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  1. Wonder why in the world my old butt was on a football field.
  2. UGA's top 4 receivers were all out last night. They expect 3 of the 4 to return before the end of August.
  3. His dad was a freaking beast. Destroyed UF's tackles in '93 and '94. Broke a QB's femur his senior yr of HS. Sounded like a gun shot throughout the stadium. Thank goodness CPD took him hunting on his official.
  4. When was the last time we signed a sought after HS OT (serious question)?
  5. Dooley retired in '88 or '89, so Dye dealt with him plenty and Dye did coach against Spurrier.
  6. @augolf1716 Did you ever own a pair of pants like the bass players? Please say yes....
  7. I'm sure this has all been hashed out in the previous 5 1/2 pages, but i'll give it a go: 1) Lack of improvement as a whole. Does the AU team that played 1/1/20 beat the AU team that played Oregon? 2) The offensive "tells": When our TB bunny hops, he's getting the ball 98% of the time. When 22 is in the game, he's being thrown to. When 8 goes in motion, it's a sweep. When Boobee is in the wildcat he's either faking to #8 to the right and then running right or giving to #8 running right. Fake Statue of Liberty going to the deep post.RUNNING UP THE MIDDLE ALL THE FREAKING TIME AFTER A 1ST DOWN. 3rd down one read throws to Seth. I give up.... 3) Trick plays. Who the hell runs a dbl reverse pass on 3rd and 4 or 5 in the 1st half in a tied game (I believe at the time)? Who fakes a punt in the situation we did against Minnesota. Just sends an awful message to the team that you just can't line up and win your battle. Just weak. 4) We threw zero passes over the middle on 1/1/20. Our lone pass TD came on a scramble. 5) I'm so tired of 4-5 loss seasons and getting whipped by UGA and LSU all the freaking time. Beating the turds should not be the goal. I'm so ready to move on from CGM. I cannot understand the support for him.
  8. Apathy. Defines my view of Auburn football since the end of 2014 when it became obvious to me CGM was over his head and unwilling to make adjustments. I do not think the direction of the program is good or really bad, it's just stuck in a rut. Same routine over and over. We're a 4-5 loss power nearly every year. I also believe the "he's learning on the job" argument is ridiculous. We're now heading into year 8.
  9. I believe Gus was just focused on the Browns job. Trying my best to be a sunshine pumper.
  10. Minnesota rows the boat. Gus chants “pick your nose”!
  11. Boys we got out coached ( to no ones surprise)and outplayed. Why I expected anything different is beyond me.
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