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  1. This isn't true. He had a plan to be here at least 2 years. That job came out of nowhere and he took it. He wanted to be a HC again. That part is true. Chad has zero desire to be a HC again. That is the difference.
  2. I can say with upmost certainty that he has zero desire to be a HC again in the upcoming future. Not even in his plans at all. But we all know in 3 to 4 years all that could change.
  3. Don't believe he would. Pretty certain he wouldn't in fact. As long as he is allowed to do his thing and not be messed with a bunch.
  4. Kid is real good and a great get. I just wish he was heavier. As far as Morris. He isn't looking to go anywhere to be a HC anytime soon. He just wants to coach football. That is it. So as long as he is allowed to do his thing, he has to be successful doing his thing, and someone doesn't meddle I can see him being here for a long while.
  5. I agree. But this is AU compliance thinking nothing more. I'm sure they have some "friends" in the NCAA who they talk to. We shall see.
  6. Don't believe what? That people think what was self sanctioned will be enough for the NCAA? That is what folks AU thinks is going to happen.
  7. That is from people in Auburn. Lets see what the NCAA does.
  8. Nothing more than what we self sanctioned. That is the word. We shall see.
  9. The plan has been to start practice at the end of June. The time frame is just what they expected and wanted.
  10. Not so sure about this one. I'm not a Gus fan but Nick came off as having to say something. Gus came off as caring and one who actually listened. Gus was a HUGE winner here. Nick is all business, sure he likes his players but it's all about him and winning. Gus truly does care. Gus is the big winner here.
  11. Coach Dye is the only coach In AU history who truly understood what AU had to fight in Tuscaloosa. Took them on and whipped their ass. God speed coach.
  12. Pretty sure he just passed away. RIP Coach Dye.