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  1. Thrilled to have "The Rock" back with us.
  2. Wait until coach Harsin sees our Tigers walk. Oh yeah baby! there's nothing like it.
  3. So Shaun is leaving after all. Well. Now we're down to just 1 RB on scholarship. Isn't that special.
  4. Since T-Will hasn't been mentioned in a good while, maybe coach Harsin will hire Tosh Lupoi to coach OLB's/Special Teams and Bryan McClendon to coach WR's.
  5. What is Mrs Harsin's first name?
  6. It would be awesome if he committed to our Auburn Tigers.
  7. Hope the last 2 hires come pretty soon. McClendon and Hobby or Lupoi.
  8. I hope lady luck is good to us.
  9. If it's not T-Will, I hope we get Lupoi or Hobby to coach Outside Linebackers. Their both great coaches and great recruiters.
  10. We still have WR's, OLB's and Special Teams that hasn't been filled yet.
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