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  1. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    Can we just stop having dumpster fires in our athletic department!!
  2. I got the impression that Chizik was stumping for the Florida job during the halftime show
  3. next Head Coach

    I would be worried every time we faced Gus if he were at another school.
  4. Weekend Recruiting Review (3/31-4/2)

    E, I don't know where you get the time to get all of the data and then post and assimilate it. I do realize that the above is an excerpt from another article but it's an example of the work you put into it. By the by, thanks.
  5. 2018 4* S Smoke Monday (AU 7/11/17)

    Sergeant Friday is his cousin.
  6. Men's Postseason chatter thread (Merged)

    I'm really glad that so many people are happy with the job CBP is doing. The man really impresses me with his coaching and knowledge of opponents. Nobody likes seeing double digit leads blown but I honestly attribute that to the players lack of college experience and not being used to the conference grind. Keep up the work CPB and War Eagle.
  7. How much of an effect

    How much of an effect do you think the dismissals of Duke in '15 and Robinson in '16 had? Both were supposed to be key players in our offense. I get that we had predictable play calling and issues at QBs. However, these two players were extraordinary because of their skill and because of their drama. Just curious.
  8. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    Maybe he wanted the opportunity to play for the best college football coach.
  9. Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    This is what frustrates me with CGM's coaching. I don't understand how he can spend so much time with skill players in practices in the spring and early fall and not know how to use their skill sets best in his system in the first few games.
  10. 2017 4* WR Oliver Martin

    E, that's funny!
  11. PJ Fleck vs Chip Kelly

    I think several SEC schools could be vying for a new coach next year. Most Probable: Arkansas Tennessee Ole Miss Maybe: Texas A&M Missouri
  12. Rhett as possible UConn HC candidate

    I see what you did there Randman
  13. Oklahoma Postgame

    The thing I took away from the game last night is that our guys have the skills to be really good and they have the coaching to get them there. There were a lot of small indicators (not just the win). We look like we can be competitive on the big stage and I'm proud of that.
  14. Did you know? (Oklahoma Edition)

    I didn't realize that our pass defense was that good (61st nationally).