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  1. They won’t go higher than the 4th round. Not hating on them but it is what it is. Why they went back. Gus sucks and sucked.
  2. Very unshocking. Most overrated player that played significant snaps at AU in the last 15 years.
  3. Just Ed wanted the reassurance that he would be #1 going into fall. Not sure that is bending over. Starter before his injury. It was just two sides positioning for whatever. Bo was awful for the most part. Not going to miss him at all. Well maybe we will if the QB’s here now are as bad. Which so far they are. Just mind numbing issuers that shouldn’t be. Bunch of rookies all the way around.
  4. To be fair here, Bo got to AU with an entitled attitude / ego. Was a awful teammate who wasn’t liked very much in the locker room. Gus did nothing but stroke that ego with the title talk. Then Bo’s QB coach pumping him up to win hiesmans in Jordan Rogers. Perfect storm for failure.
  5. Not sure Harsin though Finley would beat Bo out. More of, behind Bo was as bad as bad can get. Harsin tried to bring Bo around but when the season started, it all went south and Bo went back being Bo. A ****head.
  6. Think it as more of a commitment from Harsin to Bo. When Bo didn’t get that, he left.
  7. Nope. I'm told that Bo wanted a guarantee to be the #1 QB to start the fall and the staff told him no. Which is fine if you have a replacement. So far, AU doesn't have a replacement. Winning has to become a priority at some point and some concessions have to be made at times. Saban bent when he had too building his program. Same with Kirby. This staff is like a stone wall that won't budge. Guess we shall see how this works.
  8. Not addressing the OL and WR's last fall plus processing your starting QB for one who can't go through spring ball is just................................
  9. All I'm going to say is hold on. Be interesting to see what people are saying at the end of October.
  10. If he is going to go down, it will be with his people.
  11. Is there really going to be a search?
  12. Neither of those two got a sniff from AU.
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