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  1. The first game not being a power is going to be huge for Stidham. Get some game reps before Clemson.
  2. Agree.
  3. Reps. Stidham is going to be pretty dang good.
  4. Looked like me after the Clemson and uga games last year.
  5. The talent is there.
  6. And I'm sure after next's years Clemson's game I'll be wanting to throw a brick threw his office window. Bill Curry style.
  7. On himself for sure.
  8. The high school coaches in Georgia thought this kid was by far the most under rated player in the nation last year. Didn't get the love he deserved because last year was his first to play QB for a whole season.
  9. Chip hasn't been given the full green light just yet.
  10. Without the joes, Nick Saban is a very average coach.
  11. I am. I hope Gus doesn't take away anther season from me. Last two years have been down right depressing. And a couple of football guys I know are really high on Chip. That helps.
  12. Safety and DE's. One injury away from problems at both spots. Big problems.
  13. Heck yea. Will Willis this year? Hope not. Willis really needs to be redshirted. This kid is going to be a star at AU. You can just look at him and tell. Just has a "it" factor to him. I'm as pumped up about Willis as anyone on this team.
  14. No. Bryant is going to have to put on some weight and get into the weight room and add some muscle.
  15. Seems Holland has turned the corner this spring. AU's starters on D are as good as anyone's not named uat in the country. Depth is a huge huge concern though.