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  1. Read this piece and found it fascinating as well. I do wonder how cultural nuance awareness training missed Joe grunt, while special ops guys were striking (buying) deals with warlords.
  2. Really? Assuming for just a minute your observation is correct, are you saying liberals should have no place to voice their opinion and concerns? Overall I’ve found this board to be accepting of intelligent discussion and differing points of view. Yes, there are moments of hyperventilation and the occasional meltdown, but mostly civil…thank mods. What I’m reading is there is not enough flaming and bashing of those whose opinions differ from yours.
  3. Sad, but true. I wonder how many of the unvaccinated are also uninsured since the previous administration eliminated the mandate.
  4. ……but, but, but….getting the vaccine is such a personal decision…blah, blah, blah. Decisions have consequences. I can’t imagine in a profession and sport with so much up close activity, why anyone would be vaccine resistant. So now Harsin and who knows how many others are sidelined. Despite modern technology this cannot help preparation. Players who get Covid will have varying recovery times and may not be as effective. Last season precovid Cam was better than post Covid Cam. Doubtful Auburn will have to forfeit any games. However, game performance could be compromised by sick, recov
  5. It seems 90%+ of new hospital Covid admissions are the unvaccinated. Great. That is totally a freedom of choice issue. However, this resistance creates a tremendous burden upon the healthcare system. Other people are dying while limited resources are diverted to care for unvaccinated Covid patients. I would suggest that insurance benefits for the unvaccinated be reduced….let’s say 50% The vaccine works. Don’t want it? Your choice. Pay the tab if you get infected.
  6. Heard most of this live….You are right; plenty of things to work on, but a lot of reasons for optimism. Both of these guys are good analysts.
  7. LOL…I’ve always struggled with spelling…especially with modern electronic correction. However, thank you for the constructive criticism.
  8. PoD…apologies for the delayed response. I appreciate your perspective, and obviously, you are far closer to this than I am. I’m thinking Butch has a good staff..especially a big name like Tim Hudson. What do you think is needed to jump start this program? I’m thinking Miss State.
  9. That is contingent upon antibody levels. I’m acquainted with a ER MD in Florida that contracted Covid last year. 8 months later she had zero antibodies.
  10. Wow….the efforts of the United States in Cuba is checkered at best. From initial support of Castro to the Bay of Pigs and it got no better. Years of sanctions accomplished nothing. Obama’s olive branch gave us Havana syndrome among embassy workers. Perhaps…just perhaps, the people of Cuba are ready for real change. Tough call, but to make it happen requires more than a half hearted, passive aggressive effort form the United States.
  11. Just mess’n with ya, bud! You put much thought and key strokes into that. Thank you! All perspectives welcome for consideration…as they should be in the classroom.
  12. Caleb, stop hogging the joint man! If you let me have a few tokes I might get on…..naawww
  13. So, my words were “most”. I suppose at this point I should amend that to many. However, this is taught in advanced college courses and law school. NOT K-12. Troublesome is the Alabama state representative introducing legislation banning it when he “only wanted to start a discussion “. …and he obviously has no clue.
  14. So…..specifically where is this happening? Now perhaps there are some teachers that have sought out additional knowledge in this area. Perhaps they incorporate that knowledge as a part of their presentation. IF, this indeed happening, I don’t understand your resistance to explaining concepts…JMHO
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