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  1. Coach Dye is the only coach In AU history who truly understood what AU had to fight in Tuscaloosa. Took them on and whipped their ass. God speed coach.
  2. Pretty sure he just passed away. RIP Coach Dye.
  3. Put your prays in for Coach. Hospice is with him and keeping him comfortable now.
  4. So much depth on the OL we are going to sign up to 9 players on the OL this year.
  5. This. Were upfront with Tisdol from the start.
  6. We were right there for Carter but to assume that we had him and didn't have a plan B is on T-Will and Steele. Huge mistake. Do believe that is what happened. Maybe a wake up call and a little back down to earth call for T-Will?
  7. Bama had this one in the bag and lost a little focus. But AU slow played him from the start and just now made him a priority. It's still bama right now if I had to guess. It's close.
  8. That is all good and stuff. I'm told by a doctor that if the basic home mask can't wick away the moisture of your breathing and gets wet, it's a magnet for these germs. Most of these home mask need a coffee filter and that won't wick away the moisture. Seems pretty reasonable explanation to me.
  9. On this note, why in the hell are you going into a Walmart anyways. Pay $100.00 a year and get unlimited deliveries. As far as wearing a mask? It's all about the one you are wearing. The homemade ones are a joke and don't do anything but put you at a higher risk, they are hot and condense you sweat and siliva and stay wet. Trapping all the things you are wearing the mask to protect you aginst. This is like anything else in life, use common sense and you will be OK.
  10. I remember Jake being just a little kid not so long ago. Damn I miss his dad.
  11. NCAA isn't the one driving this. The SEC is. The NCAA will do what the SEC wants. This I know to be 100% fact. Even the talking heads on the radio are saying this. Will be monkey see, monkey do with the other conferences. I bet there will be fans in the stands for most SEC teams. For the people that want to go.
  12. We will be playing college football this year. Might look different but the SEC will be playing. Don't be surprised to see the players in a summer camp at the end of June. When that happens the other conferences will follow.
  13. Davis is the better QB than Garnet the day Davis steps on campus. Davis is real real good. IMO. And it isn't even close.
  14. Won't be a NCAA decision. Will be a SEC decision with the other conferences following the SEC's lead. IMO. Will really be the SEC's schools Presidents decisions.