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  1. Peach Bowl Press Conference

    Good news!
  2. Team Activities

    What is team doing to prepare for a very good UCF team? What does the schedule look like? When is Christmas break? I do not want Auburn to play poorly. This is going to be a challenge
  3. Mustapha Heron

    Has he been cleared to practice yet?
  4. Team Activities

    While KJ & JS are busy I hope our Defense holds UCF scoreless WDE.
  5. Wiley and Purifoy

    Josh Vitale‏Verified account @AUBlog 12h12 hours ago More I'm going to preface this by recognizing that it's very early in the season and it hasn't come against the strongest schedule. But after finishing 13th last year, Auburn leads the SEC with a plus-10.9 rebounding margin through nine games this year. Without Austin Wiley.
  6. Team Activities

    This game presents a real challenge to coaches, players and fans. This is a very dangerous game and would ruin 2017 season IMO. This is a good team and they are hungry. We have to take them seriously.
  7. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Michelle McKenna-Doyle good Scott Etheridge good I would be happy with either of these.
  8. Pay no attention to 247, Rivals & ESPN click bait .
  10. Pay no attention to 247 click bait
  11. UCF tickets sold out

    UCF Sells Out Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Ticket Allotment in Record Time
  12. Wiley and Purifoy

    Why would anyone trust the FBI to investigate anything?
  13. Gus' first and most important job

    Yes you cannot build a team around one player we proved that with QB SW and RB KJ. IMO Great players produce lazy coaches.
  14. commercialization of high-school sports

    Interesting Asa Martin Following my sophomore year I decided to transfer to IMG Academy in Bradenton (Fla.).
  15. I do not believe Cliff Hare envisioned this. BRADENTON, Fla.—The best moments of high school for 18-year-old senior Will Huggins haven’t been typical rites of passage like the prom or getting a driver’s license. Instead, he recites his time in the 40-yard dash, down four-tenths of a second in two years, and the 40 pounds he gained. “Thirty-seven of that is muscle mass,” he says. Mr. Huggins is a wide receiver for IMG Academy, a high-school football program that is just four years old but has already become a fearsome, controversial powerhouse. Owned and operated by Hollywood entertainment conglomerate Endeavor, IMG Academy is an elite, for-profit boarding school—and the leading producer of top college and National Football League prospects. As many as 30 members of the current team are expected to get Division I scholarships, including from top programs Alabama, Ohio State and Florida State. Mr. Huggins, who convinced his mother two years ago to let him move 3,000 miles from northern California to IMG Academy, recently got an offer from Stanford. Recruiting experts say no other high-school team is likely to produce even 20 scholarship players. IMG sits at the apex of the commercialization of high-school sports. Purists have long bemoaned how college football has become a big business like the professional game. Now, for many of the same reasons, that phenomenon has trickled down to even younger players and has turned a Friday night ritual into a form of career development. IMG Academy players and their parents seem happy overall with the return on their investment. Critics say the school damages football’s central role in communities when it lures budding stars away from their hometowns.
  16. Men vs. George Mason

    FYI BB UCF Knights 5-3 Dec 3, Final 65 - 62 Alabama Crimson Tide 6-2
  17. Rodney Garner

    There are posters on this forum who always point their fingers at the Coaches no matter the situation. I wish they would not claim to be family!
  18. Is there a chance we lose Lindsey

    Don't worry we will always have "The Shadow" and his minions to keep us on track. WDE
  19. Great Read and IMO it was the first game this year that Jaylon H realized it was not flag football WDE
  20. ACC embarassing the SEC

    Just shows there are a finite number of good players available for Division I football. Therefore, recruiting is the key to fielding competitive teams.
  21. Nick Coe appreciation thread

    I think it was first game when JH knew he was not playing flag football. Go BIG BLUE we love Defense.

    Post Iron Bowl 2017

    By Andrew Beaton and Ben Cohen Nov. 23, 2017 9:22 a.m. ET 22 COMMENTS We’d like to express our sincere apologies to any fans of Michigan and Ohio State, Florida and Florida State, Ole Miss and Mississippi State, Oklahoma and Texas, Washington and Washington State and the dozens of other schools that claim ownership of the best rivalry in college football. But it’s time to acknowledge what the last decade has made clear. There is no longer any debate. The most important, most insane and most just-about-everything rivalry is Alabama versus Auburn. Here’s a brief list of the insanity surrounding recent Iron Bowls: There was the 2009 game when Alabama needed a wild fourth-quarter drive to stay undefeated en route to its first national title under Nick Saban. There was the 2010 game when Auburn had an even wilder second-half comeback on the road to its own national championship behind a phenom named Cam Newton. There was the 2013 game that ended on the single wildest play in the sport’s history. All that happened in between was the statewide ruckus that resulted from an Alabama fan calling into a local radio show and bragging about poisoning trees on a hallowed part of Auburn’s campus that fans toilet-paper in celebration of big wins.

    per CBS More people watched the Iron Bowl than any other college football game so far this season. No. 6 Auburn's 26-14 win over No. 1 Alabama drew an average overnight rating of 7.8 and 17 share, the highest for any college football game on any TV network this season, according to CBS. Those figures are up 66 percent from last year (4.7/10). The Iron Bowl was CBS's highest-rated regular-season college football game (excludes SEC Championship Games) since the 2013 Iron Bowl, which earned an 8.6/18 rating and share, according to Nielsen. Saturday's game peaked at 10.7/21 from 5:30-6:00 p.m. CT, per CBS
  25. Gus just out coached Saban.

    I know Shadow the legacy of "The Drive" is disappointed. What an ass he will find something that was wrong and BC will take his call. Great win by a great coach and a good man. I hope Auburn can keep him for a long time.