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  1. au68


    I wore the same Orange and Blue golf shirt, blue shorts and running shoes for the BCS Championship Game I have been wearing while watching every Auburn game this year even though we had 5" of snow in the yard and it was below freezing outside in Marietta, GA. My wife, an Oklahoma fan, thought I was crazy but I was going to tempt fate that night! That outfit has been retired as a memento to the 2010 Auburn National Championship Team! War Eagle!
  2. I hope Bama wins so when we beat them they can't say "we weren't that good and you didn't beat a very good Bama team"
  3. War Eagle from Marietta, GA! Let's all pull our team through today and the rest of the season. Always remember " IT'S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!"
  4. My thanks to all my fellow veterans, especially to all those Vietnam vets. I volunteered for an Air Force unit flying out of Thailand best 109 missions of my career!