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  1. To all the early signees. Welcome to the Auburn Family.
  2. So glad Jay signed with Auburn. Welcome to the Auburn Family.
  3. Don't forget this. Everytime Gus hired a new OC, he tells the press that he's turning over the offense 100% the new OC. But what happens every time? Gus takes it over at point. Do you really want this offense to get better and put Auburn back at the top? then fire Gus and bring in a top head coach who can also recruit like crazy. Otherwise, keep enjoying Gus's high school coaching who ave. 4 loses every year and losing more bowl games.
  4. The offense will NEVER change as long as Gus Malzahn is Auburn's head coach and the OC. I know, Chad Morris was hired as Auburn's OC/QB coach. However, Gus is the true OC of this ship and we all know it. Chip knows it, Rhett knows it, Dillingham know it Chad will realize it soon enough.
  5. 15-2 isn't a bad record, but when you get blown out on the road, then something wrong with this team and with Pearl.
  6. Losing to uat by 20 for our 1st loss at their place really sucks.
  7. What the heck is wrong with Pearl and his team? We lost to uat by 20 and now uf is winning 18.
  8. I hope our defensive staff still has a firm hold on Jay Hardy. It's just 18 days and counting until signing day.
  9. Are we still recruiting Athlete, Enzo Jennings from Oak Park MI? I keep seeing him on different recruiting threads.
  10. Wonder if Chad will continue to recruit Aaron or start recruiting Brock or another 5 star QB.
  11. Gus was gonna play Bo even if Joey had been a 5 star QB who broke all kinds of passing records in high school. Joey got screwed by the 7 million dollar high school guru.
  12. I know Gus won't, but I wish he'd go after Brock Vandagriff.
  13. I can't say this is shocker. I had been hearing he might have to go to the judo ranks due to grades. Oh well. That just opens up another slot for our Feb. 5th signings.
  14. LSU & Clemson does indeed have better coaches that's able to hire great assistent coaches that can run championship teams.