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  1. Agree, but maybe by the time Georgia and Alabama roll around? Maybe...
  2. Put the OL in the weight room. Think it may just be that simple.
  3. This is why socialism doesn’t work. The hard workers quit working bc they reap no benefit from it.
  4. People all over this board have mentioned that part of Auburn's struggles in football have been from JJ "meddling." Lots of complaining, but no specifics as to what he's actually doing. Just looking for a little clarification.
  5. Anyone else notice on the last play of the game that both Duke and Montravius were on the field at the same time? They both wear the same number. Is that legal?
  6. I'm going to be on a plane for much of the 2nd and 3rd qtr (and maybe the 4th qtr) of the game. Anyone ever been able to stream games from CBS on your iPhone or iPad?
  7. This is the second time today I have seen the name Rudy Ford. Am I missing something? Thought his name is Johnathan.
  8. Does anyone know if we will be able to listen to the Auburn radio broadcast while in the stadium in Pasadena? If so what station?
  10. Awesome story man. I live in Tulsa, OK. I was watching the game downstairs with some friends and my wife was watching the game upstairs with my grandmother and two year old son. On 4th&18 I heard a huge scream from upstairs before I even saw Marshall throw the ball. I was so confused, but then saw the miracle myself and went crazy myself. The upstairs TV was about 2 seconds ahead of the downstairs TV. I'll be watching upstairs for now on!
  11. What are the responsibilites of a "Director of Player Development?"
  12. Houston is less than an hour from aTm. Stay there and probably find cheaper hotels.
  13. This is horrible. Don't know what else to say. Wish the coward who did this wasn't dead so that he case face the consequences.
  14. whoever gus wants. whoever they hire, they better give them the keys to the kingdom. I agree. Would love it if Kodi could be here in some capacity.
  15. So if Gus comes to AU, does Kodi Burns get an assistant coaching job here too?
  16. For those of you who are concerned with bringing in a coach that has a history of beating Nick Saban… There are 13 coaches that have a winning record against ole Nicky Joe Tiller 3-0 - Purdue Hayden Fry 2-0 – Iowa Tom Osbourne 2-0 – Nebraska Bobby Bowden 1-0 – FSU Gary Dinardo 1-0 – LSU George Chaump 1-0 – Navy Jim Lambright 1-0 – Washington Kevin Sumlin 1-0 – Texas A&M Kyle Whittingham 1-0 – Utah Watson Brown 1-0 – UAB Barry Alvarez 2-1 – Wisconsin Lloyd Carr 3-2 – Michigan TOMMY TUBERVILLE 4-3 SINCE 2000 (1ST YEAR WITH LSU) there are 7 coaches with a winning record Bobby
  17. Sorry. I thought it was 738 and 165 at half.
  18. If Mason can get 97 more yards today he'll have 1,000 yds on the season.
  19. b/c you don't undermine, publicly, your crappy head coach I agree, but you would think that someone (coach or player) would have slipped up in a moment of frustration. Maybe the fact that this "problem" hasn't come out says something about the way the players feel about Chizik. Maybe he hasn't really lost the team, there is just some sort of distraction that we as fans may not understand. I don't know....maybe i'm just reaching.
  20. BVG says that he knows what the problem is, but won't say what the problem is. I don't blame him for that. What is making me scratch my head is that if this problem is so bad that it is causing this horrible season then how has this "problem" not come out?
  21. Don't get too worked up over aubfaninga's posts. He apparently has a vested interest in spinning these players, coaches, and administrators into something the are not. This is the without doubt the worst football team Auburn University has fielded in the history of this school, it's so bad that we can no longer point to the "Doug Barfield years" as the low bar any longer. <------ Now THAT's pretty damn bad! True, but what do we call the Chizik years? He had the best and worst team in the history of Auburn football. (Maybe not the best team, but did win a NC).
  22. Makes me mad that an AU QB has to back up a Vandy QB.
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