Maybe Gus will catch a touchdown now he has seen how to catch it.
  8. tigerfangs


    Someone should tell the guy on his phone during a goal line moment of the iron bowl to save his money and stay home. Hahaha
  9. tigerfangs

    Siposs booms 70-yard punt

    Y’all ever see a knuckleball catchers mitt? They are large for a reason. 😀
  10. tigerfangs

    Notes and Intel heading into Camp

    Gus said Siposs kicked one 70 yards?! Wow I hope this is true!
  11. tigerfangs

    Coach Chizik speaks to team

    Not a coincidence he had been involved with so many elite teams at different schools and times. He’s a good man
  12. tigerfangs

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Prayers sent for you and your Family. Very strong post about finishing the race. It gives me chills to hear anyone talk about our Lord with that level of confidence. Get well soon friend! God is good.
  13. tigerfangs

    Prayer request for my father

    Prayers lifted
  14. tigerfangs

    Siposs here to end punting woes

    Bloody Crikey! You have witnessed the most rare and elusive one of them all.
  15. tigerfangs

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    It all started with that lead off walk last night in the 9th. That pitcher is the real deal