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  1. Zeek, I hear what you're saying and I don't disagree. If he wins out (and that's a BIG if) with a true freshman QB, surely that would mean that he has changed. No?
  2. If CGM wins out, would he be wanted in the family again? We all want a coach that can take us to (and keep us at) the next level. Part of our frustration, I think, is due to his "learning on the job". His negative qualities have been shared enough where we all know what they are. Would he be wanted if he shows that he has taken the next step.
  3. If their receivers would have caught the ball in the first half, his offense would have won.
  4. A name that I'm surprised hasn't come up is Steve Sarkisian. His was a hot name out west a few years ago until he ran into some alcohol issues. We're used to that kind of thing, though.
  5. The UA-TN game last weekend.
  6. I’m in the 50(+) crowd. The lights create a great fan experience.
  7. Rophle, I agree with you. There is just not enough room next to, and in front of each fan to enjoy the game.
  8. I know this is not probable but maybe Leathe and Greene are taking this 'buyout renegotiation' route in an attempt to manage the athletic department themselves instead of having the boosters do it. On the surface, it seems like a fiscally responsible thing to do (having your purchased commodity commit to do their job or get fired for less money). I think that CGM wants to be successful because pride is more important to him than money. Their approach may not be the best one but maybe it's baby steps for us. This is me being optimistic.
  9. I’m glad I read this thread. Thanks ToraGirl. You’re awesome!!
  10. Is Kodi protected from the ax? Our receivers make the other team’s secondary look like top shelf.
  11. I like Mike Leach. He's a little off but he can coach, develop, and win.
  12. I gave up my season tickets because there is just not enough seat and leg room. I had pretty nice seats and paid dearly for them but, at 6’4”, my knees where always in the person’s back in from of me, my elbows where in my lap, and no one dared leave their seat to go anywhere because everyone on the row would have to do a Keanu Reeves ‘Matrix’ move to let them walk by. It’s 87K sardines IMHO.
  13. Can we just stop having dumpster fires in our athletic department!!
  14. I got the impression that Chizik was stumping for the Florida job during the halftime show
  15. I would be worried every time we faced Gus if he were at another school.
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