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  1. I feel you. At Thanksgiving my cousin was talking about how cool it would be to land Kiffin. I was like, “Kiffin is a mess that would just give us more headaches”. He was like, “Nah man”. Then I said, “Yeah man”. I still haven’t forgiven him for not believing me. If he gives me a cookie though, I might reconsider.
  2. More likely they’re talking about the threads that were removed due to people accusing Freeze of rape and/or covering up for rapists. You might have missed those. Why are replies starting with the word “So” usually followed by nothing that anybody was talking about?
  3. IMO both sides are too worried about holding power and making each other look bad. They both benefit off of bad border security in their own way. Makes it almost impossible to get anything meaningful done. Kamala does seem pretty terrible at her job, but I honestly don’t think any appointed “border czar” would be improving things.
  4. To answer your childish question, I’m not putting money on anybody to end next year with a #4 recruiting class. And if you’re really waiting on accurate comparisons, then why are you on so many threads flaunting your Freeze Derangement Syndrome, instead of acknowledging that he’s doing a good job with recruiting? Maybe if you could show us your bet slip where you put money on Cristobal pulling in a top 5 recruiting class this year, I’d humbly eat my words. You won’t though. 🤡
  5. What’s my narrative? I’m not the one making silly claims.
  6. Wasn’t Cristobal hired last year with about the same amount of time to recruit as Freeze has had? And ended up in around the same spot? Only difference is that he didn’t have quite the hole to dig himself out of. If you’re going to compare things, that seems like a more accurate comparison. Doesn’t fit quite as well with your narrative though, I guess.
  7. You sure about that 90%? Gonna need the link on that.
  8. I don’t have a clue how any of it would work, but I’m glad that you have it all figured out.
  9. It’s only been one year. And it seems like more top-level guys are willing to enter the portal when things don’t work out for them. And to me, it seemed like some schools had more of a blind eye turned their way with improper benefits. Now that benefits are allowed, that isn’t so much of a factor. Of course recruits will still want to play for recent national champs/playoff contenders. Kind of silly to think that it would be an instant leveling off after only a year.
  10. I don’t think it’s ruining it. But they may have to start putting cap limits on teams, depending on how things all shake out over the next few years. To me, it seems like a more level playing field is in place now.
  11. Nobody is saying this. He’s done a solid job in the last few weeks, that is all. Why is the antifreeze crowd so intent on exaggerating?
  12. Yes, the word “hopefully” implies optimism. It also seems optimistic to me. We’ll see in the next few years, but if this little improvement can be made in just a few weeks, then I don’t have too many issues with being optimistic. What’s the worst that can happen? More disappointment? You seem determined to stay in disappointment mode, even when obvious improvements are being made. Seems a bit pessimistic.
  13. I can only speak for myself, but the only 3* that I turn my head for these days are O-linemen. I do get slightly pumped up about flipping 4* recruits though. That will always be fun for most Auburn fans. Hopefully bama really is in the downswing, and in the next couple of years, we can start to have comparable recruiting classes. 🤞🏼
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