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  1. Pearl actually likes big guards, you should see the defense then.
  2. I know you guys hate to hear the down to earth stuff and that makes me not the most wanted poster.....But I will say if chumma wouldn't have gotten hurt we absolutely would've won the championship and I don't care what anybody say. If samir wouldn't have jumped and just kept his hand up we would've won without him....but oh well super proud of this team
  3. I'm positive that we won't be as good as everybody ranks us when we start next year
  4. I guess I need to see more tape of him because one and done???? Only guy I remember that had talent like that is Garland and he doesn't look better than than him at all to me
  5. No disrespect but it's like many of you think that you have to average 20 and 10 to go to the NBA. You can see the tools and tell by the way a guy plays if he's special or not. You don't have to be a hall of famer to play in the NBA. You need size and if you don't have it a special skill I don't understand how people thought chumma wasn't going to be a first rounder; downing Wiley like he's a scrub, surprised by Harper....and once again no disrespect, I just think maybe if you haven't been into basketball lately that maybe some set the bar too high. There is nothing Harper could do to make people think he's any better than he is right now, if he's going to go this is the time to go. Plus the point guard class isn't too strong in this draft class
  6. I've stayed off the board but I'm still angry.....I'm pissed at the refs, I'm aggravated at samir......sigh
  7. Choking sign isn't bad anyway. It's not like he did a throat slash, which I think people make too much of a fuss about anyway
  8. Who cares? But trying to make it calling a play is hilarious!
  9. You just have to play smart. Been harping on it from the beginning, wanting us to learn from every situation. I wanted us to pass the hardest tests