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  1. Well I'm not trying to argue about opinions. All I know is trying to use stats to point out a nose tackle's play is misleading. The bestnose tackles won't have good stats. You can look at Fair for us. Truesdell stats are similar with 3 less games and neither one is much. A nose tackle in a 3-4 is a completely different position and skill set than a d tackle in a 4-3. Asked to do different things so even going back to a previous year with a different defense doesn't mean too much. What you can see that's fact though is as soon as he was available he was made a starter and everybody i
  2. A bunch of people performance was bad last year. And if you put a magnifying glass and watch anybody last year you will find play that's not good. He was regarded as one of the strongest men on the team. And that type of d tackle wasn't his optimal position. A nose tackle is his best position. People said the exact thing about Fair last year and he was at uab. Theoretically if he was lazy there he certainly wouldn't be successful here.
  3. Well everybody on here aren't afforded the same opportunities. If I type out and explain that, then I'm a know it all, and I'm escalating an argument. I can't move freely as others so I have to approach and interact differently. It's nothing to you personally.
  4. Yes. Especially at NT. Just being able to hold space and take up two blockers unlocks almost limitless opportunities for this defense. Also if our linebackers has a weakness it's their size. Being able to free them up and run around sideline to sideline is huge. If Truesdell was here playing it would be huge. We would be much better on defense. Also that position is such a effort position, having someone to share the load would help a bunch. Nose tackles are hard to find.
  5. Yes. He was very athletic for his size. I think he starts easy. Also him being able to be in rotation with Fair would be huge. So far d line play has dictated the overall success of the defense. Heroes of a 3-4 usually aren't shown in stats, but they are vital all the same.
  6. Pretty sure that was Carter that made that play. Goggans was a tight end if I remember correctly, but I'm not sure. I'm positive though that d end was Carter. That defensive secondary was horrible but the d line was amazing. Even beyond Fairly. We could rush with just 4 and we also could stop the run as well. And I'm just being accurate with the player but I understand your overall point and agree with it's importance
  7. Anybody saying he carried that Oregon game is laughable as well. If people would stop the wild exaggerations then nobody would bring up how it's not true and the discussion wouldn't have to go to what Bo didn't do and eventually the everybody hates Bo stuff. We all should focus on the wonderful game he just had and the focus would stay on positive about him as it very well should be after a great performance that he put on. But this is a great example of why at times conversations go the way they do. This could saying be a great game Bo had where everybody helped out, instead of Bo
  8. We are a team in the first year of a 3-4..... I really don't know what people that are complaining expected. Nobody even knew our best d line players last year. Also couldn't understand all the crying during the game. We were playing one of the top dual threat QB's in the league. You don't just bull rush mobile QB 's. That's what make them difficult. The reason LSU lost to us was because they tried to rush us like they did everyone else instead of focusing on containing Bo. Clearly the d will go whichever way the d line goes and being that we didn't return any big time players from
  9. Preciate your heart and moral compass but don't put yourself on those types radar for me. It wouldn't be worth it. Definitely wish it was more like you though, I wouldn't want you to go through that. If you ever need me just holla!
  10. I remember him being about a 60% passer in an offense where wr's ran two routes. But like I said for every pass that's pointed out bad I can remember a td pass that most couldn't make. But that's me
  11. I completely disagree. He was right at 60% and we all know Sammie and Ricardo had their drop issues as well. He threw a pretty deep ball. He constantly challenged defenses deep and that actually opened up stuff for everybody
  12. We need a don't think for yourself and accept whatever is posted first section. Then I think everybody could be happy. It's funny though just about all the people that complain about not agreeing has disagreed with me before. I guess it was ok to do then..... Or just highlight the people names that you can't offer an opinion to. That might work as well
  13. Yeah you gave interest to watch again because like I said I remember maybe one. I'll tell you what I see. It's interesting he only gives 6 drops. I saw someone else give 8 just from shivers and Robertson alone
  14. I'll have to watch the game personally again because I don't remember any down down field passes certainly not 5 completed. You have to remember tjcame in and played as well and I just remember one from him
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