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  1. Tom Brady is coming to qb......sw has heart he'll push him.....
  2. Bruce said that? Man tiger who else said that? Purifoy transition to paying playing guys in the post when he NEVER had to before and getting into foul trouble? Tiger I think I read somebody mentioning that multiple times before the season.....sure is alot of info that's passed on this forum that's spot on. There's alot of sites that charge people for info like that.....
  3. There has been crazy decisions, I agree. But I still think they were made in weak drafts and that's why they tried it. Plus this kid's dad is a coach and right there with him, I don't see anybody taking advantage of him, Purifoy maybe
  4. I'm saying if he left because he was pouting or because he was scared of competition.....which I'm not saying is his character at all I'm going with the scenario that was presented. And hell we've been playing without production from the qb in big games....if anybody could pull it off it would be, Florida, or lsu have been doing it for years it seems lol
  5. Don't forget me because at the end of the year I'm going to go through everything I said BEFORE one game was played and probably be able to say it
  6. It's not just stats it's like business it's the overall market, this class coming out is much too deep for him to think he'd go first round, maybe this past class but this class coming up? No way in hell. I don't know if you remember before the season started I said we had some nice talent coming in but not anybody like....then I named off like 5 guys. Every one of those guys will come out and be lottery picks. And most are guards.
  7. There's no way you have Purifoy at the 4 and Harper at the point and us not have lack of size.....
  8. If I'm mad at bp for anything it's letting Purifoy play the "stretch" 4 some seem to love the idea he's nothing but a 3 point shooter.....we're a team full of jump shooters who can't shoot.....we only attempted 8 free throws.....that's why we lost right there
  9. I'm hoping so. I think we're a long defensive minded, great rebounding 4 away from being a very good defensive team
  10. Okeke unless I'm thinking of another guy is a 3, at least defensively. He will be as important on the defensive end than anybody as far as on the perimeter. I don't see Murray being that good in the SEC but I could be completely wrong
  11. Yeah I'm in operations and if I have my licence I'm sure I'd get hired.
  12. Yeah I know about that, it will take some time to get it running. Hopefully by then I'll be experienced enough to be in management by then
  13. Yeah and I was going to school, but I graduated and was offered the position I went to school for so I took it. I hope whenever TVA hire another class I can get back home one day
  14. Try it out. Just question Gus or sw. And then watch two guys in particular in the basketball forum.....completely different people
  15. Nope I'm in Illinois now