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  1. I know some of the staff at UAB, the kid is very very talented but very lazy and unmotivated. Let hope he has an NFL season this year because this will be his money year. Things change and priorities do too. He has a kid and is engaged to be married. Let hope he comes in motivated and works hard. Harsin and Mason are going to require this.
  2. I'm told Bo has been struggling. OL is awful. Not sure how much AU is really doing besides Harsin and staff just going old school to see what they have and who they have. Much of the practices have been open so a lot is out for everyone to see.
  3. His potential of being an All-American and him buying in on being moved promoted this. Was being discussed before Wright went down. The injury did have a fact in his decision I'm sure, team player. He tore it up on the DL over the weekend. BTW.
  4. AU is loaded at DB. This guy would have been a luxury. Word is that AU passed and needs to get a OT and maybe a RB with the limited spots they have. Told maybe 2. DB just didn't make a whole lot of sense at the moment. uga on the other hand is in desperate need at DB. So they kid took a sure thing. Not so sure why everyone is so upset. Mikey, the need for a true SEC tackle is a huge pressing need. HUGE. No matter what you want to believe.
  5. Best offer and close to home. NCM was never the same after he torn his knee up in high school. Kid was elite his JR in high school, got hurt and was 1/2 the player after. Shame.
  6. The Friday night before the game. Not afternoon, night.
  7. I've been telling you people this for years. year(S). Like over 5. The game plans have also been changed the night before games a bunch of times. Practiced all week and didn't use any of it. I've said this time and time again, when the stuff leaks out what went on, you will all know why I dislike Gus and most of his staff as much as I do / did.
  8. Oh they care. Unless you have ties or dirt on Nick. See what happens if Harsin does 1/4 of what Kirby is doing.
  9. You are not very experienced I see.
  10. Busted his butt while he was here? Watching him fail at UCF is going to be fun to watch. Like a comedy you watch for enjoyment. It's good for your mental health.
  11. I don't think Gus was embarrassed about last year at all also. "Rebuilding" is what was going on.
  12. What is even sadder is that Gus will be the one telling Herb how to coach him. Gus isn't going to change that. Still in amazement at the Herbs and T-Will's. Herd absolutely dogged Gus to a bunch of folks when he left for Texas.
  13. 2nd this. I hope he fails miserably.
  14. I've said this many times here and I'll say it again, Kirby is either going to win huge at uga or will tear the program down like never before. All up to the NCAA. Kirby isn't hiding anything like Saban has at bama.
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