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  1. Steele isn’t lobbying for the job. He hasn’t asked for the job. He’s just doing duck a good job that the people who matter want him to take over. He isn’t stabbing anyone. I’m not 100% sure he take the job.
  2. You know how to manufacture pressure treated wood or run a transcending computer/ cell phone company? If so hire me.
  3. All I can say is this. Steele said he doesn’t want to be the perm HC. But people who matter say that if given they think he would take it. I don’t believe Steele is interested in coaching under Gus anymore. So that is what moved the needle.
  4. Jimmy Rane would write the 13 million $$$$$$ check yesterday.
  5. Hearing smoke? Smell it. My man.
  6. Harbert lost his leadership role on the BOT. He’s been neutered. Sure he has money. But you can’t be stupid. He was.
  7. So much wrong with this. Steele is seen as a huge improvement and he is right here on campus. As far as s*** creek. What happens when you are replacing most of your D staff in the off season? It’s a internal mess right now. Was last year. The people who did this stupid contract with Gus are gone or neutered. It’s a whole different BOT now.
  8. I’m just really amazed. You hire a guy to be the HC of you team because he is a offensive guru. He comes in and absolutely messes people up with his offense. The D can’t stop anyone. Six years later here we are. It’s really astonishing. The best defenses AU has seen in decades. Offense is a total disaster with a inept HC who could be replaced by the DC.
  9. You do understand that was the largest given at one time right?
  10. Don't think so. Kenny King is too stupid to know if the lights were blinking or not. So that wouldn't matter.