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  1. One of UABs coaches is a neighbor. After the early year scrimmage he said Auburn has a good team…quick, aggressive on defense, but a bit weak shooting. Mid-pack SEC. BP seems to cut players slack on offense if they are hard nosed defenders. Thus far there are too many defensive fouls to go with loose offensive play and poor shooting. I’m thinking if they become more disciplined on each end, this could be a really good team.
  2. The only time I love to see high beams approaching!😉
  3. Excellent observation. There is definitely a glass ceiling for minority assistants….see Joe Whitt…Sr and Jr
  4. With Harsin’s departure I suspect the remaining coaches feel like they’ve been let out of prison!
  5. Indeed! In Cole’s post game interview Caddy said these kids needed love and to know it was ok to make a mistake. Making it ok to try and fail is a huge motivator.
  6. Is there a “better face to the program” than Carnell? It is becoming more apparent the previous administration ignored many things with developing young men. I’ve read where Carnell is insisting kids go to class. Having the guts to do parent zoom calls about this is noteworthy. More involvement with Chaplin Chette develops the spiritual, be a good human being side of the players. I’m sure there are many more detail points I’m not aware of, but this points to an effective LEADER. So for the short term Carnell is exactly what Auburn needs. Long term …. I don’t know……. I do know an effective leader understands they cannot do everything. Go out and hire the right specialists and empower them to do their job. Can Carnell do this? Dunno….but I’m beginning to believe he could. Still a lot to be seen before decisions are made…..
  7. A neighbor coaches one of Auburn's scrimmage partners and commented that Auburn would be decent. Quick but not great shooters.
  8. tomcat


    I am extremely proud of Coach Williams and the team against MState. CW exemplifies a management style of engagement through building up instead of tearing down. It was actually fun again to watch Auburn play! Because of CW the players were enthused. As the game progressed, you could literally see the players belief in themselves grow. May not win another game, but we will see this team get better each week. That is purely leadership. Congrats and thank you, Coach Williams, the remaining staff, and the players!
  9. I’ve just lost interest and any enthusiasm. No hope at this point of a better outcome.
  10. Obviously you are opposed to a bit of titillation….equally as obvious is you were not paying attention to the dress of many young ladies as the tv cameras panned the crowd.
  11. Everyone watching…no one pursuing to ball…geez.
  12. A lot of understandable whining…however, Disney is demanding a $1 BILLION fee increase. Rather steep. Over a roughly 14 million customer base that rounds to $6.00 a month added to your bill. Sadly, this round robin extortion will hit all providers and all of us. https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/1/23382051/dish-sling-tv-drops-disney-espn-fx-contract-dispute-streaming
  13. Perhaps being on the committee and having your recommendations accepted…or even kept fully in the loop did not happen. Has happened before…
  14. So, if Harsin goes before the end of the season, how many of the Boise gang go with him? Who is designated as interim HC? That would leave both AD and HC open with AD seemingly on a slow track. How do both get filled without further damage to recruiting? Ideally the AD gets hired and then hires the HC. Does the time compression favor making the interim AD permanent. Lots of loose ends…
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