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  1. My buddy Tom Banks! I’ve known him and his family for years. I played slow pitch with him and a couple of his brothers for years. He was a bad a— on the football field and could crush a softball.
  2. We were much better when Coop was being a PG and dishing the ball. He is being a SG now and they aren’t falling.
  3. Best start in a long time. Let’s keep it up guys!!
  4. Why do we have Philpott and Wise as the PBP and Color every game? I would almost prefer Beth.
  5. It’s great to hear from you Nathan! I’m glad you are doing OK and the family is so supportive. You know we are family too. We may not be there physically supporting you but please know you and yours are always in our Prayers.
  6. Do they let the players shake hands or bump fists or anything after he game? I don’t think they do with the covid precautions. But the yelling and crap is too much.
  7. Still unbelievably impressed with Cooper in his first collegiate game. I think he was gassed at the end causing mistakes. Game speed and just running are different. Now we need him at game speed.
  8. It’s a 2 possession game Coop can’t do that. Somebody has to take a quick shot.
  9. That’s what great PGs do.
  10. Got real sloppy again with the ball.
  11. I think this Cooper kid may turn out to be pretty good. 😆😆
  12. Again, more turnovers than shots made. SMH
  13. Very nice!!! It’s about time we caught up. An extra bonus is Tiger Walk will be 2 blocks longer. More people closer to the players instead of 10 people deep all the way down Donahue.
  14. I’ll take it. He will be a great recruiter for a school like Auburn. Welcome Coach Mason!!
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