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  1. For Auburn's standings I seen where some people want Alabama to win the game so they are undefeated when we play them. But wouldnt an LSU win be in Auburn's best interest. I dont see LSU losing to any other team then possible AL. So if LSU loses to ALABAMA that would leave us still the 3rd best team in the West even if we beat Alabama. But if LSU beats Alabama, We win out. LSU beats Georgia in SEC championship game, that could put us as the 2nd best in the SEC. Slight hope for CFP birth. Am I missing something.
  2. Thats part of Gus's game plan. We put the defense (and fans) to sleep with our boring perdictable offense and then we hit them with a few plays and hope that was enough to win. : )
  3. Wondering if they will keep gus around next year to save money, because next year is going to be a down year anyway. Our line on both sides will be gone. So next year will probably be a down year no matter who the coach is.
  4. ceiling may not be as high as some people think. With his dad being a QB that has played for Auburn and being his high school coach, he already has some trainging other freshman may not have. He could have a leg up on reading defenses, knowing where to go with the ball, when to throw away etc. He also already has the arm strength to make the throws. Unfortunately he is just not accurate with the football. Not just with the misses, but even alot of the catches are not in stride, hight etc. I just dont know how much QBs actually improve their accuracy as compared to the other stuff. B
  5. I say burn the red shirt. Rather have him getting some game time in now and learning when there really isnt much on the line and be better prepared for next year. Besides he probably wouldnt play a full 4 years anyway. If they are really good, they end up leaving early. If they are not really good, we want them replaced anyway. So let him takes his lumps this year, to be better prepared for next year.
  6. I wouldnt say smart did anything special. If we dont give them a pick six, we win even though we didnt make a first down in the second half.
  7. Ticket monster doesnt have the fees others have
  8. Im for keeping Gus and Muschamp as long as we can. Gus has gotten us to two champioships and there is no denying Muschamp as a great Defensive coordinator.
  9. Whose the QB Direct TV Johnson or Cable TV Johnson
  10. Looking for two tickets to LSU game
  11. Who are you hoping wins? I think the tide will win but I'm torn on who I want to win. I know our title chances would need the tide to win, but I think our chances of getting a title shot are really slim. Would need to many teams (who don't play anyone) to lose. I absolutely do not want the tide to win it again. So I'm probably going to cheer for LSU.
  12. Wish he could be one of our recruiters : ) Imagine being recruited by Bo Jackson.
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