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  1. read-option offense

    Mississippi State game will tell us what our future will be like. We should take Missourri easily IMO.
  2. Player Development

    Agree a success story IMO.
  3. Why no long runs? Can Jarret Stidman run a read-option offense? This to me is what is missing the opposing defenses are not expecting JS to run. Last game he proved he can throw but to get the offense clicking the opossing defenders are going to have to respect that QB can run.
  4. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    I hope the ones jumping off stay off. We have a good team and the season is not over!
  5. Sean White arrested

    Families should help. Sean, you can still be successful football is not the most important thing in life with the courage you showed I know you will be a winner. War Eagle.
  6. Mercer Game Report Card

    Thanks, StatTiger the team is improving but sadly some posters are not. I think the special teams will come around and turn overs will stop. The receivers must be more proactive about insisting the ball is theirs when it is thrown to them. War Eagle
  7. Good Luck and War Eagle coach
  8. New Feature: Our Picks

    glad you did
  9. FWIW.

    I think are FOS but WDE anyway.
  10. Note on statistical report cards

    Looks like we can't chew and walk at same time. We only can address one problem at a time and when it is corrected something else is broken.
  11. Clemson 10 Positives

    Great post thank you and War Eagle
  12. CGM Offense

    Like the commentators said Tom Brady would have failed with that OL protecting him.
  13. CGM Offense

    He did not sack himself dummy. The OL got their buts handed to them.
  14. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    Heel down toe heel toe most Homo sapiens walk this way.