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  1. Bama vs Georgia

    A golf buddy of mine sent me this. He has no affiliation with any college football team. I guess it's because he is from New Your, Brooklyn to be exact. He thought I would get a chuckle out of it, which I did. Some of you may have already seen this but for those that haven't , here you go. WDE!!!
  2. Bama vs Georgia

    I am certainly no fan of Nick Saban but I applaud him for getting rid of Brown for assaulting a coach but while he was at it he should of got rid of the Wilson guy for shoving Fromm's head into the ground after the play was over with and the ref standing right there. At the very least Wilson should have been ejected!! The whole Big 10 referee team was a absolute joke. I have been around a long time but this was absolutely the worst called game I have ever seen, pitiful.
  3. Saban or Bear

    Always do your research .
  4. Report: Malzhan staying

    Well said. We had one hell of a finish. I am amazed we finished as well as we did,. Gus has only been a head coach for 5 years. His resume clearly outshines that of the midget across the state during his first five years. I said after the LSU game that I was not very pleased with the LSU outcome but I wanted to see how the season would play out before joining the "off with his head" crowd. I think we were out of gas after beating GA and bama in succession . Those two games had to take its toll on the team. I think if we had both Kerryon and Petway healthy things might have turned out different. I am glad Gus wants to stay at AU. He is still a young coach and I think his best years are in front of him. It takes absolutely no talent to be a critic, it takes talent to rectify a situation. JMO WDE
  5. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    You hit the nail on the head. I watched the Oklahoma/TCU game and Baker Mayfield was unbelievably accurate. He will be in NY to claim his prize shortly. The playoff committee is a joke. We need to go to a 8 team playoff. Winning or losing one game should not be the criteria to get into or out of the playoff. If a team can survive a 8 team playoff then they truly deserve to be the champion. JMO WDE
  6. Bielema officially fired

    Bird, I don't know if it is just me but finebum seems to be really pushing very hard for Gus to Arky and has been for quite a while. Gus is the only coach that I know that has some success against saban. I really hope Gus sticks around. In fact I am listening to finebum right now and I think he is all for Gus going to Arky because they will not be able keep up with AU or bama with recruiting etc. JMO WDE
  7. Chip Kelly to Florida?-Edit-UCLA takes him

    I am not surprised by Kelly going to UCLA. The SEC kitchen can get pretty warm, just ask Urban Meyer. I think Kelly just opted for a softer market just like Urban did. JMO WDE

    I will be very interested in seeing how the penalties play out. Offensive holding is almost non existent as far as bama is concerned. I can't remember the year but they went over 500 offensive plays without a holding call. They are good but not that good. I hope it does not become an issue, we shall see. WDE
  9. David Langner

    Thanks for sharing 64. I had a computer class with Langner when I went back to AU in 1973-1975 to finish what I had started way back in 1957 after a 15 year hiatus in the Marine Corps . He was a real loner though, didn't mingle with the other students very much and mainly kept to himself. I was sorry to hear he had passed away so young. I was really surprised that he wasn't all that big but you could sense he was tough as nails. Would have made a great Marine! WDE
  10. We had a great win over the Dawgs but I don't want us to fall into the same attitude I think GA had. I think they fell in love with their press clippings and would run all over us. Well, as everyone knows, that didn't happen. I am sure saban will have bama more than prepared for us, however I do think we have the talent to beat him. I just don't want us to get over confident with the GA win. It's been my experience that when you play with a little fear of your opponent you tend to perform at a higher level. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. JMO WDE
  11. Veterans day

  12. South Carolina @ Georgia

    Yes it was 64. A friend and fellow Marine flight instructor flew up to Bham from Pensacole for the AU/Ga Tech game in 1966. It had rained previous to the game and Legion Field was pretty sloppy but it was sloppy for both sides. Shug PUNTED on third down every series that Auburn had the ball until the 4th quarter when the fans were so incensed he ran one more mud play and then punted. I will never forget that game. Ga Tech won the game 17-3. It gave me a severe tension headache, it really did. I know Shug did a lot for AU but his philosophies became extremely out dated. However what followed him was worse, Doug Barfield. He gave me a tension headache at every game!! WDE
  13. I could not understand why in the world they kept running KJ so many times ,especially late it the game when we pretty much had command of the situation, especially when we have our two biggest games coming up. Kam Martin was doing a great job. Senseless to me, I am afraid KJ will be out of gas completely by the bama game. SMH!!! WDE
  14. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    Is anybody else besides me getting that LSU feeling?
  15. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    Great post Tiger 88 and very true.