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  1. Kelly Bryant was ok but people could actually make an argument between him and Bo as far as talent, but Boyd was an entire different level. He was one of the better QB 's in college ever. I see what you are saying as far as placement though. When Lawrence signed to play for Clemson I knew what was going to happen just like when Bo signed here. Bo was more a legacy thing though and Lawrence was more you haven't hardly seen anything like him
  2. You're starting to sound like your buddy over here! Except you get thumbs up and I get thumbs.....ah forget it
  3. Smh. Hey if whatever he comes up with develops a QB and wr, and if it helps him come to the conclusion hey I need to recruit good o linemen I'm with him....
  4. Yeah but it takes a special type of person to say he can't throw and he was the problem. But probably the same type of person to make pretend he doesn't hold a candle to Bo.....
  5. I didn't see this yesterday. I wish I had because I would've called out that you wouldn't get a reply back to your question
  6. Imo he didn't want a QB battle so he made it where there was only one
  7. This is a God send for Bo. It really couldn't have worked out any better for him. He has the tools to be on the level many were already putting him on but he needed help to actually get there. He has a bunch of stuff to work on and now somebody to help him. If this doesn't would've been bad IMO
  8. Now stingley should be the freshman of the year, unless it was offensive freshman of the year IMO. But I don't think any other offensive player should feel like they are ahead of Bo
  9. Yeah I see what you're saying, but he could be just as good. I guess Okoro's strength should theoretically make it where he can guard the post better. Length and athleticism are the primary weapons though.
  10. I agree. Jvon has to get alot better though, and Cambridge should be much better at defense than he is. He has all the tools that he can be the best defender in the conference
  11. Nah I couldn't say that. I don't dislike the kid, he may even end up being absolutely great and if he do I'm going to scream it........he's going to have to earn it though. I have to respect the the game and the people before him
  12. If it's not another QB I don't see how anybody else could argue against him unless they were first team all American or something like that
  13. I feel you. Like I stated earlier I'm hoping we actually start using our wr's right. And hopefully get rid of the wildcat