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  1. I think Auburn is better, but this is a game we can lose. Minnesota has an efficient QB and two splendid receivers. We have talented receivers, probably more talented, but a limited QB and a less sophisticated passing game. Their guys make plays. They beat Penn State when Penn State knew they'd better show up. I watched that game. Always beware of a reasonably talented team with excellent coaching.
  2. I try to keep an even keel on these things, but this one has me distraught. We don't know if Gatewood was doing his job, but in August these two guys were neck and neck. Nix showed in two big tests that he was rattled. If ever there was a time to give #2 a chance, it was Saturday -- and pretty early in the second half. This is a self-inflicted wound.
  3. I worked just outside Bloomington for a couple of years.
  4. For what it's worth, the difference between central Indiana and Alabama is that Indiana is a lot whiter. Otherwise, they're culturally about the same. Having lived both places.
  5. My dime (accounting for inflation). The hair is a primary problem. Those wild shirts are fine for some settings — I have some. But you can’t do 1980s hair with them. It’s a mixed message. And he definitely overdoes the suits.
  6. Just saw this, and grateful for the happy report, but I am pausing to pray for your son and for you.
  7. I feel like we're bullies. When we get a team on the run, our guys look amazing. But look at how we struggled when Georgia Southern and Mercer stood up to us.
  8. We have way too many obvious tendencies on offense. I'm not saying it's time for tarring and feathering. Just that if we know what's coming from the situation and formation, you can bet the opponents' staff does. Then, after 70 straight dives off the wildcat, we suddenly hand off on the jet sweep and toss the jump pass to sink Bama.
  9. I would have defended Hand a few weeks ago. I'm also a Vandy alum, and there's no way Franklin gets Vandy where they were without some OL improvement. But the inconsistency -- hell, we couldn't block Georgia Southern or Mercer -- leads me to wish for change. There are reasons less talented lines outplay more talented opponents. They don't reflect well on Auburn.
  10. This was indeed an outstanding season, and this group is easy to love.
  11. Splendid, Coach! A few thoughts I had. In addition to agreeing with or learning from everything you said. When Cox lined up wide, I told my wife to expect a quick pass there. Bama killed our receivers in those one on one blocking matchups on the quick WR screen, so that play was big. Just the same, it's a tell -- unless we have a complementary play. (Bama deserves credit for the quality of their corner play all night. Dang, they were tough.) Our coaches really helped the OL by keeping 7 in to pass protect and by throwing those crossing routes. We've been calling for those things
  12. Until somebody tells us, we won't know what the injury is exactly or whether he can play. With pain it's not just a matter of toughing it out. It's also how pain causes weakness. FWIW when I saw him go down the last time I thought it was a biceps tendon. Obviously it isnt. But there's just no telling. Now, about Georgia. We beat them once. We play them again. It's a different game. I make no assumptions how it will play out.
  13. I don't think it was wrong to think Gus should be fired. I wouldn't have done it during the season. That would be a very bad thing. And I thought he deserved the chance to finish strong. But I had no confidence that would happen. I don't apologize for being wrong. I said then, and I'll say it now, I'm glad I was wrong. But we had good reasons for our opinions.
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