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  1. Very nice drop in by TJ. That has to be caught.
  2. He won’t be unemployed long unless he wants to be. Solid coach who had too much recruiting competition within 200 miles. Good luck Coach!
  3. If we make free throws we win in regulation, even though we played ugly. Less than 50% from the line is terrible.
  4. We saw a couple of our weaknesses in this one, handling the relentless press every possession and (not just this game) careless passing. We will get those fixed. On to UAT. You can bet they will be primed after that somewhat embarrassing loss to Mizzou. We better bring our A game in all phases of the game to come out of Coleman with a W. Im surprised there were no comments in here about Jimmy Dykes stating that Jabari will be the #1 lottery pick in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised about top 5 lottery pick, but #1? Thoughts?
  5. Yeah, kind of like all the people who thought TJ should be QB1 in front of Nix all season. As it turned out, the coaches were probably right all along.
  6. With the officiating, being out rebounded by almost double, being out hustled most of the 2nd half, I’m not sure how we pulled that one off. I’ll take the W though!! WDE!!
  7. We withstood the barrage and trying to claw back into it. Green and Kessler have something. We need to get Smith more involved down the stretch.
  8. So it’s OK for STL to lower their shoulder and drive through the defender but not OK for Kessler to do it. I don’t mind the refs letting them play but they still have to call it both ways.
  9. Will we sign any OLinemen, our biggest need? Or will Coach hit the JUCO ranks hard after signing day?
  10. He was Gus bad in the last two games.
  11. Tank ran all over the USC defense all night. He never touched the ball on our last possession. ??
  12. All true about our offense being a joke the last few years but Bobo’s play calling makes no sense at all.
  13. The missed tackles and being out of position is inexcusable. Entire D staff needs to be fired.
  14. MSU does have more talent and depth on both lines than we do. The defensive scheme was terrible against the Leach offense. That is on Coach Mason.
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