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  1. That's not true you can try to manipulate or control however you want to but I didn't say anything to you.
  2. I don't know what instructions you are referring too. I do know you jumping the gun trying to do this is old. But I read false information and I stated correct info which it looks like other people did after me...... but I didn't say ANYTHING to you. And that's what I agreed to do, not say anything to you. Whatever your instructions are is your. But I don't think I'm too far off when I say I doubt you are any authority to tell anybody no or yes about anything. As far as the one trick pony statement I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and I assume you don't either
  3. I saw that the jgt dude said it and harsin told him to kick rocks
  4. Wait.....so rocker gave us a chance to match?? If that's true everybody who has a problem is just stupid imo
  5. I wish there could be a racist purge. I wouldn't miss the people that would leave this board
  6. What about the guy that coached d line at Missouri
  7. I didn't reply to you. If you make something up I can certainly talk on it just not to you. This is a forum. I let the other people who may not have listened as I have the truth as opposed to a fabrication? But do you have permission to reply to me? No friend involved? I don't know what the hell you are saying
  8. That's not true. He wasn't disgruntled and statements also came from very successful players.....who said they weren't prepared at all for the NFL
  9. Maybe they just didn't know what you had to worry about.....I'm just saying it's always the same people angry as hell arguing with me. Like dude told me not to EVER say anything about race and you and your partners liked it......you didn't get angry and give them a tongue lashing. But 👌🏾
  10. Yeah disrespected.Talk about your family 🙄 where? And I never talkes to you in the first place I just replied to be nice......I hope that you are banned
  11. Ok let me slow it down. What was the bs statement
  12. But why are you talking about it now? Look how upset you are......
  13. The ol native American post. If my post have no revelance you can make a post and explain why and if it makes sense I'll agree otherwise don't ever just tell me to be quiet and stand pat while me or my people are disrespected. You have a pair on you
  14. Cool so ranting about it when it didn't happen isn't the way either. When you actually see somebody do it, have at it
  15. Yeah let's just put That's so mathematically wrong but I'll let that slide I'd rather focus on the guys who can't play but have passion the best coach myth. You're smart enough to know how stupid that is. First of all that would be completely skewed sinceblacks weren't allowed to coach. I guess only men they can't play are good owners and gm's as well? There legit is only about 10 people on here that post that legit know what they talk about I would say you are one. But you already have tried to argue some other racist stuff with me and if you are trying to argue that there
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