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  1. Slammer1

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    I can't recall seeing a QB go from outstanding to completely inept in such a short period of time. His head just isn't where it should be which is quite obvious to everyone. I don't know if a session with a "shrink" would help but certainly wouldn't hurt. I can't believe Gus did not even give Willis or someone else a shot after THREE turnovers by Stidham. I doubt we will win another SEC game with Stidham at the helm. Gus has nothing to lose at this point to give someone else shot but due to Gus's personality it probably won't happen, one can only hope. The definition of insanity I believe is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Gus, everyone is on to your way of doing things. JMO WDE
  2. Slammer1

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    Yesterday's game reminded me of a friend and I who watched a whole season of Barfield together. What went on yesterday went on the whole season under Barfield and so far looks like history is going to repeat itself.. Fumbles and turnovers galore with a fumbles occurring at crucial times like I have never seen before.. Like I have been saying Gus is the poster child for the definition of the Peter Principle. If any of you don't know what the Peter Principle is, look it up and it will be crystal clear why I say that. WDE
  3. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    I have said a few times on this board that bama is ruining college football. Well, I just heard Paul Finebaum confirm my feelings as out of his own mouth said, "alabama is sucking the oxygen out of the sport." That is one of the few things I agree with him on but and it really surprised me that he confirmed what I have been thinking for a long time. FWIW. WDE
  4. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    Absolutely correct 72. Like i have said before this saban/emmert coalition is absolutely RUINING college football !!! I am a month or so from the big "80" and hope I am around long enough to see the end of this saban/emmert debacle. If college football is to survive one or both of these guys has to go. As you can see I have been around a long time and I have never seen the level to which cheating has taken place at bama. I am not naive enough to think it doesn't go on at other schools ie Reggie Bush at USC but never to the extent that bama has taken it. JMO. WDE
  5. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    I wonder what saban had to say to Ruben Foster about his "business decision"? If that didn't tell the world about what goes on at bama nothing will. I just wonder if all this over the top cheating will ever be addressed by anyone. Until someone steps up and does something about it it will just continue ad infinitum . One can only hope that they will eventually be called out on it. I'm not going to hold my breath about it though. WDE
  6. Slammer1

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    I am not one to pick on Gus but he is giving me the impression that he is the perfect definition of the Peter Principle. I wish I didn't feel this way but as it stands right now his performance certainly warrants this impression. I really hope he can turn things around but this "we got to get better" is getting old. I agree that the offensive line is a serious problem and hopefully we are recruiting some 4 and 5 stars is that will help improve our performance in this area but until we do I don't see anything changing this year but I will always be an Auburn fan and proud to be a graduate of Auburn University. WDE!!!!!
  7. Slammer1

    Stidham's Accuracy

    The problem is he doesn’t want a negative play. This is the crux of his problem IMO WDE
  8. Slammer1

    Stidham's Accuracy

    I think the two interceptions that Stidham threw in the Washington game got into his head and he is now very reluctant to pull the trigger and thus causing him not to throw the ball when he should. He sure is a different QB than he was last year. It is glaring to me. Another factor is Gus hates turnovers, but who doesn't. I think all this plays into what Stidham's problem is and I hope he overcomes it or it's going to be a long season. JMO WDE
  9. Slammer1

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    Very well said AU72. Nailed it! WDE
  10. Slammer1

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    Totally agree AU72 As I have said before bammer is ruining the competitive spirit of college football. They just might as well apply for an NFL franchise, at least that would be legal. I don't like where college football is going but somebody with some testicles has to do something about it!! WDE
  11. Slammer1

    Ole Miss

    Totally agree!! bama is ruining college football. Really takes the fun out of following the sport because it has become so one sided JMO. WDE
  12. I don't normally comment on this kind of thing but the refs DID cause us to lose the game. The yardage in penalties for both teams doesn't matter , it is the timing of the penalties and how they affected the game. I don't think I have ever seen such a hose job at crucial times of the game in my life. Steve Shaw and his team at work. WDE
  13. Slammer1

    GameDay at TCU OSU game.

    Well did anyone expect anything else from the SEC channel aka The bama Channel. ? I really can't understand finebaum. He has the loyalty of an alley cat. He was born and raised in TN, graduated from TN and is the biggest bama homie I have ever seen. The answer is he is a band wagon rider. Favorite baseball team, the NY Yankees, favorite pro football team, the New England Patriots and last but not least his favorite college football team, not TN, but bama. I would not want him in my foxhole.
  14. Slammer1

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    If you have Dish the game is on Channel 596, at least in my area in GA. WDE
  15. I agree and at the risk of repeating myself Gus has had no where near the head coaching experience that lil nicky has nor has had his "assets" available to him and has a lot more to show for his short career as a head coach. than saban does.. Gus is still learning how to be a head coach. Yes, he has his flaws but experience is the best teacher. Kirby Smart is the exception but I am sure he " learned" a lot from his former boss on how to make things go his way. Everyone here knows what I am talking about. WDE!!