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  1. 2017 Fall Camp - Tue, Aug 1 (Day 2)

    Google Brandon Marcello's twitter handle. You'll find what you're looking for.
  2. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    Frank Sanders....just clutch. I honestly can't recall a single drop, possibly due to the fact 1993 was sans TV.
  3. Post-Spring Height & Weight Changes

    You can wear a large chain to gain weight as well!
  4. Anyone remember this game???

    I was there. Went w a kid from a local HS on his recruiting visit (he signed w FSU). Threw balls on the field during warmups and met Adrian Kartsen (died in 2005, ESPN reporter). Saw Tyrone Prothro(sp) and thought he was a little small for peewee football, much less SEC. He proved me wrong. Nonetheless, a night I'll never forget.
  5. Notes on First Down Offense (2007-2016)

    Can you further break these statistics down to only power 5 opponents? My guess is they'd change significantly and not for the better.
  6. Chip Lindsey new OC

    I guess we'll know who's really calling the plays the first time we get a first down and go hurry up. Dive = Gus. Anything else will be CL.
  7. Chip Lindsey new OC

    If our offense looks good against teams that are on par with us from a talent perspective, I'll be pleased. Holding out judgement until then.
  8. Chip Lindsey new OC

    The primary subject of the article you speak of was actually verified on a diffierent Auburn site. "Crappy-ah" didn't just fart this one up out of thin air.
  9. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

  10. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    It's pretty early Golf....Irish coffee?
  11. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    You don't get the pleasure of telling me I told you so as I don't likely speak for the majority of this board. In the words of Tony Beets, " Off you go now".
  12. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    So if I'm an employer and I'm having to babysit an employee to make sure they're performing their job to standard, said employee will not last long. The writing is on the wall. This is what happens when you hire a coach who isn't ready for the job. Im ready for The Bus to roll right out of Auburn.
  13. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    That's commonly referred to as the "Overton Window" in politics.
  14. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I agree. However Trotter, Moseley, Frazier, Wallace, JFIII, Queen, Johnson all say hello....
  15. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Yes. Powers that be. They exist. I hope you're right concerning Yurich. I think he'd be a good hire if he's allowed to do what he wants. I wouldn't be surprised if he uses us for a raise. May not be the case, but it wouldn't shock me. We'll have our answer soon.