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  1. So let's ask the hard would you guys be mad if Bo threw 3td's but also 3 picks?
  2. Small schools, the biggest right now is UAB if I'm not mistaken
  3. Man I missed you yesterday bro lol. Not too many wanted to talk they wanted you to shut up and get in line. I'm at work but I'll come back and tell you my thoughts on break
  4. He's already playing a year ahead
  5. Going to Hargrave! Did all he can do and not enough people took notice so he decided to go get it
  6. I can PM you, I don't feel like random fights. People didn't have the most flattering things to say about certain qb's giving interviews.
  7. Now I think that's bull really but the interview stuff will always be a sore spot for me
  8. I worry about our power run game......I also hope our QB is tough. No matter what some think just singing blue sky and rainbows don't make everything work. I hope the o line and wr play well enough to support the young: man he's going to need help
  9. You know it! This is because way back the jj/SW qb thing....
  10. I didn't know one way or the other personally. I don'tcare who wins, but I was thinking I wanted a guy that was tough and respected so I preached to playing them live. Long as we win I don't care but I prefer when a guy wins it he should keep it....but that's just me
  11. Ok, cool story whoever you are. Everybody is done now though. Move along
  12. I'm not your bro and we've interacted when? Definitely not today. Why are you being deceitful?