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  1. Don't over look Georgia Southern. We need to think about them first.
  2. I hope bigbird read this. I have a feeling he thought I was making that up.
  3. And while we wait and watch the 2017 season play out, we go 8-5 again. Some of you will say something like this. "this was the first year with a new OC, so lets give Gus and Chip another year of working together. 2018 will be our year!"
  4. We sure don't need to be scheduling a team like Liberty for the future.
  5. So Bammer hired a dirt bag to be their baseball coach. There's no telling how many other scholarships he would try to revoke later on.
  6. Wish men's team could learn from the women.
  7. Well it was a fun ride while it lasted. I still enjoy watching our lady Tigers.
  8. With Alaric headed to juco, I really hope we'll sign 2 runningbacks for the 2018 class. Who knows, we might could land 3 RB's. 2 from high school and 1 from the juco ranks. bigbird, on the thread -- 2017 4* ATH Alaric Williams.
  9. I see that Alaric Williams won't make it this fall due to grades. He's headed to a junior college in Kansas instead.
  10. I'm betting that's what JJ sings every time he adds another weak team to our future schedule.
  11. Wonder what was Trent drinking when he made that statement.
  12. If we could sign JJ Peterson and Quay Walker, that would be a great start at getting a strong group of linebackers for 2018.
  13. I don't know what our chances are, but I sure hope we're able to sign Master Teague III and Asa Martin. JMO
  14. We're so blessed to have hired coach Myers away from Arizona State. I wish our other coaches in our other sports had the gift of getting their teams ready to play each and every time.