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  1. Play signaling

    tempo of the signals will prevent satan from catching the drift
  2. I hate Finebaum - but he's right

    Yes next to a lot of posters in aufamily you would almost have to say Finebaum is a homer
  3. He will get another shot at that dried nasal mucus.
  4. table set for November

    2 out of 3 the big one to go. Sop Jalen Hurts he has not been hit all year.
  5. Score Prediction- ULM

    Give Casey Dunn and K Johnson the day off!
  6. Kerryon Johnson touchdown

    Damn this would work on the Border. I will forward
  7. CBS Auburn-Georgia

    More Auburn-Georgia (CBS) was the highest-rated college football game on Saturday: 4.7 overnight rating.
  8. Shadow

    Fact Auburn under Gus Malzahn is now 7-3 against ranked opponents, when the Tigers are ranked in the top-10. Shadow would say Auburn never wins the big games.
  9. Georgia Game Report Card

    Experts everywhere when it come to football
  10. Shadow

    He drove me not to listen. Calls in every day and is FOS. Do not know why BC puts up with those kind of calls.
  11. Shadow

    What will this idiot that knows have to say on his Monday call?
  12. Good News for the Tide

    Alabama got some good news from the NCAA Thursday night regarding star freshman Collin Sexton.
  13. moving quickly to replace Jacobs

    Kim Evans will have input
  14. moving quickly to replace Jacobs

    Are we there yet