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  1. cole256

    I really don’t think we’re a bad team....

    Look at what these guys have to work with. I know some were upset when I said this but I wasn't saying it to be spiteful but the higher you go as far as levels playing basketball it's like football. The athletes are bigger and faster. With our roster the starting perimeter players has size equivalent to athletes I faced in middle school. And on top of that they aren't freak athletes. Well I guess Harper is but my point is there's no strategy you can come up with to stop a guy that's bigger, stronger, and faster than's not intimidating, it's easy for people to talk, critique and think something should happen on paper and then be disappointed. How would you expect for any job to be a top 25 rated company nationally from employees that doesn't have the basic qualifications for the job? You'll probably be lucky and catch a few guys that perform at a high level but more than likely you don't be as productive as a company that seek out specific individuals with a more rigorous qualification seeking process. I don't know what you expect coaches to do defensively. We play press defense AND an up tempo offense. We're not a deep team, and we're a very small team, on top of that we don't take care of the ball on offense. What do you expect a coach to do to be great on defense with those variables?
  2. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Oh you are replying to him bad, no you probably didn't misread it was probably me, him saying DP battling Spencer for minutes sounds about right though.....that means it probably doesn't happen. My apologies.
  3. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    DP doesn't need to play Spencer position.....
  4. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    I feel I can identify the things that's not in the box score pretty good and I don't see hardly anything, he isn't anything special on defense. And yes I saw DP. Did you see samir? Because as bad as he played it was still better than samir with fewer minutes. It's been that way for the last few games. The things you say about Dunbar are the things I told people when the season first started before he picked up quite a few fans, so I agree. But the things they both bring to the offense is finishing ability, more so Dunbar. It's actually very helpful to have guys that can play above the rim in up tempo defenses so you can get easy points which will also ignite the team and crowd for home games, quiet the crowd on away. On defense size can help on defense especially a zone. This pressure defense isn't working for us this year, the team doesn't have any excellent defenders besides chumma. We're ok enough to stay in front of people for around a half but we're not harassing people that have 2-3 good ball handlers
  5. cole256


    This guy is unreal smh. He has more dunks than missed shots for the season......really think about that. I know he'll end up having a bad game sooner or later and somebody will run and post he's over rated or something but this guy is so far ahead of everybody in college he should've been in the NBA. It's just not fair!
  6. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Clearly Wiley isn't 100%. He should play either Dunbar or DP at 3. It literally couldn't hurt because Samir doesn't give you anything. Samir is a guard
  7. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

  8. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Even Scotty P didn't shoot that many 3's and it was literally the only thing he could boy Brewer was scary good. Pearl would LOVE him as his point
  9. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    That's the thing that Bruce is doing this season that I don't like, he's not even trying to do anything with the line up. There were more than a couple of reasons he should've tried Dunbar or DP at the 3 spot....
  10. cole256

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    And then to top it off the guy that was the loudest saying the stuff dislikes my post.....can't make this up. I get it now just say stuff then later pretend it was never said
  11. cole256

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    So this was a win.....but you also have to look at how we played. Now if somebody offer criticism of our play if you decide to not listen it's crazy to be surprised when we do lose and go into panic mode and Bruce can't coach and all you just chose to convince yourself stuff that's not true. Bruce is actually doing a pretty good job with what he has to work with. I've noticed people passive aggressive posts about him lately. I'm hoping he can pull off some magic next month
  12. cole256

    Mark Sears

    Facts. Oh they beat their opponent by twenty too. See what they do in the second round
  13. cole256

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Try to make a point somebody that doesn't agree always try that tactic......I don't remember or I don't think anybody thoughtsuch and such..... Like really......why didn't you offer this opinion when you saw 3 people arguing with me at once about it then....
  14. cole256

    Mark Sears

    First round in the state playoffs 23/11/8/3stl/2blks
  15. cole256

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    You NEVER will agree with stuff like that. Because that would mean you would have to come to the conclusion hey Oracle you was right, instead you'll play forget and wait for somebody else to say it then you'll remember. While people were saying he wouldn't be missed you was right there in the thread and you read it like everybody else and you didn't say a thing but now you don't remember it of course. And you have absolutely brought up lack of depth, or injuries, or whatever else was needed as long as it wasn't placing blame on really the conclusion to come to is depends on how you like the coach or not Believe it or not people see what you're doing even in the last few posts of this thread.....people may be a little smarter than you think. How did you just quote that one sentence in my quote and then make that up? If you say smaller numbers so easily repaired with one person then how can you argue that a loss hurts even more?