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  1. Should we drop 11 into coverage?
  2. Seth jogs around bc he knows it’s a one read route (wheel to Boobee).
  3. My heart rate went up and then......damn
  4. Dye Grew up in Northeast GA. Had a house full of UGA fans watching the '83 AU-UGA game (I was 6). Never figured out why they pulled for the team that lost. Been all AU ever since. Tie: 1994 LSU-AU, 2003 turd-AU (got to be on the side lines).
  5. If we’d win when we play on CBS, Danielson would be quiet. However, we play teams w talent fairly equal to ours and we all know how that generally ends.
  6. I mean we did score 20 on LSU, 14 on UGA and 20 on OM.... just trying to figure out how we get to 30. That’s all.
  7. More like the meth crisis. You have to be delusional to think we’ll score 30.
  8. Understand. I also understand Auburn’s history all too well... WDE!
  9. Well then you feel free to live in mediocrity while the rest of us want to strive for excellence.
  10. 6-16. Don’t give him any undue credit. 2-5 LSU 2-6 UGA 2-5 turds (assuming).
  11. We should probably start handing out participation scholarships as well for those kids that really want to play college football, but just aren’t good enough. That’ll serve them well in life.
  12. I’d think it would be the other way. The Auburn fan base is sick of 8-4 and losing to its main rivals. Why would that upset a recruit?
  13. wasn’t there a similar situation a few years back? A play was being reviewed, the offense of the opposing team had a clear penalty and the officials said it wasn’t reviewable and instead hit us for having 12 men in the field or something along those lines. Maybe I dreamt it....
  14. Any substantial investment requires a degree of risk. I have a feeling the big time $$$ donors know this.