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  1. cole256

    Nick Coe is showing out

    One of my favorite players. Hi guys!
  2. cole256

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    He said he was the best player because he was, and because his teammates think he was. Why was the other thread locked about him?
  3. cole256

    Demographic Curiosity

    Sorry Im just now seeing this. But thank you so much!
  4. cole256

    Demographic Curiosity

    I was 25 working at krystal's. I went from being one of the smartest in all my classes to that. (No disrespect to anybody working fast food) Sometimes people would laugh at me. One day I was so frustrated and defeated I just sat out in the lobby on my break and I just broke down crying.....but all that gave me a desire to go finish college. Moved away from everybody to a city I had never been in. I had to go by faith on a bunch of things. The odds of them working out was low but I had to try. Best decision of my life. Went from that to going to talk to kids in high school. Been in the newspaper in Chattanooga, news in Illinois. Life is funny man
  5. cole256

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Smh. How could you hate drake? What's wrong with you people?
  6. cole256

    Heron hasnt hired an agent

    I know exactly how it works but you shouldn't do that until you'reat least on the cusp, and nothing can funnel down more than kids actually going to the NBA. Couple of things you do is put the kid right in harm's way buy sending them out to all the people that wants to take advantage of them. Another thing you could be doing is the good stuff you mentioned there is a small chance that happens....what probably happens is they get scouted and exposed. They also get agendas. If they need to work on shooting they can get more selfish.....they may not get burn in the position they need to be playing (which I have spoken on a few times) and now they may transfer.....more harm than good can come from this imo. Also they could just flat out lose their confidence. I played alot of AAU. Have family that just went through it and a close friend going through it right now. He's a D1 prospect right now. I've seen it happen plenty of times.
  7. cole256

    Heron hasnt hired an agent

    The fact anybody besides Wiley thought they were NBA players is laughable to me
  8. cole256

    Heron hasnt hired an agent

    Well I'm sad
  9. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    Northwest Alabama when you're an athlete from around a one hour radius everybody will know everybody. Then as I got older friends moved and went to college in b ham and bigger cities and you connect with people. Then when I went to Auburn I was pretty well known for hooping in the ACT when the football players season over they want to come in and play the best people and you just get cool with everybody. Unfortunately you get into arguments with those people too lol. I was scared as hell one time when I messed around with a high profile player's girl. I didn't know she was with him, but I probably wouldn't have cared but still.....anyway I was nervous walking around campus. Then my roommates were from Lilburn, GA and they know people. First friend I met was from Prattville and his best friend was on the team. So I literally would play video games with dudes on the team everyday. I was just ok in Madden but I was awesome in NCAA college football games they used to come out back then. Then I got a reputation from that. Did the Auburn practice team stuff for basketball met alot of people from that. Then I was part of nsbe a couple of guys from that. And my apartment one year was right above I guess one of the head guys of the que's so it was always alot of people at our apartment building. But people I know they are usually northwest Alabama and Florence is my city. I remember Jason Allen was a little older but when Zach Gilbert first got on the team he was super cool with Quint Groves, and Ronnie Brown and Rosegreen. They came to Florence back home with him one time. Jason Allen was a super track guy too, high jumping,200 all that. They would do crazy stuff like see who could jump over cars and stuff like that. And we all kicked it. It's not much to do in a smaller town but the upside is whatever we decide to do everybody does it. And especially if you're from the shoals area if you grew up around 6 years older and 6 years younger and you were decent enough to play with the best people your summers are meeting and playing EVERYBODY. And yeah....that's about it lol
  10. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    The guy getting ran over is Jason Allen, my homie. Hated it for him but he turned out alright
  11. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    That also could be something to look at. KJ has 20 carries in the first half.....we usually throw when it's obvious so more than likely he's ran the ball up the middle twice and has been drilled a should probably be bringing in a different back anyway
  12. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    That also goes back to my point. KJ was said to have the best hands out of all backs that came out. We did screens....hardly with him though. That one hand grab he had that one game was top 2-3 best catches last 3 years. Further more if it was going to be a pass that an actual tailback was going to catch we put in DB. If we were going to do the play action deep throw play we put in stove and fake the end around. We hardly fake when it looks like a running down. We do it on 2nd and 12 and stuff like that until we get a lead. If it's 3rd and long either a wr screen maybe hb screen or the statue of liberty hand off play. If I can read the stuff leisurely dedicated players are sitting on it. So I guess I'm saying it's much more about play calling to evaluate players. When we can run on teams get around 4 yds a carry we look fantastic. But if you have to adjust from that we just don't seem to adapt well. And I know everybody struggles if you stop the run but we seem to shut down as opposed to stutter if that makes sense. I think to overcome that type of stuff is to have your most talented players in
  13. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    Absolutely, nobody expects a blocker to completely neutralize a defender, a successful block is giving a person 2-3 more seconds.....we don't even really throw downfield enough imo to even think it's a big issue. I think the line is either going to be good or bad, I don't see a great blocking back making that big of an impact. Maybe a great fullback.....
  14. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    Especially when you think about how KJ's hands may have been his best attribute. Why not use that. If you can justify not playing a hb because he doesn't pass block on the other end wouldn't you use the same logic of this guy could literally play wr so let's get him the ball? I look at it in the same view you don't tell a QB that he can't play because he doesn't have the strongest arm. Everybody has something to get better at, especially in college. You don't sit a guy who has the most explosive play potential because you don't think his pass blocking is phenomenal. That's just my opinion
  15. cole256

    Kam Martin would start today

    Well you know I've had a history of this. I never understood everybody getting excited when we recruit and get the guy then automatically everybody wants the guy that's 220 to run the ball and the other guys can't carry the load or aren't good pass blockers.....I'm pretty sure somebody argued with me that KJ wasn't a good pass blocker when I was harping on him playing more when he was a's like a go to attribute to say