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  1. No what you said was very intelligent, I think. Good stuff. I said this before the year started but not too many believed me. I'm more than casual with's a passion. I think I know a good bit of football and basketball but I would definitely say basketball, defensive backs, and wide receivers. I know quite a bit on those subjects
  2. Lol. I definitely wouldn't ever have you on my mind on this site. But you can lump me wherever, but be sure to look at yourself in the mirror, you're a grown man judging me because you didn't like my opinion on sw because it was different than yours and you're such a big who is really on some type of high horse?
  3. Who are you? Oh yeah it doesn't matter my bad
  4. I've always said great qb's are the guys that can make the throws without having a perfect fundamental form, because those situations are rare actually
  5. I've been saying this for the last 3 years
  6. Sw has proven to be effective against average teams, they said jj was going to be great before and if Willis had to play his first 3-4 games wouldn't be that good. At best probably like Bentley at South c. But I see what you're saying I'm just saying I'm on the need to see it side of the fence
  7. He creates space and separation to get off good shots. He also elevates well on his jump shot. We all of our perimeter players to be able to create their own shots and shots for others.
  8. Sw wasn't the reason we lost to anybody. My point is we don't have any qb's that has played in a big time game and performed well so I can't say we have stability at the position
  9. Please let us get this kid
  10. I always said he was my number 1 want at linebacker when we were just starting up recruiting
  11. I forgot about lsu, but that was when lsu was down as well though...Texas a&m? I don't really consider them a big game but I don't think we played well at all that game either
  12. I'd be ecstatic if we can be a threat to throw a pass over ten yards
  13. We don't have it yet. We thought we did a couple of years ago as well. We don't have a qb that has played in a big time game and performed well on the roster