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  1. I am not a regular on Twitter by any stretch, and just followed Bruce to see his comments. My goodness. I am thinking much of what he is throwing out there does not align with most of his players nor their families. Not the hardest of hard core right wing, but a very strong lean. It does align with the majority of the state of Alabama. Now, to his credit he did participate in the Black Lives Matter march and seemed to support the movement and his players. Saban lead the march in Tuscaloosa and appeared in an anti-racism video. He downplayed the political aspects and focused on helping hi
  2. IMHO, justice was served. The video is really all you need to see. No human being requires, or deserves a knee across the neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Each of the defense arguments was largely a smoke screen. After all, George Floyd was not the one on trial. The desperation of the defense crystallized for me with the “expert” postulating that Floyd died from carbon monoxide emitted from the police vehicle. BTW...the same air the defendant was breathing. Floyd’s oxygen saturation was 98%. Justice prevails.
  3. Would have come back the last time.
  4. So... you’re simply speaking for yourself. ...alone....that is very cool, and I accept that. For me, my lingering faith was further challenged by Trump evangelicals who would have never have accepted his lifestyle, transgressions, and compromised positions without his recently accepted anti abortion stance. Very hypocritical.
  5. Easy...there are always laggard that require a law.
  6. Imagine....generally conservative corporations taking a position opposed to conservative politicians who continue to beg for money from said corporations. Ironically, in the vacuum of our legislators, corporations have begun to stand up. An increase in the minimum wage is overdue... corporations have taken the lead. Federal legislation is needed to assure there is an across the board standard...
  7. Wow! There has been much back and forth here. Pick your sources(I’ll provide no additional links, the are listed above) but evangelicals embraced Trump because of abortion, primarily. Could it possibly be pastors overtly, or subliminally encouraging a specific. I’m just asking.... The bottom line is there was the ultimate capitulation and embrace of Trump by “Christians” that does not resemble the Christian values I was taught.
  8. When I lived Orlando 1992-1995, I dated a wonderful lady that attended a Methodist church on Redbug Road. Wonderfully philosophical paster grounded in reality. I was there when he cut the service short to go to a neighborhood bar to watch the final four! Beyond that I was bored and squirming as much as I did as a child anytime I was in church. yes! I do believe in God! However, religion and churches have become a big business racking in millions of dollars. Saving souls is secondary to raising dollars. See Joel Osteen and most mega churches. We then turn to the Trump era where many “
  9. NO! I am perfectly fine with voter ID. What I want is expanding the number of polling sites. Assuring poll hours are 7AM to 7PM...or as long as it takes for everyone in line to vote at every voting site. Early voting...yes, even in Alabama. No excuse mail in ballots...model the process in Alabama and Florida where there were no problems. Legislators should be making the process of voting easier by improving access. Voter ID is fine as long as it’s simple: drivers license, state ID, passport and the like.
  10. I wonder if any of the naysayers actually know anyone that has died or been severely ill (weeks..months) from Covid19... It seems many slide by unaffected or mostly unscathed. However, there are over 540,000 dead in the US. Most people I know are totally unaffected. Some have been seriously affected. One is now likely to die. .......and people seriously want to quibble about the courtesy of wearing a mask? What a me world we live in.
  11. Agree with your first paragraph. Yes, Australia is a bit extreme when compared to the current 2nd amendment interpretation of any kind of weapon for most anybody. That interpretation does not reference “...as part of a well regulated militia...” Bottom line for me is the police should not find themselves outgunned.
  12. LOL..those concerned about Hunter Biden are chasing a hoodoo, to quote John Fogerty. Laughable that you are now concerned about privilege and influence. All side issues. What is the solution to mass murders and gun violence? The status quo ain’t working out very well. The well worn and tired argument that “it’s the people, not the guns” has no traction. How do we stop it? Australia did.
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