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  1. doug3020

    Liberty post game

    Seven wins!
  2. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    He has a good frame. Looks like he could add some mass.
  3. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    His dad was a freaking stud.
  4. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    I like the build of Asa. Hope he gets a lot of carries in the 4th
  5. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    I'll go ahead and post the quotes from the post game presser for those of you that won't be able to see it. Robot voice "we played with great energy today. Guys really flying around. Had a chance to play some young guys. Really appreciate what these seniors have accomplished. We'll be ready to go in Tuscaloosa. I'm sure we'll have a great week of practice and carry over the momentum of this win" Picks nose and exits stage... WDE!
  6. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

  7. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    We better not have starters in the game.
  8. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

  9. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    I've often wondered who Pete was.
  10. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

  11. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    I have hemorrhoids that move faster than our #3 TB.
  12. doug3020

    **Liberty game thread**

    “When you miss a guy who takes the top off the coverage”. Per the announcer... We have the fastest freaking player in football, but we don’t send him deep. Offensive brilliance.
  13. doug3020


    Thanks to our seniors. WDE
  14. doug3020

    Can't make this up

    Can’t be true. We have more stars than UAB. That’s how bama wins according to the board.
  15. doug3020

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    The man is stubborn as a mule w a $32 million buyout. Personally, I’d work pretty hard to get fired. No one outside my family and local golf club would ever hear from me again!