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  1. Gus a CEO? if you say so. In the real world, he would have been fired years ago.
  2. Coach Thigpen did a great job the last time he was on Auburn's staff. Let's bring Tommy back.
  3. Coach Thigpen would be a splash hire for Auburn.
  4. I sure didn't see this coming. Losing coach Woodson is a big surprise. Hope we a top coach/recruiter to replace him.
  5. Gus is Gus and nothing will ever change.
  6. Here he goes again. We've heard Gus tell all his other OC's the same thing. And in the end, Gus takes back full control of the offense at some point during the season.
  7. Coach Pearl and his staff needs to do a better job on the recruiting front. Put more 4 & 5 * eggs in more baskets.
  8. I've always said that Auburn deeply needs 2 and maybe 3 tall centers on their roster.
  9. I also wish the punter, Evan from Thompson high and or the kicker, Tyler from Troy would sign with Auburn. We need a punter or place-kicker who has a real strong lag.
  10. Wish both Burks and Frazier would give their commitments to Auburn.
  11. I'm wondering if we'll catch lighting in a bottle by getting a top player who'll come to Auburn through the Transfer Portal.
  12. Since we have 3 to 4 slots open, do any of you believe they'll all wait until signing day or maybe someone might give his commitment to Auburn early.
  13. I also thought all this stuff with NCAA and FBI was over and behind us. What's the deal here?
  14. Somebody on this team has to step up and charge. These 2 loses have been very painful to watch.
  15. Aubie will always be #1 with the Auburn Family.
  16. Wonder what OL Jack is recruiting for Feb. 5th.
  17. To all the early signees. Welcome to the Auburn Family.
  18. So glad Jay signed with Auburn. Welcome to the Auburn Family.
  19. Don't forget this. Everytime Gus hired a new OC, he tells the press that he's turning over the offense 100% the new OC. But what happens every time? Gus takes it over at point. Do you really want this offense to get better and put Auburn back at the top? then fire Gus and bring in a top head coach who can also recruit like crazy. Otherwise, keep enjoying Gus's high school coaching who ave. 4 loses every year and losing more bowl games.
  20. The offense will NEVER change as long as Gus Malzahn is Auburn's head coach and the OC. I know, Chad Morris was hired as Auburn's OC/QB coach. However, Gus is the true OC of this ship and we all know it. Chip knows it, Rhett knows it, Dillingham know it Chad will realize it soon enough.
  21. 15-2 isn't a bad record, but when you get blown out on the road, then something wrong with this team and with Pearl.
  22. Losing to uat by 20 for our 1st loss at their place really sucks.
  23. What the heck is wrong with Pearl and his team? We lost to uat by 20 and now uf is winning 18.