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  1. I'm not sure if we're allowed to bump threads but here goes.
  2. I'm a cheap scrooge type and there's no buyers remorse for me.
  3. 1) with the right money? Yes 2) hopefully not. We would prefer someone that coaches coaches 3) the real question is will coaches work for him and thrive. This question goes for the players as well
  4. I still feel pretty passionate about the lack of personal seating space. This is the main reason I gave up my section 8 seats. I had no leg room nor elbow room. We have to commit to improving the fan experience first.
  5. I’m a fan. He’s a smart and competitive man. He’ll hire the coaches he needs to be successful.
  6. This guy’s a good AD. Our problem (as a fan base) is that we’ve been abused so many times that we’re leery of the next abuser.
  7. Yeah, I don't think ADJC would be a good fit. He's all about love and forgiveness and that mushy stuff. It's not a good look for a football game to have guys turning the other cheek.
  8. I keep hoping to see the news of a coaching change come across the ESPN ticker or for it show up on this forum when I “refresh”. Maybe when I wake up in the morning.
  9. TJ looked fundamentally more sound last night. As a team, the offense looked uninspired. The defensive line looked really good. Tackling looked really good, too. Overall, I was disappointed with our team’s showing. Projecting the success of the team (W/L) going forward, based on last night, isn’t promising but I’m still optimistic.
  10. I saw the same things most everyone has said. It looked, to me, like TJ was throwing off of his back foot instead of stepping into his passes and 86 was having a hard time with his blocking assignments early in the game.
  11. I just watched The War Rapport video with Koy Moore. I’m ready for Auburn football again!
  12. Mikey, you're definitely on to something here. I think there's something more to this, too. I believe our NIL guys want some "assurances" that the players CBH wants to bring in are worth the investment. We (they) have hired a professional to evaluate the investment. It's our programs forward thinking for the new business model.
  13. I remember seeing a video a couple of years ago of the players going through drills and the output effort was significantly less than what I see on this video. It's obviously different approach philosophies.
  14. You are absolutely correct and he hasn't recruited to the level that most of us expect or approve of. As to the lack of wins last season, there are causes of his and of others. For years we have gnashed our teeth and rent our clothes over the interference that the power brokers have had in the program. This is a step in the right direction there.
  15. I think we've learned that the PTB aren't running the athletic department.
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