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  1. Men vs. Kentucky

    Love this team!!!!! Throwback basketball.
  2. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    This is 2018. Do you not realize this term is offensive to most? Especially if your loved one was dealt the wrong genetic card.
  3. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I endorse this message. I have been attending Auburn games, falcons games, braves games since I was 7 years old. At this point in my life I make discerned decisions on where I want to spend my money. The cost of Sporting events is out of control. $1000 for my family to see an average football game is not justifiable to me any longer, and I am someone that dropped $1200 plus travel for the 2010 BCS game. Especially when I had a gut feeling how this would turn out. This game was a perfect auburn script for a Gus disaster. That money will go towards a family event that will last days and bring the family fun and provide a lifetime of memories......not the anger and frustration I feel now.
  4. Coaches

    I can't wait until spring. The script will be....."we are really proud of the work the kids are putting in. They are doing what we asked them to do. They are flying to the football. Jarrett has a good grasp of the offense." Yada yada yada.
  5. Coaches

    Both of their teams were prepared to play.
  6. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    My understanding is that we used the same negotiators the government used for the Iran nuclear deal.
  7. Official Postgame thread

    But we beat arky!!
  8. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    The Auburn coaching staff has a lot of soul searching to do over the next couple months. They are getting paid at an elite level, and frankly not performing. Gus' hot seat is not going to get cooler by his entire staff getting completely out coached in the last two games, and potentially having Georgia and Alabama in the natty. Coaching is not just the x and O. It is preparation , motivation, recruiting, program management, Developing QBs, depth at RB and oline. Out staff is falling short on many levels.
  9. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Living in Atlanta is going to be hell the next few weeks. And if Georgia wins...OMG. Gus better get his s#** together.
  10. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    And it is about to get worse. Chokelahoma strikes again.
  11. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Fromm has really grown into a really good qb.
  12. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

  13. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Mayfield has his mojo back.
  14. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    The Georgia fans I know have become unbearable. They basically are thinking the sec is now just them and the rednecks from west Alabama.
  15. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    I could coach Georgia to 8 wins a year with the talent they are able to recruit. Probably the two best coaches in the sec are at schools that easily recruit the best talent in the south. And both are auburn rivals. Ugh.