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  1. What more does the NCAA want to call off this football season? we already have 2 players opting out of not playing this season. I think more will follow.
  2. Will Traivon be redshirted this year and hopefully cone back in 2021 as a Rr-Sr.?
  3. Now that Aidan is back on the team, what will happen him when Oscar gets to Auburn sometime this month. Will Aidan stay with the Tigers.
  4. Alabama should play Missouri and Auburn should play Vandy.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kamari say that he grew up being an Auburn fan?
  6. We really need Michael in Orange and Blue in 2021.
  7. IMO, I think Wooten is doing the right thing. He has to look out for his future no matter what it might be.
  8. Anyone know when the SEC will release the 2020 schedules? I thought it was March 20th 2021.
  9. Wish someone would post the AU/SC SEC Championship game. I'd love to watch that game again.
  10. Tailgating at USA in a few years wouldn't be a bad idea. How big is South Alabama's stadium? if it's small, I don't see Auburn playing at their place.
  11. I hate to see Justin leave. I do however wish him the very best. Maybe this will open a slot for us to go after and sign Rod Orr.
  12. We need Smael more than Florida or Georgia does.
  13. I wish we would get a 2nd RB to commit to Auburn. I hope we get LJ Johnson.
  14. I wonder if all SEC teams non-conference games will be pushed to 2021 or will they try to reschedule them for future dates like with Auburn's games with Alcorn State, North Carolina, Southern Miss and UMASS.
  15. Why can't Auburn ever get Vandy? seems like Bammer always plays Vandy.
  16. BOOM! Auburn's 2nd big commitment for this weekend.
  17. I wonder how many Bammer homers help pay that guys funeral. Don't forget the banners looked up to him after what he did. Some even offered to pay his court cost.
  18. Alabama always get the easiest schedules. They never have work up a sweast as they work their way to the SEC and National Championship games.
  19. Maybe they put his body to rest under some Oak Tress.
  20. Hopefully we can reschedule Alcorn State, North Carolina, Southern Miss & UMASS for future schedules.
  21. I'm trying to picture what our schedule is gonna look like.