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  1. I think they have him too low though
  2. I was surprised he committed so early. There's going to be point guards ahead of him bout time he gets in college
  3. Draymon pissed me off so bad this game
  4. Was named times daily 4A-7A player of the year!
  5. Don't worry, I'm sure we can sign another wr and make up the difference
  6. Man that does sound like what everybody would say about stidhamand SW
  7. Yes look at some of those teams. That's why I try to tell people the he like small guard thing isn't true. Now if you have an great ability to score he's going to use you but when he was recruiting and well known he recruited guys like JP Prince who was a super long point. The same go with big men as well as far as recruiting. Gus may do the certain type of player for this position thing but Bruce wants good players....he's not turning down a guy that's 6'10 and saying I prefer my centers to be 6'6" for my system
  8. I'm thinking if he can handle the ball a little better and be a passer he can be another Chris lofton. Those that don't know him he was the most dangerous threat that Bruce has ever coached.
  9. Whew this one hurt! Georgia and Clemson's recruiting this year is incredible
  10. Yes I saw in those clips him make 3-4 mid range shots, but he'll have to do it more here. That was a very small ratio and most of those drives in these clips will have to be mid range here. That's the biggest difference in aau to big time ball, the lanes are tighter and the holes open and close quick. You NEVER want a guard that's just a scorer, I'm sure he'll get better and better. To reach his full potential he'll need to learn how to make his talent make everyone around him better. He also play in Mark's aau team, the things I say don't just come from those clips. And those clips are old. He's gotten better since then
  11. I'vecertainly have been wrong and the thing I was wrong about was Toronto PG play. I thought Lowry would be turning the ball over and van fleet would be stuck in his slump......
  12. If you lookat his clips they are either 3's or lay ups. I think at his size he'll need a mid range game. If anybody want to talk about it I can tell all about the pros and cons of doing that. For anybody that likes example of players to compare I say look at Monte Ellis, or recently Malik monk. Now he's not close to being the overall scoring threat that they are but that's who's style if you lookat clips you'd say hey I've seen a guy play like that
  13. He's all about scoring.....tbh I'm not too excited about him unless he can handle the rock a little and play point a little