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  1. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Stand corrected. I misread. Thanks for my whoopin'....
  2. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Hope you’re right, but rule changes regarding head injuries (specifically targeting) have already trickled into HS with those players being ejected w/o the benefit of replay.
  3. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    JMO, but likely to happen within the next 15 yrs. It'll start in the HS ranks first.
  4. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Put the leather helmets back on. Players wouldn’t lead with their heads anymore.
  5. A-Day thread

    I went back and tried to watch it last night. Still couldn’t get through it all. Just absolutely boring. I think the SECCG and the bowl game loss really took a toll on my fandom. We just looked ill prepared for both games, and honestly I’m expecting the same against UW. Hope I’m wrong. Still can’t believe we’re paying $7,000,000/yr for Gus....
  6. Lindsey more wrinkles in Offense

    Geez.... bring out the time capsule. Somewhere Terry Bowden is smiling.
  7. A-Day thread

    After reading the remarks, glad I chose to watch the Masters instead of A-Day. War Damn Patrick Reed!
  8. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    I’d lean on the side of it being highly unlikely Stove will be back by fall. ACL repairs rehab faster now than in the mid 90’s, but we’re at 5 months b/w now and August.
  9. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker

    Thank you. That was an honest question btw...No sarcasm for once in one of my post.
  10. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker

    When was the last time we flipped a bama recruit at LB or DB?
  11. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

  12. uat arrogance

    No kidding. I’ve told my OU friends out here to imagine Texas vs Oklahoma St for the NC. That’s the only way I can explain to them how awful Monday will be no matter what.
  13. Demographic Curiosity

    40 soon to be 41 From Ga live currently in OK 2000 (state school in Ga, located in Athens...Don’t judge, IT WAS FREE!) 2008 Med school-OSU sidewalk alum. Grew up an Auburn fan This place is gonna turn into the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes photos of the residents at their apt complex so everyone knows one another....
  14. 2018 Regular Season Projection

    8-4 vs 7-5. Depends on Tennessee. I think UW is a loss. Same coach that beat OU while at Boise will be given an eternity to gameplan against us and our 6-7 play offensive playbook. The other losses will likely be TAMU (play them at home), UGA and turds. Hope I’m wrong. WDE!