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  1. This looks great. Totally confused about what happened in Pittsburgh.
  2. Vandy alum here. What Franklin did at Vandy is basically outrageous. I don't even know how to describe it. Since 1974 DiNardo is the only other coach Vandy has had who outperformed Mason, and only barely. Mason did very, very well until his program ran out of energy, which is about what you could say about DiNardo. So I do hold Mason accountable for losing momentum, but on the whole he did a very good job at Vandy. I'm sorry, but if you don't recognize Mason's success as a DC at Stanford and at Auburn, you really don't know how to evaluate football. There's a reason OkState is paying him over $1MM per year. He's making a lot more than either coordinator did last year.
  3. A few facts about Mason. Whatever happened at Vandy, he lost momentum with the program. But you know what else? Since 1974, only two Vandy head coaches have had better records than Mason. That's 2 out of 11. Regarding the defense: Auburn's D was #51 in efficiency in 2020, per Football Outsiders, and #17 in 2021. In 2020, Auburn was #4 in the SEC in scoring D; #5 in 2021. So if we think Steele was a pretty good DC, and everybody does, Mason was just as good.
  4. If Auburn had concluded that he was in a relationship with someone under his supervision, they wouldn’t need to “prove” it in court. It’s a Title IX issue, and they’d have to act. I’m not saying I know what happened, but it’s far more likely they looked into it and didn’t find it probable.
  5. I’m happy for him too. I gotta say, it’s sometimes amazing to watch an NFL game and note the players who weren’t good enough for Malzahn: Lamar Jackson, Trovon Reed, and Amir Abdullah (out of the league now?) come to mind, as do some DBs who didn’t get much time. Uzomah played a lot but didn’t get used.
  6. Not a lawyer but an academic. This rings true. Some of the material from the official statements suggests the sex rumor was in view. Read Harsin’s statement in particular with that in mind. At the same time, @TitanTiger’s comment that concerns were already percolating looks correct as well. I’m going to assume that sex rumor (s?) was malicious and false.
  7. This is literally true. I ran the numbers in another thread. In 2000 total points per game was about 40. It’s right at 60 now. Given our offense’s inability to run when it had to, Mason did a very strong job this year. Even against State, the D just collapsed because it got not breaks. Read the play chart. You can’t let a run and shoot team just keep snapping the ball.
  8. Multiple sources, including Chris Low, say Auburn is keeping Harsin and will announce today. Honestly, I'm a little bit relieved. It's obvious to me that he needs to do better in some key parts of the job. I hope that's being addressed, and I hope it works. Enormous damage has been done, and I'm not sure it can be healed. I'm pretty sure the administration has done no favors in its PR work lately. At the same time, legitimate concerns arose that had to be addressed. You can't lose coaches and players the way we have, with racial undertones and with our inadequate recruiting, without digging around for perspective and calling the coach on the carpet. I have no idea about the other allegations, whether the administration took them seriously, investigated them, or whatever. But I'm glad they seem to be resolved. Wouldn't it be amazing if Harsin gets the help he needs, accepts it, and gives Auburn the help it needs?
  9. One fact I’m late to learning. Our highest ranked recruit this year would be #18 in Bama’s class. Let’s not talk about OL recruiting. Pair that with players saying Harsin doesn’t get it and the departure of three black coaches (two willingly, and one with a huge pay cut), and the administration had to look in. I haven’t quit on Harsin, and I certainly don’t give the administration a pass for how they’ve handled it—way too much none of us know-but I don’t know what a path coming back looks like.
  10. Executive contracts are different. If you want a coach, you have to guarantee they'll get rich as long as they don't do something illegal or morally embarrassing. "With cause" is pretty narrow. Executives aren't treated like the rest of us. (Not that I like that. I don't. It's just reality.)
  11. That same Boise mod wrote the following. Doesn't seem far off.
  12. There any kind of a link for that? You hear this kind of thing once in awhile, but there's always stink after a departure. I just wonder how much of a thing this is.
  13. Dell not having been a coordinator is a big deal. And Georgia's offensive scheme isn't why they win, except that it complements the defense. Aranda is not leaving Baylor for Auburn. I mean, please. He's king of a little universe right now. Payton lacks college experience. That usually goes badly. As for Sanders, it's one thing to mobilize resources your peer institutions cannot muster. It's entirely another thing to develop a program with just a bit lower resources than its primary rivals. If we're serious about this, we'll do what Auburn has always done when we've been successful. We'll pluck someone of lower status, whether an excellent assistant or a G5 head coach who gets what we're doing. Or maybe, like LSU did with Saban and we did with Tuberville, a coach who's outperforming his setting. Most of all, I hope Harsin gets some vindication and maybe some coaching. One thing I admire about Saban--and this will sound weird--is his humility, his desire to get feedback from peers. I worry about Harsin's capacity to do that, but I hope it gets tapped.
  14. If we hire a coach, someone with NFL-only experience is a recipe for disaster. Football knowledge is secondary to program management here.
  15. I guess my take is, you have coaches leaving, 20 players leaving, and about 20 players voicing a common complaint. That was all public. I don't know how Auburn avoids trying to dig out the truth in that environment. I've never been an academic administrator, but I am a career academic and I've had some public roles. If you're faced with substantial evidence that's already gone public, you have to say something and do something. Hopefully, we'll learn that the complaints are overblown or that Harsin has agreed to get some coaching. I'm not rooting against the guy.
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