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  1. Do you also rememver that he de-committed from Auburn and ended up at Alabama? I wonder why...
  2. My fear is regardless of what the outcome is, the damage has been done. What 4 or 5 star recruits are going to want to come to AU now? If Harsin is still the coach, the feeling is that the other shoe just may drop any minute. What decent to good potential head coach is going to want to come to AU if Harsin is fired? What if Harsin is cleared, but decides to say "**** you, Auburn," and packs his bags and leaves on his own? This has become more than a sh*t show, and I am afraid AU will pay the price for for a long, long time.
  3. This could be a really fantastic hire by Coach Harsin. Welcome to the Plains, Austin Davis.
  4. I hope Bo gets what he wants, wherever he goes. I am beginning to think that there may have been some agreement between Gus and Pat Nix that Bo was going to be the starter when he stepped foot on campus, regardless. Gus never really went after another QB of note to either take the reins of the offense or at least give Bo some challenge so that he would actually get better (I don't think anyone seriously thinks the Loy kid was going to be the one to press Bo to get better). Harsin comes in and goes after TJ Finley, whether he thought TJ would be a good starter or at least push Bo to get better. I'll admit that Bo had some good moments, but he also had some bad moments, too many to really count here. As for Tank, I'm sorry he's leaving, but if he has become a distraction with his attitude, he will be better off somewhere else. Yes, he should have gotten the ball at 4th and 1 against USCe, but to sit on the bench and pout about it was pure BS on his part. From what I understand, that was a read-option and TJ picked the wrong option. Besides, Tank, you've made a couple of bad decisions on the field yourself, such as going out of bounds against Bama, and stopping the clock. Oh well, best of luck to the 2 of you, and thanks for what you did for Auburn.
  5. Well, I know I'm going to catch a lot of flak from some of you on here, but here's my feelings about this situation: I'm pissed about this. If this kid ends up at Kentucky, especially since UK didn't even recruit this kid when he was in high school, that to me is just a total slap in Bruce Pearl's and the program's face. If it is true that daddy Powell went to AU to get his baby boy and wouldn't even talk with the coaches, that sucks even more. OK--let me have it. i'm a big boy and I have my big boy pants on.
  6. I for one do not think he's ready for the pros. Not the NBA anyway, maybe Europe. Okoro was ready for the pros. Cooper is not. But, I think he's gone. I just hope he doesn't regret the decision, even if he will be making more money than most of us combined.
  7. I look at it like this: Rocker didn't like to go on the road to recruit but would recruit when the prospect was on campus; Eason has never recruited. So, in a sense, Rocker never recruited, either. I feel like this is a trade-off, and AU may be better off with Eason since he and Mason, who reportedly is a good recruiter, are buddies and he can learn from Mason. Rocker apparently never wanted to learn and had no interest.
  8. There are those, even among the AU fans, who believe that success breeds success, and since Bama is very successful, they bring in the cream of the crop. Like I said in my post, that is probably true NOW, but I do believe, and there have been evidence of things going in Bama's favor as far as recruiting the top players, when Saban started at Bama, he got a lot of "help" luring those players. You also have those who say that "every team cheats," some of those will turn around and say that Malzahn ran a clean program How can every team cheat, but Auburn was a clean program? I for one do not believe every team cheats. If AU cheated, would we be losing 4-5 games every year? Wouldn't AU have more than 2 national championships if AU cheated to get the top recruits in the county?
  9. Here is my conspiracy theory at work: If the NCAA is going to come down on Pruitt, they are going to take their sweet time doing so--not because of their love for Pruitt, but because of their love for his mentor, Nick Saban. Pruitt, and Smart as well, know where the bodies are buried in Tuscaloosa. Either one, or both, could use that knowledge against the Nickster and the NCAA, who has seemingly turned a blind eye to the goings on in Tuscaloosa, and have the NCAA go easy on them. As for those who believe Saban runs a clean program and gets the cream of the crop recruits because he sends them to the pros, that is probably true today and probably for the last few years. However, I do believe he got a lot of help when he first landed at Alabama. After 2-3 years of coaching the pros in Miami, he landed in Tuscaloosa and practically swept the state of Alabama with getting the top recruits in this state. He just never has seemed to have such an engaging personality that would draw recruits to him. I could be wrong since I've never met the guy and cannot say I know him personally. So, my opinion is that the NCAA is going to go as easy as they can on Pruitt, and possibly Smart if it gets that far, not because of them personally, but because of their affiliation with Nick Saban. OK--let me have it. I'm sure someone on here will destroy me for this, but I'm ready for it.
  10. For that matter, what's the fascination with Bill Clark? Hugh Freeze; Luke Fickel? What's the fascination with any of the names being batted around?
  11. I for one am getting more and more resigned to the fact that Gus will be back next year---and I just threw up in my mouth posting that. At first I thought the silence from the AD and administration meant that something was going on behind the closed doors and that Gus would be sent packing. Now I'm thinking that they are just waiting for things to "settle down" amongst those of us who want him gone before making the announcement that Gus will be back. Hello Mediocrity my old friend...
  12. It makes you wonder if Malzahn has some incriminating pictures on some of the PTB and threatens to release them. Or, it could be as nixtosanders wrote, the PTB are perfectly content with a mediocre program, as long as he beats Bama every 2-3 years. Apparently beating Georgia or a fully-loaded LSU team on a somewhat regular basis doesn't matter to them. AU has already lost the future at RB, who was committed for over a year to Auburn. Maybe he'll re-commit, but I kinda doubt it. Matthew Hill, one of the top 4 recruits from 2018 has put in to the transfer portal. Two of our top OL recruits flipped to other teams. I just fail to see what keeping this man one more year is going to accomplish for Auburn. My fear is he'll push us further behind than he already has.
  13. Wasn't Cristobal one of the top recruiters in the country when he was on Saban's staff? The fact that he lost to Oregon State yesterday is on big deal to me. Hell, Malzahn lost to South Carolina, who fired their head coach mid-way through the season. He also had our team poorly prepared to fact UGa--losing to them isn't as bad as the fact that AU looked like it didn't even want to be on the field that day. And, for those who point out that he has won 3 against Saban---last year's win was because the defense picked off 2 Jones passes and returned for touchdowns, and in 2013, I believe it was DC Ellis Johnson who convinced Malzahn to call the TO and put in the return team for the Kick 6. Yes, Malzahn was the head coach and gets the credit, but AU won in spite of him, not because of him. I was surprised to learn from either a post on another thread on this site or somewhere else, that this Offensive Genius has had AU's offense in the top 10 in the country ONCE---2013. It's time to move on.
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