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  1. If he is any good he'd get plenty of carries at AU. No matter who is in front of him. If you don't use at least 3 man rotation at RB, the elite RB's are not going to come to your school. He flips, it's a pretty big deal. He's been wishy washy for a while. Even over the summer. Heart is all AU but his brain is telling him to go somewhere else.
  2. It's a tight knit community, recruiting, but people do talk. These kids on teams do talk to these high school kids. Kids on the team do talk to their high school coaches.
  3. All? Most of them, yes. Not sure all. The one crack that wasn't there last year is now upon us...... the crack in the D staff. It's just a damn mess. I'd get rid of most and do what it took to make sure Caddy stayed. The rest, let the chips fall when the may.
  4. When UT, UF, uga and Clemson are doing better recruiting Alabama than AU is, well you should really take a look in the mirror. Absolutely criminal by this staff.
  5. This isn't hard to understand. Mullinz is in year 2. Gus year 8. One program is considered to be on the rise, the other is a death spiral.
  6. No worries, we will just plug in those JUCO kids he signed last year.
  7. Explain this. Got to hear this one. FWIW, Saban in the reason he went to bama. No Saban, kid goes to LSU, Clemson or uga. AU been out of this one for a while.
  8. This. They are just world's better than AU. It's comical. ONLY reason AU was in this in the first place was Bruce. Not even Bruce can overcome Gus. This one has been done for a while boys. Before uga. Get use to it.
  9. Funds aren't there, but they really are if needed. I don't see Gus making it much longer. The biggest hold up just caved. It's just a matter of when now. People really don't understand how much money some AU people have.
  10. Don't believe that is a big part of it but I'm sure it does have some truth. Would have to.
  11. It would actually, with everything involved, be right around a 2 million dollar savings to remove Gus next year. That is it.
  12. Greene has zero influence or say on Gus Malzahn. None, zero. Never has.
  13. Money was there. Fact. Isn't there anymore. Not by those who were going to chip in the past couple of years. They have washed their hands with this and with AU athletics.
  14. Let's be a little fair here, Chad has been awful so far. He hasn't done anything. No leadership. No vision. No direction. Nothing good on offense. First, you must sit Nix. Give Garnett a shot. Do something to change this direction. Not just trotting Nix out there. Nix has lost the team. Anyways. For the past couple of years you had had some real leaders on the team. Kept this thing together. Now? . If anyone here says T-Will should be the next HC at AU I'm going to lose it. He is part of the problem. Huge part.
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