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  1. Demographic Curiosity

    I feel so old as far as board years.......too many arguments had, I have a life to think about now lol. I'm starting to get in trouble for playing video games work I have to make some of the most important decisions.....this isn't what I signed up for
  2. Demographic Curiosity

    33 (4) in May Started at Auburn left when my grandfather passed. Electrical engineering at Auburn Finished in Chattanooga in nuclear engineering Was on the scout team my time at Auburn. Coach ciampi who at one time coached women's team wanted me to get into coaching. I was offered to walk on men's basketball team but unfortunately it was the same year my grandfather died and I had to leave Auburn. I have an basketball intramural championship and I lost one in the finals in football before. I've been kicked out of the ACT numerous times for dunking after losses. I think that sums up my personality. From Florence, west side to be exact, very proud of it, not many make it out. lived in Madison, Chattanooga, Augusta, Bloomington Illinois, and just recently found out that I've been offered and I accepted and I'm coming back to Chattanooga. What I'm most proud of? I can still dunk but I imagine this is the last year 😔 I've dreaded it for a lifetime.
  3. Scout Team

    Doubt scout team is ran like that. But could see it being a little different in this circumstance
  4. So I just saw a little of kira Lewis from hazel green play.....we're not getting him and Damn. I once made a post on here that Collin sexton was on another level of recruit when we were discussing recruiting, I made a post that petty was the best high school player I had seen in high school and you all know my cousin plays for Tennessee right now, scored 25 against us and many other teams....I'm now telling you this guy is no joke
  5. He would flourish I in BP's system, he legit could play a little point as well.
  6. Basketball Recruit 2016 PG Lamonte Turner
  7. Basketball Recruit 2016 PG Lamonte Turner

    Hit the go ahead 3 to beat Kentucky at Kentucky. Last year hit the free throws to ice the Kentucky game as a freshman. He's closed out Georgia tech 24; hit a three to go to ot and the beat Purdue, 25 against us; 25 st South Carolina, 20 at Iowa st. 17 on ole miss on only 8 shots. Last 10 games only 6 turnovers and 20 assists. Rumble young man rumble!
  8. I'm cool with his sister. She is in Florence alot
  9. Brewer would thrive in today's game and he was easiest the fastest player I've ever matched up with. Oh he was good. He wasn't the best shooter but he was good. Coincidentally the best shooter I've seen at Auburn was a guy that walked on for a minute named Jonathan Lewis. But don't sell brewer short, there was a reason NBA teams wanted him, particularly Larry Bird loved him. I have yet to see a more talented PG than him at the school
  10. When we had guys we didn't use them.... I find this article funny because once we over with a guy (I know apparently some don't think it's a thing in college for whatever reason) and he breaks down the six other guys will all have viable made up reasons why we can't use them and we'll be talking about stocking upat hb.
  11. I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    Lol I see the screenshots. I'm admitting to you I'm not understanding it and I sincerely need help understanding it. I was hoping you could help me out without judging me
  12. I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    I don't really understand his reply. I feel like I'm missing part of a joke or something
  13. Stidham and D Russ returning was a MUST

    Well Ican't speak for everybody else but I knew KJ was good. Like special good. We still didn't use his versatility the way we should've. But I don't doubt the coaching them up part.....but I don't know what kind of talent we have. I know kj was better in high school than all the other guys we have now in high school so I don't see us being better at the position, I think we have a drop off. Even when we had barber he's a very good backbut his vision wasn't the best as far as knowing how to set up and create big runs. I'm not saying we won't have a run game without him. I'm saying he was our best player and wasn't a dime a dozen
  14. I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    Well he's known to be a defensive minded coachand he did it when he had to.....we have an offensive minded coach and we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over...