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  1. @TitanTigersee? And I know you can't control it but just see what I'm saying?
  2. It's to everybody, it's always the same people. And most will say what they need to, to hide. Something like I'm not saying there's no bad apples out there BUT blah blah blah. Like if you find yourself literally every time a black person is killed, every time something racist is said, every time something racist is pointed out but it's in your soul to fight that everybody is lying. Wouldn't somewhere along the way you think about it?
  3. Like seriously, if you find yourself literally always in every situation going out of your way to discredit the minority side or pov.....you don't notice that and think maybe I have a problem?
  4. And no where did anybody say hey that's ok don't talk about that! What I did do was explain how that movement is much more than the organization and I'm not going to let the guy with the history set up that the purpose of blm isn't legit. Which I double down and say again. You're smart enough to know what he's doing too but if you don't want to talk about that that's cool, I respect it. I don't want to talk about the pointless debate about scrutiny because there hasn't even been a disagreement.
  5. And yet your posts will get a bunch of likes from certain individuals......and I still stand by everything I said. Some people are going to run and hide behind your post. It's funny how it works out. When people agree about stuff of this nature it will be in PM's but literally every thread on here when it's a time stuff can be addressed I guarantee it will be a couple of people like this arguing about something off topic....I don't ever get the debate about the pointless stuff in the PM's but a bunch of people calling out the bigot stuff with me. I can count on 3 guys to say something.
  6. Lol. Whatever it is you want to argue you go ahead and do what you want. I could care less about scrutiny. Like I said that's common to most organizations. Of course if money isn't used for it's purpose then there's a problem. That really goes without saying. Hell this particular guy has tried to argue the NFL is squeaky clean....but this is what really pushes his buttons lol. I'm addressing the overall thoughts in totality which includes the person saying it and their history and to that I mean every word that I said originally. I'm not scared of these clowns with their bigoted
  7. I could definitely see him being able to do that role but I'd be lying if I told you I know that's how he'll be used. As far as NBA players he reminds me of it's Jamaal Murray and Jordan Clarkson. He has all the tools needed to be an efficient scorer
  8. Au24 is going to go crazy when he/she sees this.
  9. I find it no different than any other group or organization. And the thing that it seems many don't get as far as black lives matter it really is a message much more than a group. The only people that are concerned about who leads it are usually people that has a problem with black lives actually mattering. If you asked most people about the head of the organization most don't know. Whoever is, is certainly not viewed as a leader. And I'm always going to look at the messenger. If the messenger is a person who is always going to look for a reason to argue against holding racist actions ac
  10. Lol.....this clown is hilarious. Of course this comes from a guy who will fight to the death that anything isn't racist. He argued how blackface isn't racist......your slip is showing
  11. Bro I know nobody here is going to try to argue that being rich and white you get treated different in the judicial system as opposed to if you aren't...
  12. The strongest line up would be scoot, Flannigan, Thor, jabari, Kessler. We're switching everything on defense and we are going to out athletic you in all phases of the game
  13. As far as being successful I'm lucky that I have a mind to understand the physicsbehind nuclear energy and I'm slightly lucky that you can't really bs anybody into giving you these jobs. You are going to be tested and held accountable and you can't hide. But even with that I was only hired because they literally wouldn't hire black people and after 12 years of it somebody said come on guys you can't be serious...... Needless to say I have to feel the ramifications of that. Even though I was more than qualified. I'm not biased against anybody. I'm not afraid to stand up even in the w
  14. I'm on my phone so breaking up quotes will probably just lead to confusion. I did explain it to you but it seems like you didn't read it because you didn't acknowledge it. I'll say it again, one of the systemic racism doesn't exist guys said they systemic racism is merely people who don't want to take accountability for their actions. I pointed out the situation of the Dothan policemen as an example as to how stupid that is. So with a play on those words I sarcastically said they must have to take ownership of being black because they didn't do anything but be black to get falsely
  15. @McLoofussee that explosive word? I like the sound of that! Man I should be paid for this. I'm going to start my own stuff up. You can be my right hand man, and we're going to make some money off of this!
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