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  1. around4ever

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    He leaves Auburn to go to Purdue in a lateral move? WTH??
  2. around4ever

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Yeah, that's where I watched it. I doubt we'll see many Saturday games on TV with basketball winding down. Maybe some midweek, Friday or Sunday games.
  3. around4ever

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    I thought this game was supposed to be on TV. I couldn't find it if it was.
  4. around4ever

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Ballgame!! Martin with 7Ks and gave up 1 hit. Good outing for her. War Eagle!!!
  5. around4ever

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    I am loving the way we are swinging the bat. Aggressive and solid contact. No pop ups. 9-0 to the 5th.
  6. around4ever

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Thanks for the preview. I may try to make it Saturday.
  7. around4ever

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Final 10-2. Handley comes in to close it out. After struggling with the strike zone earlier in the weekend she gets her first 2 Ks as a Tiger.
  8. around4ever

    Sand Dollar Softball

    9-2 B5. Taylon with a 2 out double to plate 2 runs.
  9. around4ever

    Rest of the way

    The only home game we lose is possibly UT. I think we could slip up on them if we don't play too tight and can get some second chance shots. We could possibly come out 7-1 or 6-2. If we can do that we will be 6-7 seed at worst. Call me a sunshine pumper but I have faith.
  10. around4ever

    Alliance of American Football

    I have DIRECTV Sports Package and do get the CBSSN (Ch 221). My understanding is that the Birmingham TV Market will be blacked out though. I will set the DVR just in case.
  11. around4ever

    Alliance of American Football

    The talent level has surprised me a little. It's not bad and will get better as they play more games. I may have to go the Legion Field to see the Iron play a game or two.
  12. around4ever

    Post LSU

    We have been doing these same things all season, especially on the road. If they are correctable, I sure wish we would get them corrected.
  13. around4ever

    Men at LSU - game thread

    We had 30 missed shots and only 7 offensive rebounds. It's not that we are outsized. We don't even attempt offensive rebounds. I know it is hard when you shoot so many 3s but we turn and run for the defensive end when the shot goes up. I don't understand that philosophy.
  14. around4ever

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Have we ever reached out to Willie Anderson? He runs a very successful Offensive Lineman Training Academy in Atlanta. I think he would be a great OLine Coach.
  15. Yes! Or a couple of JC transfers that got their crap together in a year or two of JC.