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  1. Love the BB Tigers with attitude. Bama sucks. Two losses in two nights.
  2. Happy New Year Auburn Family. my resolution is to maintain civility to our SEC rivals…except bammers. And to stay positive about the football program, players and staff. War Eagle 2022!!!!
  3. I expect him to absolutely be playing on Sundays. Build that resume, stay healthy and collect that money.
  4. Flipped over to watch a bit of this game. ESPN doing everything they can to hype bammer. Kept trying to compare their atmosphere to auburn. Not even close. Game boring, not impressed with either team. War Eagle. and the Bama fans….just sad. Really sad.
  5. You may be right…..but Bo had his chances, he had his share of issues. He decided not to stay at Auburn. Good luck at Oregon. this team has more issues than just QB.
  6. I by no means blame Harsin for this loss. But he and this staff need to reevaluate this entire program, including self evaluation in decisions and approach this year. This year was a gimme year. Next year will not.
  7. A couple of good throws in that series from Finley. Johnson bales him out on one. Bottom line. TD Auburn.
  8. Not really picking on Finley….. but he is no more mobile today than he was earlier in the year or with his ankle injury. Just a little movement and even a threat of running would be helpful.
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