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  1. I wonder if Coach is having Heron flashbacks? Remember how much he sulked his last season when the offense did not end with him shooting?
  2. I agree. The kid just needs to show coach he is a team player. I, too hope he will. He has so much potential and can score.
  3. If a kid wants to get into coaching; being on Pearl's bench for four years would be appealing even if one does not get any PT.
  4. Here he is in June looking really good. I think he will thrive in Pearl's system.
  5. This pretty much means its a done deal to AU. Very NICE backcourt. Need to add stretch PF, Walker and another 2/3 and Bruce will keep the wins rolling.
  6. That is exactly the player mentioned I just could not remember his name. Most likely we will need a 2G and a 3 and in Pearl's system a big 2G could easily play the 3 so Cruz might be worth the take.
  7. Posters on two other sites are claiming Cruz may not be a take for Bruce; that Bruce likes another player better. Probably BS. Cruz and Tre D are announcing on the 19th.
  8. MSU is a long time rival. LSU only became a rival when divisions were created. AU used to only occasionally play LSU and Ole Miss, but have always played MSU.
  9. Gus' lack of offense had a lot to do with the struggles last season. The talent was there to win 8 or more games, Gus' gused it up as usual.
  10. I've been thinking 9 or better if the team stays healthy for the most part and 7-8 if injuries become an issue before big games.
  11. We are about to have two players from last year's team go in the first round And replaced one of them with a 5 star-SO................ Yeah we are recruiting with the likes of UK.
  12. He is rated as the number 15 center. Past AU teams he would have been a great get, but AU has a solid shot at the top PF. Sage is a Stretch type player. He will be good eventually, but he will never be 5 star great.
  13. We shall see. You sure like to post anti-AU posts. And we are recruiting at the same level as UK right now. There is a good chance AU signs 2-3 5 stars this year.
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