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  1. I made a deep fried meme that only works this week so we better win.
  2. You’ll have to pry my s*it talking out of my cold, dead fan hands.
  3. These kids in the era of NIL and portal gonna need a real thick skin to play at this level. You’ve always needed one but you need it to be professional level these days.
  4. There’s also insurance for those types of freak accidents.
  5. In the era of NIL you don’t get the grace you used to when you make decent money for the sport. Produce or else is the new way when someone else’s money is now openly on the line.
  6. Bo can keep his Milo’s sponsorship. We got a General Dynamics NIL coming for you!
  7. This wasn’t from the MyPillow guy right?
  8. I like that everyone has just sort of openly accepted that it’s cool now to back channel poach people not in the transfer portal. I’m not saying others don’t do it but I can’t help imagine if Alabama came to talk to McReary behind our backs we’d be pretty upset.
  9. The Battered Aggie syndrome that is JABA has me thinking we can have it later and done poorly.
  10. https://footballscoop.com/news/auburn-offensive-coordinator-search-moves-on-zak-hill Looks like Hill didn’t pass the sniff test.
  11. Looks like a Georgia federal court challenge is pausing it for now
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