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    Great news 72!! So glad you are cancer free !!! I lost my wife four years ago to cancer. I just hope some day they find a cure for this dreaded disease. I have followed your story every since I have been on these boards and I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear you are cancer free. I don't post very often and I am just elated to know about your good news. God has blessed you. take care my friend and WDE!!!! Slammer
  2. Well I will respond to your post. Just so you know a little about me, I am a AU grad finally . My first year was 1957, after my freshman year, API as it was known then and because of my brilliant academic record they told me to take some time off and come back when I had grown up. Well I showed them and joined the Marine Corps. Smartest move I ever made. The Marine Corps sent me to Pensacola and I became a Marine aviator.and sent me to Hawaii for 3 years as my first duty station. Tough break huh? I then went back to Pensacola as a flight instructor and then off to Viet Nam flying medevac helicopters during the Tet Offensive. I managed to survive that and got my wish to transition to jets. That is me about to be launched off of the USS Independence circa 1970. I was tired of being the "shootee" and wanted to fly something that I could shoot back. Since I didn't have my degree my file went to the bottom of the file when it came time to be promoted and I decided to get out and go back to AU and graduate which I did. I got a standing ovation when I was presented my diploma in August of 1975, after all in only took me 18 years to graduate. I certainly think I deserved it. A poster on here actually called me delusional and uniformed about one of my posts. I am anything BUT delusional and uniformed. I am going to retire from the board for the time being. I am a little done with the playground urination contests that go on here. I might sign on to see what folks are saying but that's all. Can't wait for the Oregon game to see what we've got. McGoofus , Semper Fi and War Damn Eagle!! BTW, you have way too much time on your hands considering how much you post on here. Take care. Slammer, that was my call sign BTW.
  3. I totally agree that we have the toughest schedule of any of the Power 5 leagues. And for all you Gus bashers out there here is a little stat that I looked up. Only two AU coaches post WWII have a better winning percentage than Gus, they are Pat Dye and Terry Bowden. Not Shug Jordan, Tommy Tuberville or Gene Chizik and as I have said in an earlier post Gus is still learning how t be a head coach. For his time at the helm he is way ahead of what the midget across the state accomplished during the same period of time. I think it has finally hit Gus that in order to keep his job he must be the play caller. But just remember he has one hell of row to hoe and let's see how the season progresses and .if he still blows it by making stupid mistakes then a search for a new coach might be warranted. Personally I think we have a great team and I know we will probably lose a few but let's just see what happens. Ok, just my two cents worth. WDE
  4. That was probably the most honest and knowledgeable post I've ever seen on an Auburn board. I didn't catch your sign off at the end of the video as due to what I did for a living (Marine Aviator), I don't hear very well. You gave what I think was an excellent analysis of both teams. It's very obvious you know your stuff. Please post more as the season progresses. I look forward to hearing from you again, War Damn Eagle and Go Ducks. The game should be a real experience to watch. Take care my friend. Yours truly, Slammer
  5. FSU is infamous for trick plays, especially during the Bowden years. I knew one was forthcoming just didn't know when but it was definitely the turning point of the game.unfortunately for us.
  6. I don't think anybody should be throwing dirt on Gus's grave just yet. Good gosh folks lets just see how the season goes before we start making any decisions to let Gus go.. The best decision Gus has made was to take over play calling.. He is good at it, just ask Perdue. From what I read all the "experts" say we have a great team this year. If Gus blows it then it's on him but I think he deserves a chance to right the ship without all the Gus bashing that goes on here ad infinitum on these boards. JMO.. WDE
  7. Thanks for the kind words 72 but I'm not a hero, the true heroes are no longer with us, I just got stuck in the wrong places at the wrong time and managed to survive it all. Today we are celebrating our defeat of the Germans at Normandy. I have been to Normandy and those guys were the real heroes. How they got off that beach is beyond me. If you have the opportunity to go to Normandy take it, it will boggle your mind as to how our troops managed to transverse 600 yards or so with absolutely no cover what so ever. Those troops were the real heroes! WDE!!!
  8. Thanks, I was a Marine medevac chopper pilot 1967-1968. Viet Nam was the biggest waste of good men and money Iv'e ever seen. I am assuming your dad made it back okay, at least I hope he did. The jet you see on my screen name is me about to get shot off the"pointy end" ,as we called it, of the USS Independence circa 1970. After Nam I wanted out of choppers. I was tired of being the "Shootee", I wanted be the "Shooter", fortunately I got my wish. Thanks again, give your dad my regards.;-) WDE!!!
  9. Thanks for posting abw0004, I know from personal experience there are no atheists in a foxhole or a bunker. Normandy was a lot more intense than anything I went through (Viet Nam) and I thank the Lord for letting me live through my experience. I am also thankful for being around during Shug's time as our head coach.He was a wonderful and generous human being.. I was watching an A-Day game when Doug Barfield was our coach with Wayne Frazier, our center in the late '50s and Shug was sitting right behind us underneath the press box of the West stands. A kid recognized Shug and the next thing that happened was it seemed like every kid in the stadium came by to get Shug's autograph. Shug signed every one of them!! I don't think he got to see much of the game but he sure made a lot of kids happy that day. Watching AU under Barfield was not a pleasant experience. Nice guy but he could not coach a fish to water. I was really glad when they renamed the stadium Jordan-Hare stadium. If anyone deserved it, it was Shug Jordan. WDE !!!
  10. I'm not! I thought he did a great job in the Music City Bowl,. He could have scored on the last play of the game to make it an even 70 points but chose not to embarrass Perdue any further and would have set the record for points scored in a bowl game and to me he showed a lot of class by running the clock out!.! JMO
  11. Eli Gold has been around broadcasting sports since the 70s. He has done NASCAR, hockey and as we now know, bama football.I personally met him when he was hanging around the Birmingham Bulls hockey team of the now defunct WHA.. I got invited by Glen Sonmor,, the coach of the Bulls to his condo after a game one night for a drink along with most of the team when in walks this guy that must of weighed well in excess of 300 lbs. It was quite obvious he was no hockey player. He was pretty disgusting to look at to be truthful. I don't know if he is as fat these days as he was back then but I really don't care to find out. bama can have him WDE
  12. Ken Rice would have been just fine. He also was our heavyweight wrestler on our wrestling team back when AU had a wrestling team. He lives in my neck of the woods and I get to see him on occasions, mainly at alumni meetings. Ken lost his wife not too long ago as I did also. Just another thing we had in common. Great guy and a great athlete. WDE
  13. Thanks Stat for all you do.Loved watching the Pat Nix video. I think his son will do great things for our team.also. WDE!!!
  14. From what I've seen of Bo Nix's high school videos he is his dad reincarnated and he can run too. Really looking forward to him taking the field for AU. I know a lot of folks on here are Joey Gatewood fans but his passing does not compare to Bo's IMO. May the best man win. I think it would be neat if Gus can incorporate a scheme that both are on the field at the same time. That should give opposing defenses something to think about! Can't wait for the season to start.!! WDE