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  1. This guy wants to play and we need a big body up front. Auburn and Aaron Cochran sounds like a great fit. Sign him up.
  2. Have we ever signed anyone from Cottondale?
  3. Since I've only been a fan of AU women's softball for about 3 years, I don't much the recruiting. How many players can they sign and when is signing for women's softball?
  4. If Malik comes anywhere close to being like NM, then he'll blow people away everytime he touches the ball.
  5. It would be great if we could pack Jordan-Hare for every home game. But honestly, how many fans do you think will come when we play Mercer or Samford?
  6. Not only did Master like his 2nd trip to Auburn, but his mother also enjoyed the trip and she like talking to Malzahn and Horton along with other coaches.
  7. On B1 of the Birmingham News (Sports) It reads LEAVING THE FLOCK? It turs out that Paul Bryant's great grandson is strongly considering Clemson and Notre Dame. Paul Tyson, a 6'4 pro style QB from Hewitt-Trussville might head out of state to play his college ball.
  8. Didn't we have something like 83,401 at A-Day about 2 or 3 years ago? It would be nice to break that record.
  9. Wonder where Tyler will transfer to.
  10. We need Texas Tech and Cal's Grad Transfers. Lets welcome Fehoko and Cochran with wide open arms.
  11. I agree. With Queen and Boston no longer on the team, I think we will have room for 1 and just maybe both guys if they both wish to come to Auburn.
  12. The 2017 roster hasn't come out yet, so it's hard to think where it will be ranked.
  13. Everything I hear or read something about Woody, the more I'm thinking our 2 QB's will be Jarrett Stidham and Barrett. Also, I feel we'll see a lot more of Woody then most people think we will.
  14. I too thought he was in 2016.
  15. If Jacobs is going to keep scheduling in state teams, then why the heck doesn't he talk with the AD's at Troy, UAB and South Alabama. Is JJ scared? it seems like he is.