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  1. You see it's all perspective. Many on here stay on flan about something but the reality of it is, it's harder to score in college as opposed to the NBA. Most of the season playing out of position and without a point guard he's damn near a 50% scorer...if you took his 3 point shots out of that he'd be at 60%. He's 6'7" can handle the point about like Powell. I don't really consider that being able to say he can play point but able to do it enough to provide assistance. And he's smart. Can guard 3 maybe 4 positions. That's what other people are going to see. It's about perspective. Bu
  2. I don't know how I didn't know bell left..... That freaking sucks. I figured him and Jones were going to provide a nice foundation at the guard spots. People on here blast the o line performance last year but they consistently became better each game. The only position on the team that did so. They weren't perfect or any where close to perfect but they weren't close to being as bad as some would have you to. I think coming up they will be pretty solid
  3. Most dominant NCAA players off the top of my head was Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Vince young, Tim Tebow Dwayne Jarrett, Adrian Peterson. Pat white and slayton one year. And Percy Harvin. You could put him at wr, hb, corner, and safety. I'm missing one person and I don't know why I can't think of them
  4. I feel absolutely confident in saying what will determine coop trying to leave or not is how I'd say 4-5 guys will be evaluated. There are a handful of guys that are combo guards with nba interest. Take for instance the guy that plays for tcu or even suggs to an extent. If they are viewed as being able to run point then coop probably stays. Also a thing that is going for us or that will make it where coop will probably come back is the success of the recent combo guards Colby white, and even more important Melo and Haliburton has been great so people will look at these combo guards close
  5. So this is what actually was said I’m still of the camp of “if the virus scares you, stay home”.
  6. Using that criteria I don't think anybody could have led that team to a championship.
  7. I thought it was sort of humorous that 3/4 of the OP was naming all of the different things that affected the team to pretty much end it with but nevermind that I wanted to win
  8. Yes. Even if he was a so called great defender in college because of his size nobody would think he could do it in the NBA. Nobody will draft him for or not draft him for defense stuff. They'll just think they'll need to pair him with a tall versatile wing or two. It will be can he be consistent enough with his shot that teams will have to respect it and does he make good decisions. And once again what other PG's are available to take. That's a HUGE variable that I haven't seen people bring up.
  9. Lol. I know. That's why I said what I said. It's funny but when you think about it it's true
  10. I guess what I'm saying is people on here are much harder on what it takes to play in the NBA than actual people that draft players
  11. Lol that's actually a good point.....sometimes look at who you are agreeing with and maybe think harder about what you are saying lol
  12. Of course you're going to remember him losing the ball, he's a PG. College is a place to show what you have, nobody is perfect and you don't have to average a triple double to be drafted. It remains to be seen if most teams would tell him to stay a year and besides the top 5 no team is drafting desperate. And even those aren't desperate they just need somebody to help earlier rather than later.
  13. As far as on this board, the thing about it is people aren't really good at knowing how players are evaluated when it comes to being drafted. And so they say things like they won't make a team or aren't lottery when what they say aren't necessarily true. Like people just know Flannigancan't play in the NBA......when his game is absolutely says he can and stuff like that
  14. I can somewhat see some logic to it but unless they had 2 all time seasons what difference does it make? If they had an all time year and then an ok year I don't know
  15. I'm no where near you in qualifications, I can only imagine how frustrating it can be for someone like you. But that's why I'm here.....I don't care about arguments or what people think of me......I'll pick up the slack for you as you've been on the frontlines for me. This guy/girl is an idiot. There's no way around it. He/she said covid is merely the flu. It's ok to think it. You're not a bad person. He/she is not too bright , it must be said.
  16. You should be able to line up and run the same exact play the entire game and everybody knows and still get 100 yards. Run a pass play with 3 options the entire game and just off luck have at the least 100 yards to offer
  17. I just wanted to add one more really to your opinion of how dumb that logic is. I emphatically agree with you.
  18. Well that was one of the wild things said....but covid is the flu! Pretty much now I'm just waiting for the conspiracy theory that Allen Greene invented covid to sabotage Auburn football.
  19. Covid is the flu may be the dumbest thing ever written on this board. And there's been some stuff said.....but this......wow
  20. I knew he/she was going to make it a Allen Greene problem....hilarious.
  21. I wouldn't say he outplayed it but I don't put as much stock in basketball rankings as I do football. Basketball to me is either this guy can play in the NBA now and well dominate guys in college and then everybody else. In the short time I saw him he can shoot and that's super important for us. I can't call him a specialist yet he basically got hot in two games. All the other games he was ok. His mechanics and stuff I definitely think he's going to be a good shooter. The most surprising thing about his game to me was his rebounding. He was very good at anticipating where shots were
  22. It's more than just numbers to determine how well a player is doing. It's what you are asked to do and how well do you do that. Right now okoro defense is his priority. Knock down some occasional 3's will be very helpful. He's number 3 or 4 as far as offensive responsibility right now. He was drafted because the future backcourt of the team are small and he's needed to even up mismatches. The Cavs are actually a versatile 4 away from being a good team. Well at least as far as the starters go. As far as okeke everybody already sees how special of a player he is. If he can stay healt
  23. I'm glad he's still going to be able to play. Just saw a little so I can't accurately break him down yet. I will say what I'm worried about is people amping him up saying he's better than what he is then that leads to meltdowns and such. And before anybody tries to do it I'm not saying he isn't good. I think he's good and I think he'd be a valuable player on a bunch of teams, and being he's one of the few on our team that can stretch the floor he's even more valuable to us. I'm just going off some very IMO high praise things said that I wouldn't go that far to say. But we'll se
  24. I can in PM's but not on the main forum it seems
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