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  1. How many play action passes did AU try last Saturday?
  2. What? So Bo made that read? Come one. If that is the case Bo needs to sit. Put in Finley or let Davis do his thing. I don't believe that to be the case. That was the 1st option and what was called. All you have to do is look at the players coming off the sideline after the call. Read the tweet from Holly Rowe. Players were pissed off at the call.
  3. Mid-major coaching on Saturday night. In the big moments.
  4. It was a scripted play per Harsin. If so, why burn the TO. After the timeout, you still do it. Looked like a moment too big for Harsin. Discouraging and a little scary moving forward. Coming out of the half with a trick play? Damn.
  5. I was being sarcastic on the Gus comment. But that was a Gus esq performance on offense. Didn't pay 30 million in cash to get rid of Gus to have Harsin go Gus on Saturdays. 86 plays and Tank / Hunter had 36 carries I believe? Wow.
  6. Sour? A little. That was just awful game planning and adjusting by Harsin and staff. Given they used almost 3 weeks of prep for this game. They looked lost Saturday and the moment too big for them.
  7. You can be wrong. That is your right. Should have kept Gus. Save a lot of money. Both look like the same coach on offense.
  8. Other than that it looked like Gus was coaching on the sideline.
  9. Tank and Hunter. Pretty much it. Damn sure isn't Harsin and his staff.
  10. QB? Bo didn't call the play. Not throwing Bobo under the bus. Harsin looks like a amatuer with this answer he gave on this. A mid-major coach out of his league.
  11. Looked like a mid-major coach out of his league Saturday night. WR rotation and all. Pathetic.
  12. Harsin went nuclear on the team at the half. None of those players have never been through something like that before.
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