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  1. tomcat

    AU President

    Greene is not on the hook for Gus’ contract. However, do you really want him hiring the next football coach. His first hire was a swim coach. Far better options available.
  2. tomcat

    Our Head Coach

    Make a statement...don’t by a ticket. Empty seats at a bowl game will speak volumes.
  3. tomcat


    Not sure Stidham is the answer to the offensive equation. Could be play calling..the o line struggles...many complicating factors. Let’s gine Willis a chance.
  4. tomcat

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Refs? Seriously? I’m far more concerned with play calling and execution....
  5. tomcat

    Men vs. Clemson

    Disgusting under performance thus far. A small thin team, but that is not new. a total lack of heart and intensity at this point
  6. tomcat

    Bruce Status

    ***Removed part of the post due to the AUFamily's No Rumors policy*** My 2 cents is Auburn basketball is the highlight of the Auburn athletic department. Unless he is demonstrably complicit, his job should be secure.
  7. As with most areas of sales...recruiting is a becomes a matter of trust. Recruiting involves the parents as much as the player. The player wants a clear path to the NFL. The parent wants their child to be safe, cared for, and to get an education that can sustain them beyond football. Despite Gus’ stiffness with the media, he apparently, has the ability to connect on a personal player well being level. That level of caring resonates with the recruit and the parents. Regardless of on field results, that level of trust is the high card.
  8. Good on ya! Wonderful perspective!
  9. tomcat

    ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    At this point the O coaches seem to anticipate and plan for nothing...
  10. tomcat

    Who Do You Want?

    Perhaps, but has anyone done better with the talent available to Miss St?
  11. tomcat

    Auburn to Sugar vs. Oklahoma

    LOL...I'll buy you a few beers and Perry's steak...your ante?
  12. tomcat


    LOL...well, if he's able to stay on this roll, all of us calling for his head will beg him to stay. He will be a NAME OC.
  13. tomcat


    Anybody ready to take back all the bad things they said about Rhett? For sure I was guilty....I'm gonna guess he was Gus's "boy" since high school and it was tough to not be subservient to Gus. Regardless, it seems to be working, and I'm darned happy.
  14. tomcat

    **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Auburn is the worst...after a questionable being in slow motion getting the next play off. Auburn Fast? Not after an iffy turnover.....geez Ark State ball.
  15. tomcat

    Things I Think I Saw.....

    Insightful analysis...pretty much spot on.