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  1. Did context die recently? People here saying we don't care about bowls because we want to see a new qb or 2 after a 7-5 season versus Purdue in a garbage bowl like that's a NY6 game in a 10 win season.
  2. Never make an offer you're not willing to have accepted
  3. So their gambit failed. Now is when you just rip the bandaid off and move on. Admit the guy called you on it and get going
  4. I just don't know how to process this cluster if what's being rumored and innuendo'd is indeed correct. It's on a level of ineptness my brain just cannot comprehend. Unless they just threw out Plan C because they thought no idiot would ever take it; but then he did. Now they'll just go with Plan F(U) and fire him.
  5. Well historically the new guys get us to a ship appearance early at least
  6. Watching stidham on the sideline just cutting up and smiling down 10+ in the third showed you he didn't care
  7. I think they'll be expecting some level of air raid. I'd probably run it for a series or two, hopefully find some success, then sprinkle runs out of it to keep them honest. If you just switch sets and personnel to our normal it'll be obvious. Im not a coach idk.
  8. Go full spurrier and make every drive a four down drive
  9. Also... why on a year with gus feeling so much pressure do you give the extension mid season...
  10. TaMU about to be MSU 2.0. They saw we can't stop middle runs