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  1. Another yes man. So I'd say it would be a disaster.
  2. Lol. One can dream. If change comes it will be brought on by other BOT member. One who has a much bigger stick and a lot deeper pocket. You can guess who that is from the deeper pocket comment.
  3. Gouge does not care on bit about AU football.
  4. Getting away from close door politics at AU. Lollololololollolololo.
  5. Gus wants Chip Lindsey. The other do not. Pretty simple.
  6. Not changing systems and Gus has been advised to let the new OC take control of the offense. And the two sides can't agree on who the OC should be. But the rest of that is right.
  7. If you are a fan of Christmas songs then I guess so.
  8. Time to fire up the BBQ.
  9. Nick had lots of "help" to get him where he is at this point. Lots of "help".
  10. Okie St will match any offer that he gets from either AU. Pretty much used us to get a nice raise.
  11. Unfortunately this is not the case. IMO it will either be #1 or #2. #2 is a good hire. #1 is a complete miss. Just don't see Gus handing his offense over to Gilbert. Going to be Lindsey.
  12. I'm going to win powerball tonight.
  13. All I could really find for plan D.