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  1. around4ever

    AU Home/Home with Washington

    Sorry my friend. I didn't notice this was in the basketball forum. I am only thinking football right now. Carry on. 🤷‍♂️
  2. around4ever

    AU Home/Home with Washington

    The 2019 out of conference schedule is set and it does not include Washington. Check your sources.
  3. around4ever

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    We don't want Stidham taking any unnecessary hits either.
  4. around4ever

    softball 2018 Fall schedule

    2018 Auburn Fall Schedule Sept. 21 vs. Wallace State CC-Dothan (5:30 p.m.) Sept. 23 vs. Wallace State CC-Hanceville (1:00 p.m.) Sept. 23 vs. Northwest Florida State CC (3:30 p.m.) Sept. 28 vs. Auburn University at Montgomery (6:00 p.m.) Oct. 5 vs. TBA (6:00 p.m.) Oct. 7 vs. North Georgia (1:00 p.m.) Oct. 7 vs. Valdosta State (3:30 p.m.) Oct. 18 vs. Snead State (6:00 p.m.)
  5. around4ever


    I think it was all on the pitcher. I don't think Mattingly called for that. It looked like the Marlin players were shocked and not happy about it.
  6. around4ever

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    "Boobie gets loose" "Boobie bounces out" "The defense can't touch Boobie"
  7. Your 2018 Wilson Home Run Champions are @Emily5Car, @LChamberlain44, and @TheMeganWiggins! Congratulations ladies! Congratulations to Jade Rhodes, @jadeashlee08, on her Easton All-NPF 1B selection! Emily Carosone is selected Easton All-NPF 2B! Congratulations, @Emily5Car! And Victoria Draper was Selected as All-NPF At Large. Congratulations @VictoriaBethhh Congrats to Emily Carosone, Jade Rhodes and Victoria Draper on their All-NPF Selections.
  8. around4ever

    2017 4* QB Lowell Narcisse (LSU recommit 12/19/16)

    He may not be the last QB to leave. Ensminger must be doing his magic.
  9. around4ever

    UNC suspends multiple players

    Univ. of Michigan players accused of doing the same thing. I'm curious to see if they get the same penalties.
  10. around4ever

    Georgia Recruiting

    And then there is this guy, Ale Kaho, from Reno, NV who signed with Washington. Because of family tragedies and his family concerns about his health, he transfers to Alabama to be closer to his family. Alabama is 3 times the distance from Reno as Washington. How is he closer to family and how does the NCAA allow this without sitting out a year?
  11. around4ever

    Georgia Recruiting

    I wonder what the "personal matter" was that was convincing enough for the NCAA to allow him to play immediately.
  12. around4ever

    2018 Fall Camp - Fan Day

    You have to love and admire Holly Rowe. She has been through so much and stays strong, positive, confident and busy!!
  13. around4ever

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Wait! ...What? We have a slant route? 🤷‍♂️ Who knew?
  14. around4ever

    Post a picture

  15. around4ever

    Post a picture

    Meanwhile in Louisiana... Do you see it?