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  1. So I read somewhere that it was Butch Jones’s responsibility to get special teams players on and off the field. If so 😂😂😂😂
  2. Kevin Steele would be my first choice if Gus is gone. I’m less concerned about a splashy hire and more concerned about what is best for those players and this program right now. He can hire a quality OC and let him fill his staff and stay out of his way, which I feel he would do. He has a defensive staff in place that can provide continuity. The players LOVE him. He’s a true player’s coach....and he’s a GOOD coach at that. I’m in. ALL in.
  3. I still wonder if Arkansas really came after Gus or if Jimmy Sexton took advantage of the situation in the AD and played Auburn like a fiddle.
  4. They are improving every week, especially their offense. If we played them yesterday I doubt we would beat them.
  5. Did you actually watch that game? We got beat by one of the worst UT teams to ever see a field AT HOME. We aren't beating Ole Miss. We would have to be able to keep up with their scoring and we cannot. We may have beaten Arky earlier this season but that team is showing improvement week after week, and we are digressing. We would probably not have beaten them today. Texas A&M, UGA, and Bama are going to have their way with us. You have to judge the product on the field and unfortunately that product right now is terrible. Unless the coaches can get into these players heads and make a significant turnaround, we aren't going bowling and we have one more win on our schedule I now know what my Arkansas friends have felt like over the past few years.
  6. I cannot WAIT to see Bo Nix playing in Jordan Hare. Patrick was a friend of mine from HS and the QB while I was at Auburn. You could not ask for a better kid and a better family to represent Auburn....oh the nostalgia! Bo's mind might have lead him to look at other schools, but that boy's heart is pure Orange and Blue.
  7. Clemson is going to beat Bama and UGA won't be able to contain Baker Mayfield. It will be a Clemson/OU final and I think Clemson takes it. That defense is just too good.
  8. It pisses me off that the players even had to address this....and that is on Gus. He could have squashed this talk early last week, but its all about the $$$$.
  9. Outside of beating Memphis, Gus has NEVER won a bowl game at Auburn. For me, that is unacceptable, as our history as a program is success in the post season. We are already paying Gus nearly $5m. Should we not expect for that amount to be competing regularly for the conference, and beating our rivals on a least a regular basis? I understand Bama and Saban, but the losses to UGA in Gus's tenure have been unacceptable. Never beating TAMU in Jordan Hare?? Can't win in Death Valley to a very overrated LSU team? Teams like JSU taking us down to the wire? Come on. The team last night was unprepared for that game and it was glaring. They should have known UGA would give that game everything they had and they needed to prepare to hit back. THAT is on Gus. So for me its not about keeping Gus and having to pay more than he is worth because some think he has us bent over the barrel with the Arkansas talk. If they are willing to overpay for him, Auburn needs to let him go IMO. I don't think we should because for me we already are with the product we are getting on the field in some of these games.
  10. Like someone had mentioned in another thread, the direction and chatter surrounding Arkansas's coaching search has they are saying that Gus was never going to be offered, the BOT wouldn't approve it. I honestly don't think Gus was ever going to go to Arkansas unless he was fired by Auburn and needed a soft landing spot. Sexton has been using this since the UGA game and then the Iron Bowl for leverage for a raise/facility upgrades. Mitch Mustain had an interesting tweet re: Gus and Arkansas. Apparently there is no love lost there. I won't link because it has some vulgarities, but it basically said he hopes Arkansas never wins another game and he would never want Gus to go there.
  11. Arkansas and Bielema's attorney actually negotiated it down some. Arky and the RZ wanted to pay $5M-$6M, Bielema's attorney wanted the full $15.4M he was due. Why in the %&*^ Arkansas ever gave him that kind of buyout is beyond me. No one was after Bielema. NO ONE. Say what you will about JJ and dumb moves, but that contract extension by Long takes the cake.
  12. I think that has a lot to do with Gus making sure he is comfortable and that Auburn doesn't bring in another JJ.
  13. Rumor floating around is 5 year $35M with a $10M buyout that goes down $1M per year AND some veto power on new AD. Let's look logically at the new normal in coaching salaries. Dan Mullen just got $6M from Florida....Jimbo got $7.5 GUARANTEED in a 10 year deal from TAMU. Mullen has nothing really to show for his time at MSU aside from somewhat bettering the program...Jimbo has conference titles and a national title. In 5 years at Auburn we have gone to the Natty once, won an SEC title and are on the brink of our second conference title and natty run. What other Auburn coach has done that? What other sitting SEC coach not named Saban has done that? I would say Gus is worth more than Mullen but not quite Jimbo is fair.
  14. Wow, this is awesome! So happy for you and Jake!
  15. Hogville thought they were hiring Gruden when they hired Bielema