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  1. I just compared a team that sucked that got a player (who at the time you would've said was a nobody) but do you really think he cares about being a 20 win team? And all it would take is one more player to do the same thing he would do anywhere else.
  2. Murray state had was a very average team before Ja Morant committed? And that's just one example. We sucked before Bruce became coach.....can't win without difference makers. Maybe he's one
  3. This is so stupid a mod should've thought about deleting it
  4. This guy just made a stand that could impact this whole recruiting game. This would be even bigger if it wasn't for the g league but if he's successful this evil empire won't be on the same footing. They will start listening. Now mess up and have Bronny James are Mikey Williams do some of the same things.....uh oh 😂
  5. Mark is now ranked as a top 25 PG in the nation......I like what's happening every year he's just been moving up, I I'm very much interested and where he'll be by the end of next season. I'm thinking top 10 at least but we'll see.
  6. Don't say anything about 9/11 again then. Don't talk about terrorism, or illegal immigrants or even looting again But you're on the older side of things right?
  7. I think most of you that post on here has a wrong perception of what's going on here. I feel like there's a group of you on here that thinks people are debating you and asking for respect, equality, etc. Please don't think that, I could care less what most of you think and especially people that would literally ask me about other crime when I'm trying to get justice out here. Like I have to earn equality.... I just know many of you are older and out of touch and think waving at a black person qualifies you to know how they feel and such. so I was just letting you know the climate of society and I'm really trying to help. Just letting you know don't think that people are scared. When you hit the I'm tired of hearing this don't think anybody is shutting up. And I also don't want heart attacks when daughters come home with black boyfriends and vice versa. It's inevitable, the pushing false rhetoric and fake history is over. Men will be judged for how they lived their lives, even the people that were made to be heroes that were scum. Just waiting for people to die out!
  8. The same country that established wealth from slavery that then did things make made laws that wouldn't allow banks to offer African Americans low interest loans for business and houses that were used and establish wealth for many now? But all white people aren't racist, doesn't change the fact that there are idiots today all over in positions of power in every industry that are. That simply received an unfair advantage in a race that looks back and say hey if you can catch up you can win! And let's not pretend that when something is said snap your finger it is so.....things will be right one day, it just that many have to die and be replaced.
  9. Like you generalize blm? But if I generalize the people that generalize you're sick about that.....ok You going against every post about injustice asking about crime isn't divisive but me saying you don't really care is.....makes sense. You're right it is pathetic
  10. Lol so you don't think he said that? Is that what you are saying as far as the credible source part?
  11. Is simply the white people that get upset and are so triggered about "race talk" which is nothing more than people wanting they really know what has happened and what's going on is a horrible deal and they simply don't want to let go of any power, or leverage because they are scared that if everything was leveled up they are scared that other people will do to them what they did to others
  12. Cop out. If black people in poverty had the tools white people had you'd see change. If white people were the ones exploited and therefore behind and trapped in poverty they would be in this spot of high crime. Also if all lives matter why aren't many white people outraged and innocent deaths? Why aren't they doing anything besides making each other more rich? Let's be real though most white people that even ask this question don't care about those children killed just the same they didn't care for Floyd and all the other men killed
  13. I find the whole telling people to leave and then having a super strong faith in Christianity being hypoc....nevermind
  14. I'm not trying to force feed you anything, I mean look at the things you've said so I couldn't possibly take you seriously, but I will tell you the definition of hypocrisy and that's what it is. Please tell me these so hateful remarks LeBron said.....and are they anywhere near as hateful at the president's stuff? And yes we know LeBron is black. You could've just said a respected man.....You don't hear people saying Tom Brady who is a highly regarded white man....who some black people respect as well...... And yes black people are people if you just walk by and nod guess what?!? They don't Rob, and kill you! They wave and everything! Also guess what it doesn't mean racism doesn't exist because you don't see it! If you're not racist why should you see it? But yeah it's a big conspiracy we are all lying about it to eventually get extra French fries in our happy meal when we buy it.....ooops I mean steal it!