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  1. Can’t believe all night long we could not get a good hit on their QB all night. Bottom line guys I am mentally over it and will spend my time on Saturdays doing anything else other than watch this 💩show
  2. Totally agree on whitlow he IS the only offense we have
  3. I’ll tell you one thing I will not plan my precious time on Saturdays for this dumpster fire
  4. I hate the refs and they have screwed us plenty BUT AUburn is AUful. The only wins we can look forward to this year is the remaining patsies Vols and liberty. I’m not confident we can even beat Vols at this point.
  5. Stidam is just an average SEC QB, I should not have bought the hipe
  6. Is there any chance James franklin would leave Penn State I would think not but a Jimbo type deal might make him think about it
  7. Out of all the posts yours hit the mark and nothing you said I can disagree with. I'm to the point where what happens happens. If he goes take that Saban type money and go get a top notch coach, that kind of money could lure some big coaches away from other teams
  8. I normally would say 8-4 is up but Gus's 8-4 seasons were extremely ugly