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  1. I just can't imagine Coach Dean sitting in a den trying to convince a 17 year old girl and her parents that Auburn is the place for them and that he is the coach to take her to The WCWS and make her an all American. He seems to have zero personality.
  2. No, it's not his fault Martin got hurt but he should be able to Coach up our pitchers and recruit better pitchers.
  3. Ballgame. Not good. Pitching and hitting are our weaknesses. Our approach at the plate is awful. We don't swing until we get a strike in most cases. I would like to see us get more aggressive.
  4. For Dean to be a pitching coach, shouldn't we have better pitching? How long does he get with mediocre product he is putting on the field. We are better than this.
  5. Harris is back in after Swindle fails to get an out and three runs score.
  6. Harris pitched well. Hate to see her get pulled but it was time. HR and shot to the wall.
  7. Schafer has been a killer this weekend. She takes Harris deep. 1-0 UK.
  8. Harris is mowing them down. Taylon makes a beautiful diving stab on a line drive for the 3rd out.
  9. Rivera singles to right with 2 outs. Tannon grounds out to 3rd. To B5.
  10. E on Perry but Harris shuts UK down. To T5 still 0-0.
  11. Fornis shows some power but only to warning track.