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  1. Budapesttiger


    Rhett finally snatched the pebbles from Gus' hand.
  2. Budapesttiger

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Arkansas.....

    Great post. I agree with all. One thing I thought I saw - I never realized how bow legged Stanton Truitt is. I'm glad to see him be successful.
  3. Budapesttiger

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M - Game Thread***

    It's all about attitude. For instance, on the very first possession we had fourth and one or so. I think Pat Dye would have gone for it. Just the attitude. We haven't won an sec game at home in a while and we're bringing everything we have. Thsts one one of those times when it seems we're just going through the motion without the fire
  4. Budapesttiger

    Soph Movement.

    Some of those sophomores are RS. So, this is their third year on campus. I think a team can do better these days with underclassmen than they could 20 years ago. We also have experience spread into each position group - D line and O line especially. As long as the upperclassmen stay vocal and lead, we'll be ok. These days the progression is sort of like: First year on campus - red shirt or play sparingly Second year on campus - play a lot, get good reps Third year - break out, be dependable fourth year - be a star or be replaced by a second year guy
  5. Budapesttiger

    Interesting prediction by Scarborough

    I can't see Auburn hiring that guy. Plus I think malzahn fields at least a ten win team this year and solidifies things.
  6. Budapesttiger

    I just want to beat Clemson man

    I love it all. I think we last played them in Auburn in 2010 under the lights...Is that right? I think we have a great chance. We have our best D line in a while. That will make a huge difference with Watson. If we can contain him we have a great chance. I like the Sean White choice. I hope the receivers catch the ball. I think we'll see Franklin at Wildcat.
  7. Budapesttiger

    2016 Recruiting Board (Updated: 2/17/16)

    Thanks very much for keeping this thread. I've been so busy I've had no time to follow it at all. This is the one thread I check in on to get a summary. I love the lay out. Great work and I for one really appreciate it.
  8. Defense wins championships. If coach Malzahn can get ghe qb production up and the defense improves we'll be in the hunt.
  9. Budapesttiger

    Eagle flies at English soccer match

    Crystal Palace football club in London has an eagle named Kayla. The eagle flies before matches. I looked for more reports but could only find the video. Possibly someone saw the Auburn tradition and took it?
  10. Budapesttiger

    2015 Preseason Practice - Day 9

    Dang, The football looks tiny Jeremy Johnson's hand.
  11. Budapesttiger

    Moving to London; need help

    Check out the Facebook page NFL in London. It's run by a Canadian guy. They'll have college in Saturday's. I'm usually there a couple times during the season and go here if I can.
  12. Budapesttiger

    Moving to London; need help

    Espnplayer is pretty good to get games. You can get a monthly or seasonal pass. I'm not sure if you can see it from the us or not If you follow the links on auburn you'll come to page to buy the games on radio. Every game is broadcast. Great way to catch the games
  13. Budapesttiger

    Moving to London; need help

    The hippodrome is a casino in the center. Last year they had big parties every Saturday and Sunday nights from around 6-7 pm for college and pro respectively. It's a very good atmosphere with kits of fans. Check it out. Sky sports shows pro games on Sunday nights. Pm me and I'll hook you up with a friend who is a big football fan over Facebook. I'm sure he knows all the venues. In what part of the city will you be living?
  14. Budapesttiger

    AU QB Camp

    Great picture. Thanks for adding the names.
  15. Budapesttiger

    ***Outback Bowl - Game Thread***

    I'm sure this has been discussed as I'm late to the party here but these announcers are terrible. They're pulling for Wisconsin. I'm glad I have the radio feed.