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  1. Im sorry, I do not see Gus letting anybody ever call plays again. I don’t see Gus letting anybody, even good friend Chad, change his schemes or passing game.
  2. Exactly my point. I’m not sure any proven or experienced offensive coaches want to work for Gus.
  3. Just throwing this in here because We don’t need another thread for it. Mike Smith, Ole Miss Head Softball Coach has resigned. Don’t know the reason yet. Asst Coach will coach the 2020 season.
  4. The Whisky OLine is getting whipped badly in the second half.
  5. Offensive halftime adjustments. Imagine that.
  6. Swift was injured last week late in the GT game.
  7. It could be either. When he was committed to AU, the coaches were concerned that they may not be able to get him in school. And he definitely has attitude issues.
  8. OSU false start goes uncalled on the TD. SEC preferential officiating?
  9. Another shot of whisky!! 14-0. WOW!!
  10. Don’t even get started on the non calls for holding by OL, TE and WR. They say there is holding somewhere on every play. Then how is it that it is never called?
  11. LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State
  12. 😂 The unis do look a little familiar.