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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    The adversity Auburn has endured! I love my Tigers with all my heart. Sacrificing yourself to take down 2 #1's in the CFP standings in just 3 weeks. You took your licks fighting and beating both of them. Then ya had to go back to fight beaten and battered they went out there and fought.
  2. Im so durn mad.

    He sorta did. That was KJ. Most figured early Pettway was gonna carry the rock a lot.
  3. Im so durn mad.

    I'm sorry, I didn't know a better place to put it. But I'm so durn MAD! We were so durn CLOSE! and a team we beat like a drum 3 weeks earlier comes in an crushes us. So the Turds a team we beat and Ga. the other team we beat are in the National College Football Championships. We have beat 2 out of the 4 in the playoff So we give the coach a 7 year contract for not making the playoff even though we beat 2 out of the final 4 in football. HE did not close the deal. From hot seat to 7 year contract for not beating a team that you whipped like a drunk touching your wife 2 weeks ago. It means they can read you.
  4. So What Now?...

    1 I work like the devil so I just lurk most the time. Old transfer from Auburn Eagle back in the day when we knew each other. We just bought Gus for 7 years..... He won the SEC West so he gets a bonus pay and stuff. So What Now? Do you think he takes this shot and gives his heart and soul to making AU a seasonal Champ for the next 7 years? OR we find lazy years where he knows he's gonna get paid no matter what and we couldn't afford to get anyone better? Sorry but that a legit concern. Coaches do it all the time. They get "comfy" cause there isn't noting you can do about it, Fire them.... lol... still getting paid. I don't like the long term deal with Gus. He has not proved he cant do it year in year out. But he gets 7?
  5. Report: Malzhan staying

    Why the hell did anyone think he was dumb enough to go to leave? Someone please explain what we get in this contract in return. Please make me feel better. Stipulations that we get better or something? You give a 7 year contract to someone that has been honest "Hit and miss." Guys he s*** the bed in the SEC CHAMP game with a team we beat like drum. I feel we did this to keep him? from Arky? Hells Bells! Let him go if he is that silly! Sure give him a raise and a few more years at AU. That's wonderland to what he would be lookin at Arky. I fear a 7 year contract may make him "comfortable" I want my coach with a fire under his ass right now. Not some 7 year plan to pull it out in the end.
  6. Report: Malzhan staying

    Did anyone talk to Les Miles about this?
  7. Report: Malzhan staying

    I like Gus. But no. Not 7 years. Are we still paying Chiz? I'm not for giving someone 7 years of anything. I hope the ink had not dried. Pay me Millions of $ a year for 7 years to do anything. I will start working on it yr 5 to keep it coming. Why not take a year or two off and just run us into the ground? HUNGERY coaches is what we want. Day in day out worried about their butt unemployed is what I want. 7 Years? ARE YOU CRAZY? what for beating Bama? you get 7 years of my money? I don't like it. Nothing on Gus. I don't like anyone that gets 7 years free. Did we do it to keep him from Arky? lol. Hell if he wanted to go let him go for Gods sake it would have proven my point! I LIKE Gus. I do I like Gus. But he has not earned 7 years at all. 3 MAX .
  8. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Its gonna be OK. R. Davis is gonna light it up like a Christmas tree. We still got great horses in the stable. Kam Martin is nothing to ignore. He and Stidham are linked already. Barrett and Miller are no jokes either.
  9. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Gus is under no legal obligation to tell Ga who he is gonna play. He did say Pettway was a no go, I do believe that. But again under no legal obligation to show his hand.
  10. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Last I heard Gus say "He was better than he was yesterday." Then something to the effect "He will know when he is ready to play."
  11. Marlon Davidson uh-oh

    Durn Golf...... You gonna put up with that?
  12. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

  13. NCAA Looking at Changing Transfer Rules

    If that is the case, that will become a tactic'.
  14. NCAA Looking at Changing Transfer Rules

    Cant just let a man ditch his team without a price. He has a piece of the playbook in his head and he can just go to Georgia?