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  1. III. Even shadow governments have staff meetings. Another LOLz.
  2. II. Discover Crootsylvania, the Pay-Me State. Each state has vastly different cultural, economic, and physical territories, but every state with a school in a conference like the SEC contains consistent features: The university housing your team. A capital city. Your school likely has some concentration of lawyers or elected officials. The metro (sometimes also the capital). A community closest to your state’s border with another conference state. Enemy territory. Just as your team has boosters active in other states, so too are enemy agents inside your borders. In many cases they’re concentrated in a single area, like an in-state rival’s town, a town close to the border, or an area with a concentration of sidewalk fans. From these areas, borders are drawn and districts are created, but specific territories are shaped by the bag men in them. It’s a somewhat fluid map over long amounts of time. Regardless of the state, a school’s bag men gravitate toward two centers of power: the university and the state’s metro area, the former because of power, the latter because of football talent. Regardless of where top-dollar shadow boosters and bag men might live, the university town serves as the primary center of operations. After all, that’s where the coaches and players are. Lolz.
  3. I'm told its true. Still have to wait and see what AU says before I 100% believe it. Gus loved him some Bobbie.
  4. Dislike Gus or like him, he has a real good staff for the most part. They can and do overcome a lot of things and still sign some real real good classes. Would be nice to see Gus develop this talent on his side of the ball for once.
  5. I was told there was no way he was going to be able to get into AU. Even said this here the summer before his senior season.
  6. Don't let your OL get so depleted that there is this must sign guy like Jones became. AU has not signed a true high school OT in three cycles now. Not all the kids have their hands out.
  7. Pickens flipped because of something else that happened. AU was aware and made uga work hard for him. I don't really like Gus but he knew and played this one right.
  8. He always wanted a bama offer. He was still upset at being slow played by AU. He's OK to good right now. Not as good as he thinks he is. It's a loss and in AU situation not good. But Porter was on Jones by then. Had Jones up to last Friday. Happens with 16 year olds with no father figure.
  9. Lol. All the way around. This has been happening since the 60's. As you can see, it's not that big of a secret. Never has been. They all keep quiet. Always have. I'm not going to explain to you how this works. I don't believe you would be smart enough to understand this if I did. But it happens. It happens everywhere. This with Jones isn't commonplace BTW. No where near it. This is a step that even for this is way out of bounds and out of the norm. Way out.
  10. What OL recruit did we lose? Kid is committed to uga. AU didn't lose anyone.
  11. Who are the right people? I think putting this here is getting this out to the right people.
  12. Yep. This isn’t some message board stuff I was posting. “Burn it down” is the term I was told.