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  1. We also are looking at the opportunities for our son post high school. I give great credit to Clemson for their Life program, it is the elite program of its kind. UGA also started a program a couple of years ago, and there are now At least Four in the state of Georgia. I have heard for some time time now that Auburn is developing a Life Program, so get it together administration! These programs are great opportunities for those with physical and intellectual challenges. They are well worth the investment but it takes a strong commitment on behalf of donors and the University. Clemson has embraced program and is making a difference in lives. War Eagle
  2. Chuck Person

    The most corrupt group of people in the country sits right beside the FBI in Washington, D.C. Can't find any wrong doing there. Drugs flowing into neighborhoods by truckload, can't stop that. Bummers handing out cars, jobs, favors and lord only knows what else, but can't find that. But they can find a basketball coach in south Alabama at a mediocre basketball program breaking rules and throw the book at him. Go find some real criminals.
  3. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    KP knows his body can't hold up to the punishment. He wants his carries to boost his numbers, show his durability, so he can go to the NFL and make a lot of money......and I don't blame him. Coaches are supposed to coach, players play.
  4. Why I Hate bama

    I walk into a store today, there is a store Santa and Mrs. claus. My son steps up and has his picture taken tells santa a couple of items he would like. Santa looks at my Auburn jacket and asks my son who bought the jacket for me, tells him it should have a red A. Then Santa proceeds to say R#^# Ti#%. Freakin inbred rednecks are a bunch of idiots.
  5. NCAA should have squashed penn state for their criminal and immoral conduct. Much worse. Aaahhhh, but joe pa was such a good guy. Sure he was.
  6. The "R" word

    Those that do not have children with intellectual disabilities find this hard to understand. Many of us grew up using the "r" word. As adults it is habit for some. My favorite are the "adults" that use the "r" word and "short bus" references around me, knowing that my child has Down syndrome. Ignorance is no excuse, since the word is generally being used in a derogatory manner in the conversation in the first place. I am not one that is easily offended, and I never pick a battle with someone over their use of the word. Part of being an adult is understanding the words you use, and the audience that receives those words. The word retarded is not in itself offensive, using the word as a derogatory term is offensive to those of us who live with this disability in our families. There is hope. I find the kids that go to school with my son(15), to be very supportive and inclusive. It is generally the adults that struggle with this the most, and you can clearly tell kids that are not taught tolerance at home. I encourage all to inform yourself on the college life programs for those with disabilities. Clemson has a phenomenal program. Maybe Auburn can copy Clemson for a change. War eagle
  7. LSU post game thread

    I don't understand why the catch on the previous play wasn't reviewed. Catch looked very close, and the players were saying incomplete.
  8. FBS Championship Game Thread

    Clemson was playing tight early in the half, but now opening it up. Bammers playing very tight now.
  9. FBS Championship Game Thread

    Not as physical and not elusive.
  10. FBS Championship Game Thread

  11. FBS Championship Game Thread

    Saban still hasn't learned to defense mobile qb.
  12. Cotton Bowl (Alabama vs Michigan State)

    But your use of offensive terms for developmentally delayed is not sublime.
  13. Florida vs. Georgia

    Auburn is about the only sec rivalry team the dawgs seem to show up to play every year. Auburn has saved cmr job in the past. A loss to our tigers will seal his fate.
  14. *** Auburn vs. Miss. St. Postgame Thread ***

    In the years to come you will realize how ridiculous this statement was.
  15. So many DB leaving Auburn

    Every player has a unique set of circumstances. Player Talent level and Auburn's defensive needs may not be a match. The one constant....coaching style an philosophy has significantly changed from the previous staff. The staff needs to make sure that all situations are handled with class and integrity, and the Auburn family needs to ensure that happens. Auburn values also extend to the football field.