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  1. Malzahn fine with Auburn’s in-game dancing

    I thought the same as some of you. The dancing actually helps them focus. Football is a grind, and you need to have fun. They weren't taunting or anything like that, just having fun and showing confidence. I loved it. Most of all, good for them.
  2. this is a fun team

    One thing that's held steady with this group of guys all season long. They are really easy to like. I especially feel this way about the defense. They play with joy and determination. I know we've started tackling better since Muschamp, and Steele has built on that. But one thing that's easy to overlook: you tackle better when you're feeling positive. These guys do, and they help each other feel positive too. Davidson is especially fun to watch, but it's contagious. And as much as we've worried about the OL, with good reason, no one can complain about the effort they've made or the challenges they've faced. Yet throw a tunnel screen, and those guys get their asses downfield and just mow people down. Same for the receivers.
  3. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Georgia).....

    Thanks again, Coach.
  4. end the hot seat talk

    I’ll happily admit it. I thought Gus would need to be fired, and now it’s clear he shouldn’t be. I still have my questions long-term. But I also said that if Auburn gets to 10-2 or 9-3 there’s no way he should be fired. I think I said I’d want to keep him if we kept things competitive with UGA and Bama. And I said I will always root for Auburn and its coach (barring misconduct). I’ve given him credit for building a formidable program. So there are times I’m delighted to be wrong. If he’s learned some lessons from Clemson and LSU, I hope they stick.
  5. We have to root for Bama, don’t we?

    Oh.... Thank God
  6. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    #1 is a healthy offensive line.
  7. Georgia Week!

  8. I saw Georgia in person

    A friend was kind enough to invite me to the Notre Dame game, which was its own unique experience. We need to close the deal on that home and home. Now, it was just Week #2, so this report is kind of out of date. Nobody knew those two teams would be where they are right now. And I'm still not convinced Georgia is all that special. But here's what I saw. Talent-wise, Georgia was far, far superior to UND. We had end zone seats, and you could see it best on special teams. Georgia was bigger, faster, more athletic. It showed from scrimmage too. Notre Dame's QB isn't spectacular, but he is a football player, and he's the only reason his team was competitive. Notre Dame had no chance of running the ball apart from the QB's mobility. They're famous for their OL play, but Georgia was far better. Georgia's DE/OLB combination is the TRUTH. Those guys are as good as our guys. Maybe longer, leaner, and faster. (Which fits their scheme.) On the other hand, UGA was vulnerable to sophisticated passing routes. Notre Dame got a few big plays downfield. At the time, Fromm wasn't quite ready for the big lights. You could tell that Georgia could dominate by running the ball, but their coaches seemed slow to clue in. Eventually Notre Dame completely disrespected Fromm and blitzed everything: safeties, corners, ballboys, athletic trainers. At that point, Georgia was in big trouble. Wasn't a pretty game to watch. I would say that if Fromm has come fully online, Georgia will be very tough to stop. His stats are splendid, but (a) they're keeping him under 20 passes per game and (b) they haven't seen a D like ours. I'm not much impressed by their receivers, though they get a super-high YPC. So some conclusions. We're gonna really struggle to block these guys. Game planning should probably involve helping our tackles in the passing game. And hopefully more sophisticated routes. I think our receivers can win against their DBs. The worst thing we might see: Georgia being effective in the air. If we can crowd the box, we'll be fine. If we have to play "fair," we have a big problem.
  9. Thanks again for a terrific post. I'm delighted by the win, and I share the sentiment that beating a good A&M team on the road always counts as good. One thing I notice about A&M. If they have the QB for it, their offense is incredibly sophisticated. Kinda makes ours look, um, less sophisticated. Those huge plays were good examples -- things that fit their scheme but in quirky ways. Same goes for their pass routes. But hey! We ran some pass routes! Even a slant. And I want to credit our WRs and OL for blocking those tunnel screens. Loving the young guys playing up front on D. I don't think we can replace Matthews at safety next year -- he's an intimidator. But we have lots, and lots, of young guys raising hell all over the defense, especially in the line. Moultry is a revelation, and Coe is too. And Lord, we need some offensive linemen to get healthy this week. We really could not block A&M early in the game. Georgia is far more fierce.
  10. next Head Coach

    Always much appreciated.
  11. next Head Coach

    I get that you don't believe my opinion true, and that's fine. And I'm hearing people say Strong fits better under less spotlight. At the same time, Texas is at least as dysfunctional as Auburn is. Which might be the best argument against my point.
  12. Auburn vs A&M Commentators

    She does just fine. Hardly the best, but better than most IMO.
  13. next Head Coach

    I'm lost. How does Kiffin have an upward trajectory, and what suggests he's changed any? He's only been head coach for more than one full season once. Here's the trajectory: 8, 10, 7, 3-2 (partial). At Bama he was a genius -- and clearly a distraction. So I would say there is ZERO evidence that he's matured enough to coach at Auburn. I'm among those who believe you have to be humble and creative in hiring coaches. Find someone who's doing extremely well but at a lower level, or find a superb coordinator who has HC qualities. You're taking a risk, but a measured one. But do not hire somebody who has failed in multiple stops. Like Kiffin.
  14. next Head Coach

    Bird's reply was helpful. This. was. not. You get Louisville to 12 wins, improving every season (from 2 conference wins year 1 to 5 in year two), you can coach.