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  1. Fact. Kid dropped the ball big time.
  2. There was a thread on Rivals about the talent Clemson has back on D. Their DL is unreal. Would be a huge win.
  3. I was there.
  4. Steven Davis. Bowden's misuse of Davis is criminal. Kid had it all.
  5. No. AU has known for over a month that Williams wasn't going to make it.
  6. I'll leave this to Mikey.
  7. We need Monday in the fold ASAP. Kid is a absolute beast. One of the most under rated players, recruiting ranking, I've seen.
  8. Correct.
  9. AU use to have a big lead with this kid. Like on the verge of committing lead. Not so long ago. Then poof.
  10. AU people negatively recruiting AU cost us. AU just got worked. Greg Brown / Gus / T-Will vs Derrick Ansley / Jeremy Pruitt / Nick Saban a criminal offense. T-Will can't do it all. Sicking. Glad CB isn't a huge spot of need this year.
  11. They are telling him that he is.
  12. How old are you today bird?
  13. I'm betting he is including the former walkon's who are now on sholly's. I will ask.