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  1. More commercials and a big increase in cable and satellite service rates.....as always the fans foot the bill.
  2. BT is excellent and much more cost effective!🥴
  3. I found his “allegations “ of passionate and influential interesting...
  4. The off air lead in is interesting. Loved the interview with Coach Dye. 80 years old...ok...may have been sampling....still sharp enough to ignore Paul’s effort to discuss Saban. IMHO Coach Dye is a treasure...mostly unfiltered, but also sharing a bit of what us fans are curious about. Really seems to like Gus and encourages all to support him. Interesting perspectives and comments.
  5. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-icon-Pat-Sullivan-passes-away-139587147/ sad
  6. .......more sessions in composure needed.
  7. LOL....my usual goal for a CBS game is to let the bourbon flow at the beginning of the fourth quarter....today was mid second. Driving me crazy.....the game...
  8. I’m afraid sad but true...
  9. True. I only hope if Bo is struggling after 1.5 quarters, Gus gives Cord a reasonable chance. If only 2 - 3 change of pace series
  10. It seems this has distilled to “get rid of Gus” and “who will we get that’s guaranteed to be better”. While I fall in the former group, Gus has certainly got Auburn very close to the promised land. Unfortunately, he has had 7 years to overcome the problems, yet we see the same year after year. While there is risk in going to a new coach, there is risk in hoping Gus will finally figure it out. While there are a number of potential candidates, I’d look for someone with a bit of charisma that has a solid plan of teaching by position (a la Saban). Developing solid game plans and being sharp/f
  11. I was a bit taken aback that Auburn was ranked 11 in the CFP poll. While I’ve been disillusioned with Gus and my perception of what this team could/should be, apparently the rest of the country has a different opinion. could the majority of us be over reaching? I don’t know. While happy to see this ranking, it does not jive with my gut feeling. Board thoughts?
  12. Perhaps in the cases of the transfers mentioned, there were great signing classes....and one then stepped up to be elite. At that point, others left.
  13. jj.... first let me thank you for your dedication and commitment to military service. The Warthog is one of my favorite airplanes. This airplane, and those who fly it, have saved the lives of countless ground troops. The fact that the DoD and Air Force continue efforts to retire (kill) the A10 and divert those funds to the F35 is a sad and accurate commentary of the influence of the military/industrial complex. It seems to me that both parties politicize everything. Any scab is scratched by the opposing party to the nth degree. IMHO opinion, the Biden deal is a snoozer. Worst case: o
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