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  1. Oklahoma St vs TCU

    Wow!! Good game.
  2. Tre Williams out for Mizzou

    Leading tackler will not play tonight
  3. La Tech @ South Carolina

    Muschump pulls one out of his a--. 17 - 16 after an amazing catch by a WR to set up a FG.
  4. La Tech @ South Carolina

    La Tech kicked a FG to go up 16 - 14 with :55 left.
  5. UAT at Vandy

    Looks like the old Vandy has returned.
  6. La Tech @ South Carolina

    USCe scored with 4:52 left. It's 14 - 13 now.
  7. Does Auburn take a step forward tonight?

    We better take a big step forward. Two SEC Coaches pretty much sealed their demises today. Butch and Bret.
  8. La Tech @ South Carolina

    With just over 9:00 left in the game, La Tech is up 13 - 7. Come on USCe, you can't let this happen.
  9. Want to see a playmaker develop today

    I do want to see our WRs run clean routes and create separation. I want to see zero dropped passes by them. I want to see at least three RBs with 7 or more carries. I want to see our OL opening holes and protecting the QB. I want to see a confident Punt Returner. I want to see our DBs look for the ball and get a couple of interceptions. I want to see four or more sacks. But mainly, I want to see a WIN. War Eagle!!
  10. Mississippi State vs UGA

    Gonna be a Dawg Fight in Athens tonight. I may have to do a split screen.
  11. Roll call Mizzou

    Tiger Walk at Mizzou will be around 4:15 pm at the south end of Faurout field. Still trying to nail down an exact location.
  12. QB Taulia Tagovailoa - Thompson High School

    I wonder who paid for the family to move from Hawaii to Alabaster? Who owns the house they are living in? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. It's AU Gameday

    Auburn is being represented front and center at College Gameday in Times Square. War Eagle!!
  14. New AU Softball Head Coach announced

    Yeah, you know, Gus said that the softball team had a good week of practice. Yeah, you know, They have some things to work on. They will get better.
  15. Not very smart to ask or publicize the fact. I am not a lawyer but asking a player their preference would not violate any EEOC laws, I wouldn't think. This does not mean the selection process was limited to males. I am sure anybody who applied for the position would have been considered. The players are not involved in making a hire.