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  1. that's a no for me on Schmedding, he been there 2 years and hasn't improved until he needed a job. why was he not doing his job before now.
  2. I didn’t say offer a contract, just that a coach that is confident in his ability to win games could make a lot of money
  3. It may also be incentive to win games knowing money is on the line
  4. What if you offered $1 million for conference wins and $500,000 for non conference wins with bonuses for SEC championship and playoff appearances ?
  5. Heard Rush was in the running for TE/ST coach !!! Is his baggage worth it ? Great hi school coach . Not sure about college .
  6. Pat Nix could be a possibility in 2 years when his son commits to Auburn
  7. Where can you buy the white polo shirt he had on in first half for A Day game that had War Eagle down the back?
  8. I thought Gus has already had the inhome visit. Will and Lance and others to visit tomorrow.
  9. True. Chuck Person had to finish his degree before he could join Coach Pearls staff.
  10. Do you not think every coach in the NCAA has done the same thing he did. Maybe Kentucky or Vandy had a axe to grind.
  11. He has serious issues moving at normal speed. There should clearly be some kind of rule to prevent it from raining so burt can stand up
  12. If Burt Buluga is so worried about health issues he needs to put down the pork and beer, he sure is a picture of health. Every athlete in any sport knows there is a chance of injury if they play.
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