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  1. You Damn sure better over do it before you under do it
  2. But we can't do it.....better yet we won't do it right???
  3. NOTHING will ever measure up to being able to tell a kid, under my tutelage I've helped this guy, this guy, this guy, and that guy get to the NFL and I can do the same for you.....that will ALWAYS be the trump card
  4. I don't know what we're going to get....But I do know we needed an OC who was a recognizable name and could recruit, I don't care what anybody else says or tries to make it not that bad or whatever....
  5. The make pretend sw is a victim thing is just the funniest thing to me.....the people that critique everybody else the hardest have the audacity to go on some poor sw tangent and it's funny. It reminds me of the line in remember the titans (I think?) The coach says he's mean as hell, but he's that same guy with all the players....on this board? Not so much....
  6. Nobody can measure anything with the wr's as far as coached better. Stevens hasn't played any better. M Davis damn sure hasn't. It's just more indirectly siding with Gus because if you really like Gus you don't want to say he messed up big time with CDC. I remember after the first couple of games people tried to start talking about how much better the wr's we're fundamentally.....nope. When we ever have amazing qb play then you will see amazing wr's period. There was definitely a talent upgrade recently, nobody can deny that....And that's because of CDC.
  7. I want a guy who will speak up if something isn't going right.....
  8. Lol all this arguing about how much respect you have for him, and how he's as great of a man as you know and all these years you've NEVER had the right date. I'm pretty sure he told a story about how he's not the only person celebrating and people around him does so as these other people were wrong as well?????
  9. Man....every year the same bull and it's not even his birthday.....year after year the same you guys not see how funny this is???
  10. I can already see it coming.....This country elected Donald and it's about that time! Here we go!
  11. Wait....You mean to tell me that it wasn't even REL's birthday???? LMAO!!!!!
  12. I think he may be the most over rated coach we have.....And that's hard to achieve on this board
  13. Do YOU guys like this staff? If you were an opposing coach would this staff scare you? Would you be concerned at all?
  14. I'll agree with the system part because we love the right up the gut and good luck.....But kj is something like bell for the Steelers. He's the most talented back