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  1. Guys like Cook aren’t going to bankroll AU. It’s pretty much against where they work and what they do. The Tom Cooks give and have buildings named after them. They don’t fund buying players with NIL.
  2. As AD? The dude runs a mult 100 million dollar company. Jimmy isn’t the boogie man he’s made to be.
  3. If CBP is Bruce, I’m told he is untouchable. His blessing is given for all decisions in the AD right now.
  4. I don’t dislike Rich at all. But his ways are outdated. He wants to be the model by which programs run according to the NCAA. He’s got way too much influence from a position that is there to keep colleges out of trouble. Advise. Robert’s might have a muzzle on him now? It does seem Bruce did give the blessing to do this short term. Which is good to hear. I’m for anyone who will combat the bama’s and uga ‘s. Help. Raise cash. If you play in the grey area, make it right like all other compliance departments do. Don’t bend over for the NCAA like Rich has since he has been here. You help the coaches navigate not hamper.
  5. One that can unite the money and make it rain cash.
  6. Wrong, wrong wrong wrong. I can tell you with 100% fact certain that is incorrect. Biggest myth in AU history. Sure he helped navigate AU with the NCAA but he didn't keep AU from getting skewered. Rich knew AU did nothing wrong but still wanted to sit Cam for the uga game to appease the NCAA. Absolute madness. I
  7. Will isn't going to come no where near AU with Rich in charge of the AD. No coach worth the damn will. People have no idea how many problems Rich has caused over the years. I'm talking about things that aren't even illegal. Then the asshat gets all the credit for Cam and he did everything in his power to sit Cam before the uga game. Jay made the call to play Cam. People better wake up and start paying attention if they want to have competitive football and yes basketball teams.
  8. So could I. RIP NIL and RIP AU football. We about to be Mississippi State.
  9. Maybe Finley can get his first win as the starting QB for Auburn Saturday. That is where we are at.
  10. I don’t think that is right.
  11. Let's hope one of the QB's step up. Right now, . Scrim this Saturday is huge for the QB's.
  12. I do believe that he got upset with AU because they didn't call him on the first day of the contact period a couple weeks ago. Thing is, AU did call. Then he goes something like this, well you should have called me multiple times till I answered. Stuff like this to everyone. When Kigby stops putting up with your crap, you know the kid has some serious baggage.
  13. uga and bama passed on him. Seems to be some "issues" with him.
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