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  1. Caddy just said in an interview we are wanting to take 2 RBs this class…..and I wonder how Kevin Riley fits into this as he more of the smaller, faster shiftier type RBs. Would Hill come even to possibly play LB? That is what a lot of schools are recruiting him as, including Bama.
  2. He may be on there because White and Burnette were tweeting at each other yesterday about Burnette committing.
  3. War Rapport posted a handy cheat sheet of all the recruits Walker mentioned.
  4. Yep, it was Ryan Smith! And Gus wanted to swap them and yes it was Ellis Johnson that told him to put Chris Davis back there. Here’s the players talking about that play….again they were preparing to also block but also what to do if Davis got it…..BLOCK. They even told Davis to take off and run towards the AU sidelines which he did. It sells these coaches and players short to call it “luck”. The Prayer in Jordan Hare? Sure….it was damn lucky that Matthews tipped that ball right to a Louis in full stride. But the coaches saw that short kick coming. It also wasn’t like Auburn got “lucky” that Bama missed, because their kicker sucked…it’s why Saban ran the freshman out to kick. That was pure coaching and player effort that made the Kick 6. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Oral-history-Kick-Six-Iron-Bowl-Auburn-Tigers-Alabama-Crimson-Tide-2013-110780974/
  5. Just my opinion but the Kick Six wasn’t “luck”. Gus moved Chris Davis back there to field that kick when he saw Saban roll out those big fat slow linemen…..I can’t remember who was initially there but I remember he swapped them out at the last minute. Gus knew exactly what he was doing….whether Davis could make it 100+ yards of course was unknown but that is the position he put them in. For the record I wasn’t scared of OT….Auburn had ALL the momentum and you could tell Saban wanted no part of OT with that team.
  6. Here are the WRs that Niebuhr/Lee talk about in that podcast and have had some discussion around them since the shift to 2024 Cameron Coleman (Marcus Davis’s first 2024 WR offer) https://247sports.com/player/cameron-coleman-46115877/ Perry Thompson (Bama commit but visited AU early January and now is only “60%” committed) https://247sports.com/player/perry-thompson-46118293/ Ny Carr (UGA commit, attended Auburn’s JR day) https://247sports.com/player/ny-carr-46131259/ TJ Moore (his HC is Jeris McIntyre 😬) https://247sports.com/player/terrance-moore-46135215/ All of them are 6’3+ except Carr. Also 4* TE Martavious Collins just decommitted from Bama. He is one of the names Walker White called out. https://247sports.com/player/martavious-collins-46102029/ Also looking like Burnette may be about to do something.
  7. Interesting note….Niebuhr said that White’s first college offer came from Phillip Montgomery when he was at Tulsa and that they had stayed in contact since, so that was also a big factor in White choosing Auburn.
  8. Yep. There hasn’t been a coach at Ole Miss that could even get them an SEC championship since the 60’s, or even a division for that matter..…yet two of those Ole Miss coaches won nattys at other schools (and yes I am giving Tuberville the 2004 Natty cause we freaking . deserved it) and Tuberville, Nutt, and Orgeron all at least won their division if not at least one outright SEC championship at other schools. I’m not judging Freeze off what he couldn’t do at Ole Miss because Ole Miss is not even close to the level of program as Auburn in regards to money, resources, national perception, facilities, and history……no matter how much they want to think they are.
  9. We are on a 4 point run!!! Lol Does feel huge right now.
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