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  1. "the shoddy treatment of Ireland". The Brits need to get their azzes out of Ireland altogether!!! And yes I am Irish 👍!! The Brits have been sticking their collective noses in everybody's business for centuries. Erin go Bragh!!!
  2. I don't think you can leave Burrow out of the mix. LSU plays bama in t- town and whoever wins that game will IMO have a good shot at the Heisman. It's going to be an interesting race. WDE!!!
  3. I bet you did. It sure beats Swamp LeJuene 👍
  4. Semper Fi back atcha Coach. Marine medevac pilot in Nam 1967-1968. Got A-4s after returning to stateside as you can see by my avi. I love your input like most people on here so please stay with us. WDE!!!
  5. Good catch Golf!! I am looking forward to seeing how FL makes out in Baton Rouge. I think they will get a big dose of their own medicine or at least I hope they do. The incident with Worm just shows what kind of coach mullen is to allow that to happen. He is a total dirt bag and I hope LSU beats the crap out of them. WDE!!
  6. Nailed it !! Bo needed to gather himself. Bo had never experienced anything like the atmosphere he had to deal with in the swamp. This kid is going to be a great asset to us in the future. I agree that Gus should have sat him for a series or two and let Joey get HIS feet wet under the pressure Bo was gong through. We have the toughest schedule in college football. IMO we can only benefit from this in the future. 👍. WDE!!! till I die.
  7. Pretty obvious to me Bo was shook up. The crowd noise etc was much louder than at A&M. He will settle down at some point, at least I hope he does. I am not giving up on him. WDE!!!
  8. I totally agree TB. The guy makes my skin crawl. What a scum bag!
  9. I agree and I am glad he has seen the light. WDE!!!
  10. If i am not mistaken Aaron Murray at some time back came out publicly and said JP was not head coach material . Seems like he was right. I hope TN finds someone of character to take JP's place. They once were a true force in the SEC but not anymore. They were my second favorite team after AU. I spent four years going to high school in TN as my mother in her infinite wisdom sent me to a military school which probably saved me from myself. The Marine Corps took it from there. The school was Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon, TN. The Allman Brothers also went there some time after I was there. Johnny Majors was our guest speaker at our football banquet on 1956. The school has long since been closed as I think military academies have fallen out of favor in these modern times. Did wonders for me though! Greg Allman has also acknowledged publicly that the school had a good influence on him also. Moving along, I hope we beat the crap out of FL. Dan Mullen is not one of my favorite people. I think he had a lot to do with Cam Newton's problems. If he couldn't have him nobody else was going to get him. Didn't quite work out that way though did it Dan.? WDE!!!
  11. Well that should tell you something 😉. You are a good poster and I like what you have to say most of the time. 🤤 WDE!!!
  12. I totally disagree on the mobility part!
  13. Thanks keesler, I was not aware of the "family ties" , looks like nothing is going to change with bama or lsu.. I remember joe burrow being interviewed on SEC media days.and he came across to me as a smug, I got the world by the ass attitude. I guess he knew he had no problems to deal with but I do have to say he is very talented. The bama/lsu game should be very interesting. Just hope we make a great showing against both of them. WDE!!!
  14. They get away with it because saban has mark emmerate in his hip pocket.from their days at LSU where they both got their hands caught in the cookie jar. A few years back Ole Miss beat bama TWICE and the NCAA came calling on Ole Miss and Ole Miss wound up on probation. Wonder how that happened? Until either saban retires or emmerate is gone nothing is going to change.unfortunately. WDE!!!