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  1. El, I was present the night Memorial Coliseum was dedicated (2/22/69). Regardless of the capacity listed in Wikipedia, it was announced that night the capacity was 13K+.
  2. How do you insert a photo (avatar?)

    Ignorance on my part. Thanks.
  3. How do you insert a photo (avatar?)

    Under "Basic Info", I only show DOB and "enable Status Updates". At first, I thought the missing field may have been filtered by Firefox, but I get the same result under I.E. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  4. How do you insert a photo (avatar?)

    Ell, I figured out the photo [art, but still do not know how to add the descriptive phrase under my user name. Can you help me with this? Thanks.
  5. How do you insert a photo (avatar?)

    how do I add the descriptive phrase, which many of you have, beneath my user name? Thank you.
  6. How do you insert a photo (avatar?)

    I finally was able to find the correct link. I'm sorry for the bother. Thanks.
  7. with your user name and profile info instead of having the default outline of a person? This old man would like to do things right.Thanks.
  8. 2017 CFP Championship thread

    Jeff, I basically agree with your opinions; however Hurts is a MUCH better runner than a passer at this stage. The fact he can generally hit an open receiver should at least provide some comfort to the bojos as per his potential in throwing the ball. He will require good coaching and a lot of film study in the off season.
  9. 2017 CFP Championship thread

    I' would like to have Venables on board some day. Unfortunutely, he probably will h=be working across the state w. Dabs unless he gets a nice offer as a head coach,
  10. 2017 CFP Championship thread

    Uou know Kiffen is laughing and the wee one is steaming. Life is good!
  11. 2017 CFP Championship thread

    NOOO!!! I haven't been around in a couple of years and didn't realize I was too late this year for the pick 'em on the football forum. It came up blank the first time so I edited the frame and inserted the score again. Of course, it doesn't show now. My pick: Clemson 35 bammners 31.
  12. AU WRs opine on Stidham

    I agree. I'd like to see him at 220 minimum.