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  1. No. 3-2 firmly holds that title and I was there experiencing that misery live.
  2. Even my 74 year old mother has noticed this. I’m at the point I think he’s trying to get fired so he can get his big payday and go back to the PNW.
  3. Feldman tweeting that if we lose to Mizzou he has been told Auburn could pull the plug on Harsin as soon as tomorrow. 👀 https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/1573684024622604289?s=20
  4. We play Arkansas at home and with how they are playing, they are going to eat our lunch. Pittman has done work shoring up their lines on both sides of the ball. Look at both Arkansas and Tennessee…..both complete dumpster fires when Pittman and Heupel took over and what did they do? Recruited the heck out of the portal and now both are realistically in contention for the SEC. What has Harsin done? You have AL high school coaches doing interviews saying they have yet to even meet him and he’s going into his third recruiting class. The AUBURN head coach.
  5. How will Stoops be when UT and FL reemerge? UK has done great while those two have been down. I’m just not sold on Stoops.
  6. If Nebraska pulls this off and actually hires Aranda I’m going to be so salty.
  7. Think you should just tell us so we can all be sad about it.
  8. I’m not sure Harsin has ANY supporters left in those influential circles, if he even had any to begin with.
  9. The only thing Harsin has conquered is the narrative that Kevin Steele was the worst option out there for this program.
  10. Name ONE THING Harsin has improved related to Auburn’s program since he arrived in Auburn at the end of 2020. Just one thing. Anything.
  11. I feel like Auburn would be willing to work a sweet deal for ASU to be able to take Harsin.
  12. They will make Zac or Caddy interim. It won’t be Will Friend.
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