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  1. Thank you Flex! Great analysis. I have been saying this for five years. You go much more in depth and strategize better than I ever could with it. For the life of me, I don't understand how Gus can not see that his base offense is no longer viable.
  2. Bye week! Good time or bad time for it? What are y'all doing today? What games are must see for you today? Enjoy your football stressless day!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE!!!!!!
  3. Georgia Kentucky LSU Missouri Mississippi State Alabama Vanderbilt Oklahoma Iowa 61
  4. Brian McCann retired in the dugout after the game. Sorry to see him walk away. That is another hole to fill. Just his leadership will be missed.
  5. I hope they resign Josh. He would probably take less for a long term contract to finish out his career in atlanta.
  6. Those stats are all well and good but the real question is how is NCM blocking? 😂😂😕😢😡
  7. Many times it is a very blatant hold right in front of and in plain sight of the official that goes uncalled. Then on a long run or pass play (not just us) they call a very questionable holding penalty on an OL or WR. It'a like they just pick and choose when and where they want to call holding.
  8. The officials missed numerous play impacting or even game impacting holding calls on the UF OLine. I hope we are sending a video to the SEC.
  9. Gus doesn't adjust in a game. His plan and scheme is what he goes with no matter what the defense does. The only adjustment made was just taking Schwartz plays out instead of changing a blocking assignment or alignment.
  10. It sounds like a setup. For them to cross the 50 and approach him talking sh-- and for somebody to have a camera ready to go the second Worm retaliated to them and the clip doesn't show the instigation by the UF players. I think the SEC should investigate this incident.
  11. Not in mid season, nor should they. They will wait until the season is over then evaluate and discuss.
  12. The defense played well enough to get a win. When you give the offense the ball four times on the good side of the 50 and the offense only gets 13 points, the loss can't be put on the defense. They were on the field 21 minutes of the first half. The three and outs killed them. yes, Bo had a bad game but the game plan and play calling was worse.
  13. On a normal Saturday, Gus uses the bubble screen anywhere from 5-10 times. It was there for Schwartz all day. How many times did we see it yesterday? I don't remember any. We ran one jet sweep. It didn't work because we ran it right at 58 who was in our backfield all day. I trust Schwartz or Stove to make something happen at least one third of the times we run it, if the WR makes the block.