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  1. cole256

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Going to be some very sad Auburn fans if we keep screwing athletes......we're already mediocre with talent. Wait when the talent take a step back
  2. cole256

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Lol but it's great size at 2 guard....isn't this what got you a vacation last time? I mean I don't care go ahead and be a dummy if you want.
  3. cole256

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Wish we'd recruit niven Glover, I guess Georgia is going to end up with him. He's limited on offense but he's actually good at catch and shoot, and he'll be a fantastic defender
  4. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    Yes I see that. The thing about it though people get better, and get better at different rates. Things that work last year may or may not work this year and maybe that's why Mitchell transferred he may have known he was plugged in a certain role where he was thinking no I'm better than that. Idk but I'm just thinking. I'm a strong believer in every year you have to fight for your job. No promises. I want say it doesn't matter what you've done in previous years but I would say it's possible that somebody can play for a chance.
  5. cole256


    This happens when you come down make one pass and shoot a three, you don't give the official a chance to even make a judgement call
  6. I was thinking that but we sure did last game and that's one thing I don't feel anybody can argue about with Herron, even people that don't think too much of him, he's an excellent rebounder for a guard. Losing him and Murray at the same time Pearl had to be concerned
  7. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    I noticed at the end of the Xavier game pearl put Harper on their PG and he didn't get in the lane and that's when we pulled away. Very small sample size but it's something I'm watching now
  8. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    That's a great point as far as Harper can'tbe afforded to get in foul trouble. Brown is about 6'3". We'll really see during the season, Alabama, LSU, miss st, have some good guards, Murray state has an elite one. That will tell you if he's a top of the country defender. I'm pretty sure he's the best PERIMETER defender on the team. It's either him or Dunbar
  9. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    I'm just showing what I look at, and I brought up Herron because that was a player that many of you are ok to critique, many are familiar with him so he's a great reference to compare.....and if you would take him that's fine. Not speaking against him. But while on the board it's Herron was a ball hog and didn't play defense if you actually look at the numbers Herron shoots a higher percentage (3 pointers as well) rebounds better and actually around the same amount of steals, but steals doesn't necessarily tell you the complete story on defense.
  10. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    We shared that and I'm still just thinking about the disappointment of going out early๐Ÿ˜‚ Like I promise you I'm so serious when I say that's what I think about with this team and how I don't want that to happen
  11. cole256

    Congrats to Bryce Brown

    My point is just the same as offense, if he gets leeway like the green light to shoot whenever he wants then on defense is more about running than actually having to be disciplined then just like I can see he's a pretty good shooter but I know it's the system more than anything; no I'm not going to say he's an great defender. I'll say he's good if for nothing else being out there and being fairly accurate shooting when that can really weigh on you. I'll change when I see him play a guy who's a known scorer and he really makes them work. I didn't watch every game last year but I watched the big ones and I didn't see that. I haven't seen it this year either. When we play Murray st he should have to guard Morant and we can see if he's what many of you say. You guys not looking at how he has a Mac behind him. This year he has him and Wiley. That erases alot of mistakes when they're smart. If they're not you have the Xavier and Duke game. He had Murray and Herron last year to do heavy lifting.....and some of you have the audacity to say Brown is the on the top of SEC and Herron wasn't good at it. When Herron was the one playing guys completely out of position. Now he doesn't have that. He have to guard that 6'6" guy now for duke. And I'll give may be the best perimeter defender but on the team? That's a slap in A Mac's face. We couldn't hardly function when he was hurt. The thing as far as turnovers I see them now but we need to wait and see in conference play, the Duke PG didn't have any trouble at all. Last thing I see what you say as far as Brown not a come off the bench take 7 shot guy. He is that type of guy but he seems to heat up as the game goes as opposed to instant offense. So you're probably right with that, but I will say just because he excel in one role doesn't mean he wouldn't excel and be even greater in another. Coaches play favorites all the time. I wouldn't think of sitting Brown but I would do something with the 3. You seem to be comfortable with how everything was last year, we didn't win last year though. But good talk.
  12. cole256


    If the OP comes back and say this is what I told you all they will run him off the board....smh
  13. cole256

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I read that he was considered a lights out recruiter is how I think it was stated. Said he had that reputation at both Memphis and Arizona St.
  14. cole256


    What was the social security number of your source? Were you literally holding the phone up against Gus's head? Did you clap and catch the pigeon that had the top secret note tied to it's leg? Did you read the note or was it read to you? No? I can't believe you. Now if some other poster say we are leading for a recruit or we'll make it to the playoffs that's different. They are credible. ๐Ÿ™„
  15. cole256

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Passing game coordinator? Our wr catch a screen runs a 7 yard out when we need 10; and the fly route......that's it. So what is this job? Clearly for us it's part time.....