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  1. Well this is definitely not good, especially since Caleb just signed in this class.
  2. Auburn needs to hire her, and should have hired her last time.
  3. Harsin’s biggest recruiting win yet.
  4. There was some discussion about it on a Mobile area sports talk show that Caddy had some NFL interest. It was reported everywhere that Etheridge was a candidate at UGA. Also apparently Etheridge is staying. But yes all donor started stuff….I bet they even asked UGA to pursue him to make Harsin look bad
  5. Agree, and I’m not sure that Harsin and Craig would mesh very well As far as Dell McGee….He’s a great recruiter but Harsin needs someone who either can coach QBs, call plays, or both. With Dell, you really don’t get either. And we need someone proven.
  6. It could. It actually could change Harsin’s trajectory with a solid hire and maybe send a message to some of us who have concerns that he has acknowledged some of his shortcomings in that regard. Get a guy who is a savage recruiter….think a Tee Martin/Dameuyne Craig type…and convince Etheridge and Caddy to stay, and that is three extremely strong recruiters on staff that could help Harsin in that regard and cover some of the deficiencies of the others. I saw someone report Kellen Moore. I want some of what they are smoking
  7. Yet here you still are….not discussing anything of substance, but choosing to attack people while you hide behind an anonymous name. Bravo! As Harsin would say, you win the day!
  8. Actually, I never thought much about the mistress stuff. Try again. Newsflash: Wishing he was fired and hoping salacious allegations are true are not the same thing. And yes, I still think we should have fired him. You sound super bitter. I’m sorry that an online forum to discuss the goings on in Auburn athletics has you in such a tizzy. Seek help.
  9. Wow, I really had no idea I wielded so much power at Auburn University and in the media. I guess that makes me the Auburn Shaman?
  10. This man Hired this man Who doesn’t like this man So he hired this man to bring his Blue Steel to the Plains.
  11. Because he hated working for Harsin, that’s why. Its not complicated.
  12. I really have never dove in to how the support staff, etc really impacts recruiting, but I know before all this mess started Harsin hired Steve Ruzic and Ty Gatson and both were discussed as extremely good hires. Steve Ruzic was described as a rising star. How much does bringing on two guys like this help Harsin, or CAN help Harsin? Or do these positions really not matter too much? I know when they announced Gatson I had read on a Minnesota board their reactions and they were not really happy about losing him.
  13. I have no clue. I’m pretty sure it was @AuCivilEng1that said we should follow him. So I put my trust in him and it was shattered 😂
  14. Except Saban’s way actually works and doesn’t involve blowing off recruiting.
  15. This is why you don’t listen to Tanner Stewart and wait for Lil Mook.
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