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  1. I seem to remember the teams with Scotty Pohlman, C. Porter, and D. Fishback being pretty good at the line with the exception of the center position, Davis. The 02-03 team with Daniels wasn't too bad either at the line. Probably averaged near 65 to 70% as a team but more importantly could make them when it counted at the end of close games. Still, you are right to a degree because I always have thought anything less than 80% is not very good. The free throw is the easiest shot in the game. It's all muscle memory from practice and apparently Lebo and Barbee never made them practice!! I used to yell at the TV for either of those coaches to get a damn free throw coach! It was so pitiful at times I could barely watch. This year is like a breath of fresh air!!
  2. How awesome is it to finally have a team that can make free throws consistently? Cliff Ellis was the coach the last time i can remember having a team that was solid at the line. Just over the last 4 or 5 years I cant even count how many games we lost because of terrible free throw shooting. This is the first time in a loooooong time that we can feel confident at the end of a game when Auburn has the lead and the opponent starts fouling every possesion that they are not going to lose. What a great season so far!
  3. Auburns WRs and Blocking, Etc.

    Just like when Auburn was good at running the ball even when the D knew it was coming. The pass can be effective in the same manner if you can block at the line and u have a superior athelete at WR. I might be wrong but i think there are several guys that fit that description on the roster.
  4. Auburns WRs and Blocking, Etc.

    Lion, you are correct about the time limitations. SW hasnt had much time to throw other than Ark St. and the end of the Clemson game when they only rushed 3 or 4 and everyone else dropped into coverage. I just wonder why there are not some plays in AU's arsenal that use a TE and blocking back out of the shotgun to leave some more people at the line and in the backfield to give him more time. Drop the stinking read option sets at times and take a WR off the field in exchange for an extra lineman and see if the physical specimens that we have at WR can get open. For gosh sake there doesnt need to be a ball fake every play when u have potentially great receivers.
  5. It would be hard to be mad at a guy like SW that obviously has physical talent, football intelligence, and a strong competitive spirit for transferring if he is pulled from the starting job or if he continues to have to try and make something out of the terrible play calling we have witnessed so far. Others here have said that they dont think he is SEC caliber. I think he absolutely is good enough if he was on a team that could give him a little time in the pocket and had a coach that would let him throw the damn ball further than ten yrds. When he has been asked to make intermediate or long passes he has been pretty good. Better than expected even.
  6. A couple of observations that I would like discussion on. 1. How many others here watched many of the running and passing plays that had potential to be large gains fail to do so because the WRs out there didnt stay on their blocks long enough? Seems to me that there were at least a dozen times where I saw the WR standing there as the db they should be blocking made the tackle. Stevens was particularly guilty of this numerous times. Some of these pitiful attempts were the difference between a play gaining 5 yrds and likely taking it 20 yrds or to the house. 2. We have never had this many highly ranked freshman at WR who are in SEC ready bodies and Gus wont give them many reps nor will he call a pass play farther than ten yrds. I have to wonder, how many of these guys will stick around at AU if they arent getting PT and passes thrown their way? There are very few schools I can come up with that would not likely be starting any one of them. They have to be aware of that as well....
  7. I agree on the proven fact that JF3 has the ability to run when the inevitable happens and Gus calls the 3 QB spinaroo throwback play or the play action QB draw o 3rd and 16. What I am scared of however is if JF3 has the mental capability to remember more than 3 to 5 plays out of the playbook. He very well might, and he very well might be a sufficient passer, but when he ran out of bounds on 4th and 18 it kinda gave me some doubts. Like maybe his brain isnt up to speed yet with the speed of an SEC football game yet. I mean I know that was only one play, but that was a BIG play that there is no excuse for. That is basic stuff right there, knowing down and distance. Even more so when its the closing minutes in the 4th quarter.
  8. Did anyone else here have to hold back the barf when we ran that supremely stupid run play where we leave 1of the top 5 defensive ends in college football unblocked and hope a 6 foot 8 300 pound pulling guard can beat him to the backfield A SECOND TIME??? Everyone saw what happened the 1st time. Its not even the playbook that is the problem. Its the plays he is calling out of it in relation to the game. No one will succede in that unless they ignore the call and call the play themselves! I wish Gus would telk Sean thathe can call the plays for 1 quarter when on the field on offense and then maybe Gus and Rhett can see how bad they are screwing everyone.
  9. Sean Whiteis complety competant. He actually is pretty good. The problem is the play calling. Also the o line has not been good either very frequently. If Sean has time he has shown he can throw all the throws needed. For some reason Gus refuses to throw further than ten yrds and most of the time anything deeper than line of scrimmage. This is despite having the best wr core we have had in ten years. Gus is a moron. When it comes to calling plays during the game he becomes full on drooling retard. Spinnaroo handoff throwback lateral anyone?
  10. How can you not love this guy?

    Point being I was at Auburn during the Ellis years and he had to have left with a winning record right?
  11. How can you not love this guy?

    Cliff Ellis was a great coach at Auburn. I like Pearl but had AU stuck with Ellis thru the problems at the time, Auburn would still be good. We consistently had at least 1 NBA Draft pick and consistently won a game or 3 that we were not sup to win. Now he is at coastal Carolina and they win big every year and have made the NCAA tourney multiple times.
  12. Auburn 13 Alabama 29 - Postgame Thread

    Quotes are not working so Ill paste from TitanTiger: "Because the plays stopped working. Alabama devoted more resources to stop us running the ball. We needed to hit at least a few downfield throws to get them to back out. We couldn't" And they quit working because we took JR out, not bc Alabama was doing anything different. Do you really think that Alabama was not trying to stop the run from the very first play?? They were never too worried about AUs passing prowess with JJ in there bc he hasn't done well all season throwing. You told me to pay attention earlier, take your own advice. They stacked the box the WHOLE game. We were still having success anyway till Gus went away from it AND from the RB that was having success.
  13. Auburn 13 Alabama 29 - Postgame Thread

    Maybe you should be paying closer attention Titan, Jovon was fine. The problem is our coaches pull him when he is doing well and we don't see him again till the next game. Go back and read the multiple articles questioning why Gus does this prior to this week. Thanks for showing your true colors and depth of IQ calling me names.
  14. that 3rd and 2

    very true, but what were the odds of that? Play the percentages. the percentages were for us to lose unless we made some low percentage plays. It was there, he missed it. yes, but he's missed them all year. So which is more likely? One of our RB picking up 2 yards on two downs or JJ making a 40 yards pass? This kind of thing is what I was talking about in regards to playcalling: straying from the players and plays we have working and start calling the plays we seldom execute. This has been his MO all season. As soon as AU starts doing something well, he goes away from it. This is the same when you look at who got PT as well. JR shows he is the man to ride and he pulls him and puts in someone that was largely ineffective. Oh, and let us not forget the quick run up the middle EVERY STINKING FREAKING TIME after getting a first down. That play will live on in my football nightmares for years. I have never seen ANYONE in division 1 college football be so predictable game after game after game. Everyone on the field, in the stands, the press boxes, watching at home on TV, and for that matter our own damn mascot eagle knows its coming!!! I would like to know the percentages of success for that play. I would be willing to bet in that situation that it gained more than 1 yard maybe 2 times out of 10 this year. It is a drive killing bonehead play that there is absolutely no excuse for running so often!
  15. that 3rd and 2

    very true, but what were the odds of that? Play the percentages. This. JR hadnt gained less than 2 yrds but maybe once all night. Why the hell would you not keep running? Even if I conceeded that the pass play was to take them by surprise and score so run it, why would u kick if it doesnt work? He had gone for it on 4th and 2 earlier in that drive closer to our side of the field. It makes no sense to kick a FG there especially when that approach has not won games for us ALL SEASON!! Its the last game of the regular season against the #1 team and our BIGGEST RIVAL! There was NOTHING to lose by playing aggressive and for the win. I have no idea when exactly Gus lost his nerve and sack but he needs to get it back asap or we are in for several long years! Just my opnion....