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  1. The sad part. Gus is likely gonna pull off a good season this year by the skin of his teeth but lose the big one. And AU is gonna offer him a raise and another 6 yr contract. and Gus goes back to a 7-5 . 6-6. He dont have that "thing" that refuses to lose. He is just fine with being just good enough.
  2. Gatewood was the man for the Gus "system" He had to choose Nix cause his last name was Nix.
  3. I say implement a new coach if we start over and it dont matter if Gus approves or not. Gus has always been gimmicky, slight of hand, beat you cause you were not looking or off balance type of guy. He dont win with the sound fundamentals of football. He has won more than he has lost. But he has lost more than I like.
  4. Bo Nix CAN be a great QB. Bo Nix IS NOT a great QB. Same with Joey (when we had him.) Why not get the best JUCO or portal QB we can find and not start a true freshman right out of high school? He is not a 6'6 220 lbs Trevor Lawrence. Nix is a regular high school kid that's always been QB since 75 lb park ball and his daddy was always coach..
  5. Absolutely had nothing to do with him being a Thoroughbred named BO, NIX. Nothing at all. He was the BEST! dont worry about the proven studs in the portal. We got everything under control with this true freshman straight out of high school. Bo is gonna do well in time. Just funny we picked a true freshman this season when there were known superior options in the portal to chase.
  6. Would it be funny if Stoops and Gatewood make Kentucky a "football school" It wouldn't hurt my feelings. There would be a lot of noses I would like to rub in it.
  7. Gus has one more year cause he did mediocre but beat Bama. So its enough to keep the people happy for now. That contract that has been around our neck is getting looser. Why should Gus give a crap when his money is guaranteed? Auburn has made some stupid Football contracts in the past. Next year let Gus go and shoot for the moon! Why do we always go cheap and get the guy from Arky St. just to make him one of the highest payed half asses in college football? He got his big multi year payday guaranteed after his first season with someone elses players. Loses the BCS and every major bowl ga
  8. I understand the cerebral QB part. But a raw athlete that can truck your ass if he gets up to speed has its advantages. Newton for example. if the first or second read didn't work out he was still gonna get 5 yrds on his feet. Hell even if he had a man wide open if he saw an open lane he was shooting the hole. Nix cant do that Gatewood likely could.
  9. See I dont "get it" Gatewood was built for Gus's system but he picked Nix. I am perplexed. I figure a booster has something to do with it.
  10. We are AUBURN. Why cant we make a hire so good that everyone is like YES!!! We get a OL coach from Ol Miss? Because Ol Miss has been unstoppable? Why cant we get an elite QB that everybody is like YES!!! Why do we hire Mediocre coaches that can only get mediocre talent and expect to be an elite football power? I'm tired of Auburn being average.
  11. Sorry I didn't pop in the forum during the game. Over the years I have learned that I'm too "emotional" and say things that I dont for real mean. Example. "I hope that takes him out." (Some people will lose their diaper over that!) People like us dont ever mean permanent damage. Well not me. I got to scream KILL HIM! KILL HIM!!!! in front of the TV the whole time without pissing anyone off. . It was so good going into work! DAMN!. That FEELING!!!!!! GrrrrrrrrrAWL! Loud ass Bammers all year long talking smack. Not making eye contact too much. Hmmm? It is just so glorious! AUB
  12. Bama needs to beat LSU and AU needs to beat Ga and Bama. Not too much to ask....
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