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  1. Since I can't afford those pay web pages, what states is coaching staff in?
  2. Gus isn't off the hot seat yet. Gus could still have another 7 or 8 win season next fall.
  3. I hope we can pull him away from Kirby.
  4. Yes, he's comes Jacksonville State but, don't forget JSU came very close to beating us 2 years ago. And yes, Casey was a part of that team. My point is this. Just because you play or played on a lower level football program, doesn't mean you can't go up against the SEC or any other power 5 conference team. JSU beat Ole Miss at OM. App State Michigan at Michigan and there's been other 1-AA teams to beat I-A teams over the years. Casey Dunn will play in 2017.
  5. I hope we sign Master. We need more big RB's like him.
  6. I'm so glad to see Casey become an Auburn Tiger. Welcome to the Auburn Family.
  7. With Ole Miss contesting that charge, that could very well get them deeper and deeper in trouble.
  8. I was hoping we'd score 100 on LSU. But no matter, it was still an awesome win for the Auburn Tigers.
  9. Great win for the Auburn Tigers.
  10. After banning uat from recruiting at that school, I think I read that the head coach was fired.
  11. He's trying real to turn Alabama into New England Pats of the south and Nick thinks he's the Bill Belichick of the SEC.
  12. Why did Malzahn not ever won't his QB's to go to a QB camp and have someone who could teach them how to be better QB's? I don't understand.
  13. I knew that scum would some how get out of paying Auburn for what he did. I would not want that ass anywhere close to Auburn. I wish the judge would send him back to jail.
  14. 4 games left is the season plus maybe 1 game in the SEC Tournament. I realize the guys are trying their best, but something has been missing all year.