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  1. You right.
  2. Have a legit shot. uga still leads. Big time visit for AU. Kid is a stud.
  3. Hate we are going to pass. Kid is good. Real good.
  4. Glad to hear this.
  5. Like Saban or not if I were a highly rated kid I'd at least go hear what he had to say. Not a great thing but isn't the end of the world. AU is still in great shape here. Real great shape.
  6. T-Will doing some work.
  7. Mond is most likely to start for A&M.
  8. Mom, you making the trip to AU this weekend?
  9. I want to sign all the good ones.
  10. Brandon Cox would be one. Kid played his heart out and took a beating. And didn't get much help from the coaching staff.
  11. I'll tell him this.
  12. Are the teams confident or are the writers of the websites confident? Pretty sure it's the latter.
  13. PTega is going to get a lot of reps with Smith to see if PTega can go. AU was hoping Ashley could slide in but he isn't ready. But that lineup sounds about right. As of now.