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  1. One of the things that somewhat bother me is saying the guy has the potential to be one of if not the best but just saying it's up to him......
  2. Hey I can't hate player, just the game!
  3. Not the drill but the result reminds me of when I first played....I didn't play when I was little and I went to a small school that didn't have a team. My mom gets a job in Huntsville so we move there. As we are driving by a practice i joke about playing and my mom says something that makes me mad. So i decide to play. So anyway I'm trash in the beginning, weak as water. But as the season goI get pretty good, I become known as a hitter and a pretty good wr, pretty good at jump balls. So I start getting a little cocky right? There was a guy on my team that ended up playing for Louisville. I was on offense and the qb threw an interception. Was on the completed opposite field and there was no way I could get to the play so I didn't run after the pick....this guy hit me so hard.....I didn't see it. My chin strap and my mouth piece came off. One of my shoulder pads popped out of my jersey, dirt was in my mouth, my lip was bleeding. I got up and started running to the sidelines they tell me to get my mouth piece when I bend down I get dizzy and fall out again LOL. Hardest I've EVER been hit in my LIFE
  4. I'd love to see 4 people go in on @bigbird at the same time.....Then all his people would come'd be like marvel civil war LOL!
  5. IMO kodi gives a good message but he could stand to heed his own words also....because really he was able to walk into a situation with better production from the qb and better overall talent at wr THAT was recruited by the previous coach. He dropped the ball himself on a couple of big time recruits that was thought to be easy targets....maybe Gus should do the same to him
  6. I remember when I tried to explain the redshirt scout team guys as opposed to depth chart guys....I would say don't waste your time with that, but you do have a better board etiquette than me so maybe you'll have more success
  7. It's definitely different now, you're right kids run to knives and guns now...and when you get older and are a grown man you can't expect to just have a good ol scrap anymore. And yes I agree if walking away is an option it's the best one, especially if you're doing so because it's your choice and not out of fear. I commend a guy if he can take a punch to his face and just walk I said we all have things we probably could work on. That's not something I could do personally though.
  8. Also different people have different vices and different peeves. Just because a person have a certain opinion doesn't make it law, just because a person can handle one situation a particular way doesn't mean everybody can. I can't stand a person that run their mouth and tries to instigate stuff and personally and verbally attacks people because they know they don't have any accountability. That's a coward. Some people have vices with drinking, I personally don't have a qbdesire or a problem at all....I think it's crap for me to say I look down on a person because they might have a problem. I then say I haven't ever wanted to take a drink or ever been drunk so a person with a problem is weak....just an arrogant take IMO. I know people that literally wouldn't have survived their upbringing if they just let people attack them and didn't fight back....looking down on that....well
  9. I don't see what you and your wife and employees have to do with anything. This kid was fresh out of high school and in a competitive setting, the issues with your wife and employees should be totally different....but I was just offering a perspective of an athlete or former one that been through it and still see it now. I fight isn't a big deal for many of us but I guess people that didn't really deal with it or maybe never fought just see it different
  10. So the people with kids mean to tell me two brothers or sisters NEVER fought? Gtho. And it's usually from not having space and seeing each other all the time....the sensitivity on here is amazing
  11. Yeah I know, you should be on my side though so it'd be even. Then it could be 2 against 30 lol. I've been working 6 12's since April. Tired!!!!
  12. I've been away...type one thing and this what I get. Other people later come and type the same thing and the people that were angry with me saying it like it and agree.....this is a wild board LOL
  13. Happened to a guy named cam Newton as well and also vice versa there are guys who left us that turned out to be great players
  14. So you still going to ignore the word if huh? Then you're going to use quotation marks on something I didn't say. What I will say is you're an idiot if you don't think fights will happen when guys are competing with each other for something they have dreamed of and they spend more time with each other than with their families and testosterone and adrenalin is pumping most of the time they are together and they are playing a contact sport....I mean you like to argue about dumb stuff but this is extra must be counting on people to pop up and agree with you because they don't like me
  15. So out of ALL the people that has talked about fighting you quote me and ask for a please. But if you read my post you can see I said if that is the case...I didn't say I knew it was one way or the other