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  1. No you are not!! I am also and I am old and I know stuff. I am really tired of the negative "Nancies" on here that the only sport on here is Gus bashing. Gus is way ahead of the midget across the state in coaching success for the time has been a head coach. Granted he as made mistakes but who the hell hasn't. God save us from all the "experts" on here that think they know more than people that coach for a living. I've had a few glasses of wine so I guess I am just venting . I am just tired of all the negativity I see on here. Ok, I'm gone. Bash away!! WDE till I die which probably isn't that far off.
  2. He sure didn't look inexperienced to me in that A-Day game.
  3. A runaway, you've got to be kidding. Did you look at that stats of Bo vs Joey?
  4. You got that right Golf. I don't know if Graves Center was still there when you were at Auburn but several football players were in my fraternity and some lived there and one of my frat brothers and Hoppe were roommates . I was just hanging around with my frat brother when Bobby came in. I don't know if he had been drinking but at some point he started waving his .38 around. I was a little uncomfortable to say the least but thank God nothing happened. I don't know if you knew this but Bobby went on trial for murder of his sister's boyfriend years later. Long story, too much for this medium
  5. It was on the SEC channel and I am fairly sure they will run it again. I recorded it for posterity so I could really analyze what was going on in the game. I was at A-Day but there is so much going on its hard to concentrate on just one thing. Good luck !!
  6. Very true and we all know what happened to Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss for beating bammer two years in a row. It is going to be interesting to see if the same thing happens to Kirby. We can only hope.! WDE
  7. One difference I have noticed between Bo and Gatewood is that Bo hits his receivers in the hands where Gatewood's receivers have to reach for the ball.. Nix just seem to be more accurate to me. .JMO
  8. I was lucky enough to play Augusta twice. Both through family connections. My bro in law's daughter married the son of a member which led me to me getting to play it the first time in 2007. .However the occasion that allowed me to play was not a joyous one, as my mother had passed away . I still have my score card from the round and break it out when watching the Masters. I shot a 92 which I thought was pretty good considering how nervous as I was. Five pars and three triple bogies. Eight years later I got to play it again and again under not so joyous circumstances. This time my wife passed away due to cancer. I asked my sponsor to take me off the list after losing two people that were very dear to me but I really enjoyed the opportunity that not too many people are afforded. WDE
  9. Too Much Information.
  10. Seems to be the most popular subject. Let's bash Gus. I think people are going to be very surprised at the outcome of the QB race and our season Just my gut feeling. Time will tell.. WDE
  11. From everything I have read on here Joey seems to be quite an athlete. I think if we could have both Joey and Bo on the field at the same time it would really be quite a weapon. and a nightmare for the opposing defenses. I am fairly sure Gus realizes this also. I just think Bo is more of a quarterback and Joey is more suited for a wildcat role. I can't wait for A -Day so I can see both of them in action. JMO WDE!!
  12. I was just about to type, is this the definition of "hijacking a thread"?
  13. From what I read on here Gatewood seems to be the crowd favorite and I do want the best guy to be our starting QB and as I have mentioned before if a TF can handle the job and is the best choice then so be it.. See Trevor Lawrence.. Good luck to both of them. WDE