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  1. Ironically, Ted did not raise $3.2 mil USD to help Texans. Nor did he go out of his symbolic way to work a food kitchen. Cruz is beyond out of touch.
  2. Wow...there is more than a bit of vitriolic speculation swirling here....
  3. https://allnewsgroup.com/gop-sen-tommy-tuberville-gets-a-blunt-reminder-about-the-constitution/ Tubs continues to embarrass himself and the state with his ignorance of the Federal Government and the Constitution. I hope he can rise to level of this job, but he is really ill-prepared.
  4. Naw....this was too well planned and coordinated. Not minimizing the scuzziness of Antifa....they are just not well organized. BLM never approached this level of egregiousness. ....Law enforcement was exponentially higher against BLM than an attempted coup. Why?
  5. Wow...a lot geeing and hawing with the comments here. I’m 70 freaking years old. I was a student at West End High School in BHM when it was integrated. The notion of “Black face” would have never entered my mind...aside from the racist rudeness, that sh_t would be far too aggravating....applying and removing. Pugh is young enough to be fully aware of the shat he was doing
  6. Good. Twitter has waffled too long while Trump and his constituents have encouraged and embraced insurgency. The events of Wednesday were planned and coordinated through social media. Traitors all.
  7. Only for 12 hours if certain tweets are removed (as I understand it). Long overdue. Now as the leader of a coup, he needs to be removed from office. This has been on a medium boil for years, but has now exploded. This is proof that if some people hear the same message often enough they will believe it. .....even if it is not true. A truly sad day for the country led by the President and his enablers.
  8. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/real-clear-politics/ not the most factual source...
  9. No. Credible link please. Seems funny that Republican appointed Judges continue to toss these cases. Even more ironic that Republican candidates who won with these same machines now want to discredit them.
  10. The USA Today assessment posted by Chiz nails it....
  11. Look...if Trump had the same interest in doing his job as keeping his job perhaps so many people would not be sick and dying.
  12. tomcat


    https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30250885/no-outrunning-alabama-steve-sarkisian-ready-another-head-coaching-job Really nice article here. As one human being to another, I wish Sark well at Texas....
  13. Is there a pledge of allegiance to Auburn or any other school/team? There certainly is for us fans who are committed to our team come hell or high water. Any perception of less by a fan...or especially a player...unleashes a torrent of bashing of their integrity, morals, and character. Let’s turn loose of all this judgemental crap that does not fit our profile and understand there are needs and ideals we do not understand. Try to not be so judgmental of people/players making decisions about their life.
  14. Excellent breakdown! Trump’s (doomed) efforts to overturn the election has been his total focus. It seems now he is setting fires by the dozen for the Biden Administration to fight.
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