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  1. Sean White dismissed

    Sean, take this from a guy that has been down your road. You are at a point in your life that will decide your future in our society and for the rest of your life. In my case, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and it saved me from myself. I am not saying that is your solution but it was for me. I eventually became a Marine aviator and an officer and it gave me a purpose for living and direction. I hope the best for you young man, please don't screw your life up at this juncture, you have a long way to go. If you read this, please take it to heart.and seriously think about it. Semper Fi and War Eagle!!! Slammer
  2. FWIW.

    Gus's situation reminds me of an old newspaper cartoon called "Pogo". I don't even know if it is still around anymore. Pogo and his friends used to say "we have met the enemy and they is us", which is where Gus is IMO. I just hope he recognizes this situation and how it applies to him. Time will tell. WDE!!!
  3. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    I'm sorry but Gus has at least been a part of two National Championship games winning one and 13 seconds away from winning another.. Barfield in his wildest dreams never even came close to accomplishing that. He was a nice guy but had no business being Auburn's head coach. A good friend and I had season tickets to Barfield's first year as our HC and it was agonizing to sit through those games. To compare Gus to Barfield is ridiculous. I realize people are not happy with what is going on with our team, me included, but I at least want to see what happens against LSU, GA, and bama before exercising the "off with his head" mentality. WDE!!!
  4. FWIW.

    Spot on, It's called panic and when you are panicked you can't think logically. I know this from experience but thank the Lord and with His help I have managed to survive all these years. I normally don't get into these kinds of discussions but Gus is at a major turning point in his career, either he recognizes it and does something positive about it or he needs to go. If I were him, I would go back to what worked for him to start with. I don't see us using the HUNH hardly at all.any more. If you look around lots of teams are using it now. It's an effective method of keeping the opposition off balance. Why he has for the most part abandoned it makes no sense to me. As the old saying goes, dance with the girl what brung ya. JMO WDE!!!
  5. When I started AU/API in 1957 both end zones were open and the team came out from the Field House located in the bottom left of the picture. I can't remember if the visitors did also. Its been fun to watch the changes over the years.
  6. Georgia Southern - Weekly Presser

    I would love to hear the reporters questions more clearly but because of what I did for a living as a pilot in the Marine Corps my hearing is not very good these days. I turn the closed caption on but it just shows what Gus says and not what the reporters say. I have to rely on the comments after the presser to find out who they are talking about. It sure would help me if there is some way that this can be corrected. TIA.
  7. Malzhan Growth

    Bird, you're just too clever for words. :-)
  8. Ex-Bama QB Opines

    "What's wrong with publicly wishing them the best in their future and keeping your personal opinions to yourself?" You are exactly right keesler, but what you suggest takes honesty and class both of which saban has none of. I will be so glad when he gets out of college football. I think it was Tigerbelle that said he and the REC are ruining college football which I totally agree!!. However as long as Mark Emmeret is head of the NCAA I don't see an end to it until one of them goes away.
  9. 1957 Auburn Football Full Length Highlight

    Thanks RIR, this brought back a lot of memories for me. I only missed one game and that was the Georgia game, can't remember why but we won. Tommy Lorino was a dear friend of mine all through the years. He passed away recently and unfortunately I did not know it until after the funeral. I know some on this board might remember that he owned a barbecue restaurant on South College near the interstate. My wife and I would stop in Auburn on our way to Orange Beach from Atlanta to gas up and have a bit to eat. I think the name of it was "Tommy Lorino's Golden Rule Barbecue", in any case we walked in and saw all of this pics of him and other members of the 1957 team. I asked the waitress if he ever came in and she said, yes, he is in the kitchen right now helping out. Well Tommy came out and it was quite an old home week. I hadn't seen him in while and it was great seeing him. He was an SEC referee for many years. He was a side judge because he was often the only one fast enough of his crew that could stay up with the wide receivers. Also, a few of the '57 team were in my fraternity at Auburn, namely, Jerry Wilson and Ronnie Robbs. Those guys were tough as nails. If you noticed they played both ways, offense and defense. I am glad the NCAA changed that a few years later. I think that was a good move and allowed us to see a much better quality of football. Rest in peace Tommy.
  10. Who would you rather us lose to?

    I would not rather lose to ANYBODY!!! Period !!!
  11. A long time high school buddy of mine's father was the general manager at the Heart of Auburn motel. I lived right behind it on Gay street when I came back for my degree. . Our track coach, Wilbur Hutsell was my next door neighbor. Great guy. WDE
  12. Good call Golf, his dad was a pretty tough nut himself and was the head coach at John Carroll in Bham for many years. I often wondered what happened to junior. I know he had a good career in the NFL. WDE
  13. The Myth of the Lopsided Rivalry

    Oh we have beaten them soundly but unfortunately most of you were not around. Our 1957 National Championship team beat them 40-0 at Legion Field on that cold November day and the next year Bear appeared on the scene. I agree with Tigerbelle that we have handed bama some of the most embarrassing losses in college football. Those mean more to me than cherry picking periods of time for comparison. WDE
  14. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    Golf, where does Dick Smalz live these days? I am glad he is still around. I can relate to bad knees, mine look like a Chicago railroad yard.
  15. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    I remember Dick Smalz and Terry Beasley literally destroying Tennessee in the 1971 game. TN was giving all their attention to Beasley so Smalz was open when Beasley wasn't. Dick was a great receiver in his own right, just so happened so was Beasley. Dick Smalz and I used to battle it out it out on Pong, the original video game in a bar in Eastwood Mall in Bham. We were pretty even on the game but I would have to say he had the slight edge overall. We used to always draw a crowd, I do remember that. I hope he is still around, great guy.