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  1. A-Day thread

    That was the worst spring game I have ever watched and believe me I have seen a few. I hope Stidham doesn't get hurt or it is going to be a long season for AU. Miller couldn't hit anybody and when he did they dropped the ball. Not a fun thing to watch and not looking forward to this season. WDE anyway !!!!!
  2. Emmert on hot seat?

    I really don't know that much about her but that would be the bammer's worst nightmare. If it could only come to being!! WDE
  3. Any former Auburn players here

    Golf, is this the same Pops that use to give the bammers as good as they sent on I think it is and I do remember him passing away due to cancer if I am correct. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't do any more. Too much like a playground urinating contest with the bammers. TIA WDE
  4. Tennesssee adds Grad Transfer QB

    I can relate AU64, my first experience on the road was in 1957 to Shields Watkins Field as it was known then. It was our first game on the 1957 schedule and we won 7-0 in a absolute offensive frenzy. I went to the game with a high school buddy from Nashville. We both went to high school at this military school in Lebanon TN for problem children. We both certainly qualified. Back then Knoxville was dry as a bone and we had to go see the local bootlegger if we wanted anything with alcohol in it. It was a great experience and little did I know that that game put us on the way to our first national championship. Thanks for the memory 64. WDE
  5. Reuben Foster...Again

    You're so right Bird. The only time we ever hear about their extracurricular activities is when outside agencies are involved and then they have no choice but to address things and even then nothing much happens.. Makes one wonder if they will ever have what goes on over there brought to light. The last time I heard of any of their shenanigans being exposed was the textbooks for cash goings on in 2005. If I remember correctly all they got was what amounted to a slap on the wrist. Maybe one of these days they will get what is coming to them. One can only hope and I just hope I can hang around long enough to see it. LOL WDE
  6. Reuben Foster...Again

    He might be a great talent but I don't think his NFL adventure will end well. We really dodged a bullet when when he made his "business decision" and went to bama, no pun intended. If he straightens himself out I will be very surprised.JMO WDE
  7. Mark Emmert Criticism

    I guess this is enough info for mr emmeret to take some action. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
  8. Mark Emmert Criticism

    This is absolutely amazing to me. After the NCAA going after what happened at Penn State and absolutely nothing happening to MSU, It shows to me that Mark Emmert is an absolute hypocrite. Didn't have enough info my azz. What a scumbag!!! Just shows what Emmert is all about. College football is in the toilet. No wonder bama gets away with murder. This has to be exposed or collage football is doomed, JMO WDE
  9. Bama vs Georgia

    A golf buddy of mine sent me this. He has no affiliation with any college football team. I guess it's because he is from New Your, Brooklyn to be exact. He thought I would get a chuckle out of it, which I did. Some of you may have already seen this but for those that haven't , here you go. WDE!!!
  10. Bama vs Georgia

    I am certainly no fan of Nick Saban but I applaud him for getting rid of Brown for assaulting a coach but while he was at it he should of got rid of the Wilson guy for shoving Fromm's head into the ground after the play was over with and the ref standing right there. At the very least Wilson should have been ejected!! The whole Big 10 referee team was a absolute joke. I have been around a long time but this was absolutely the worst called game I have ever seen, pitiful.
  11. Saban or Bear

    Always do your research .
  12. Report: Malzhan staying

    Well said. We had one hell of a finish. I am amazed we finished as well as we did,. Gus has only been a head coach for 5 years. His resume clearly outshines that of the midget across the state during his first five years. I said after the LSU game that I was not very pleased with the LSU outcome but I wanted to see how the season would play out before joining the "off with his head" crowd. I think we were out of gas after beating GA and bama in succession . Those two games had to take its toll on the team. I think if we had both Kerryon and Petway healthy things might have turned out different. I am glad Gus wants to stay at AU. He is still a young coach and I think his best years are in front of him. It takes absolutely no talent to be a critic, it takes talent to rectify a situation. JMO WDE
  13. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    You hit the nail on the head. I watched the Oklahoma/TCU game and Baker Mayfield was unbelievably accurate. He will be in NY to claim his prize shortly. The playoff committee is a joke. We need to go to a 8 team playoff. Winning or losing one game should not be the criteria to get into or out of the playoff. If a team can survive a 8 team playoff then they truly deserve to be the champion. JMO WDE
  14. Bielema officially fired

    Bird, I don't know if it is just me but finebum seems to be really pushing very hard for Gus to Arky and has been for quite a while. Gus is the only coach that I know that has some success against saban. I really hope Gus sticks around. In fact I am listening to finebum right now and I think he is all for Gus going to Arky because they will not be able keep up with AU or bama with recruiting etc. JMO WDE
  15. Chip Kelly to Florida?-Edit-UCLA takes him

    I am not surprised by Kelly going to UCLA. The SEC kitchen can get pretty warm, just ask Urban Meyer. I think Kelly just opted for a softer market just like Urban did. JMO WDE