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  1. Malzahn looked like a real AU head coach wearing that tie.
  2. I liked what I saw with Tank. This young man is gonna have a lot of break out games in his future at AU.
  3. If the Tigers don't wake up, this could be a looong day.
  4. I'm watching IMG and Ravenwood (TN). Both teams are playing one heck of a game. I wish we'd get some guys from both these teams.
  5. I just heard on tv that Rod Orr committed to FSU. I thought he was headed to Tennessee.
  6. Now we must do our very best to get Mims and. Scooby's commitments
  7. Is Stacy Searles coaching at North Carolina? if not, where is he coaching.
  8. Wasn't there a player who Auburn is after gonna give his commitment today? Sorry if I got it all wrong.
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