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  1. The problem is about half of P5 schools have the boosters and supporters who could pay the big bucks to the stars. The rest of the D1 schools would get weaker by not having the boosters who are able to pay. Then, what do you do about Title IX and non revenue sports? Big boosters are not going to pay those athletes.
  2. You're opening up a Pandora's Box when you start paying the athletes in this manner. Boosters will be funneling money through people like TTown Menswear to players. It won't be just UAT, it will be everybody.
  3. Just like they did in game one of the Super.
  4. I made an observation last night. Every team in the CWS has several or many guys with facial hair. The Michigan guys do not have facial hair. Team rule? Thoughts on a rule like that, if it is a rule?
  5. I like the baseball team but that is about all I like about UMichigan. I would like to see Kumar have another great game.
  6. Vandy gets 1 in B6. Michigan gets a break on a review at first base. To me and the three commentators it was an obvious out but the call on the field was safe and somehow upheld by the review officials. The next batter drives one to deep RF. 6-3 Michigan.
  7. I like this Michigan team and their coach. I guess it may be the underdog fan in me. But, I like Vandy too.
  8. Fellows has settled a little. It's still 4-2 T6.
  9. Michigan has jumped on Vandy Fellows early. Two runs in each of the first two innings. Vandy fought back with two in the 3rd. 4-2 Michigan T4.
  10. And their SEC East opponents this year are UTk and USCe, projected as 5&6 in the East. We play UF and UGA, projected as 1&2 in the East. Thanks SEC Office.
  11. He's talking about the Louisville pitcher tonight.
  12. Yes she is!! And I think a young man from Louisville, who pitched one helluva game, has learned that lesson tonight.
  13. Miss State doing Auburn things. Up 3-0 B7. Louisville gets stupid lucky and loads bases. Scores 1 with 1 out the 2B botches a DP to let another run in. B9 3-2 MSU. Walk the leadoff. P makes a bad pickoff throw to 1st. Runner to 2nd. Base hit to LCF great throw to the plate and catcher makes a great block and tag but he didn't have the ball in the mitt. Then another base hit to CF and winning run scores. MSU is out.