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  1. Very good read. I want to be a bag man when I grow up.
  2. Minnesota was tougher and meaner. They played a better game and deserved to win. Get ready for next year. But first, Sic em Bears.
  3. Tonight was my first AEW experience. Good show all around. Even the ladies seemed faster, more fluid, and less choreographed than WWE.
  4. OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED! I did have some Shiner Holiday Cheer tonight. Solid dunkelweizen.
  5. Five Points Pizza is a great spot if you want to get a tasty slice. They have a friendly, local hipster crowd and a great beer selection. I don’t recommend driving anywhere, as parking is scarce and expensive. You can Uber anywhere in town for about $9-10. Most public parking lots are a minimum of $25 for 2 hours. Disclaimer: I haven’t been to Nashville in 3 years, so my pricing and friendly hipster data might be outdated.
  6. I’m of the mind that we should never lose to either of the Mississippi schools, Arky, or anyone from the East (other than UGA). EVER. We also shouldn’t be an automatic win for our two biggest rivals.
  7. Fingers crossed for the Texas Bowl. Yes, I’m being selfish.
  8. Sipping a Big Bad Baptist right now. I think this is every bit as good as BCBS. The cocoa nibs are getting louder as it warms up. Definitely recommend. I don’t know how rare it is, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen it. I’ll be going back for another bottle next week.
  9. I couldn’t get it on Dish either. I had to sit in the car and listen to it.
  10. Relax dude. I’m on your side here. I said you’re NOT racist. This is between you and corchjay. Like Bigbird said. Y’all take it to PMs. War eagle.
  11. I’ve got no reason to think cole’s anti-Gus sentiments are race related. He just seems to hate Gus like some people hate the president. Nothing to do with race at all.
  12. Hey Cole. Welcome back. Ain’t seen you in a few months. Now you’re back to tell us how much we suck, after beating a top ten team. Pound sand, young man.
  13. 15 year scotch or 4 year Wild Turkey. Doesn’t matter. 1-0. War damn eagle.
  14. I’d have to tell MSG Potato that if he takes his career seriously, he needs to buy the new uniform.
  15. Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde. I don’t know if you were hoping for MLA format, but this is in the OP. Close enough to a citation for me. @aubiefifty graciously keeps us updated on articles worth reading. Most of us appreciate it. Thanks fifty.
  16. Don’t stop with that one. Roughtail has several nice offerings. Hoptometrist Double IPA, 12th Round Strong Ale, and Polar Night Stout are great. They are a relatively new company, but they do good work. Almost everything they make comes in 4x16oz cans for around $9
  17. We didn’t go for any of the finer things on the menu, but what we had was really good. We had a crab cake appetizer, which was top notch. My wife enjoyed her burger (she orders them well-done, and the staff was attentive enough to get that right on the first try... a rarity). My Po-boy was big and tasty. Oh, I almost forgot, I found a pearl in my sandwich. If you do like fancy food, they had boudin-stuffed quail and such. I’ll definitely go back if I’m passing through again.
  18. We had dinner at the Abita Brewpub tonight. We made it into town too late to tour the brewery. I had two excellent beers: Bad Mother Shucker Oyster Stout, and Baltic Porter. If I’d never tasted Purple Haze, Abita would be one of my favorite companies. But the two I had tonight brought me closer to forgiving them.
  19. The one on the right says it’s for “American Wheat beer”. I’ll probably use it for Paulaner Salvatore and various other Dopplebocks. I’ve already learned about how breakable the IPA glasses are. I had one break last month from rubbing it too hard with a dish rag.
  20. It ain’t beer, but I’m pumped about these glasses. My better half found them at goodwill for $4. I checked amazon, and they go for $40. Now I can spend $36 on beer.
  21. My usual beer store has Son of a Baptist in cans. I found a taproom with BBB and Triple Barrel BBB. Now I just need to get my wife to drive me there.
  22. As usual, you guys were right. Jai Alai is legit. I don’t think I’m going to find any Snake Handler in San Antonio, but there is some Hopslam in town. That and Big Bad Baptist are next on my list.
  23. After spending all winter chasing rare stouts, I’m starting to enjoy IPAs again.