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  1. Softball in California

    I heard bits and pieces of the radio broadcast. Britt (isn't that his name) kept saying the Wisconsin pitcher had the best change up he has ever seen. Better than Carlson's.
  2. Softball in California

    I guess I put the jinx on Martin by mentioning the no hitter. I just got back in my truck in time to hear the last two outs. I was hoping we could get out of Cali still undefeated but I didn't expect it. Coach didn't hold any punches in post game. Too many errors, pitchers had to throw too many pitches, not enough hits. He didn't sound happy.
  3. Softball in California

    Auburn is up 2-0 in the top of 4th in the 2nd game against Wisconsin. Draper singled to bring in Fornis. then stole 2nd. Snow moves her to 3rd and Perry singled to bring Deaper in. Martin has no hitter through 4.
  4. Men vs. uat

    Gotta give Spencer and Okeke credit for their play in the paint.
  5. Men vs. uat

    Until the bammers get out of town, I hope we have security guards around the trees.
  6. Men vs. uat

    OMG!! After 61 years I guess I don't know what a foul is. These refs are turrible!
  7. Men vs. uat

    Brown finally hits a 3!
  8. Men vs. uat

    We need to heat back up. The shooting went cold.
  9. CSUN Game Update

    Thanks for the play by play Whiskey!
  10. Softball report

    Apparently, will be streaming all of the Mary Nutter Classic games live and on replay. But you have to sign up for their paid subscription to have access. I did a quick search of the site but never saw a subscription fee. But I did see where you can sign up for monthly service. I may sign up for a month to get the games this weekend.
  11. Softball report

    This weekend will let us know where we are nationally. If we can come home with no or even one loss, lookout SEC. I sure wish we could watch or even had a feasible way to keep up with the games. WAR EAGLE LADIES!!!
  12. Billy Graham has passed away

    He and the message he delivered will be missed. Rest in Peace Billy Graham.
  13. Softball vs. St. Francis

    I like the Snow sisters. They are going to be special this season and seasons to come. Martin is a different pitcher than last year. I am feeling better about this season with each game. WAR EAGLE LADIES!!
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    We will definitely miss McLemore. I hope Brown gets healthy for the tournament run. This was a tough game. We were cold in the first half and USC played their best half of the season. When we don't hit the 3s we will struggle.
  15. Basketball Probe

    I agree with Coach Pearl. If they had anything on him he wouldn't be coaching now. The media is still butthurt from being wrong in the Cam non-issue. The attorneys and schools get the same or better info than the media gets. If Coach was guilty or even suspicion of guilt, he would have been suspended or fired. Person was fired and arrested based on aquired info. The players involved were suspended based on the info available. Why would Coach Pearl not be if there was damaging info on him?