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  1. The guy is a career offensive guy and/or HC.
  2. I say go throw a good offer at Joe Whitt Jr., co-DC/As. HC.
  3. He’s currently the defensive coordinator at South Broward High School in Hollywood, Fla.
  4. Any chance we finally bring Joe Whitt Jr home?
  5. It would be a HUGE help if Sean could ever try NOT THROWING OFF HIS BACK FOOT WHILE FALLING OVER
  6. With the injuries still to take into account this is harder to call. I have faith in our coaches and players though. We withstand their early home momentum and put them away early 4th quarter. Auburn 34 ThUGa 20
  7. I think we come out strong, set to fix our faults from the Ole Miss game. Vandy just doesn't have enough to stay in it. Auburn 45 Vandy 6
  8. The only guys I dislike more than Jesse are Andre Ware and Gilmore....I prefer Blackledge all day long.
  9. A player is allowed to dive if it is to avoid a defender...they simply outlawed the wide open diving.
  10. Ole Miss is angry, hurt, and does have a dangerous O. Can't take them lightly... Auburn 38 Ole Miss 27
  11. If we play the way we should then I don't see this one being close AU 42 Arky 20 If we bog ourselves down like we have at times, then this one could get dicey...
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