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  1. Even if he is gone that still leaves a regular ten man rotation with Cambridge playing the 2 and Moore at the 3 behind Flan and Stretch giving some mins when needed at the 5 as the 11th. Plus the walk on PG for emergencies at the 1.
  2. Watching this guy gets me pumped for next season. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/one-one-five-star-jabari-091624041.html
  3. I read he was 5'9. So he is the same size as Harper. I saw a video of him dunking too.
  4. I was thinking the same thing about him being a nice insurance in case PGs get hurt or get too many fouls. I won't be surprised to see him win a scholly. The kid can play.
  5. This guy will replace Kessler and we will still have Cardwell and him a long with Stretch for foul trouble. That is a damn good 5 rotation.
  6. Exactly. I think we all saw this season with UK (maybe Duke -I didn't pay them much attention) and UNC last season of what happens when there is a team of very talented players that are more worried about getting to the NBA than winning. Losing this kid may be a good thing if he is not a team player that wants to win. AU got to the Final Four with pretty darn good players, but not future NBA stars that wanted to win in Harper, Brown, Samir and J'von. Give us four players like that every year and AU will be going far in the SEC and March Madness every year. (Let's get the Chuma's and Okoro's ty
  7. I am excited about the current 11 man roster AU has. I think it can be a really good team that can go far in the tourney. Moore looked really good late last season when he played some 3 so that allows either Cambridge or Flan to move over to the two for a few mins each game or when needed The 4 spot is loaded with JW and JS (and Moore when fouls creep up.) The 5 is now also loaded with Kessler & Cardw (and Stretch there when fouls creep up). If coach can't find another good guard I think he could use a spot to get a diamond in the rough type to redshirt and develop. I really like that we n
  8. In Desi's defense he got injured. Before the injury he was lighting it up and was the main reason Arky got a win over our Tigers. I think we will all be very happy he is on the roster come next winter. Bruce's style works better with quick guards that shoot well and play good defense. Notice how the perimeter players this past year could not stop anyone and AU defense suffered despite being the top team in blocks. Next season the current guards will be able to put the pressure on the perimeter that force those bad shots that get the break going.
  9. I would LOVE for Oregon to have to endure a hot, steamy Sept.afternoon/evening in Jordan-Hare. They'd probably be gassed before halftime. A lot of their players come from Texas and their new RB commit is Taj G. from ATL. Plus with the state of the art cooling fans on the sidelines I don't think the heat is as big of a deal anymore.
  10. It happens with jobs all the time-best the kids learn about that part of life now so they will be mentally prepared if they ever get laid off from a job despite doing a great job, because that is how things go sometimes with the economy. The kids should count their blessings-they could be s female in a backward, Muslim country or living in parts of Africa where tribal slayings and slavery (yes it still exists there) are a part of daily life.
  11. This is what I was thinking, but he won't be the only one.
  12. Reminds me of Gurley of UGA. I like how his film included him blocking on a pass play and not just him running & catching the rock.
  13. If this looking into the REC's ways is bothering you-you must be a bammer, because all true AU folks know bama cheats and wants them to get what they deserve. I applaud those of you looking for the dirt to nail bama.
  14. Really are you kidding-he does what bama has always done-he shows them the money.$$$
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