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  1. If you convinced yourself on a reason to hope for anybody else the same can be done for Sanders. It's just funny when it comes to Sanders there's a need to not even want anything good said. I don't see all the kiffen hype....I asked a couple of football questions and people got pissed super fast. I can just imagine if I would've went on and on about him seemingly to be a sleaze.....and then on top of it in every thread about him I was trying to get it locked.
  2. Lol. I don't even know why we allow him to be mentioned! I really really like him and want him but I follow every thread about him to say no........but I really want him though!
  3. Now there's a new group feeling pretty good!
  4. I just feel all perspectives should be ok as long as you are supporting your choice with data, logic, etc. The whole certain people can question stuff but everybody else can't is wild.
  5. That's what I'm saying. I guess as far as real life that's what it needs to be, just doesn't seem right to be cool with going to all other candidates tell why their view sucks, then when it's the coach the person wants guilt everybody into don't talk about the negative things on this guy shhhhh. I don't get that logic
  6. Now we're all standing behind one coach? Ok.....sort of convenient but ok
  7. Our guards ball handling and assists. Just a guy looking to share the ball a little more than focus on scoring.
  8. Don't remember exactly what I felt but I do remember posting or arguing telling people okeke was going to improve over time and telling people he was easily the most talented guy on the roster. I seem to remember saying our guards were going to have to ease up being as ball dominant and Harper in particular we win when he averages a little more assists. I feel like I remember we got hot right before the sec tourney. I could be wrong though
  9. I just haven't ever been too high on him. This off season will tell it all though. He will at least get to where he's decent or they will phase him out. When he's in the flow of the game and is decisive at times it seems as if something may be there but just too inconsistent imo What do you think and see?
  10. Yeah it seems like there's a bunch of teams making their turnarounds. Things may start getting scary out here in the conference!
  11. Somebody put more thought in something that me....let me insult him! Meanwhile I have yet seen one person point out how you know so much football yet......maybe before the year is out
  12. Yes that's exactly what I said. Us and LSU not being good the last couple of years absolutely equals me saying playing in the sec championship is trash
  13. Absolutely. That particular stat is thrown around here a good bit. I think It's impressive cut come on You know how you can hear it takes more than recruiting? Well this to sort of in a way. It going to take more than getting the wins when us,LSU and Texas am are trash right now
  14. That's why I was saying that 10 game season stuff isn't as solid of a stat as it seems
  15. Lol the coach criczed about his tackling as a player, his business ventures, his attitude as a player, his relationships with women, his health, his clothes, his jewelry, his hat, his shades, his taste in music, his commitment to HBCU's, and of course all of the stuff that's just made up.....hasn't been critiqued as much as the others..... People will just say anything
  16. Most of the claims that are even made on here doesn't even exist. You can't even talk about his past without being jumped.....Really show where. You can't bring up his coaching experience without being attacked.....show who attacked you. It's really code for I don't like that you want to have a discussion with things I say. Sanders needs to be on south Florida he can be successful there, reply to that he'd be successful anywhere and that's a fight 😂 Meanwhile somebody can say he's not a good fit here he wears shades and a gold chain but that doesn't make people mad. The stuff that gets let go as opposed to what can be said to actually cause an argument on here is wild. This thread is strikingly similar to that Cornelius Williams thread last year
  17. You can't go by what a website says was the recruiter and then think that's 100% accurate. Also just because it's said a particular person is a lead recruiter that doesn't mean that recruiter had the closest relationship with that player. That's not how it works
  18. I'm down for anybody who's number 1 priority is the players. But that's the last thing on many. It's laughable to be ok with like kiffen but have a problem with Sanders talking about character. Actually some guys are even for Urban Meyer. But it is what it is. One thing about it everything around here was shook up when it turned into screw the players.....we'll never be successful until that is remedied. These guys crying the most were the exact ones laughing when anything about the treatment of players came up. Those smiles changed real quick didn't it?
  19. Just wanted people to see what you have here. Guy will say whatever to try to promote this negative view of Deion. Really he does this with anything about race and you can always know what side he'll be on and even the two guys that will make sure to like his posts. He's never seen or heard anything about Deion pledge anything to HBCU's. But he'll keep saying it everyday. I wonder why? When you try to mention something about HBCU and culture he'll get super angry why? He's slipped up and said stuff like HBCU's think they are better or pretend somebody are holding HBCU's down....why? Just another awesome poster on here. Long as he pays that donation I'm sure he's protected....nobody sees what's going on here Happy Thanksgiving Friends and family to all right? 😂
  20. All this because I disagreed with him once in the last decade lol. Some of these clowns are so sensitive and hypocritical on here bro. Then after all the insults and grandstanding they get mad and wonder why I say told you so. This place is wild
  21. And yet I don't know you but here you are stalking and this is like your third post like this. You guys talk like you have this status or credibility that you aren't close to possessing. People literally want you to stop posting
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