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  1. A lot of understandable whining…however, Disney is demanding a $1 BILLION fee increase. Rather steep. Over a roughly 14 million customer base that rounds to $6.00 a month added to your bill. Sadly, this round robin extortion will hit all providers and all of us. https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/1/23382051/dish-sling-tv-drops-disney-espn-fx-contract-dispute-streaming
  2. Perhaps being on the committee and having your recommendations accepted…or even kept fully in the loop did not happen. Has happened before…
  3. So, if Harsin goes before the end of the season, how many of the Boise gang go with him? Who is designated as interim HC? That would leave both AD and HC open with AD seemingly on a slow track. How do both get filled without further damage to recruiting? Ideally the AD gets hired and then hires the HC. Does the time compression favor making the interim AD permanent. Lots of loose ends…
  4. If Auburn were a top 5 powerhouse, I doubt this would be a topic of discussion….
  5. Easy…..Director of Recruiting, Bethany Gunn, was a former Auburn employee, and I believe grad.
  6. It was just handled in the worst possible way. These things don’t need to be a public embarrassment, and should not be public at all. There were lies and leaks, and I believe a fish stinks from the head down. When it blew up Harsin’s gall and determination resulted in a big pie in the face for Auburn.
  7. Has anybody seen plane loads of immigrants landing in Alabama?
  8. Past time to move on….zero impact on the future…
  9. The status quo along with “thoughts and prayers” is obviously doing nothing to resolve these continuing atrocities. Nothing will change until laws, regulations, and enforcement change.
  10. Interesting….It has become apparent that a few people in the United States want to make a statement by killing as many people as possible with a gun. Your comments leave me thinking you have the stomach for more. Would you accept universal background checks? Restricting gun show sales? Banning armor piercing bullets?
  11. Yep….and all that thinking and praying is making a huge difference in resolving the problem. Can no longer sit on our hands clinging to dogma.
  12. Still searching for multi shot musket….OH! Found some 6 shot contraption mounted on a tripod! The AR15, available today, seems far more portable, reliable, and deadly. Seriously…to your point of “more laws”…why is the United States the only industrialized country with this problem?
  13. Well….Jimbo worked for Saban. While he is up there spewing why doesn’t he lead the charge “exposing” the “evidence.”
  14. Nicely articulated! I believe by and large Saban was totally on target. Intended or not “bought” was a poor word choice because many interpreted that as cheating. A&M simply maximized NIL signing possibilities….Jimbo’s response and personal attack was an embarrassing display. Together the iceberg of NIL was further exposed
  15. Maybe….they are still subject to the ramifications of public opinion….see Jetgate. Also, please reference Jetgate to confirm the big boys throwing their weight around.
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