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  1. I don't wanna see the tomahawk chop. I've become accustomed to it as a Braves fan, but we gotta draw the line.
  2. NRA attempted to control the means of production without owning same. Blocked by SCOTUS, which FDR then tried and failed to pack. Certainly fascist, but not communist. Republicans were either ignorant or lying. Truman's nationalization of the railroads and attempted nationalization of steel production was communistic. Both were also terrorists.
  3. As I said to my wife that day, what do these thugs think they can do? They could have burned the Capitol to the ground and Biden would still have become president.
  4. IIRC, CKD was the OC "in name only" in 2019. CGM was calling the plays again that year.
  5. My take on how the parties try to govern: Dems: almost always overreach and trigger a backlash. GOP: Don't do much (if anything) when the backlash gives them their opportunity. Rinse and repeat
  6. I think some of us either don't understand or don't like the defensive strategery. WAR EAGLE!
  7. Too much of the "science" is just hypothetical. Show me the data!
  8. A flat income tax, or even a VAT, could fix this. But, as others stated, nobody in either party wants to fix it. It's all about power.
  9. I think increased confidence in TJ allowed the coaches to let Bo run more.
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