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  1. Michelle Mouths Off

    But PT clearly used that term to be racial and I didn't and you didn't say that talked about how it could be a mistake. And the other guy won't say it either. You know saying dude isn't taken as a slur, and nobody would think saying dude would offend a person. And even after that I took the high road didn't private message any admin to kick him off the board or anything like that, yet I still read a post of a guy claiming you can't say anything and not be called a racist.....I swear some of you are hilarious.
  2. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Maybe he's not smart enough to audible......
  3. Cole Cubelic on what went wrong Saturday.

    I have many posts saying Clemson is us pretty much if we did things right and made right decisions
  4. Man great stuff. I've been trying to tell people what it's really like as opposed to the generic they are getting a free education answers....
  5. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    If we could just be better as far as play calling in the redzone I'd be so happy
  6. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I have to admit @AU64 was right, I thought JS was a little more athletic than me actually is. You won that debate bro
  7. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I just like winning personally, I'll talk about if we are doing it against the right teams when we actually play those teams
  8. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I predict our wr's get better as they have more practice and attempts catching down field passes
  9. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Heal/heel! I like what you did there!
  10. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    You'll see, wait until he misses a block or drop a ball....literally why do we have him on the team post. And look how quick your posts got liked and random people talked to you that don't ever say anything to you.....just write I hate Cole and you'll win the most quoted post of the day award or whatever it is lol
  11. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I wish they'd stop trying to make all of our wr's have 4.3 speed
  12. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Not the king but when you voice as opinion and you get called stupid or how you are crazy then yeah it's going to make you think I'll be back....But if you can be there when I get attacked I'd respect that opinion alot more
  13. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Uh oh....that's going to put a hurt on the hate Ryan Davis group
  14. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Just going to mention how I told people kj was a better back thanpettway