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  1. These up and then way down disaster seasons have taken a toll.
  2. Murphy is a great kid who didn’t want to say anything negative about CRG. That is what that playing time comment was about.
  3. BS about what. Last years play cost us Murphy. He was AU for a long time till after the season.
  4. Last’s on the field performance cost us this one.
  5. He was recruited to AU as a guard who might get a shot at tackle if needed. Looks like he will get a shot at tackle. But was recruited to be the next Bradon Smith by this staff. AU really didn't want to move him outside. Kid could be a mauler on the inside. Love the reasonable person comment.
  6. The September 21st game is going to be a huge one for Gus.
  7. Neither of these teams are anything like the ones in 2010. Don't mean to be rube but this is a awful take. Always be worried about Gus and any decent power 5 team. But this one sets up great for Gus. He can dominate a weak D like no other coach I've seen. IMO, he will do it again in this game.
  8. IMO, game is over in the middle of the 3rd QT. One thing Gus can do and do very very very good is destroy a mediocre defense. He will have that D so gassed by the half.
  9. Do believe they are very concerned with the safeties.
  10. Should. If the offense struggles against the ducks, we are in for a long year. Even with a new young starting QB.
  11. He needs some help coaching the DL. He is still one of the best in the business but has slipped a step or two the last couple of years. You would think that the guru HC could do with one less O coach and get him some help. So far that has fallen on death ears.
  12. More like all of the other schools in the ears of these kids. Cost us at least 3 decommits, not this kid. Not some AU message board.
  13. 89 Iron Bowl. No game will ever top that game in JHS. Even the Kick Six. What a special day.
  14. Let me say this about Grimes and Hand. Both had some kids they wanted to sign on the OL and Gus passed. Hand had two 4*'s he wanted to sign, a OT and a G. Gus passed on both. Pissed Hand off pretty bad. He left shortly after this.