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  1. auburn4ever

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Kenny will be QB coach while Gus will be the OC as he's been for the past 3 to 4 years.
  2. auburn4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    Come on Gus, make a SPLASH hire.
  3. auburn4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    Now that Brown is gone, I wish Gus would hire Wesley McGriff.
  4. auburn4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    I agree., Wesley would be a good and solid hire. I thought McGriff did a good job when he was at Auburn before.
  5. auburn4ever

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    What do y'all think about these OL coaches. Kentcky's OL coach, John Schlaman. UCF's OL coach, Glen Elarbee.
  6. auburn4ever

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Its too bad Calvin couldn't cut it during his time with the Tigers. He sure didn't live up to his 5 star billing coming out of high school.
  7. auburn4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    Why not? He gets paid big money to coach his players up.
  8. auburn4ever

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Didn't Kentucky add on to their stadium a few years back?
  9. auburn4ever

    Leavitt out at Oregon

    Why not hire Leavitt to replace Greg Brown if he leaves to become DB coach at Purdue.
  10. auburn4ever

    Interesting Overtime Proposal

    Something does need to be done about OT. I hope to see the NCAA make change it up a little. I think after 3 or 4 OT's, the games should end in a tie. These 6 and 7 OT's is hurting these players in a big way.
  11. auburn4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    I knew if Brown ever got a a chance to leave, he'd get out as fast as he could. Greg has a track record of doing the samething with other football teams he's been at before.
  12. auburn4ever

    2019 3* Grad Transfer WR La'Michael Pettway

    I wonder if Gus will try to sign a JUCO or Grad-Transfer QB in the spring or summer.
  13. auburn4ever

    Rivals & 247 BUSTED!

    Wonder how saban feels after this came out. He knows everyone knows saban or other bammers pals pay recruiting sites to put bammer recruits top billing and in the spotlight even if there's such player or players. I think whole thing is as funny as heck. LOL LOL LOL LOL
  14. auburn4ever

    2020 3* LB Rodney Groce

    Just as we're thin at offensive linemen, we're also thin at linebacker. Maybe as the 2020 season rocks on, Groce will go from a 3 star to a 4 or 5 star linebacker and Rodney will sign with Auburn.
  15. If a player turns out to be a bust, yes, it's players fault, but it's also, the coaches fault too. Malzahn and his staff does not know how coach their players up and get the very best out of them for every game for 3 to 4 years while their on the Plains.