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  1. If I am not mistaken wasn't Mullen behind all of Cam's problems, what a jackass as Ben Matlock would say.☺️
  2. For all you Gus bashers out there, guess who has the most wins against his lordship the might tNick Saban Malzahn. For all you experts out there be careful what you wish for folks!! WDE!!!!
  3. Does it occur to anybody that GA has a better team than we do? Gus won us a National Championship in 2010, the fist one since 1957 and came within 13 seconds of winning another one against FSU. SMH 😡
  4. Good to see you back Coach 👍. Semper Fi and WDE!!!
  5. Along with everybody else I am concerned with MS State. The guy is for real.. he brings a whole new to dimension to the SEC. I thought the first time I saw him she was a real nut case but I have changed my mind. The guy knows things we have dismissed because of his demeanor. It's going to be a fun season watching what happens in the SEC. Can't was t see how it all turns out. WDE!!!
  6. Here is a little known fact about Coach Dye. He caused Auburn QB Bryant Harvard to fumble in the the 1960 Auburn/Georgia game which Georgia wound up winning the game because of it. I was a pilot in the Marine Corps stationed at Beaufort, SC in 1960 but I followed Coach Dye's coaching career from when he was the coach at East Carolina to when he became Auburn'd head football coach. He was a winner every where he coached and I was really excited when he was named Auburn's head football coach because I knew we were in good hands and history has proved me correct. What is also amazing to me is t
  7. What I really wanted to see is our whole team go over to the bama sideline at the end of the game and the whole team stare at waddle with their hands on their hips. Waddle is totally classless but that is no surprise to anybody .😁
  8. I watch it at least once a week just to get my fix on watching the midget lose it. The guy is such an a-hole! WDE!!!
  9. Sorry to hear that about Boobie. I have been wondering why he left the team. A very talented kid, however, there is always someone around to step up and take his place. I wish him well but if he thinks it is going get any easier he is delusional . Thanks for the info, I enjoy reading your posts.,you are one of the brighter ones on here . WDE!!
  10. 1957 Tennesse game at Shields/Watkins Field If you wanted any booze you had to go see the local bootlegger. Stayed with a high school buddy that was going to school there. We won 7-0. Stadium name was changed to Neyland stadium in 1962 but the playing field kept the Shields/Watkins name.
  11. I agree but there were mitigating circumstances in my mind. It was pretty obvious to me the crowd noise had a definite affect on Bo's perfomance, something he had never experienced in High School. He is a winner and I look forward to watching him mature as a QB. I think he is going to give his ole man a run for his money😉! WDE!!! BO
  12. Bird, I appreciate your posting of this letter. It is just one of the facets that goes on the in T-town's win at all costs philosophy , however I don't want you be "falling up the stairs" by posting this document for all to read. Hopefully saban's evil empire is falling to its own destruction . I am not naive enough to know that this kind of stuff goes on elsewhere but to this degree really bothers me. It is just another form of the old plantation system but not in the cotton fields but on the football fields. Take care, Slammer
  13. I hate Kirby's side line crap. He is all over the place yelling and screaming at this players and pacing up ant down on the sideline and on the field where he shouldn't be. I will always remember the "fake field goal" he pulled on us last year !!! That has to be the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever seen. I am so glad LSU kicked his sorry ass today. If anyone deserved it it was him. I also hope this has bounced his sorry ass out of any spot in the playoffs. Ok, I am through venting about Kirby. I guess he learned all his sportsmanship from the his former boss, the midget across t
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