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  1. I'll give you two hints.......one since you're not a minority there's a high chance that you won't experience doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's stupid. Second tip: A racist is stupid but not stupid stupid......they cover up and lie. Take Emit Till's murders for example.....They didn't get convicted but that doesn'tmean that brutal murder didn't happen. When people in power control and have authority well of course it's not documented and available to look up in stats
  2. How stupid is this? Ok. Racism doesn't exist because I don't keep them in my personal social circle......I guess it's like the ol I have one token black friend in reverse 😂
  3. Hilarious. Old white men who has the advantage of being treated fairly sit on their perch and tell people that get persecuted how it doesn't exist. Idiot indeed
  4. To try to use stats such as this is literally insane. You are right about one thing though selective biased media coverage is the reason so many are so ignorant to what actually happens out in the world.
  5. See how quick? Very quickly it's white men being persecuted.....😂 Everybody hating on the white man
  6. Let me guess this will be a bunch of he didn't kill because of color, and what about black on black crime, while also not being vilified as a thug or terrorist. We will ignore how he was apprehended without being killed and they will search all throughout his life and find any good for sympathy and we will focus on his mental health.
  7. It wasn't too long ago people would become legit upset if you said ANYTHING about running ability when discussing a QB getting a start or not on here..... Man the game has changed a bunch from a few years ago
  8. Hoping Flanigan body continue to heal. It was very admirable for him to rush himself back and try to help the team. Unfortunately I don't think people really appreciated what he struggled with......I'm hoping he can play a season at least at 95% but who knows? Hate that he was injured
  9. Thanks my guy. Good seeing your posts on here as well
  10. Well the one thing about it is we've been handcuffed by poor QB play for years so if anybody can be accurate or consistent it will be the first time in a long time we actually have had a decent offense. What nobody has thought about or at least have openly discussed is how the team may improve if any of the QB's are able to become leaders and win a team over. The intangibles of a QB is very important as well and we have also been lacking in that.
  11. People should be supportive of all the QB 's in the same way they were supportive of the last QB. On this site you shouldn't even be able to critique a QB. This board should be the most QB friendly board on the net
  12. You guys still think he can play for North Carolina, Kentucky, etc???
  13. The shooting will all depend on how well they move the ball. If they decide to make an extra pass or two we may be decent. We really need a complete PG
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