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  1. This is so damn stupid, as if people are born in training facilities.....who knew that there were different quality of coaches grown in fields? I don't even know why coaches travel from program to program apparently if you are a graduate assistant for a program like Ohio st that means you're the best coach and you'll automatically be successful and if you coach at vandy that means you'll never be good......you don't even have to learn how to call plays it's implanted in your DNA
  2. Of course not, that's the thing everybody is cool with the complaining but nobody questions it. And I'm absolutely sure every single time I bring up a point somebody will come in and say I don't see it.....it doesn't even make sense to think Auburn will be affected negatively as if we are a community college. But ok understand your opinion, I've been on here a long time, I know better
  3. Have to start somewhere. People didn't want this, as time pass things are going to be distributed closer to even or it'll be over.......the people that are upset should be happy actually, this was maybe another 5 years away from guys to switch it up and group together and go to hbcu's.....then it really would've gotten interesting....seeing Auburn lose to Alabama st or Tuskegee? Heads would explode!
  4. Lol I know you hope @GwillMac6 becomes a millionaire because if he got few million then you got a few million. Man it's funny how the coaches he said was decent coincidentally are the coaches everybody hate on here......almost like somebody change the narrative for the fan base to eat it up and it worked!
  5. I love it. It will NEVER be the same......people better learn how to break the profits up evenly or get out, old way is done
  6. It absolutely why. That and some just hate that in the future people won't have the control over others they once had. Great thing about it nobody cares about the complaining demographic. They don't matter at the least
  7. Well I had that argument when I said around 6 and I was told not true 5.8
  8. But alright cool, there's nothing to argue about as far as this goes anymore right, we agree we all are eager and hopeful that different scheme, better coaching we hope to see better production and we're waiting to see. Right?
  9. I wanted a QB that could move the sticks but Bo turned out to be a better athlete that I initially thought. I wanted this because I knew the o line would need help. I also wanted a fair and healthy QB competition to force both to get better and we got anything but. Especially when all that was said about one was how he really shined when it was game time.....I figured he'd get an opportunity to run the offense at least once..
  10. Show where I got mad about his swagger and I'll concede. If you can't you concede
  11. Well maybe you'll stop arguing when you realize I haven't ever said Bo has had good coaching since middle school. That doesn't change that he should've been much further along than he has been in the fundamentals of being a QB. I haven't even been harsh on him. I'm purposely not so because if I ever do I know I'd give people who want to embellish ammunition. I've never said anything other that he needs to get more accurate and read defenses, and put time in and work on his fundamentals. That's it. Where people on here has gotten mad at me is when I want say it's other people, not Bo
  12. His yards was down td's was down and int was up. But everything about the same. He feasted on the bad teams and didn't really do anything against the good teams. So if you just want to look at stats and say the numbers say you can..... I know for a fact bird knows that doesn't tell the story. Besides Kentucky and LSU he didn't have multiple td games. The games where he was let loose and he was able to really throw the ball a considerable amount of times he wasn't good. Uga, South c, miss st, Northwestern. So ok you can blame the o line for that. What I'm saying is I've seen a b
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