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  1. During this dead period, I didn't coaches could talk to any recruits. Georgia got a comitment from WR, Adonai Mitchell.
  2. Gus didn't move fast enough to get a commit out of Adonai. Why is he so slow. Another good recruit goes to Georgia.
  3. Nike would be a lot better. Auburn needs to change.
  4. I thought I saw where FSU plays @ Syracuse this year. I apologize if I miss read something.
  5. I'd rather live in the Tennessee or North Carolina mountains.
  6. No way should FSU be traveling to New York. Their in the hot zone.
  7. Hey man, I like the way you think. Another year of bragging rights. That works for me. LOL
  8. If the SEC teams to play an 8 conference game schedule, will there be the SEC Championship game in Dec.?
  9. With the NC game being canceled, will the other 3 non-conference games be canceled? Acorn State, Southern Miss and UMASS.
  10. If Tennessee replaces North Carolina, then Auburn will play 9 SEC games. Will the UT game count in the conference like the other 8 games?
  11. I hope the NCAA will give the players an extra year of eligibility.