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  1. I'm so glad coach Garner is back on Auburn's staff.
  2. Sounds like it would be better if Auburn's passes on this kid. However, I could be wrong. Who knows.
  3. As of last year, Auburn's not getting anything back from that 7 million a year investment when they gave Malzahn that huge buyout. If Auburn goes 8-5 or 7-6 again, some body batter have a back bone to show Gus out the door. So far, Gus has had (3) 8-5 records and a 7-6 record during his first 6 years as head coach. Auburn deserves a winning head coach who's also a great recruiter.
  4. Is Gus scared to name the starting QB? he must be. He's never started a true freshman QB since he's been Auburn's head coach.
  5. If the picture of that young woman doesn't get you all pumped up for the start of the season, then nothing will. That's the girl next door in my dreams. Awesome!!
  6. Since we're thin with DL for our 2020 class, maybe we still have a chance of signing McKinnley Jackson.
  7. I'd love to see Brenton Cox end up coming to Auburn.
  8. Shoot. Does this guy even plan to visit the Plains? he needs to come and look around before he says no.
  9. With the awesome recruiting we're having so far, it would great if Auburn could flip some of Georgia's top commits.
  10. Do we have a real good chance of landing the TE from Las Vegas? I wish he would sign with Auburn.
  11. Since e don't have many DL committed, I hope we land Omari.
  12. IMO, next years schedule looks like it's gonna be as rough as this years schedule will be.
  13. I'd like to see us in orange jerseys and orange facemasks for the Oregon game.