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  1. Did this last night when I got home. Just had some new badass trojan batteries installed and was checking out how they do.
  2. IMO and only mine, but shouldn't or better not comment. Nothing said here is the right thing for Bo to do. Bo needs to prove himself to this staff and do a lot less talking. IMO. His position, QB, is WIDE open right now.
  3. Word is that Saban was one of the main coaches complaining to the NCAA about UT. Kid you not. It's really just the ...... Going to be interesting if Pruitt goes scorched earth on some folks. All the way from changing grades in high school while HC to now.
  4. If I'm Kirby and uga, I'm really really worried right now.
  5. They are making the kid out of California and the kid Mississippi a priority. Looking at a couple of different options with transfers. I was told the kid from Michigan was in but that could have changed.
  6. I can tell you with 100% certain this all was filtered by the head man. Who to recruiting and offer.
  7. The cookie monster is 10x the GOAT than birdbird.
  8. So far so good. I'm ready to see what they can do recruiting. As far as X's and O's, as good as anyone in the SEC. Gots to have those Joes.
  9. I settled on the GOAT for my avatar pic.
  10. Before we go down this rabbit hole, none of you men here wear leather sandals do you? If you do, stop.
  11. Find me a good picture of these sandals. Damn this picture cracks me up. Dressed like the guys who go to Costa Rica for the hookers.
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