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  1. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    I don't care if he has fumbled kam Martin should be playing more. Pettway fumbled alot last year
  2. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    We're going to run kj until he's hurt I see
  3. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    No, not missing 3 or 4 fg's already
  4. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    I've been excited about McBride I always thought he had a great film coming out of high school
  5. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Stidham could have set his feet andmade a better throw
  6. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Mizzou's punter is their best player....NEVER good. I was ashamed when Carlson was ours
  7. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Well kj looked gassed next series let's play another back, be smart
  8. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Well this is mizzou, take things in perspective
  9. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    A little mizzou is just what the doctor ordered for us
  10. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    I can't express how good Coe is especially to be his first year playing
  11. Bashing Gus

    Ok really try this. Think about how many times you've thought what are we doing, or why would we try this here, or why do we keep running it right up the middle...then think about how many times you've thought to yourself....didn't see that play action coming or something like can go back as far as three years....
  12. Player Development

    Well I do something similar, I follow guys we passed on. Zach Cunningham was better than any linebacker we had on roster, we passed on Lamar Jackson but took a chance with jf3. I don't know what happened with jarrad Davis but how crazy is it him and Cunningham could've been here on the same team? We waited until the very last minute to offer jalen Ramsey and he had interest in us but it wasn't reciprocated at first....I don't know what the hell we were doing this past year at safety and we're going to feel that. I know everybody misses but we are doing it too bad, as far as guys right there in our lap that we're not closing on. Like how everybody made it not a big deal we didn't get Bentley....that stuff hurts. Actually the guys we let get away from the auburn/Opelika area hurts every single time whether we like it or not. But when we lose players like Tim Irvin and roc Thomas we try to convince ourselves that it's not a big deal......
  13. Bashing Gus

    That's subjective but Gus has done the same in games that he had house money
  14. Sean White dismissed

    I'm more of a let a guy show you. They said sw was a much better real game player than me that kam Martin and Malik Miller is worse than a hurt and tired pettway. Let's not forget the ONLY reason we know about kp is injury and guys quitting.....
  15. Sean White dismissed

    We beat arky with jj, we beat them another time with just throwing something like 5 passes. Then we went on to do the exact same thing with Tennessee. But there wasn't a game where we couldn't run the ball and sw put it on his shoulders. Which of course isn't his fault but he didn't have to play teams like that. Even when jj played Gus can make it look good. But a team making it where we would have to pick and pop them to death, (pretty much intermediate routes or whatnot) Gus hasn't been able to handle that