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  1. Even though JJ's moving to DT, I don't think we've seen the last of JJ at TE.
  2. I agree. We need to move on to Nike.
  3. I understand that coaches Harsin and Bobo are real on Jackson from Indiana. If we could land Geriner and Jackson, that would be a powerful 1 2 punch.
  4. Since we only signed 1 RB last year, I believe we should sign 2 RB's for 2022.
  5. I hope we land the guy who played for Derek Mason at Vandy.
  6. If teams like UGA, UAT, LSU, A&M, UT think their gonna can have a full house, then I don't see why Auburn can't have a packed Jordan-Hare this fall.
  7. This came out of no where. Good luck to Tanner.
  8. Bruce should do away with his bread during this off season.
  9. Who knows, we might pack thehw house with 90 to 95k.
  10. Love is not only blind, but it's also crazy.
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