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  1. I bet seeing those players again was awesome. Wish I could have seen all those greats.
  2. My job is to make everyone on here very happy. I know I'm doing a great job.
  3. So Saban and others have stooped to bribing their fans to keep their ass in the stands through out the whole game and not leave their games like they've done so many times before.
  4. Maybe Gus and his staff needs to start recruiting that way too.
  5. Saban recruits that way if there's a big time player he wants badly. He tells the recruit to Alabama on the spot and don't make any more visits. If they don't, then Saban pulls Alabama's offer and goes after some other top player. That way seems to work for Nicky and bammer cause look at all the great players they've been signing since he's been at bammer.
  6. I hope Cam'Ron will come back to Auburn this year or in 2020.
  7. Remember when Hugh Freeze took over at Ole Miss? people kept wondering how is Hugh able to sign top classes from the get go. He ended up with a top 3 classes while he was there. Now we know how Hugh was able to sign a bunch of 4 and 5 recruits every year. Now, it looks like we're seeing the same thing with Kirby Smart signing top classes at Georgia since he's been at uga.
  8. Winning the SEC, beating North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky to get to the final 4 is awesome. Winning 30 games and beating UAT twice in the same year totally awesome.
  9. I'm very proud of our Auburn Tigers Basketball team. WAR EAGLE!!!
  10. I hope Virginia loses the same way we lost..BAD CALLS and BAD NO CALLS.
  11. Brown needs to come out and say something about that chock sign he made.
  12. I thought we'd sign more Grad Transfers or some Junior College players.
  13. You need to take Cam'Ron off of Auburn's list of signees. He transferred to Mack Brown at North Carolina.
  14. I'm very proud of this Auburn team. I just hate face those bammers starting tomorrow.
  15. Hopefully next Bruce won't live and die with shooting the 3's.I still say we need more tall guys like Wiley.