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  1. And given salt tablets before and after.
  2. The BP actually did OK this weekend against the Dodgers, who I thought would destroy the BP.
  3. I hope Joiner gets the opportunity to prove himself.
  4. We may see more of a by committee approach but I would be shocked if Gus doesn't make sure he has a 1000 yard rusher this season.
  5. 62 Male Live in Pelham AL From Cahaba Heights AL Attended from 75-77 unfortunately didn't graduate from Auburn.
  6. The bullpen is trash. It's unbelievable how bad they all have been as of late.
  7. Terrible disease! Praying for your brother and the family and friends.
  8. So an American symbol recognized for over 200 years should not be recognized any longer because it was adopted by some hate group? Unbelievable how we let hate groups and minute minorities dictate what we can do and say.
  9. When asked about his coach, Tim Corbin, Kumar Rocker said. "He's the GOAT. He's like Saban". This from the son of an Auburn GOAT.
  10. Congrats to Vandy!! Well done guys!! Also congrats to Michigan in their CWS run!
  11. The Vandy Whistler is sitting right behind the plate. Funny stuff.
  12. Good start for the Wolverines. Three straight hits, one run.
  13. The problem is about half of P5 schools have the boosters and supporters who could pay the big bucks to the stars. The rest of the D1 schools would get weaker by not having the boosters who are able to pay. Then, what do you do about Title IX and non revenue sports? Big boosters are not going to pay those athletes.
  14. You're opening up a Pandora's Box when you start paying the athletes in this manner. Boosters will be funneling money through people like TTown Menswear to players. It won't be just UAT, it will be everybody.