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  1. Sorry - should have been in yellow. Just trying to start a conspiracy.
  2. Just a random thought. Au "Peaches" SportsTalk is taking AE down for three days before the "merger" - probably to a hotel in Pensacola.
  3. See this thread
  4. Bragging About Mythical Achievements
  5. What's the big deal about a (soon to be 4 star) linebacker?
  6. Fernbank Museum has an award-winning children's exhibit called Nature Quest. Should be right in your little man's wheelhouse.
  7. Wasn't the Tiger Prowl dinged because it represented a financial escalation in recruiting?
  8. just bustin' your chops. Yeah right, you hate me. :'( **I suck at sarcasm. So Barry's pet name is sarcasm...weird. :thumbsup: damn wish I had seen before bird. He got you good there weegs I tried to use sarcasm and go back after him but I crashed and burned!!! I'm surprised you get much PT with only two stars.
  9. Is there a reason that Jarad isn't on DJ's pinned list at the top of the page?
  10. Yox said Zumba and dammit we Zumba!
  11. If the GF got the job and it is a paid position by the University, a state institution, the job had to be announced and competed. It's possible that someone in the UA Athletic Department committed a felony. A freedom of information request should be able to obtain that information. Is the job a student part-time position? I have no objection to the girl being hired for a normal student-level job at a normal student-level hourly wage. If she's being paid $100k for what a regular student does making $12/hour for a twenty-hour work week, there's a problem.