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  1. doug3020

    British Open

    Feherty stated Tiger paid the fine prior to the beginning of each season just to go ahead and get it out of the way. If you want a good adolescent laugh, YouTube Tiger farts. I believe Feherty is involved w almost all of them.
  2. doug3020

    British Open

    I heard it and laughed. He’s not a member of the European tour (last I checked) and I don’t think this is considered a PGA Tour event, so he’ll likely get away w it.
  3. doug3020

    British Open

    I really like Xander Schauffele’s swing. He’s a small guy with a ton of power. His pre-shot left arm/wrist dominant release is money.
  4. doug3020

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I sat just a row or two above you for that game. Strangest game I’ve ever attended.
  5. doug3020

    2018 Hype Video Thread

    What did the show in 2009 and 2013? The entire video would be every snap of every game!
  6. I’m just excited JS gets to audible this year. Next yr we’ll be back to the no audible/meerkat offense.
  7. doug3020

    Ryan Pugh vs Reese Dismukes

    Which one got in the “altercation” with Reuben Foster?
  8. doug3020

    10 wins this year?

    I’m thinking 9-3. I don’t think we’ll beat UW for two reasons. 1) The curse of the stadium and 2) Gus against a really good coach to open the season. Basically, same theory I have for the bowl games w Gus. Give good coaches time and they’ll basically outcoach our coach. Also, too many unknowns on our OL and at TB to open the yr. Gus won’t know who to run up the middle 77 times against UW..... I also think we lose at UGA and turdville. Unsure about Moo St. They have a new coach. If it was Mullen, I’d be antsy. Not sure about their new guy. Hope I’m wrong and we win 15. I’m holding my breath........nevermind.
  9. doug3020

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I'm pretty sure they double as hospital administrators.....
  10. doug3020

    U.S. Open Golf

    Golf channel guys (DD, BC, FN) hit it on the button. Palmer, Jack, Tiger, Trevino etc.... would never have done what Phil did. He flat disrespected the game. Blast the USGA in the media tent, but don’t make a mockery of the rules. Even his explanation was poor. Telling the fans to toughen up was a joke. He broke the rules bc he was upset about pin placements. Phil should toughen up, and to save face WD. He could do himself a big favor and admit his mistake with the intent and WD. To me, that would be the biggest pie in the face to the USGA.
  11. doug3020

    June Facilities Update

    It’s more of an ant based approach. Takes desire and teamwork.
  12. doug3020

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I feel like your son at times. Depends on who’s calling plays for us......
  13. doug3020

    What was your first Auburn game?

    11/18/1989 Auburn vs UGA in Athens. 20-3 good guys. My dad took me. He's a die hard UGA fan. I've been a Dye hard AU fan since the age of 5, even growing up just north of Athens, GA. WDE!
  14. doug3020

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    What’s the problem w the quote? I agree w Bird. 100% correct.
  15. doug3020

    Top 5 Pay = Top 5 Expectations?

    You have to admit $7 million is not the going rate for college football coaches. The sample size is the top 10 highest paid. I criticize our AD (former) for paying CGM this much. I can’t criticize CGM or Sexton. I wish Sexton would negotiate my contract....