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  1. My answer would have to be yes he will return. He hardly has any good tape from this year for NBA scouts. I think he almost has to come back unless he goes overseas. There are plenty of 7 footers in the world but only a tiny percentage of them have the coordination, footwork, and skills to be effective at the NBA level. I dont think he has proven to be one of that tiny percentage yet. On the flip side i hope he does not play again this year. To be honest the team plays better without him on the court. Horace and Mac can take care of the paint. They did great last year until Mac got hurt and the team went downhill from there. It seems to me that this team is in sync and playing well right now. Putting him back on the court hurts more than it helps. I mean for crying out loud he is almost 7 feet tall and cannot dunk right now even when standing right next to the rim. Defensively when Wiley is in the game the team seems to not crash the boards as hard nor do they roll in to help defend.
  2. Maybe its just wishful thinking but I keep waiting for DP to get like 25 mins or more a couple of games in a row and i think he will turn into what he used to be for Auburn. He seems like the kind of player that needs stretches of time to get in the flow of the game. A 3 minute slot here and 5 minute slot there is not working too well. Some guys can come off the bench and jump right into the flow pf the game but it doesnt seem like he is good at that. Just my .02 cents.
  3. I have been waiting to see him get some quality minutes every game since he became eligible. I know that CBP didnt want to take minutes from anyone else but my thought was that it should be no problem getting him 10 to 20 mins every game with a change in rotations and siphoning off a few minutes from everyone to a degree. You dont go from being the best player on the team to not knowing how to play even with sitting out a year plus. I really believe he is the missing piece and will be vital to Auburn making the tourney and winning games. The only part of his game that drives me crazy is how he is the last down the court on offense 95% of the time. He is the only one that hangs back with the PG when the ball is brought up from out of bounds. I think it takes away some of his opportunities for scoring given how fast AU scores when the ball crosses mid-court
  4. I think after watching Jibunor play some meaningful reps in the Purdue game that guy showed he belongs in the 1st string. What position he ends up settling in is up for debate, but when he was in the game all you needed to do to find him was follow the ball. He was all over the field. That young man has a bright future on defense.
  5. My thoughts on the game are that it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever witnessed and Auburn would beat that Duke team about 50% of the time with a properly called game. Even with a poor showing in shooting percentage from some of Auburn's better players and one of the most lopsided displays of calling fouls I have ever seen Auburn only lost by 6 points. This Duke team has been blowing good teams out of the gym. When was the last time a Bruce Pearl coached team went an entire half without a single free throw? Has it ever happened? I mean come on, that is just plain ridiculous. The discrepancy in free throws between the two teams is laughable. The Auburn basketball team has drawn multiple fouls in every half of basketball they have played this season thus far, and did so last year as well. They are good at the line and that was ultimately the difference in the game.
  6. How many times did we see our DBs pull up expecting the Georgia RB or WR to run out of bounds instead of tackling them? And when they did make contact it was either catching them and getting bowled over or diving at their feet attempting to trip them. Tackling was awful. BUT, as ive said in other posts, the defense was hanging bu a string being down 2 starting ends and kept AU in the game all the way deep into the 3rd quarter against a top 5 or 10 team, with even a little help from the offense Auburn would have been in the game to the end. This loss is almost entirely on the offensive coaches and their play calling, with some of the blame falling on Stidham not making easy throws. One more "fun" fact, even when the game is lost our head coach wont put in Malik or anyone else to get experiance. I would wager 99% of the other head coaches in the SEC sub in the back up in the last 2 minutes with the game lost and literally nothing to gain playing starters. We have the one stubborn and dumb sob that wont!
  7. He also got maximum effort out of guys that werent 5 star recruits and coached them up to reach their potential. Something sorely lacking with Gus.
  8. It really is a valid question when discussing who Gus recruits. It seems we take QBs every year that are the opposite of we are all led to believe is needed to have a good offense. Either recruit dual threat qbs or dont. This half assed take a guy and make him abandon his strengths to run this system is bs. What is our identity? Why is Stidham our starting qb if we are going to run an offense that requires a running threat at qb to be good? It flat out doesnt make any sense.
  9. Our defense wasnt great but it was good enough if the offense had done anything after scoring ten points. But the offense sputtered from Stidham's unease in the pocket and missing some easy throws compounded by horrible play calling. The defense was also down two starting ends. That cant be forgotten.
  10. The basic job description of a coach is where he fails. I mean honestly can ANYONE point out another program that does less with the talent Auburn gets on a regular basis? The lack of player development and retention is amazing. Quite simply this is where highly recruited players go to flame out. It isnt a giant coincidence that we have former running backs playing db and highly recruited high school dbs transferring out. Not to mention 5 star olineman that cant get on the field despite the line being subpar this year. Combine the lack of coaching to make these kids see their potential with terrible game planning and this is the result. Was anyone surprised that with two minutes to go and the game completely lost that Stidham and the first string offense was put back in the game??
  11. It cannot be overstated how bad the offense let down the defense tonight. I know the secondary played horribly at times but they have been on the field i bet double or more the time as the offense against a good sec team. You just cannot have such terrible offensive production against a good team when the defense is hangjng by a thread down 2 starters
  12. We are done 17 and we are running the ball in the 4th quarter. Thats all you need to know about the mindset of Gus.
  13. The offense play calling is horrid. The line hasnt played well all year. Our head coach is a joke.
  14. The defense has been on the field the entire game. Thats what happens when u run out of gas against a top 5 team
  15. We are playing one of the best teams in the country and have let them have double the time of possesion of our offense because of the offense ineptitude