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  1. There's no need to talk about bust size and be sexist when talking football
  2. Didn't see this. This sir is funny as hell. I choked a little on my apple juice
  3. Which is why it's funny when people say the problem is NIL. No it's not, we have the other stuff that needs to be addressed and until it is plan on being mediocre.
  4. I'm the one that said that, and you left off why I said it, and everything I said was true. People are advocating for him because he was already a position coach here. He fits the look like us, auburn man stuff that people feel. As you can see hardly anybody brought up his lack of head coaching experience, he's getting that pass. None of that means he's a bad coach and nobody said he was, he's a typical low risk so let's go with that type of hire. If for some reason he can't recruit at a super high level we'll be like Kentucky and arky and those schools. We think we have a good coach if only we had the talent. If he can recruit very well we may have something good. Nobody can argue with that. Or I should say nothing I said was untrue
  5. As far as recruiting everyone knows nobody could touch Sanders but this was still next level to me, The 5 star who went there name is Travis Hunter, but before his first game as he's running on the field he walked up to Sanders and started crying a little thanking Sanders for the opportunity. Sanders hugged him and blocked the camera from him and told him to go dominate. Now I'll credit Hunter's parents before anybody for his character but for a 5 star guy who literally EVERYBODY wanted to feel that much love and respect for his coach is amazing. That type of stuff can't be replicated, and every player want it. Like I said as far as where we are at and how we are viewed in the recruiting circuit right now......we really need that. I would like for everybody to actually think of the kids though, we should want what's best for them. So even if it's not Sanders I hope it's somebody that actually cares..... If you are saying somebody like urban....I just don't think you really care and that's seems to be the problem with the current staff
  6. If one day you came on and said you were Cole the entire time at least 10 people head's would explode at the thought they were being nice and agreeing with me this entire timeπŸ˜‚
  7. Hey I forgot to tell you this.....you're going to laugh because it really made me mad. Anyway I was arguing with someone and they said to me something like you are wrong even bigbird said this! Now If it's not about equality or something like that I usually don't get mad because I know what I know and if you don't like....whatever I don't care But when they said the bird thing like I couldn't argue it because even you said it I was like bump you and bump bird too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I legit got hot. Then when I thought about I could just imagine you laughing and I just thought to myself bird won again πŸ˜‚
  8. I think me and you are seeing it the same way. One of my young guys are playing for him right now and he was really loving it. And it wasn't all about the school he kept bragging on the coach which if you knew him you'd really see that's pretty damn impressive
  9. There's always a method to my madness. So when many were saying this about Sanders I now have some of the same people saying no wait just because he doesn't have a bunch of experience means he can't coach. One of the reasons I miss my guy Loof so much. People don't know how often they were agreeing with me when he would post and me and him would laugh about it. I do it with you sometimes to but you like to take all the credit and run 😑
  10. He's be a typical auburn hire. Then we'd get our ass kicked playing with a bunch of 3 star guys and would be talking about how we'd be able to compete if we had the talent the good teams have
  11. Just pointing out how it doesn't make sense to say it for one guy but it be fine for another
  12. Just making random assumptions like everybody else
  13. Grimes doesn't have any experience at being a head coach. He's a decent number 2 but not a head coach. I wouldn't want him anywhere near this program as a head coach. He also may be selfish
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