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  1. Let these guys tell it, we are dirt poor. We have a cup in our hand begging for scraps. We don't have anything to offer and all the good recruits are going to go between those 4 schools. 700 recruits is somehow going to go fit on these 4 schools. NIL ruined football! If it was like the old days then it would be different! We would have a bunch of 5 stars
  2. I don't believe Auburn to be special or different than other schools. People have been donating to athletic programs for years. Paying thousands of dollars just for a name to be on a seat or face on a program. The fact we're discussing it in the manner that we are doesn't even make sense. A billionaire doesn't have to pick one of the other.....he'd do both. He'd say how can I help. Just like any other school
  3. This is what I was thinking, that's why I originally said it's literally our own fault if for whatever reason we don't compete with other schools. There aren't any barricades or anything. It's as fair as it's ever been.
  4. Anybody has a chart of the different school's with money? Who are the top tier? And where are we? And where were we before NIL?
  5. I see what you're saying but what I'm saying even if he thinks like that (I doubt that he does) I'm saying there are still guys on the football team he could probably still gives scholarships to if he wanted. The NIL stuff isn't anymore ridiculous than any other scholarship imo. Actually the NIL stuff you probably get to see how your money is used for something good. But once again I doubt Timcook is saying I'm not spending money on an athletic scholarship I'm going to spend it on an academic one instead.
  6. So basically it still just fall back on it's pretty much our decision......if we don't want to pay for superstars then what are we crying about? Crying about NIL why? Who cries about other people having quality product when they chose to pass on it?
  7. So Auburn is above other school's now and we are a high academic institution? I doubt it. Also there are smart football players as well. Also I was part of Auburn's engineering scholarship program and it's amazing at how so many of the people that get the scholarships aren't as smart as they are hyped up to be.
  8. I assume he'd be like all of the other school's alumaround the country. It's actually hilarious that Auburn's may not even like football 😂 Either way can't be mad at the players about it
  9. Isn't the head of Apple an Auburn alum? But we can't get money for NIL. Seems like these "Auburn" men are letting us down
  10. I don't think he's even an option, but I'm pretty sure if he was we would have many, maybe even a majority against him. But as far as recruiting my point is it would take someone like him to make our brand here to be somewhat cool.
  11. You misread or misunderstood that part of my post. But even if you didn't if I'm talking about our fan base and you point out instance that doesn't mean what I said isn't true. If I said we made horrible play calls then you say when we played ole miss this particular play call was good, that doesn't change the fact that we still made some dumb play calls
  12. I didn't say anything about being a race thing. You had to go out of your way to try to think of exceptions to what I said and that's my point. It's the culture here. But that's not going to shake anything up and that's not ever going to be in or cool. That's not Auburn. So constantly crying about not being top is stupid. You say Deion on this board 80% hate him. When Kodi was here he was trash....but these are super stars everywhere else. What I'm saying we are what we want to be
  13. I will probably be the only person to admit this but I have absolutely no idea why we as a school pretend that we are broke and don't have any money
  14. Well no matter what, all the players aren't going to go to the same school. We basically have to stop trying to pocket so much money and actually spend it. As far as Auburn we're literally in the same spot we've always been in. There's no point in us crying, that doesn't even make sense. We weren't ever getting all the 5 star recruits, why would our fan base care as to why other people get them? At least now we have more control than we ever did. If we don't want to spend money well that's on us then.....be mad at leadership. Before we weren't getting guys because we wouldn't spend money on facilities and such. It's dumb to be like it's not fair! As if we have ever shown any capability of being a leading program. We will never be a hip cool school. And it's not what a good portion of our fan base want. One good thing I notice you do is you'll always ask the end game. You always have in your mind what are you wanting overall. So let's use the message board as an example, do we really think we can be the top program in the country with the ideology and vision they want to push? Don't want players talking, hate blm and social movements, hate Nike, super conservative on everything, don't talk on the field, always want to be the underdog. Hell this school doesn't even root for their 5 stars, we are going to root for that little country kid that was a walk on...... In actuality we don't really want to be a top program, we don't even want to recruit really. Those kids are pampered and should be happy with a meal card right? I mean in the 50's when most of this board was in college they worked 3 jobs while getting their degree or they were in the band and they know what real dedication is. Or my favorite their kid is in school now and their kid didn't get an athletic scholarship!
  15. Lol as opposed to when Auburn was winning all those championships and the small schools were competingat a high level!
  16. Lol and we aren't going hard as far as the NIL why? It's funny to me everybody having a problem that recruits are getting money. It's all the same money but now it's divided up different and now people have a problem because the people that actually put in the work is getting paid. People should get it right, the end of college football was when suits at different colleges were splitting up billions of dollars and nobody cared
  17. This isn't new though......it's not just now that Auburn fell off as far as recruiting. This started around when smart was hired at uga. Pretty much when we started losing guys to Clemson and uga consistently is when we fell off. Now the only way to get it back is consistent winning because Deion Sanders is the only coach that could come in this area and just start competing with the brands of bammer, uga, and Clemson. Also the average player that this fan base really gravitates to isn't a memorable personality that will inspire future generations to remember and want to emulate. Pretty much the type personality and people that could shake stuff up isn't going to fit in the culture here. Right now this fan base is more if a beta mind set. What we are is a super conservative button your shirt to the top, tuck in your socks type of school and it shows. There's nothing cool about us, and little things like going under armour and most of our fan base not having the slightest understanding on how that puts us at a disadvantage is an example to what I'm talking about
  18. I actually think he can shoot he just has to get comfortable, but he's shown to be great at choosing when he needs to shoot. Boston doesn't really have a PG, at least not one that can break people down and get to the hole. He is in a good situation as far as nobody on the team has his strengths and his strengths is a need of the team....falling into a right situation like that can really help a career. Also he's going to a team with a great coach. I think he went in the 2nd round as well
  19. Minnesota can use him but they didn't like need him need him like Brooklyn does. I'm sure he'll be able to mesh well and he has some good vets, he won't have pressure and Edwards is a guy from Georgia. But if Kessler can get in there and do a bunch of the dirty work early he could help push them into that next level. I know KG had started coming by and helping with their big men, if Kessler could get time with him that would be amazing
  20. I don't know if Brooklyn had a pick or whatever but if they did I was hoping Kessler would land there
  21. Isaac was good on defense but it seems like he's been hurt for 5 years now and who knows what he'll look like when he comes back. You're right though, I don't see any type of plan in the organization
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