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  1. MSU is a long time rival. LSU only became a rival when divisions were created. AU used to only occasionally play LSU and Ole Miss, but have always played MSU.
  2. Gus' lack of offense had a lot to do with the struggles last season. The talent was there to win 8 or more games, Gus' gused it up as usual.
  3. I've been thinking 9 or better if the team stays healthy for the most part and 7-8 if injuries become an issue before big games.
  4. We are about to have two players from last year's team go in the first round And replaced one of them with a 5 star-SO................ Yeah we are recruiting with the likes of UK.
  5. He is rated as the number 15 center. Past AU teams he would have been a great get, but AU has a solid shot at the top PF. Sage is a Stretch type player. He will be good eventually, but he will never be 5 star great.
  6. We shall see. You sure like to post anti-AU posts. And we are recruiting at the same level as UK right now. There is a good chance AU signs 2-3 5 stars this year.
  7. He is a 3 star for a reason. Solid player, but will need time to develop. UK and AU are recruiting at a higher level.
  8. https://twitter.com/AuburnMBB/status/1414728604253032448?s=20
  9. This is true, but a lot of these kids don't know how to handle money, because no one in their family knows how to handle money to have taught them and they will burn right through it. Look at all the boxers, rappers, NFL/NBA players that have gone broke. One thing a lot of college coaches do is teach or have someone teach their players how to handle money. Pay your bills on time, save, don't run up your credit card bill, expect the worst and have money saved for it; these are things that have to be taught or learned the hard way.
  10. True. But if AU misses on him there are plenty of really good 2Gs interested in Auburn. I am more worried about Walker, the PF. Cruz was recruiting him to AU.
  11. The internal promotion is part of the problem. Look how bad they did this past season and I am pretty sure they did not have players out like our team. Part of Bobby Knight's problem towards his end at Indiana was that he was not bringing in new ideas by hiring outsiders, but only yes men. Even grad assistants (per him) were all former players of his I think he did better with that at TTech. When he started he got a lot of ideas from other coaches like Dean Smith. It would be nice if someone pointed out to Zion how bad UNC played and how unhappy the players were at UNC last season. Davis
  12. We shall see, but I see UNC taking a step back at least for a few years due to inexperienced HC.
  13. One thing one MUST consider is team moral. Really good/great players want to play so those last three spots really should be for developmental players(diamonds in the rough-usually big men like Stretch that need time to get better, but have the basic tools like athleticism and height.). A coach can get ten players decent minutes, but if a really good player sits too much bench they tend to get angry and transfer out (see Mitchell to Baylor) Coach is awesome, but Coach did not handle Mitchell's PT well his season here. Coach learned from it and the next season played Harper some at the 2 giving
  14. It happened to UCLA for a time (they are no longer a blue blood, but could be getting there again with their current coach.) and Indiana still has not been what it used to be. Cincy was a blue blood in the 1960's (National Championships: 2 (1961, 1962) Final Four Appearances: 6 (1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1992), then just a pretty good program since minus 1992. (FYI: The Big O, Oscar Robertson did not play on either of Cincy's NCAA championships, he played from 1957-1960.) We can see at Indiana that bad coaching hires can depress a program. We shall see if Hubert Davis is a Roy Williams o
  15. Does UNC have the same luster it did before Davis or has some of the luster come off? Davis is an unproven coach and struggled to keep players, who transferred out. One has to wonder if he was the right choice . Wes Miller may have been a better choice, since he has HC experience and has done pretty well without UNC's money men helping him recruit.
  16. This kid is a perfect spread 4/5 in Bruce's system and not just on offense, but defense too.
  17. Pretty girl. Glad to see our new coach landing some players.
  18. From his interviews I think Bruce and Co. get him. He even let slip he was recruiting Walker to come with him to AU.
  19. Will AUBURN be the lucky program to land this STUD?!?!?
  20. who or whatever is behind this ASU intelligence operation. They are good. AU boosters need to hire them ASAP to infiltrate bama and thUGA. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/yahoo-sports-exclusive-dossier-reveals-extent-of-ncaa-allegations-against-arizona-state-football-055252113.html
  21. Show me a PROVEN example of Bruce cheating that helped AU. The Chuck stuff was paying players to LEAVE AU not sign with AU. And every 5 star that has signed with Bruce at AU has been from a family that is upper middle class or wealthy. Cooper's family is rich. Okoro's family is well off and upper middle class. Same with Smith's and Kessler's. So they are all from families not desperate for money and most likely of sound moral standing.
  22. I am biased against Roy, because I don't like him personally. Calipari is as much if not more of scheister salesman as Roy, but Calipari does not come off near as full of himself as Roy, who NEVER coached anywhere, but at Blue Blood schools, where advantages where built in.
  23. The truth is Pearl's offense does better when it can spread out a defense by forcing them to defend all 5 players on the perimeter due to solid 3 pt shooting which then opens up lanes to the basket for drives and one on one post up like Chuma tearing UNC a new one in 2019. Sage will be a good college bball player, but he was not going to come in a dominate as a freshman. He would have to be developed like Cardwell and Stretch are being developed now. Stretch has looked much better offensively in practices this summer. It would have been great to have a third C of Sage's size and potential on t
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