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  1. Happens when the stakes are so high here. Glad Jeffy is here to call my BS out on short notice.
  2. You do act like a little kid here.
  3. Mad? Jeffy you don't make me mad. You do amuse me.
  4. Let's hope so. Hell I'll start now...................... No way Gus is the coach to start the 2020 season for The University of Auburn.
  5. Bunch of us are getting together to watch the game today. I will find out. I don't know of anyone who has been.
  6. Maybe the secret to Gus's success in the bowl game was cocaine? Looks like he just snorted a line, not that I know what that looks like.
  7. Yeah, that's not entirely right. Do love that being said by the family.
  8. Walk what back. That was the word coming out a practice before last season. Before he got his head on straight. Still might not start. You have stuff saved?
  9. I said talented QB. Which Gatewood is. His talent is unreal. Has a better arm, faster, bigger and stronger than Bo will ever be. Bo is the better QB out of the two. I just don't see Gus starting a true freshman. I do see Bo playing day one.
  10. Don't think attitude is a problem anymore.