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  1. auburnphan, who have you heard that be a possible candidate to be Auburn's 10th coach in Jan of 2018? @auburnphan
  2. I recall Auburn would have A-Day like at 1 or 2 then later that day, they would be a good baseball game going on.
  3. When we add a 10th coach in Jan., I think it will could come down to one of these defensive coaches. Tommy Thigpen, Tracy Rocker, Kevin Greene or maybe Terry Price.
  4. Sounds like Gus is against this rule because he won't be able to hire anymore high school coaches from Arkansas.
  5. We need another top recruiter/coach.
  6. Wasn't Hastings listed as a kicker when he first came to Auburn about 2 years ago?
  7. How about coach Garner stay as DT coach and coach Rocker slide in to coach the DE's.
  8. Well I'm glad OL Wilson Bell has committed to Auburn.
  9. I'm getting tired of LSU beating us for highly touted players. Come on Gus, you and your staff needs to step things up and stop sitting on your hands.
  10. Wonder when Joiner and Mason will commit.
  11. I'm thinking the same thing. Dang it.
  12. That's so true.
  13. Yes I am.
  14. I really thought the attendance would be much bigger then 46,331.
  15. I checked Tennessee's website and there's no former Auburn player anywhere on their staff. There is a former Auburn coach on their staff. Tommy Thigpen.