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  1. It also seems they may have scheduled this SECOND Jr Day because Auburn had one scheduled as Bama had their Junior Day on Jan 14th.
  2. Trent Seaborn, the 8th grade Thompson QB that throttled Auburn High’s defense in the championship game. Yes please.
  3. Yes. These high schools and players know when college coaches can get out on the road and start visiting schools and when Freeze shows up the very first day, it’s pretty obvious WW was the top priority. They have also been back to LRC to visit, think Montgomery went this time. I honestly think Freeze LOVES the recruiting aspect of the job.
  4. Why would Auburn want a player who one week in at his new school has already been charged with a felony, and DV at that?
  5. https://www.wafb.com/2023/01/23/deputies-arrest-4-lsu-student-madison-brooks-case/ If you haven’t been following this story, it is so sad. She was at a local bar, drunk…said her friends left her so she left with 4 guys who may or may not have raped her (those details are still coming out) then left her by the side of the road in a dark area where she was hit by a car and killed. Her BAC was close to 4X the legal limit and IMO they should be charged with rape as they admitted they knew how drunk she was and that she was walking very unstable, slurring her words, etc. No one in that condition can give informed consent. I feel the “consensual sex” story was offered up because they knew an autopsy would show one or multiple of them had sex with her, but that is only my opinion. Unfortunately, college kids are going to go out and they are going to drink but PLEASE advise your daughters (and sons for that matter) to stay together and never leave a friend behind at a bar no matter how much they protest. They need to understand how important it is to protect each other when they are out, I know BR is a bigger city than Auburn but these people still go to these bars where they know college aged girls will be. When I was at AU I always traveled in “packs” and no way would I stay out at a bar alone or allow one of my girlfriends to stay especially if I knew she was drinking and/or drunk. Just too much can happen. Our sorority had multiple “sober sisters” that we knew we could call if we needed them. Prayers for her family and friends, especially the ones she was with that night. This has to be bearing very hard on them.
  6. Air Noland is on the Jr Day list of visitors so looks like he hasn’t shut the door on AU at least if the coaches did decide to extend him an offer.
  7. He fired Bobo which left an opening so he let Trovon go out on the road if I recall
  8. Kirby booted Johnathan Taylor for DV charges…..and he ran right into the loving arms of Nick Saban where he did it again.
  9. From what I have read about Air Noland, he was ready to commit last spring and Harsin had him hold off and then let Posse commit IN FRONT OF Air. Kinda crappy way to treat a kid. It does seem Freeze prefers White and he is the #1 but Air Noland would be a super nice consolation prize and also the Langston Hughes connection. I just felt bad for the guy after hearing how Harsin treated him.
  10. I believe this is him, the only Ryan Williams I could find but his dad did play football at Auburn….and his dad’s name is Ryan Williams Sr. I’m not sure he really did that much here, I did not recognize the name. There was another Ryan Williams on the roster during that time same position, etc but it says he is from South Carolina so no clue if that is just bad data or what. https://247sports.com/player/ryan-williams-52249/ Here’s the Rivals article about his visit which talks some about his dad playing “in the late 2000s”. https://auburn.rivals.com/news/auburn-better-feeling-than-last-time-for-alabama-wr-commit-tigers-recruit
  11. He’s an Auburn legacy and his last visit to AU under Harsin’s staff left a pretty bad impression. Freeze and this staff has a good amount of time to work on him. His dad Ryan Sr was with him yesterday (DB under Tubs) and from the comments I have read was really happy with how this visit went, and they will be coming back for more.
  12. What they have yet to realize is they need more LBs to run Golding’s D and they are paper thin there so its funny to see them celebrating him leaving like this was a good thing for them 😂
  13. Every day the AU twitter has tweeted out where the coaches were going and the coaches have been tweeting it too.
  14. Arkansas has had a pretty rough off season with their portal losses and high staff turnover…..I’m not sure they upgraded at any position either. Pittboss’s seat might flame if they struggle next season which I think they will. Also a lot of rumors that KJ Jefferson might follow Briles to TCU. Enos’s stock as an OC has crashed over the past few years.
  15. On the average college student’s schedule (2 semesters/year for 4 years),not even counting summer classes, I would think he should be on track to graduate this spring. Then he would be a grad transfer and credits etc would not matter.
  16. So is Lane just a poor talent evaluator, because he brought him in.
  17. Niebuhr discussing Walker White and his visit. Interesting tidbit….he was supposed to visit Bama after Auburn, but did not go.
  18. Pretty sure OM was his only option. He didn’t have an AU offer and he couldn’t go back to OSU and I never heard of anyone else recruiting him.
  19. No they can’t if they are not in the portal, but there are definitely proxy discussions going on between the parties.
  20. It does. There are two windows….one is 45 days and one is 15. The first portal window opened 12/5 and closes today (1/19). The second window will open May 1-15 after spring workouts. The players can only officially enter their names into the portal during those windows, but they can of course announce they are going to at any time. They just can’t be recruited until they do. They can also commit to new programs outside those windows if they are in the portal.
  21. There is still a thread on the Nest about Deion that just will not seem to die. Personally I have not been impressed so far with his recruiting approach. Doesn’t seem like he wants to pound pavement and make the effort to get out on the road, he just wants to tweet and hope the recruits come find him.
  22. UF did release him from his NLI. If they had fought that…..they would have been massacred even more than they are being. Will be interesting to watch his recruitment now since he’s back on the market. I read somewhere it’s unlikely he goes to Miami. This has made national news networks, so seems like a lot of what started as “rumors” has been to a point verified.
  23. I agree. People need to stop slandering this kid. $13M is an outlandish amount but UF should not have offered that if they were not willing to deliver. Seems like a bait and switch to me.
  24. It’s definitely not just the rep’s fee….but that is a part of it from what I have read in different reports. He’s been denying it on Twitter but several reports have him right in the middle of this…..seems there are several sleazy lawyer types involved in UF and Miami collective deals and they have been at war with each other on Twitter for a while. The other thing is that Rashada had signed his deal….this is unique to Cali kids (and TN now I believe) as they can benefit from NIL deals as high school students. I think it was Thamel’s report that discussed that part….it wasn’t just a promise, it was a signed contract. Also have read that he had signed one with Miami as well with some penalties and the UF collective actually paid those penalties for him….it was either penalties from breaking the contract or upfront money he was given when he signed. It’s a big, hot mess right now. This tweet from Heitner really aged well 😂
  25. Well they had Darren Heitner negotiating it, he is the one that built in the fee for himself. He is an attorney/sports agent. UF refused to pay it….apparently it was overlooked by the collective when the NIL deal was finalized.
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