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  1. Congrats Cole and to your bride!! Make it everything you can.
  2. Correct. He is asymptomatic which is not the same as cured or virus free. BM just posted that Coach is expected to be released in a few days, so he must be doing OK with the kidney issues and the CV-19. Good news!
  3. I’ve been wondering how you were. Glad you fit the trial criteria. Keep the faith, my brother. I told you about my wife. 31 years ago, she was given 6 months to live by two oncologists. She had metastatic melanoma. There was less than 5% survival rate at that time with melanoma in that stage. She got involved in a trial at MD Anderson. It was very hard on her body but she is still here and doing well. You will do well with the trial because of your faith and all the Prayers. We continue to keep you and your family in our Prayers.
  4. 8-0. Finally out of the first. 7 hits, 3 walks and 1 error.
  5. Lexie out. Swindle in. Two more hits and a walk. 7-0 0, 1 out.
  6. On SEC Network. After losing Games 1&2 6-0 & 2-1, Game 3 isn’t starting out too good. Lexie gives up four straight hits, a walk and another single. Down 3-0, nobody out, B1.
  7. And they are running circles around us.
  8. We seem to play to our competition. If we are a 5 seed as predicted, that’s scares me.
  9. Senior night? Get 5 out. He’s a TO machine right now.
  10. This is the hottest to coldest team I have ever seen. The funny thing is they can be the coldest to hottest team.
  11. These sloppy a— turnovers are goinf to kill us.
  12. Funny that you guys mention Malik. I see some of that same energy and motivation in Jaylin.
  13. We had our hands on probably 20 of their 33 but couldn’t bring it in.
  14. Again, the periods of sloppiness will get you killed against the better teams. Jaylin Williams is going to be a force. I would like to see him get more minutes. Not a great game but very good at times. WAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE!!