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  1. Crushed. Jim F. and Rod B. , We will always remember you. Prayers for the family. AUFamily.
  2. I am reminded again what a really good QB Reggie slack was. Great, great years with some phenomenal football players. those years I had to work most saturdays and there was only a couple of games per Saturday even on TV. Thanks for the memories Coach Dye and players.
  3. From a talent perspective, It looks to me like this will be a Gatewood or Nix decision for Gus. Gus relies on experience more than anything. Which means he will lean toward Willis. He needs to step out of his box with his decision on this. There seems to be something not right with Malik and the zone read. Maybe just needs reps. It will be interesting, with no confidence this staff can develop any of the three QBs. At least Bo has his father to help.
  4. Now that you mention the Hill......am I the only person that wants to hijack one of those golf carts that is always forcing their way through the crowd after the games?
  5. If the goal was to fix this current team....it would have to be Michael Vick or cam newton. Cam was kinda of mess coming out of high school, but I would like to think he would not have had those problems at auburn. Qb is the only single player that could make a difference. Offensive line would need 2,3 or 4 to make a difference now.
  6. Those heathen fans ripping up the turf was enough to convince me. They whine to this day about being hosed down. Almost as much as much as Nick fairley’s sacks.
  7. Mr. Freeze is Gus' best hope for survival. I think he is the only person Gus would truly trust enough to allow "relative" full control. I also think he would stay for a bit before another HC gig. Other OC would go insane by the end of spring. Nix in a freeze offense would be fun to watch. Nix the Freeze.
  8. It will just be replaced with the Uga love affair
  9. I agree with everything but the first sentence. There will be a big mess to clean up with this, but don’t assume this is over yet. Bruuuuuuce!!!
  10. There is at least $42 million worth of business to take care of in Auburn right now.
  11. For the young future business leaders on the forum, please follow all of this very closely. This is how the real world works. Deals, deception, smoke and mirrors, curtains, misrepresentation and agendas. I have been fascinated by human behavior all of my life. The intuition and required to be able to have a chair when the music stops is critical. This is absolutely amazing. Power brokers "going at it" using every bit of leverage and influence they have to maintain their positions. And then factor in the love of the University and the football program by many of these players. JR and others love Auburn, and love their influence. Titan and others have provided some great insight today. The game of chess is far from over. Auburn football since 1892!!!!!! We're not going anywhere and never count us out. War Eagle.
  12. Ok, we have gone from breaking coaching news to discussing bad music. Long live Duane and Ronnie. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.