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  1. Men vs Alabama

    Maybe this leads to some players coming back. War Eagle!
  2. Men vs. LSU

    Love the coast-to-coast. WAR EAGLE!!!
  3. If You're Not in the Loveliest Village...

    Williamsburg Virginia. War Durn Eagle!
  4. I'm worried about the punting.
  5. Different things at different times... War Eagle!!!
  6. Cam Newton Debut

    It's on the ABC affiliate here (Williamsburg VA)...
  7. ESPN Frustration

    No love for ESPN here, but Auburn had plenty of coverage on College Football Live this week. War Eagle!
  8. Official AU vs. Georgia Game Thread

    Big Mo! WAR EAGLE!
  9. WAR EAGLE!...from where?

    WAR EAGLE from Williamsburg, Virginia!
  10. Auburn and LSU are the only two.....

    Any and all wins by an SEC-East team over another SEC-West team helps us.
  11. Student Tickets

    My daughter is an incoming freshman and she was not able to buy tickets. If I buy her a season ticket package, will she be able to sit in the student section? Any ideas or suggestions, especially from current or recent students, would be greatly appreciated. War Eagle!