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  1. Oh I didn't know that. No I don't think there's anybody besides him
  2. I think Tommy Thigpen, who do you suggest?
  3. You have one here at TCU as well. A coach that is
  4. 💣💥 That was my brain as I just did what you said with the multi quoting! I've never seen a quote selection before that! I have a droid too and I figured everybody that could do it either had I phones or were on PC's like a bunch of nerds!
  5. Oh I need somebody to show me how to reply to certain questions on the phone. I can't get it to work for nothing
  6. It could be, it could be he was punished for doing something. But it could not be as well, people telling stories controlling the narrative of course it's not going to be their fault. I give him the benefit of doubt because the thing out of place was that part. It could be that he was messed up from being alone, I hate that it's always so easy to bad attitude these kids. But you could be right, but that also could be wrong. Literally every game I have seen at least one person say something like so and so isn't trying or has a bad attitude and I'm watching that same person and I see they are busting their tail out there. And I've already admitted as far as Bo he gets all the positive benefits of doubts. I just wish that all the players were treated that way. And nah I only post so much, I don't usually post what I hear because I going to have to argue about what I know I just can imagine posting stuff I heard is going to go lol. My last sentence is me saying I would think you would know as far as the things I said that last paragraph but I wasn't insinuating anything I was saying that. No mind games or nothing.
  7. I was making an example and in that example I didn't say that. I was just showing to say Bo has a good attitude and Joey doesn't what opposition would Bo have to say he has a good attitude. I'm sure Joey didn't think he was going to beat out js. And I said it seems to me he thinks he has a chance as if he was out of whoever dog house. Just forget any of my post I tried to use for examples. Apparently I didn't do a good job and stuff is taken out of context I intended. I knew the first long post it was going to happen though and said it
  8. That worked? Nah. I know guys that could just get by on talent that didn't work and stuff got real on the next level. I never seen a kid that loved the game had dreams and just quit working.....And the very first camp of all does that even make sense? I'm going to work for this dream and when I get there I'll just stop