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  1. Maybe….they are still subject to the ramifications of public opinion….see Jetgate. Also, please reference Jetgate to confirm the big boys throwing their weight around.
  2. Leave it to Spurrier to succinctly sum it up. https://www.al.com/alabamafootball/2022/05/steve-spurrier-on-jimbo-fisher-did-nick-saban-say-something-that-wasnt-true.html
  3. Well….ol’ Jimbo worked there….obviously he lacks the afore mentioned requirements or knowledge to report…
  4. Iceman had a very brief line in the original Top Gun that covers this…
  5. So….my comment was relatively brief. Why did you not reference the entire comment? Your point certainly has a degree of merit…as a society we all have some skin in the game. However, to my point…it is neither my business nor yours to tell a woman what she may or may not do with her body, her healthcare, and her personal situation.
  6. It is amazing in this day and age there are folks concerned about pre marital sex and sex outside of marriage…and many of those oppose sex education. (Hint…it ain’t happening in most homes!) To echo AU9377 ….the first time I heard of abortions was when my girlfriend turned up pregnant. Was not mine, although I paid for it
  7. LOL…true…..but it is a dang fine shoe…especially for those with a really wide or narrow foot
  8. Too bad New Balance won’t get into a college sports deal…
  9. Haven’t we all ridden this merry go round before? Yes…there have been some befuddling things over the last year and a half. College football was in a huge transition with NIL and the portal. My sense is Auburn was especially behind the power curve on NIL. Subject to correction, but my understanding of the rules is NIL is outside the scope of the coaches. Im far more concerned with moving forward than looking back. My belief is stability and on-field progress is paramount. Too many out there still wanting to can Harsin. At this point patience is the order of the day. JMHO
  10. Did not know he did that at Boise. Exposure to individuals with high energy, lay your guts on the line, and make the most of whatever abilities one may have should be a repetitive mantra. Kuechly was among the best at that. I’m optimistic the “little engine that could “ mentality takes this team farther than some may think.
  11. https://www.al.com/politics/2022/02/tuberville-putin-invaded-ukraine-because-russia-is-communist-countryneeds-more-farmland.html Perhaps Tommy should keep quiet instead of opening his mouth and confirming what many think.
  12. Kay Ivey makes cringe in much the same way as callers to The Finebaum show….Surely people know Alabama is more and better…..and then we have Mo Brooks.
  13. https://flywareagle.com/2022/02/24/auburn-football-luke-kuechly-speaker/amp/ One of the best ever in the NFL. Happy to see Harsin bring in people like this to speak to the team.
  14. https://www.sportscasting.com/charles-barkley-net-worth-50-million-doesnt-plan-leaving-money-behind-free-loading-family/ Enjoy the read….a good bit of Jordan thrown in as well. Both a long way from broke AF…
  15. Amazing how quickly the fault finders appear. Hello…call holding for Coach Harsin…
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