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  1. Does it bother Gus? Yes. Enough? Definitely not. But the most important fact is that does not matter. I believe him incapable of changing, and even if he could, he does not actually comprehend how or what to change. That is a tough position when you believe you are always the smartest person in the room. Anyone that would play 3 quarterbacks in the same series, as he did a couple of years ago, should not coach at Auburn.
  2. Well, you can do that when you have an offensive line that can actually block.
  3. Would be staggered if that happened. He beat Bama and hired Morris, that saved his job. My guess is next year will be more of the same. Green should publicly put Gus in his place, but he won’t.
  4. This staff and roster should be embarrassed at this performance. But, how many times have we said that.
  5. Everyone responsible for the decisions for gus’s Contract, renewals deserve all of the wrath they are about to get from the alumni and fan base. AD is about to have to earn his money.
  6. Gus does realize we have to score right?
  7. Gus just continues to put so much pressure on this defense. Defense has to be perfect or team stands no chance.
  8. Any RB that can’t hold on to the ball will be watching the NFL from an armchair.
  9. Worm almost slipped when he made his turn towards the end zone. The slight crease closed quickly. Based on the pic it sure didn’t look like he was going to score.......but he did. Great determination.
  10. McKinney is the one that underestimated. He thought he could man handle shivers and tackle him high. Big mistake.
  11. God bless pat sullivan and his family.
  12. Didn’t saban also make a comment they should have been given more time to get in alignment? I just listened to the first minute or two of his press conference again. Never said anything positive about auburn, no congrats, only focused on bammers mistakes. What a complete tool. Contrast with what Gus said about his opponent.
  13. I don't know what the future brings for auburn football, but I am enjoying tonight and tomorrow. I will savor the feeling on Monday. I will worry about the future another day. War eagle.
  14. Saban is now trying to have all minutes changed to 59 seconds