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  1. Oh and duh. Zach Gilbert and jerraud powers
  2. I'm hoping Dean will be pretty good. I wasn't as up on the secondary as much as others. I thought they should've played much better with the pass rush they were getting. I'm hoping everything clicks this year
  3. Silas Daniels football. Jamison brewer basketball
  4. I didn't mention any "sources" but as far as THIS board au23 has been mentioned by many people as being one of the posters you should listen to. You mentioned "sources" in your earlier post so I guess you are talking about that post? To be honest I never bought that one guy can say something and another guy something else but everybody calling one guy a liar as opposed to another. This is merely childish banter and person tries to tag team the other....or a person has a bias and seeks out until they find somebody that share the same perspective. I tend to take people for their word. People with info can come and go as there are new recruiting classes each year and coaching moves each year, so IMO sometimes guys know a little extra and the next year they could know Jack, it's that fluid. But that's just my opinion. Nobody seemed to question any of the other things said about the other qb's though....just ran with those
  5. Oh if you were looking for somebody that has never been wrong then you should go look on another board
  6. Au23 is one of the most credible people on this board. Period.
  7. Anthony mix, Robert Johnson, Cooper Wallace. If we would've used him uzomah
  8. I've heard multiple times things about sw attitude. Nobody ever elaborates though, gets swept under the rug
  9. Lol, the irony
  10. Yes brewer played AFTER porter
  11. I can't imagine too many wr's that played here that was more overall athletic than Courtney Taylor
  12. I can only offer the truth, it's up to the public to accept it. But I understand kodi's talking, he has to sell himself
  13. I expect every wr to get better with a better qb. Just like last year
  14. It was great. The thing I remember the most is the view he had looking into Phoenix at night. Wish I had a set up like that
  15. Frank Sanders. Been to his house and ate before too. Super cool guy