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  1. There's nothing new to invent, the best way to beat a zone is going high low and killing it, minus shooting them out of one......
  2. Need alpha guards like him. Hell IDC shoot your shot with all the great prospects. I'm still going to dream that Mikey Williams or emoni Bates will come play here
  3. It's no point trying to debate this, I tried long ago. Nobody is going acknowledge it. It's like if you're good at a position you're good at all and it's merely he didn't try. What's funny is if there is anything about this that's subjective and can't be stated as fact it's his effort...I laugh at the people that so matter of factly say he played with bad effort.....of course guys sitting behind a CPU that couldn't possibly fathom what it's like in the slightest
  4. This is literally EXACTLY what I said he was probably thinking and many said I was wrong......wellcan't argue about it now
  5. I don't know if it's the case for us or not but I do know sometimes a team will use a strategy with a few guys to run back on defense no matter what. That's if a team is very good at starting their offense off a miss
  6. I know Tennessee isn't that good this year especially after my cousin was hurt but I think Bruce is coaching his butt off this year. We're REALLY lucky to have him as a coach, he's on an entire different level.
  7. I don't see how any of this makes sense but maybe it's me, I'm going to read it again to see I'm comprehending your post right
  8. Nobody didn't think Jordan could dominate? I can get that nobody may have expected him to be Michael Jordan good but judging from his play in college I would've thought he was going to be good. Some stuff just stand Ja Morant. When I saw him play us and Alabama i said then he'd be good. When I saw Memphis had the second pick in the draft i said he'd be rookie of the year. Sometimes you can just see it clear as day
  9. Zion was a household name while he was in high school, and mello is one of the most watched athletes ever. People literally watched him grow up. No I don't think there will be ANY difference as far as marketing him. In fact he has already made more money than some guys who's been in the league for 3 years. Not playing college didn't hurt KG, LeBron or Kobe either as far as marketing. Melo was leading a generation of youth while he was still in middle school, he made that Mohawk and stuff come back. He will be able to influence fashion and all of that. These guys were stars long before college fans heard about them
  10. Lol, Wiley child have a 20 10 game easy if we knew how to play our roles on the team....I wouldn't be able to play pick up with our guards sometimes....I'd surely would have slapped somebody by now
  11. I gotcha, I see what you're saying
  12. Well Minnesota don't have a core they are still looking for a player that can generate points on the perimeter, ATL just used two lottery picks on the EXACT thing Okoro brings to the table. If they used another top 5 pick on a 3 that isn't a good scorer their front office is pathetic. Who has Minn duo? Minn was stupid to let Levine go. But actually I guess since those two teams are so horrible at building teams maybe they will draft Okoro. It would be dumb though. A team drafting Okoro over Wiseman would be questionable. Like I said Okoro is like the 3rd best at his position going top 5 is really wishing. I get the super fan stuff but it's lame to be close minded and not even want to discuss reality because of homerism.....I don't think that's really a word. Your second paragraph is echoing what I've originally stated on this thread, but I was just trying to offer a little more clarity or logic with how the draft's not what wants to be heard right now I guess
  13. Atl or Minnesota would be idiots if they took Okoro with their first picks....especially ATL. Okoro is around the 3rd best at his position in this draft. What some of you are seeing isn't adding up to me. Seems like team needs aren't being placed in the equations. But the season is still going and maybe some teams will get structured different or something like that or guys will step up and change the needs of a team. Okoro is the type of pick that completes a team not build a team around him