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  1. Trenton, welcome to the Auburn family. WAR EAGLE!!!
  2. Cam, welcome to the Auburn family. WAR EAGLE!!!
  3. 4 star Cornerback, Cam'Ron Kelly from Virginia flipped from Auburn to North Carolina sometime after signing with the Tigers.
  4. Gus Malzahn vs Mack Brown for Trenton Simpson. Who do you think will land him?
  5. If Gus knew what he was doing, he should have hired Dameyune as our OC/QB coach.
  6. Gus has lost 5 games in 3 plus 6 games in 2015 out of his 6 years as Auburn's head coach. It's time for Auburn's president, AD and the BOTs to come up with the money and show Gus to the door after 2019 season. As for the 2013 Championship game with fsu,, Auburn could have and should have beat them if Gus had not taken his foot off the gas pedal. Remember Auburn was up 21-3 before halftime.
  7. Looks like coach Pearl is doing another awesome in recruiting to follow up a awesome 2018 season.
  8. As long as Emmert gets a raise and stays the head of the NCAA, Saban has nothing to worry about. He can break any NCAA rule he wants and worry about getting in trouble.
  9. Doesn't look like it was.
  10. Maybe they need to spend millions on another Jumbotron in the other endzone.
  11. In Kenny's profile, it lists him as Auburn's OC and OB coach.
  12. It won't be long before Auburn drops way down the SEC list of having the best looking football stadium. When teams like Miss. State, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Missouri are making renovations to their stadiums, Auburn will continue to fall down the list because the President, the AD and the BOT keep sitting on their hands and keep saying Jordan-Hare is just fine the way it is.
  13. Question. Since Gus has said that he'd will be calling the plays, why did Gus hire an OC when he himself will be the OC by calling the plays this fall? Like Rhett and Chip, Kenny will be the OC by name only. Malzahn has been Auburn's true offensive coordinator since he became head coach in 2013.
  14. I don't think Alcchol should ever be sold in Jordan-Hare.