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  1. Bingo!!!
  2. Totally agree Bird, if he didn't have the recruiting tools he has (REC) he would be better than average but not the guru status he has attained. They have a machine in place and it is hard for anyone else to stay up with it without getting the NCAA involved and everyone here knows what is going on there. JMO
  3. Corso nailed it why bama is on the top of the heap, recruiting, plain and simple and everyone on this board knows why. They have a license to steal with Emmert at the head of the NCAA. and that other outfit, the REC. It will come to a head one of these days or at least I hope it does, so, until then we just have to deal with it. You can call Corso a buffoon or whatever but he makes the game day show very entertaining and fun to watch and in my opinion that is good for the game. WDE!!!
  4. Very clever bird lol.My wife and I used to play that game for hours.
  5. No, sorry, I don't recall the name but this was 1957 so your cousin probably came along after that time. I have run into Ken Rice at Big Canoe over here in Georgia, he was an All American football player at AU and was also our heavy weight on the wrestling team back then. I don't think he never lost a match. Oklahoma, Iowa and Iowa State ruled collegiate wrestling, probably still do. The sport has suffered tremendously to make room for women's athletics. I know that is what killed wrestling at AU.
  6. I am glad someone remembers Coach Umbach. I wrestled my freshman year and he was the very best in the SEC. He had a glass eye and you never knew when he had his good eye on you, lol,I was very sad to see wrestling get canned. The younger folks on here probably weren't even aware we ever had wrestling at AU. We won the SEC several times , more that any other school in the SEC..Coach Umbach, great man, I was very sad to hear of his passing. WDE!!! Coach
  7. Totally agree 3rd, great post. CCL hasn't even called a game yet, makes me wonder about some of our so called "fans".WDE!!!
  8. I entered AU in the fall of 1957 and as most of you know it was API back then. I liked it when we became Auburn University because very few people referred to us as API. It was always Auburn to me even as a kid. My favorite decal, which I have on my golf cart, is the image above with the tiger doffing a top hat and saying, "an Auburn man needs no introduction" . I thought it was a pretty classy statement and really defines what we are. I think Johnson and Malone still have the decals which is where I got mine a few years ago. I don't know if the decal is still around but I hope it is. WDE!!!
  9. After watching the Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay playoff game I think that CCL should take a long look at the Falcons offensive schemes. Instead of going to a designated receiver on every play, Ryan went to whomever was open. Ryan set a NFL record throwing to different receivers. I know Julio is a great receiver but you can't rely on him every time and I think throwing to whomever was open was the key to the Falcon's success this year. Can't wait to see the Super Bowl, it should be a battle royale between two very competent QBs. JMO
  10. I'm glad to see that Bill Battle's cancer is in remission. I knew him as teenagers in Bham. I had a couple of years on him but he was always a great guy and had a lot of class to him. I was hoping back then that he would come to AU to play football but he got caught up in "Bear" mania and chose bama. I personally think he probably had enough of the midget to last him a life time because they are diametrically opposed in personality. I think he took the advisor to the president job to stay a part of the university and to get separation from saban. I just can't see the both of them working together for an extended period of time. Bill, I wish you well.
  11. The difference I see between the bama pick play and the clemson one is McElroy made no attempt to run. He was standing there stationery whereas Watson was actually making a run and the Clemson receiver was perfectly justified in blocking down on the bama DB, and Watson had the option to pass or run at that point. Maybe WarTiger can spread some light on it. JMO.
  12. My sentiments exactly, starting with the coin toss to the and of the game. I am embarrassed by their behavior during the whole game and it starts with their coach who allows their behavior to go unpunished. I wanted to throw up listening to Saban's post game interview about what went on, what a classless jerk.
  13. Bird, I agree with you about Tubs. He was mediocre at best and could lose games to lesser competition at the drop of a ball/hat. 2004 was his signature "lightning in a bottle" year never to be seen again. For all the naysayers about Gus, I did a little research on saban's first five years as a head coach and compared it to Malzahn's. saban's was 34-37-1 for a winning percentage of .589 compared to Gus's first five years as a head coach was .688, and saban was in three bowl games during this five year period and LOST all three. Also saban has been a head coach for 28 years and has "resources" available to him that we and the rest of the SEC don't have and we all know what the "resources" are. Let's just all take a deep breath and let Gus find his way to being a successful head coach. sabam has a 23 year head start on him. Recruiting is going very well and I think we will be back in the hunt in the very near future. JMO, WDE!!!
  14. No I don't, just commenting on what has been going on for years.
  15. Very true