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  1. norcuron

    Stop the BIG contracts.

    Call me stupid if you must. It just seems that our team takes a dive EVERYTIME we sign a big contract. The coach is counting $ and not hungry anymore. Why should they? They paid. Players do the same thing. They know they are gonna get drafted, They get sick and stuff. .
  2. norcuron

    Stop the BIG contracts.

    Would the game turn out different if mattered to his ass if he won or lost?
  3. norcuron

    Stop the BIG contracts.

    Gus was counting money not winning a game. Stop giving big money and contracts to not so well established coaches. Make them work for their money. Was Gus gonna be a big hot anything after our bowl game. Let him leave if he wants. We may get someone to earn their pay.
  4. norcuron

    irritation about our fan base

    Gus was counting money during the game. He don't give a s*** anymore. Just watch.
  5. norcuron

    I know its just me....

    I know its just me, But before Auburn University starts giving pay raises, perks, and contract extensions. we should see the end of the season. I am an unhappy boy. But Coach is happy. He didn't have to win did he?
  6. We need to dominate this. We have taken down a lot of tough guys. These are tough guys! UCF wants to win and make a loud statement about their school. Maybe move up on a game like this.
  7. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    If they don't get with the NFL and make a deal, that is EXACTLY what you will see.
  8. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    I'm not mad at the man. He is doing what he thinks and likely has been advised to do. I hope the best for him. Just don't understand why something in him didn't wanna be there for our men during this game. Not on the field if he was sick, or even ineligible. To stand there in street clothes on the sidelines for leadership and inspiration. I do believe he will be another of countless examples that if you work hard. YOU MAKE IT TO THE BIGTIME AT AU!
  9. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    Hang out one last time with his buddies. Do the fun stuff ect. He is a kid looking at leaving his life and going pro. I would hang around as long as I could.
  10. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    And miss out on all the perks of going to a decent bowl game?
  11. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    I CAN say I have seen even more valuable players and higher draft stock willing to play till the end this year. It shows character and devotion. But if the man is sick he is sick. Cant have the whole team with the flu out there. Right? Maybe he is still dinged up and don't want to put on a halfass show before the draft. I dunno. Still wish him the best of luck. He knows where he came from. He knows who put him on the stage he stands on.
  12. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    He will compete for millions of $ I am frustrated as well but I understand.
  13. norcuron

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    I understand. It sucks and there should be rules about it, but ya gotta think in his shoes. He has a shot to take care of his Mom and Dad and the rest of his family by signing a contract healthy. 1 freak play in a game against a non-five that rolls your knee and tears an ACL/MCL/LCL or all 3 you lost millions of $'s. Its that simple. (Take care of my family or risk it all for nothing) High drafts are doing it all the time. I hate it. But I understand it.
  14. "Illness, sent home" Grateful for his contributions to the team this year. Best of luck in the future. PLEASE put at least a link up when posting something like this. Prefer the actual article to validate the thread.