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  1. auburn4ever

    Ole Miss Game Report Card

    FG's -- C Kickoffs -- B Punts -- C Offense -- B- Defense -- A
  2. auburn4ever


    1 of 3 against Ole Miss.. Not good. Hopefully, Carlson will get better in the last 4 games. We'll sure need him.
  3. auburn4ever


    By not playing Joey this again week, I assume Malzahn is going to redshirt Joey. Am I right?
  4. auburn4ever

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    If we go 6-6, that is no reason to keep him another year or 2. A 6-6 record is normal for the 49 million dollar man
  5. auburn4ever

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Though it was a much needed win, let's not get too pumped up by beating Ole Miss. Ole Miss was one of the worse teams to stop the running game. Auburn still has a long season head after a much deserved bye week.
  6. auburn4ever

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    I didn't think Butch should be on the sideline. Sounds he's an on the field coach. If that's so, then saban has 11 assistant coaches. The NCAA passed a rule back in January that football teams can start having 10 assistant coaches not 11.
  7. How would Dantonio have any dirt on Mark Emmert?
  8. auburn4ever

    Tebow says....

    Sounds like Tebow has more answers on how things would work then Malzahn does. I wonder if Tim us looking for a coaching job.
  9. auburn4ever


    Only time will tell. But my guess is that Gus is gonna stick with Jarrett through thick and thin.
  10. auburn4ever

    tiger talk ole miss version

    Gus has or will dished out the same BS he's been telling us for 6 years now. I'm tired of it, and I'm NOT listening to it any longer.
  11. auburn4ever

    Staff Changes

    Gus would agree to that at first. But as the season rolls on, we will start to see GM's hand prints all over the offensive play calling just like we've the last 3 years. Ca we stand 32 or 3 more years of Malzahn's crappy play calling? I think NOT.
  12. auburn4ever

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    We might have a chance to win until Gus takes the playing away from Chip. When that happens, we will get blown out.
  13. auburn4ever

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Rather Malzahn is fired or not, Ryan Russell to be fired. Guys on offense and defense seem to running out of energy and huffing and puffing with their hands on their knew by mid way through the 3rd quaerter. This tell me guys are not shape. Other teams I watch on Saturday don't seem to have that problem. Russall working our guys into shape in the weight room during season and during the off season. How much are we paying Ryan?
  14. auburn4ever

    Staff Changes

    Gus and his offensive staff needs to go.
  15. auburn4ever

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Even if Gus goes 6-6, that's no reason to keep him.