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  1. Sorry - should have been in yellow. Just trying to start a conspiracy.
  2. Just a random thought. Au "Peaches" SportsTalk is taking AE down for three days before the "merger" - probably to a hotel in Pensacola.
  3. See this thread
  4. Bragging About Mythical Achievements
  5. What's the big deal about a (soon to be 4 star) linebacker?
  6. Fernbank Museum has an award-winning children's exhibit called Nature Quest. Should be right in your little man's wheelhouse.
  7. Wasn't the Tiger Prowl dinged because it represented a financial escalation in recruiting?
  8. just bustin' your chops. Yeah right, you hate me. :'( **I suck at sarcasm. So Barry's pet name is sarcasm...weird. :thumbsup: damn wish I had seen before bird. He got you good there weegs I tried to use sarcasm and go back after him but I crashed and burned!!! I'm surprised you get much PT with only two stars.
  9. Is there a reason that Jarad isn't on DJ's pinned list at the top of the page?
  10. Yox said Zumba and dammit we Zumba!