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  1. I have to disagree with the jj quite a bit time part they gave up on him pretty early but they weren't going to send Sean out against LSU. The way they ruined two QB's was incredible. Also if you add how they also through poor leadership let jovon Robinson, roc Thomas, and Duke Johnson just say bye to all their talent and careers as auburn. Then it's not even that he recruited jf3 but didn't go after the guy that starred at Virginia tech. And for all I know jf3 may have been teachable to be a serviceable QB we didn't see it but I don't trust Gus with any QB. That's everybody fall back is nobo
  2. To me the saddest QB story is JJ. Never stood a chance and all sympathy he could/should get went straight to SW. But that's me. If SW can stay objective talking about this he's more than professional enough to be an analyst
  3. I think it's better than he reminds me of Joe Montana if you take away all of Joe's talent
  4. I gotcha different perspectives and what not, to me this QBat ole miss played the exact way Bo would if Bo had less talent around him imo. And when I looked at his stats against teams that they were better than they are similar to Bo's when he plays lesser talent as well
  5. I understand the thought I just feel it's very broad and can be said by any number of QB's as that's a fundamental. Like there's a bunch of QB's that rush and don't set their feet so they end up being inaccurate with their throws but I wouldn't say because two QB's do it they are similar. I would say two QB's like mahomes and Rodgers are comparable though because they have the arm arm strength to still make accurate throws off balance, because there aren't too many that can do that. But that's me
  6. Oh my bad I thought we was comparing them as Mike Evans did for Johnny football as well
  7. I'm not saying anything about the number of times he goes to a guy or having a main guy even though Bo needs to get alot better at it. I'm talking the actual throws. Bo is rarely zipping balls in or hitting guys in stride. I'm not saying he never does it, it's not often. It's more times than not he's lobbing a ball up or just guiding it to a guy that was mostly open. Seth has more jump ball, basketball grabs than most. Those other QB you used for examples were all pretty good at spreading the ball around. literally all the guys guy named I know their partners off the top of my head becau
  8. Over half of Bo's explosive plays are Seth making an unbelievable play that only maybe 20% of other guys can do. I don't see how you can miss it
  9. Must be me but Bo playsnothing like Johnny to me. There are plenty of QB's that tries to make things happen but doesn't but they aren't compared to Johnny. Johnny would run around keep plays alive while keeping his head up and make plays. I don't ever see Bo doing that. I see Bo gets nervous and takes off when he's nervous usually to the right side and is scrambling to run more so than to pass. I can say I play like Kobe Bryant minus the talent. When I shoot a jumper I want it to go in. When I jump I want to be able to dunk. I can physically shoot a jumper, I can dribble a ball, I even th
  10. As opposed to you saying they are the same because they both wore socks and cleats.....
  11. This is the dumbest thread ever. 2 guys trying to weasel out the same argument in two different ways contradicting each other. And trying to argue it by basically saying two guys don't have to be similar to say they are similar. Then insert a pic of any QB on earth and say see? Just look and think about it..... Bo reminds me of Warren moon think about it.....there's no two people alike and you can't use stats and stuff.....the way they drink their Gatorade is the same though. Look at how they hold the cup. Now one is a hof player but that doesn't matter moon had better coaches! Now G
  12. Everybody else shooting duds but you going to highlight mine! I have to be on all the time? I'm not perfect!
  13. Nope we are! We're lucky to have ol coach Gus!
  14. I hope someone is telling him to get the hell away
  15. Well aren't you guys so enlightened and everybody else is dumb and beneath you on social media....reminds me of myself and this board actually 🤔
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