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  1. If I’m Shelby Lowe, I’m exploring the portal. She can play for anybody. Why she didn’t start, I don’t know other than CMD being CMD.
  2. That was a great one as well. But IMO this one was a better complete game by both teams.
  3. How does Gonzaga come back in two days after that emotionally intense game? They have not had a game like that all season. It will be interesting to see how they respond.
  4. Earlier in this thread “helping recruiting” was mentioned several times. I took that as being a factor in a kid’s decision. I have no problem with alternate uniforms to be worn a couple times per year. I do not want to see our classic uniforms changed.
  5. Baylor and Davion are headed to the Championship game. They took care of a good Houston team 78-59. Let’s see if Gonzaga can put away a feisty UCLA team to set up the dream matchup Monday night.
  6. As expected Baylor is killing Houston, 45-20 at the half. We sure could have used Davion Mitchell this year. He is a player on both ends of the court.
  7. It is a helmet and it is a uniform. If a high school recruit makes the most important decision of his young life on how those two look, then I’m not sure he is mature enough to play college ball and succeed in college classes.
  8. Our hitting dropped off immediately when Dean took over. It has not gotten any better in this his 5th year, OK 4th, we won’t count last year. I know the talent is there. Who is to blame, the coaches, the players? Whoever is to blame, the motivation seems to be lacking.
  9. These girls have played high school ball and college ball for several years. Most played travel ball during the summers for years. They are used to not getting away on spring break, not getting a normal vacation and understand that is part of the choice they made to play softball.
  10. But you don’t have to prove who you are or that you are an American citizen to vote? These people are crazy.
  11. Down goes the first 1 Seed!! Loyola Chicago just drummed Illinois. Stifling defense and good shooting.
  12. ABILENE CHRISTIAN OUT BATTLES TEXAS!! 53-52 on two made feee throws with 1.2 seconds left. This was a war. There were two stoppages for bleeding players and one stoppage for blood on the court. Both teams showed great hustle the entire game. The officials let them play for the most part. It was a very entertaining game. I love the underdogs.
  13. The Virginia Double Dribblers lost the opening round game to Ohio!! 😆
  14. I was there also. One of the best games I have ever seen. It made me rethink my decision to stop buying season tickets. The undefeated season forced me to buy season tickets again. I stopped buying the season tickets after the ‘95 season.
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