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  1. I just hope this staff stays together
  2. Let's put Auburn on the top and Alabama on the bottom. That would read like Auburn, Alabama. some how sounds better than alabama on the top ans Auburn on the bottom
  3. If there are problems behind the scenes at Auburn at least Gus should know about them. He was here 3 years. If he doesn't want to come back it may be because of the stench in JJ's office. if he does come back maybe the stench is not there or he has been shown changes are in the works in JJ's office. I really don't want the turds coach or them saying we had to have an alabama man to beat them aka Dabo's quote post 1st Clemson loss
  4. why don't they show J gouge and J jacobs reaction on tv?
  5. Don't post much but have a question. Finebaum mentions updykes career as a state trooper. how do we know he was an honorable trooper? most are but was he a profiler, did he stop more women than men. somebody get a statement from the texas dept of public about his career. maybe PF already has but share it with us.... just sayin....
  6. someone beat you to it. it now says Auburn killed Ala for 6 years but it is still highlit in red
  7. I believe the d line will step it up
  8. Gary hollingsworth, QB signed by Perkins and played undar Curry. grew up Auburn
  9. does anyone know more that you have to pay for?