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  1. One reason could very well be that his teams beat uat 6 years straight. We also had better offense, defense and special teams. But other than that, I don't know why AU people still like Tuberville. 85-40 overall and 52-30 in the SEC.
  2. For most everyone, it has been a very busy month, thanks to the holidays. After Auburn’s indescribable offensive meltdown on the heels of yet another Sean White injury in Auburn’s first Sugar Bowl appearance since 2005, many Auburn fans mentally checked out from college football. It is understandable. Auburn’s last two seasons have been far from satisfactory. And the last three games of this season undid all of the good will that a six-game winning streak bought for head coach Gus Malzahn. Perhaps that is why this morning’s news that Rhett Lashlee was leaving Auburn and heading to UConn was not a total surprise. Lashlee was the Broyles Award winner for the top assistant in the country after the 2013 resurgence of Auburn’s football program, and he was one of the hottest names for coaching vacancies. Yet, he didn’t leave Auburn and was heavily rewarded. It has been a three wild years for the coordinator, and it would take three articles to catalog properly the rollercoaster ride experienced by the Auburn offense under Lashlee. Or was it the offense under Malzahn? Or was it Malzahn to Lashlee and then back to Malzahn? Or perhaps Lashlee to Malzahn back to Lashlee? And that is exactly the issue. And, at the same time, it isn’t. Confused yet? Welcome to being an … … Auburn fan the last two years. There are some systemic problems beyond the name listed as offensive coordinator. Regardless of who has called plays, player development in key positions has been beyond bad. People have been quick to give Malzahn a long leash because of his successes in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014. Still, it is baffling that the underlying truth about these successes eludes sports writers and fans alike: transfer quarterbacks have been successful, others have not. At Auburn, Malzahn’s record with transfer quarterbacks is 42–12. His record with quarterbacks that he developed and coached for more than a single year is 31–21. With Lashlee in tow, the record with internally developed QBs is 15–11. Jeremy Johnson’s struggles as a starter are well known. Sean White showed promise as a starter but was sidelined time and time again with injuries. While injuries can’t be blamed on a coaching staff, the development and depth behind the starter can be. Auburn was a shell of an offense without White, and White isn’t THAT good of a quarterback. The results with John Franklin, III playing validated what most could see at Auburn’s A-Day: without serious development, JF3 would never be a viable option. Track ‘Em Tigers has fantastic readers, and they often weigh in with excellent insights. One particular reader/commenter has used the term “incestuous” in regards to the relationship between Malzahn and Lashlee. For those that don’t know, Lashlee played for Malzahn in high school and was on his staff at several stops. Much the same can be said for other coaches such, for example, as Kodi Burns. While Burns should not be judged by his lone year’s work on Malzahn’s staff, it is interesting that Auburn would hire a position coach with less than five years of experience as either a player or coach at that position. In truth, it was likely his relationship with Malzahn that landed him the job. Now Auburn will conduct a search for its next offensive coordinator. There are a few names making the rounds on social media, two in particular. Obviously Art Briles has been a lightning rod for criticism, but Arizona State’s Chip Lindsey should also be a red flag. Why? Because Lindsey worked for Malzahn at Auburn as offensive analyst and is another coach from the Malzahn tree. Although his pedigree shows a coach that has been successful, his stops (Southern Miss and Arizona State) aren’t in the SEC. Could a coach from the Malzahn tree be the answer for a struggling offense that has talent but lacks polish or inspired play calling? Absolutely. Could a coach from the Malzahn tree be a potential “yes man” who was hired because of a relationship rather than true coaching pedigree? Absolutely. Either way, Lindsey represents great risk for a struggling Auburn program firmly in the shadow of its greatest rival. Is this what the program needs now? More risk? Perhaps Malzahn should look beyond the shadow of his tree for what might be the most important hire of his career.
  3. Please don't forget Tommy's Tigers beat uat 6 years in row. I don't care what the NCAA says after stripping Southern Cal of their 2004 Chamionship, we did win the 2004 National Championship after going 13-0.
  4. Though Auburn came away with a big win over LSU last night, it's been very hard to watch our 2 big sports programs. Basketball and football. I hope coach Pearl will get this team on the right track. Malzahn batter do the same with the football program. I believe 2017 will either make or break Gus' future on the Plains. It's up to him.
  5. Fire JJ!!!
  6. I don't see anyone that's still on the list of OC's that has a killer instinct.
  7. I agree. If Gus does hire Noel, then that should tell everyone that he doesn't care if Auburn goes 7-6 or 8-5 again and gets beat by LSU, Georgia and Alabama.
  8. Didn't Tommy fire Noel cause he never got the offense moving?
  9. If the NCAA allows teams to start having 10 assist coach next season, when why not hire coach Tuberville to help coach Steele. Name Tommy as Co-DC.
  10. What do y'all think about Dameyune Craig being named OC/QB coach? Could it be too late for Dameyune cause he really pissed off Gus for leaving us to become OC/WR coach at LSU?
  11. What did Arizona State do in 2016 with Chip Lindsey as their OC?
  12. It's not looking good that we'll get a top OC/QB coach who has no ties to Malzahn.
  13. I read on Bleacher report that Yurcich pulls his name out of Auburn's OC search. Now who does Gus bring in?
  14. Malzahn must not want an OC who can coach our guys to put up crazy stats game after game. Kendal as OC/QB coach and Eddie Gran as RB coach/Special Teams coach.
  15. Gus should flat out hire Kendal Briles. But if he doesn't, that tells that Gus won't hire any coach who doesn't have any ties with him.