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  1. If we come out flatter than a pancake, then that will be a sign to everyone on how the second half of the season will go.
  2. Auburn helped Florida look like world champions. I was thrilled to see LSU put Florida back in their rightful place.
  3. Dan Mullen has always been a brat. I don't see him ever changing
  4. Wonder how Boobee is doing. As anyone seen him around campus since he got hurt?
  5. Your right, it isn't Bo's fault, it's 100% Gus Malzahn's fault. AGAIN.
  6. Has Boobie played to many games to be redshirted this year?
  7. 100% of the blame goes to Malzahn AGAIN. 3 plays and punt. The defense played so much, they were just warn out by the 4th.
  8. Just the top 10? I can't stop with just 10 since Gus has been AU's coach.
  9. The more I think about it, the more I'm glad we didn't fire Mullen a few years ago. And yeas, his name did pop up.
  10. Don't understand why Gus didn't play Joey when Bo was having all kinds of troibles with UF's defense.
  11. That just about shuts our running game down for the rest of the year.
  12. I watched UF give AU and Gus an old fashioned behind the barn ass whooping.
  13. I just got through listening to Malzahn press conference after getting your ass kicked. It's the same old BS he always tells the media when they lose. We didn't do a good job and that's on me. We've got to do better. What a pile of BS. Malzahn doesn't know how to coach the players up.