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  1. From my favorite cheer. Used it for a long time on a lot of sites. Had it as my car tag, too. War Eagle!
  2. At least we don't have to worry about Aranda's adjustments. War Eagle!
  3. In '93, I was sitting right above where the LSU team ran out. It started raining with LSU ahead. Pretty much all the LSU fans ran for cover. By the time it quit and they came back, Auburn was ahead and in control. May be different now. War Eagle!
  4. 1989 is my favorite that I was able to attend. "Emmitt Who?" In 1993 I was living in Shreveport. I got so desperate I called home (Enterprise) and mama put the phone by their radio for the whole 2nd half. "It's good!!!" I really miss playing them every year. War Eagle!
  5. Mond looks to be pretty much on target.
  6. Maybe this leads to some players coming back. War Eagle!
  7. Love the coast-to-coast. WAR EAGLE!!!
  8. It's on the ABC affiliate here (Williamsburg VA)...
  9. No love for ESPN here, but Auburn had plenty of coverage on College Football Live this week. War Eagle!
  10. WAR EAGLE from Williamsburg, Virginia!
  11. Any and all wins by an SEC-East team over another SEC-West team helps us.
  12. My daughter is an incoming freshman and she was not able to buy tickets. If I buy her a season ticket package, will she be able to sit in the student section? Any ideas or suggestions, especially from current or recent students, would be greatly appreciated. War Eagle!