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  1. Just don't think Gus was all in on Bryant. Really glad we didn't get Bryant myself. Think Gatewood is the man to get us over hump. He has won the locker room.
  2. Damn sure should have beat them the last two years.
  3. Good question but I still don't think Gus pushed for Bryant that hard. If he got him, great, if not, great. Did not go the extra miles like he did for Stidham.
  4. Bo is a natural leader like Baker, has more accuracy that Baker and isn't a ahole on and off the field like Baker. If Bo is as much of a competitor as Baker, BOOM.
  5. I hope for a better version of Baker Mayfield. That is not unreasonable at all. Bo is great. But Lawrence is a damn unicorn.
  6. Agree. What a unfair expectation to put on Bo. Lawrence is a unicorn when it comes to QB's, especially true freshman QBs.. Like saying "put name here" is the next Cam Newton.
  7. Jeremy did not like to be hit at all. Hard to run the zone read with a QB like that.
  8. Wait till November and then you will see some movement one way or the other.
  9. That is the 27M plus question this year. What will be different? Who really knows right now to be honest.
  10. From what I'm told Gus does plan on playing at a high tempo this year. Lets see what he does when there is some hip-cup's along the way with the O.
  11. FWIW, I'm not real sure Gus made a huge effort to bring in Bryant. From everything I'm told Gatewood had made the next step and the team was behind him pretty much 100%. No need for Bryant.
  12. What made Gus's uptempo offense so deadly in 2013 was Nick Marshall running it. Kid was elite. Plus the "new" factor of that offense. Moving forward offenses like the 2013 have to be move multiple. Can't just line up and run a read offense like we did in 2013 anymore. The good DC can shut them down pretty effectivly now. See if Gus can make that transition this year. I'd like to see the 2017 A&M, uga and bama O this year with some of the 2013 thrown in with Gatewood running it. IMO.
  13. He has said this the last 5 years.