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  1. Offseason Coaching Changes

    IMO, Georgia has done a better job then us at signing big, strong and fast RB's.
  2. We needed big RB's, so I'm glad Harold Joiner committed to Auburn last week and we already have JaTarvious Whitlow. Whitlow is 6-0, 205 and Joiner is 6-3, 210.
  3. Offseason Coaching Changes

    Speaking of coaching changes, I read that Bammer is thinking about hiring Hugh Freeze. Also, I wonder if anyone will hire Les Miles. I'd trust Miles to be on my staff more then I would Freeze.
  4. Offseason Coaching Changes

    Mike Shula to coach TE's. I heard he's no longer Cam's OC/QB coach since Carolina let him go.
  5. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Glad to have JB back. Now we need a WR coach and a TE/Special Teams coach.
  6. Just because Malzahn has a new seven year contract, doesn't he'll be around all seven years. 2 or 3 more 8-5 records will take care of those years. Mark it down. We'll have more 8-5 records.
  7. Jan. 12-14 Visitors thread

    Why aren't any of our Dec signees ranked 5* players? their either 3* or 4* guys. Other teams don't seem to have any trouble signing top 5* guys. Why do we?
  8. Jan. 12-14 Visitors thread

    Before signing day is over, I believe we need to sign at least 3 5* players. More if we can get them.
  9. Next OL Coach?

    Gus just doesn"t know how to hire top young assist coaches, and he never will.
  10. Next OL Coach?

    What is your opinion about Grimes coming back as OL?
  11. Next OL Coach?

    We really need a new strength coach.
  12. Peach Bowl Game Report Card

    Auburn earned C's and D's in the Peach bowl.
  13. Next OL Coach?

    Tricket was AU's OL coach when Terry was there.
  14. Next OL Coach?

    I don't know their names, but Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State and Georgia always seem to have has a strong offensive line. Maybe one of those coaches would be a great fit to be Auburn's offensive line coach.