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  1. Not being negative. But I'm in the "show me" stage with Gus. And he has earned that honor.
  2. Believe it when I see it.
  3. Both OT positions are the most important. Second is so far behind you can't even see it. And the QB battle this spring won't be anything too it.
  4. Very very deep class of RB's this year. Bad timing for Webb. Not sure if AU will offer or not.
  5. Been behind for at least 10 years. Behind BOTH Mississippi schools now.
  6. And getting this kids committed early.
  7. Asked to move to TE / ST.
  8. Yes it is.
  9. IMO, AU is a OL away from being a contender. Better sure up the pass blocking. Won't matter who the QB is.
  10. This is correct. And the reason was CTR didn't want to pull his kids out of their high school in Athens. Not anything to do with Gus or CRG. CTR is a huge family man. I do believe his kids have graduated.
  11. If Woody is buried on the depth chart he might look to leave. All I'm saying.
  12. Nothing to do with Gus. Just isn't a place for CTR on the staff right now.
  13. Rocker isn't coming back to AU right now. I bet he ends up in the NFL.
  14. If Woody stays after spring ball.
  15. Willis is going to be a stud. All the high school coaches in Georgia love the kid. Very very underrated.