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  1. Slammer1

    Bammers Oklahoma Meme

    This ranks right up there in New Orleans where a bama grad, no less, had laid his "package" on a passed out LSU fan in a Crystal restaurant and all the bammers cheered him on. after bama had beaten LSU in Baton Rouge. They have to be the most classless fan base in college football.
  2. Slammer1

    West Virginia vs Oklahoma

    Good Lord, how much more obvious can you get!! Looks like Oklahoma is the darling of the big twelve much like bama is in the SEC.
  3. That game in 1948 was the reason I chose to go to AU. I was 9 years old and as families did back then me and my parents went out to dinner and a movie. I had no clue that the rivalry had renewed or even existed. I didn't even know if there was one. Anyway me and my family went to Britling's on downtown 20th street for dinner. It is gone now but it was like a Piccadilly restaurant of today. After dinner we walked a few blocks to the Alabama theater to see "Casablanca". During all this time all I heard was "War Eagle" in the restaurant, on the street corners and even in the movie theater. I can't remember hearing a "Roll Tide". The next morning I saw where Alabama beat us 55-0!! My only thought was the way the Auburn students had reacted with so much spirit after getting beat so badly. and I said to my self I want to be there when they win one!! Well 1957 was my first year at API as it was known then and we beat Bama 40-0 so I guess I got my wish !! WDE
  4. Slammer1

    Finding success in the details

    I saw the same thing 72, Stidham was yucking it up like WE were ahead 27-10. That told me he did not have his head in the game. I saw absolutely nothing to smile about. It was like he didn't care about being behind 17 points. His attitude sort of shocked me to be honest. I think all NFL and Heisman talk along with the praise he got from his first year went to his head. He is definitely not the same QB now that he was his first year at AU. I recall my watching our 1957 team practice. We had coaches that would not put up with anything less than total effort. Coaches Shot Senn and Gene Lorendo come to mind. If they caught him laughing and cutting up with what the situation was, Stidham would still be running the stadium steps. with maybe a bull in the ring session for good measure. Times have changed. JMO WDE
  5. Slammer1

    Veterans day

    Same to ya Marine. I am glad they made the 11th Veteran's Day, because it gave all Marines a day to recover from celebrating our birthday which takes a lot of time and a lot of aspirin to recover from. 😊
  6. Slammer1

    Uat as LSU

    No, it's not whining, it's the truth. I am reading more and more stuff about this and it seems that a lot more folks are getting the gist of things that are going on in T-town and have been going on for quite some time. Unfortunately the NCAA has been turning a blind eye to the things that are going on at bama .and do not care what is behind it. The REC has been buying the best players in the country and getting away with it for years so it's no big mystery why bama is kicking everyone's butt. Unfortunately, until the saban/emmeret coalition is broken nothing is going to change. JMO WDE
  7. Slammer1

    Bama is good, but the calls they get are ridiculous

    I tried to click on the above site and it says "cannot be found", imagine that LOL. Never thought I would see college football get this corrupt but it has and why Emmeret is still head of the NCAA if beyond me. Hope I live long enough to see something done about all of this but I not betting the ranch on it. WDE anyway!!
  8. Slammer1

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    I think the only solution to the SEC officiating problem would be that no official can be associated with an SEC school. As long as Steve Shaw is in charge nothing is going to change unfortunately. One can always hope. WDE
  9. Slammer1

    tiger talk ole miss version

    Well like Big Bird has said LSU's Coach O has the respect of his players and let's his coordinators do their job. We have seen what LSU has accomplished with Coach O. Gus just can't let go of the reins and let ours do their jobs.. I read where Jeremy Pruitt was reading all our plays by the personnel we had in the game. As for the HUNH that is simply solved by our opponents getting hurt at "appropriate times". Its something that can't really be argued but is very effective at slowing us down.Also, Stidham is not exactly tearing it up either. JMO WDE
  10. Slammer1

    tiger talk ole miss version

    I totally agree. He says the same thing every press conference. "we've got to get better".. I am really sick of hearing that. I don't think he knows what else to say.. JMO WDE
  11. Slammer1

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    I can't recall seeing a QB go from outstanding to completely inept in such a short period of time. His head just isn't where it should be which is quite obvious to everyone. I don't know if a session with a "shrink" would help but certainly wouldn't hurt. I can't believe Gus did not even give Willis or someone else a shot after THREE turnovers by Stidham. I doubt we will win another SEC game with Stidham at the helm. Gus has nothing to lose at this point to give someone else shot but due to Gus's personality it probably won't happen, one can only hope. The definition of insanity I believe is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Gus, everyone is on to your way of doing things. JMO WDE
  12. Slammer1

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    Yesterday's game reminded me of a friend and I who watched a whole season of Barfield together. What went on yesterday went on the whole season under Barfield and so far looks like history is going to repeat itself.. Fumbles and turnovers galore with a fumbles occurring at crucial times like I have never seen before.. Like I have been saying Gus is the poster child for the definition of the Peter Principle. If any of you don't know what the Peter Principle is, look it up and it will be crystal clear why I say that. WDE
  13. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    I have said a few times on this board that bama is ruining college football. Well, I just heard Paul Finebaum confirm my feelings as out of his own mouth said, "alabama is sucking the oxygen out of the sport." That is one of the few things I agree with him on but and it really surprised me that he confirmed what I have been thinking for a long time. FWIW. WDE
  14. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    Absolutely correct 72. Like i have said before this saban/emmert coalition is absolutely RUINING college football !!! I am a month or so from the big "80" and hope I am around long enough to see the end of this saban/emmert debacle. If college football is to survive one or both of these guys has to go. As you can see I have been around a long time and I have never seen the level to which cheating has taken place at bama. I am not naive enough to think it doesn't go on at other schools ie Reggie Bush at USC but never to the extent that bama has taken it. JMO. WDE
  15. Slammer1

    Football Players Social Media

    I wonder what saban had to say to Ruben Foster about his "business decision"? If that didn't tell the world about what goes on at bama nothing will. I just wonder if all this over the top cheating will ever be addressed by anyone. Until someone steps up and does something about it it will just continue ad infinitum . One can only hope that they will eventually be called out on it. I'm not going to hold my breath about it though. WDE