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  1. This moment was just too big for Bo. I am not sure that the staff or fans have done him any favors. Hopefully he learns from this. Humbling moment for a young man that has been riding high for quite some time.
  2. These are the games that make it obvious that we haven’t recruited well at offensive line. We should not be in a position to have to play a true freshman QB. And Gus is completely unreliable at putting a consistent game plan together week to week that utilizes team talents and exposes other teams weaknesses. At this point, I don’t see any of that ever changing.
  3. Derrick brown is a freakin monster.
  4. I could say that for almost any auburn loss for 5 years
  5. Somebody has to jump one of these routes for a pick.
  6. Everything we did well on offense last week. We are not doing at all today.
  7. Tigers need to make a move right here and now.
  8. Gus need a psych evaluation. Everyone knew. 28 up the middle. Ridiculous
  9. Auburn play calling has not been elite.
  10. Mullen should be fined for that comment.
  11. Great plan Gus. Give them plenty of time before half.
  12. Who can actually believe that Steve ensminger has a better offense than auburn?
  13. Oregon game: I would have expected a flag for ineligible player when Herbert returned to the field after the timeout. Instead, he was instructed he could not take the field. I assume that was the right call, but doesn’t seem right.