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  1. I'm hoping one day we can get a real this guy is the best player hands down on the class. Then one day if we get him we use him correctly on the big stage.....then we can be legit. Somebody like Mikey Williams or Emoni Bates in the future. That's the only way you make the ultimate big step being on top of recruiting
  2. Your family will be in my
  3. I told you everything can really be talked out.....everything but that I'm better than you poster......nothing worse than those guys
  4. So like in our PM 's you're saying that we tend to specialize guys instead of letting a guy be a complete wr? How about you talk about a qb who is asked to carry an offense, how they have to deal with such great fatigue that it can lead to a couple of throws being off target but it's not necessarily they can't throw......wait I'm moving too fast keep on saying what you're saying......I'm sitting back clapping like will Smith did when he got the job in pursuit of happiness lol. Tear in my eye and everything lol
  5. You're not all
  6. Wow I literally said I haven't seen anybody say anything like that but I don't disagree as I tend to take people for their word....if you got I think you're lying from that I don't know what to say. But I'll just eject from the convo as I don't care too much really, I just know I see both sides start arguments and say unreasonable stuff and I'm not trying to go for who says the worst as that would be subjective anyway. Just tried to offer you an objective opinion as you seem to have chosen a "side" and you're vested in the debate. Have fun bro
  7. I agree with what you say but in this case like you said earlier, you can eventually run somebody off that really knows something. I'm sure jmr has gotten things wrong but I imagine why many like his posts is because he knows stuff and gets things right more than wrong. Everybody has their own specialities and strengths and weaknesses. In my profession they make you train from many different people because you need all those profession tends to get me in trouble here as I'm taught to push back....that plays a role with different personalities on a forum as well. I think people should expect to get challenged in every post, then you'd stop taking it personal when someone disagrees. But that's just me, thanks!
  8. One, actually two of your pumpers literally stalks my posts and I see them get nasty with a bunch of people but I'm not about to start anything. I've never seen anybody say anything about wanting someone to die myself but I'm not going to disagree I usually just take people for their word. I do know when you try to lump everybody together and say find the one that did this you are usually setting yourself up for an easy loss. But like I said on the outside looking in I've seen both sides say unreasonable things
  9. No I don't imagine jmr said anything bad at all he just did what his thread is titled and talked about what he saw. I went and looked and saw the troll's last post said just say blah blah blah and Bo sucks....he had been riled up on the subject of Bo. Yes I can relate to all the other stuff you said. If you know football and talk about what you see it may not be the most popular view but what can you do? You can only talk about what you see. Sometimes if you see things before other people it makes other's mad
  10. He definitely has world class speed but so did jf3. I wonder how good he is with route running. But we don't send him on diverse routes....I don't want to start fussing but there are many that are fast but it doesn't translate in the NFL. It seemed as soon as Slayton was good to go he's been able to do it. I knew we'd miss him
  11. I was going to say something similar but decided to let someone can't really come to a football board and not expect too see critiques. That's like going to a cooking forum and getting frustrated when people talk about recipes
  12. Yes I didn't think you were speaking to me about Gus as that's not what people get upset with me about ...I was offering you a different perspective as far as you grouping the "haters" because relating it to myself maybe they aren't hating just speaking their truth or maybe you just don't see the full convo because the opposite side can be quite ugly when you don't agree as well
  13. He's def missed here. It's imperative we have a threat to take the top off a defense and that takes more than just speed.
  14. Yes I understand. I know who attacked him and I'm saying the reason he did is because he probably said something critical if Bo as that's what dude has been trolling about. My spell check changed a few of my words
  15. I've tried to tell people that it was becoming a problem to offer up objective analysis on here. Coach I can really relate to what you've said, I've been frustrated myself. But you seem to have MANY more that are for you than against you....maybe that should weigh in your decision