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  1. Nothing to see here. Some Fascists/Marxists are more equal than others.
  2. As a libertarian, I'm against any minimum wage law. However, since the USA has one I do think it should be automatically increased for inflation.
  3. Different isn't necessarily better. But I would support occasional single game changes if the players really want it. Gotta be within the "brand" though. I've seen way too many silly outfits.
  4. Thanks for the updates. WAR EAGLE!!!
  5. It's similar in that bama was being laughed at for the inept HC search, then they did what it took to land Saban. I'm not saying we'll end up in a similar spot, but our optics are at about where theirs were after RR backed out.
  6. Gus appeared to have great relationships with the players. That could work for recruits, too.
  7. Unfortunately, I can't unsee it. Just brutal.
  8. I agree. No rush since we're past ESD.
  9. They don't call it "Grit City" for nothing!
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