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  1. Just awful news. My Prayers are with Bro Hamm and the family.
  2. HAPPY AUBURN FOOTBALL DAY!!! Let’s do this thing! WAR EAGLE!!
  3. I hate to see you go, but I completely understand. I don’t know how you had a life outside of AUF. You spent many hours on the forums and researching recruiting. IMO, you are better than those who are paid very well to be an “expert”. If I can ever do anything to help you, just sneak in and shoot me a PM. You will be missed my friend. I wish you the very best. War Eagle!!
  4. Wow! Great visuals and I can even smell the smells. Thanks for the reminders. I thought I was there for a brief moment. I almost forgot that Auburn football had been delayed three weeks.
  5. That just sucks!! After he is released I would be all over them about the incompetence. Somebody’s ass would fry over this. How many times should you have to remind them? Actually ZERO!! They should not have to be reminded. They know what they need, where and how to get it. Just do your job people!!! I hate James and y’all are having to go through this crap. Know our Prayers are with you.
  6. https://kentuckysportsradio.com/football-2/kentucky-football-team-decides-to-walk-out-of-practice-to-protest-racial-injustice/ The Kentucky Football team is joining the movement against racial injustice. Sources tell KSR that the team has collectively decided to walk out of today’s practice in support of the ongoing protests in sports following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted Game 5 of their series vs. the Orlando Magic, prompting the postponement of all NBA Playoff games through today. The WNBA and several MLB teams
  7. Momma Gs opened while I was there. I lived right up Donahue in the apartments on the corner of Glenn. I went there against the advice of others who tried it. They didn’t like the steamed bread. I loved it and have ever since.
  8. So you just sit around all day looking at displays and gauges? Which plant? We do some work for several of them in South Alabama. Im still working but not traveling very much. If it wasn’t for health insurance I would probably retire although I do enjoy my job.
  9. Hey old buddy!! I hope y’all are doing well. How many kids now? I don’t know all the details but TT was not well for a while. Elle knows more than I do.
  10. Sounds like you had Covid19 in August.
  11. Good outing for Mize. He got through 4.1 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs, 6 Ks, 0 BB
  12. Other sports will use the outdoor and indoor practice facilities along with the other football related facilities in the complex.
  13. A good sign The Nip is near. 😂😂🔥
  14. 2020 version of the Nip Watch
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