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  1. I DGAS but how can you say this with absolute fact? Too me, the way he recruits and the people on his staff, he would be battling it out with bama for the top spot year in and year out. And would most likely have a .500 record with them. He'd drop a game or two along the way sure but his teams would be as strong as any in the SEC year in and year out.
  2. Just waiting till A&M and UF. We will find out where we really are then. Really not much to say.
  3. You can have a identity and still mix things up.
  4. Caddy has and like you said is being ignored. Who knows what we have with Dilly? So far all he looks like he has been asked to do is be a rah rah recruiter.
  5. This is the biggest myth in all of the college football internet. If so, then why is Gus and AU reeling in top 10 to 15 recruiting classes. These kids are going to go and not go to play football somewhere because of the experience they get in the real world. How the coaches recruit them. How the actual visits to the schools go. How the team preforms on the field. How early they can play. How they are used in the scheme of things on the team. Not because of you and me on I can say this with 100% certain.
  6. How many times does this need to be brought up here. This is the first time? I DGAS what people post here to be honest. Just think it's pretty ironic someone here is posting about why everyone is so divided then bashes 1/2 or more of the people in the same post.
  7. Little context here with Dabo. He wasn't given "full support" from the fans. He earned it. It's wasn't something that was a birth right that was owed to him. His teams developed and got better over the years. He pulled the fan base together being a charismatic leader. He raised the money for his football complex by having a plan in place. He earned it all. You just laid out why we need to move on from Gus because he is nothing like you said in Dabo.
  8. My only comment on this...., they just are not that talented.
  9. I think it would be very stupid to sub in Gatewood, Nix whoever in goal line situations. Go fast and score at the goalline. Gus's has been dog crap in the redzone.
  10. Agree 100%. If Gus really thinks he is coaching for his job this year and starts rotating QB's, well good chance that Steele is the HC for the bowl game. Find you guy and play him. Give the other QB the mop up work.
  11. Not really. You also said confidence and maturity, which if you knew TD that this is just out right wrong. So you are saying that TD's problems last year were due to him not picking up the schemes? Is this what you mean? If so you are wrong. Shocker.
  12. See, this isn't correct. Many more factors to this than putting it together mentally. TD's has the mental part. Just best to let this one die and lets see what the kid can do this year.
  13. Guess you won't tell me what "challenged mentally" is. Not surprised. RG didn't say that TD's problems last year were all "challenged mentally". You the king of the haters going to hate club Geoffry.