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  1. I was in middle school when Barlow played. Spurrier was a young coach at UF and Shane Matthews was his QB. Dye was still at AU.
  2. If Gus were coaching it would be 1.5 seconds
  3. Weren’t we expected to lose at bama and at UGA this yr?
  4. I get the argument about how Auburn generally bounces back after bad years, but in ‘93 Stan White was a senior and there was future NFL talent on the OL. In ‘04, Jason Campbell was also a senior and the OL was talented. 2010 we had Cam Newton and the OL was pretty salty. 2013 that OL was nasty (along w Jay Prosch) and we had a heck of a backfield. I don’t see any of the above next yr. JMO.
  5. Safe and sound back in Oklahoma. Merry Christmas!
  6. Merry Christmas to all! Need @augolf1716 to share some cold beer w me as I’m delayed at the airport! WDE!
  7. I think we win. Not sure why I feel this way as I’m definitely not a SP. AU: 27 Purdue: 17
  8. Old: recruiting OL that are mean and will knock your butt off the LOS New: basically ignoring OL recruiting.
  9. We need to reserve about 8 slots for OL in February. Maybe 30-50% would be hits.
  10. Was Muschamp the DC when Arky ran all over us? I’ve blocked it out of my memory.
  11. I’m off. No way I’m getting back on. Moved towards the exit the tail end of 2014 when I realized CGM only has one game plan and is basically too stubborn to adjust. Jumped completely off game 1 against UL when I saw a qb that had been groomed personally by CGM look as if he’d never seen a live defense. CGM taking over the play calling is similar to IHOP changing its name. It was still IHOP and they eventually changed their name back bc it was a marketing ploy. Don’t fall for the trick of CGM calling plays. He’s been doing it all alone. Remember the Coxcat and it’s reappearance this year.
  12. I’m not a member, nor will I be ever again. However, the Bunker can be an entertaining place at times. With that said, JGT and BM do a pretty decent job on the podcast and it’s free.
  13. Two of the mods on have said the same thing NGT is saying. This info was reported prior to Bobby Bentley, but it certainly applies. They have also said that Gus is is regarded in coaching circles as carrying a casket, meaning he's a dead man walking. Believe this info can be heard on episode 352 or 353 in the rundown podcast. Provides pretty good info and insight.
  14. Gus should go ahead and announce he's running the offense. Hire a QB coach and save some $.