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  1. auburn4ever

    2019 3* DT Jamond Gordon Commits to AU!!!

    Welcome to the Auburn Family. WAR EAGLE! He's right, Bo knows.
  2. Welcome to the Auburn Family. WAR EAGLE!
  3. auburn4ever

    Jarrett Stidham to Manning camp

    I'm glad Jarrett is going to the Manning camp.
  4. auburn4ever

    NCAA Makes 2 Huge Rule Changes

    I bet Saban is shooting fire out of his eyes since he can't block players from transferring from uat.
  5. auburn4ever

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I like the renderings too. It looks good.
  6. auburn4ever

    June Facilities Update

    CT Tiger, I like your idea on how Jordan-Hare should look like. They need to close all 4 corners of both endzones and do a lot of brick work.
  7. auburn4ever

    2019 3* WR Ja'Varrius Johnson commits to AU!!!

    Ja'Varrius, welcome to the Auburn Family. War Eagle!
  8. auburn4ever

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore (Miss St.)

    Maybe he'll flip to Auburn before signing day.
  9. auburn4ever

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    Guess he can kiss his Auburn days goodbye.
  10. I like Gene's shirts. He's a fashion dude.
  11. auburn4ever

    National Championships

    If JJ had been a true Auburn man like he always said he was for 13 loooooong years, he would have claimed all those national championships and had them recorded in of Auburn's football record books.
  12. auburn4ever

    Greene VS Jacobs

    I was thrilled to see Meredith Jenkins getting her walking papers. I bet she'll join JJ at Florida.
  13. auburn4ever

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Wonder how many things UF needed help to cover up. JJ is the right person to keep things covered up.
  14. auburn4ever

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    I think it says a lot about CJ if he's willing to try another med if it will allow him to play college football for Auburn or some where else. Auburn is his first pick though. That shows a lot guts on CJ's part.
  15. auburn4ever

    National Championships

    We have more then 2 football national championships that Mr. Greene and the Auburn family really needs to start claiming. Why? because they're all legitimate national championships. I maybe the only true Auburn fan who does, but I sure as heck count each and everyone of them