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  1. We've all had way too much spare time on our hands.
  2. Did Leach really think that post was funny. Maybe. Maybe at Washington State and Texas but NOT in Mississippi and the deep South. Just how dumb can really be. If I was State's AD and President, y'all batter be worryed on what he'll say next. Leach will not last at MSU.
  3. I miss everything in sports. If these no college football this year, I don't know what we (football fans) will do.
  4. Thank God we didn't hire Mike Leach as AU's OC.
  5. I'm praying all the time. We all should.
  6. How about this. Start the season the first Saturday in October and only play 8 games during the regular season. After those 8 games, you'd have some bowl games and you're 4 team playoff.
  7. I'd love to see Auburn flip some top players that uga just knew that had all locked up.
  8. In your open, who are top 3 QS's that Morris is recruiting.
  9. How hard are the Tigers recruiting Kyron?
  10. Since y'all think Brock won't be committing to the Tigers, I wonder if Aaron McLaughlin will reconsider and commit to Auburn again. He's a big dude. He's 6-4, 225 from GA.
  11. Wonder if Malzahn and Morris is recruiting Miller Moss. 6-2, 197, Mission Hills, Calif.
  12. GOD is the only one who can stop COVID-19. Though I don't know when, I strongly believe HE will. Keep praying.
  13. Glad to see Carnell recruiting running backs from Anniston and Gadsden.