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  1. But Aubie was voted fan favorite, again. Way to go Aubie!!! We all know who #1 really is!! War Eagle!!
  2. We get killed in the paint... no fouls. We get called for touching in the paint. SMH!!
  3. Wiley was hammered and pushed. But those aren’t fouls against us.
  4. CBS sports app has it. You can sign in with your directv account.
  5. JM and SD are liabilities at this point. Bruce needs to sit them both. I don’t care who has to play Guard but they can’t be worse.
  6. UF has 12 turnovers at the half and lead by 5. Think about that.
  7. Come on Cambridge. Good defense and a weak attempt at a layup. At least draw a foul.
  8. 0 for 6 inside 3 ft. What is it with this team in the paint?
  9. Well, we see how this one is going to be officiated.
  10. It’s time for him to get an HC job and Baylor is not a bad place to start.