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  1. That's the flan I saw before the injury stuff. Man I wish he'd come back to stay
  2. Good enough for a point, if he can shoot some 2 as well
  3. No it doesn't work like that as far as the smaller you are the better you shoot. How it should work is when you are smaller you usually are quicker and you usually have or I guess should have a tighter handle with the ball. That should enable you to create separation to get your shot off. But also usually a team will have a couple of guys that can create good shots for other guys. Everybody not shooting a good percentage tells you it's not just individual skills, we are lacking guards that are facilitators or playmakers. Also somebody isn't doing their job or something isn't happening as far as our offensive plays working. One of everybody's favorite Auburn shooters is Bryce Brown and if you had to critique his overall game creating shots for himself would be a weakness. And he's not abnormally tall or anything. But he was on a team with other playmakers.
  4. 2010 we actually had a severe shortage of linebackers....But we had Josh Bynes. An absolute beast at linebacker. Hardly ever came off the field. Overall on defense we could stop the run with 4 d linemen. Hardly anybody could run on us. And eventually we would get to the qb. Sooner or later on that 3rd and long we were going to get you.
  5. Does anybody else sitaround and think of random NBA stuff? Stuff like what if kyrie was still on a Boston team with Jason Tatum and jaylon Brown 😱 Or what if Jimmy Butler had stayed with embid? Stuff would be crazy Even Auburn stuff. What if scoot had played for Auburn last year?
  6. I can't lie....this post was pretty damn funny
  7. Hell me too. This working a 9-5 sucks. If I'm 6'6" that could change my entire trajectory lol
  8. I would imagine Holloway would need a little time to get adjusted if he's small? I have to go watch his highlights and see. I imagine he must be pretty damn good though right?
  9. Man you play still at 71? I salute you sir. I remember when I was in school at Auburn there would be a group of older men and they would play in the morning/afternoon everyday. Their games would get pretty physical and intense!
  10. What group or line up do you believe is our best defensive group? After that who do you think is our best closing group?
  11. I don't know if you still live in the area and if you do you may or may not have seen they do these "legends" of the area games. Where people want to see but of course the team with the youngest group is the team that will win. I think I'm going to try to get in shape and play really well in that and hang up my kicks after that. But we'll see this summer
  12. You are preaching here. I still chuckle when I get the do you realize you are disagreeing with such and such? No I didn't know they said it but ok. I agree with them a bunch too it'll be alright 😂 it's a message board, it's not war. I didn't choose to live a life of crime and evil. I just like talking about sports 😂
  13. if you sign too many it will be a concern, if you don't have the right pieces to put along with them
  14. Do you still play or have you gotten too old?
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