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  1. I was a bit taken aback that Auburn was ranked 11 in the CFP poll. While I’ve been disillusioned with Gus and my perception of what this team could/should be, apparently the rest of the country has a different opinion. could the majority of us be over reaching? I don’t know. While happy to see this ranking, it does not jive with my gut feeling. Board thoughts?
  2. Perhaps in the cases of the transfers mentioned, there were great signing classes....and one then stepped up to be elite. At that point, others left.
  3. jj.... first let me thank you for your dedication and commitment to military service. The Warthog is one of my favorite airplanes. This airplane, and those who fly it, have saved the lives of countless ground troops. The fact that the DoD and Air Force continue efforts to retire (kill) the A10 and divert those funds to the F35 is a sad and accurate commentary of the influence of the military/industrial complex. It seems to me that both parties politicize everything. Any scab is scratched by the opposing party to the nth degree. IMHO opinion, the Biden deal is a snoozer. Worst case: ol Joe used his position to get Hunter a job. Worst case. Many parents do that. The reality is probably dialed down from that.......unless you want to politicize it😉 BTW...the trump administration seems to have captured the essence of nepotism. So despite the bickering, what is in the country’s best interest? Trump is obviously not transparent. Refusing subpoenas...ordering people to not testify....all smacks of coverup. How can that be good?
  4. of the greatest coaches in AU swim and diving history wanted to come back...and was passed for an assistant coach specializing in distance a sport dominated by sprints? Right...
  5. Sorry, what a woman chooses to do with her body is none of my business....nor yours. It is totally inappropriate for anyone to apply their values and opinions, religious or otherwise, to a situation where they have no interest....beyond an opinion. Let people do the best they can without judgement.
  6. Many interesting comments. The cross is justifiably a symbol of the Christian faith. The Constitution provides freedom of religion....and therefore freedom from religion. So how would many feel if instead of a cross there was a monument from any other religion. Would you defend its existence as you do the cross
  7. In the exuberance of her youth, AOC does not get everything right. In the experience of an aged one...neither do I ... nor do any of her critics. However, she does challenge the status quo. She recently blasted campaign finance in the most succinct manner I’ve seen....and by God that needs to be challenged and reformed. No , we need these voices of reform. We need new ideas. The current path is not sustainable for the majority of the populace.
  8. Dude...get beyond your paranoia.
  9. Complete inattention to detail. The other side of the state would never be asleep at the switch like this...
  10. Steele is worth every cent of that...if ...he can keep the defense focused, engaged, and at peak performance, regardless of what happens on offense.
  11. Greene is not on the hook for Gus’ contract. However, do you really want him hiring the next football coach. His first hire was a swim coach. Far better options available.
  12. Make a statement...don’t by a ticket. Empty seats at a bowl game will speak volumes.
  13. Not sure Stidham is the answer to the offensive equation. Could be play calling..the o line struggles...many complicating factors. Let’s gine Willis a chance.
  14. Refs? Seriously? I’m far more concerned with play calling and execution....