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  1. Slammer1

    Coach Chizik speaks to team

    Here is the article for those interested that I read quite some time ago about Coach Chizik's dad and Sugar Loaf Hill.
  2. Slammer1

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    This pic certainly brings back memories to me from Parris Island from 1958!!
  3. Slammer1

    Coach Chizik speaks to team

    You would never get him to talk about another coach IMO. He has too much class to get involved in something like that. I met Coach Chizik at his book signing in Atlanta. Our common bond was his father who was a WWII Marine and was one of 12 survivors out of approximately 140 of his company in the battle of Sugar Loaf Hill on Okinawa. I was a Marine helicopter pilot back in 1967 and I have actually been to what is left of Sugar Loaf Hill when I was in Okinawa as it was very close to my base. It's nothing but commercial signs now and a lot of it was hauled away for landfill. There was nothing there now but a small plaque on the top commemorating the battle. My good life on Okinawa didn't last long before they sent me into Nam where I got to enjoy the Tet Offensive. What a waste of good men and money that war was. Anyway for you younger guys on here you can Google Sugar Loaf Hill and read about the battle that Coach Chizik's dad fought in and more importantly survived. WDE!!
  4. Slammer1


    I don'r know how many on here remember "The Refrigerator" Perry that played for the Chicago Bears. way back when. I think he was the original Wildcat. He weighed 335 pounds and nobody could keep him out of the end zone in short yardage situations. The comment about Derrick Brown triggered my memory that he could be our "Refrigerator". It would be interesting. WDE
  5. Slammer1

    Siposs booms 70-yard punt

    After seeing his punts on video, the first thing that came to my mind was that his knuckle ball ball flight would give return men nightmares. Can't wait to see him in live action.He will truly be a great asset for the team in the kicking game. Can't remember if I have ever been this excited about a punter. WDE
  6. Slammer1

    My most favorite Auburn team

    OUCH, look at all those goose eggs, well at least we gave GA a run for the money but that doesn't ease the pain much.
  7. Slammer1

    My most favorite Auburn team

    The 72 Amazins were truly amazing. I went to the 1972 Gator Bowl when we played Colorado. They had a running back named Cullen Bryant. He was very proud of himself and really ran his mouth about how he was not really impressed with the Auburn Tigers or being at the Gator Bowl and made a really snide remark about the watches that were given to both teams at the dinner in both of the teams honor.. According to a member of our team there was also an incident in the men's room where the Colorado guys were giving our guys that were there a hard time. I do not know who our player was but he told the CO guys that they would settle everything on the field and settle it they did. The crowning blow to CO was a fake field goal attempt in the 4th quarter that went for a touchdown. We wound up wining 24-3, couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch. WDE
  8. Slammer1

    My most favorite Auburn team

    This video brought back a lot of memories for this old man. I had a history class in Samford Hall with Jackie Burkett. We both thought it was pretty boring so we cut class and went uptown to one of the several pool halls that lined College street back then. I was a pretty good pool player back then and we would battle it out playing 8-ball. He introduced me to the game of Snooker which to play was a lot harder than a normal pool game. The table is bigger and the pockets are smaller. All I can say is football was not the only game he could play which I routinely found out. Jackie played for the Baltimore Colts for several years. Great guy and fun to be around. Tommy Lorino was also a great friend, even after we both left AU. Tommy had a Golden Rule B-B-Q place near I-85 in Auburn. He put his son in business there. My wife and I were passing through Auburn on our way down to Orange Beach and stopped by the Golden Rule for something to eat. The decor in the restaurant was pics of most of the players in the above video. I asked the little waitress that waited on us if Tommy ever came in and she replied he is back in the kitchen. I asked her to tell him someone he hasn't seen in a while was asking about him. Well out came Tommy and we had quite a reunion. Tommy passed away recently unfortunately. He was also an SEC official. His job was head linesman because even at his age he was the only one that could stay up with these young receivers today.! Tommy passed away May 22, 2016 so rest in peace Tommy and God bless you . WDE!!
  9. Slammer1

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    That's exactly my point !
  10. Slammer1

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    For our fickle fans I would like to point out that Nick Saban became a head coach in 1989 at Toledo. Saban had also been head coach at Mich St , Miami Dolphins before going to bama. Gus has only been a head coach at AU since 2013 save his one year at Arky State and we almost won it all in 2013 save for FSU's miracle win in the national championship game. Saban is light years ahead of him as far as being a head coach is concerned. I get annoyed with his stubbornness at times but he is still learning how to be a head coach. Saban didn't have any real success until LSU in 2004. He only had moderate success in the pros but I am sure he gained a lot of knowledge from Bill Bellichick. So guess what I am really trying to say is, "patience grasshoppers". Gus has accomplished a hell of a lot more than the midget did in the short time Gus has been at the helm AND in the SEC!! PS, Saban also has the REC behind him for recruiting. WDE
  11. Slammer1

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    This might be hard to believe but after three years in Hawaii I was ready to leave. Yes, it is beautiful and I am glad I got lucky enough to be stationed there but after three years I wanted to be able to drive more that 10 miles without running into water. I was lucky, I flew helicopters there and got to see sights that even tourists that spend thousands to be there never get to see. I don't regret being there but everything has its limits. I longed for temps in the 40s or even 30s after a while and that never happens in Hawaii. It's a great place to visit but I would never want to be there permanently but that is just me. If you get the chance to go, do it. The Pearl Harbor tour is a must. You stand over a bridge and can look down on the Arizona and see the gun turrets and then take a short trip a few hundred yards away and visit the USS Missouri where the surrender of the Japanese took place to end WWII. Aloha WDE
  12. Slammer1

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    I don't have any idea what the Tagovailoa's financial or social status is in Hawaii but I do know from personal experience that Hawaii is very expensive as I was stationed there for three years during my Marine Corps career. This situation reminds me of the Reggie Bush affair at USC when USC got put on probation for financing a house for Bush's family and Reggie had to return his Heisman trophy because of the financial aid from USC. I would guess there was probably more violations that USC was guilty of but we don't know if that contributed to their being put on probation. I would not be surprised if the REC was behind all of this Tagovailova business but I don't know for sure and probably never will but it just seems it's right up their alley. WDE
  13. Slammer1

    Ryan Pugh vs Reese Dismukes

    I remember Tom Banks very well. His father, Tom Banks Sr, was the head coach at John Carroll high school in Bham for many years. Tough as nails and so was his son. WDE