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  1. Tehran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism – including numerous attacks that have killed and injured U.S. citizens. Iran has typically acted through Hezbollah, Hamas, or other terrorist proxies. According to Jennifer Elsea of the Congressional Research Service, U.S. federal courts have, over the last two decades, issued some 92 judgments finding the Iranian government and its officials liable for acts of terrorism that claimed American victims.[1] These judgments have resulted in over $26 billion in compensatory damages and over $30 billion in punitive damages against Iranian government entities and officials.[2] Iran has never willingly paid a penny.
  2. Yet the party and the candidate that actually needed the protection from Russian interference got none. 5th grade explanation.....
  3. WDavE

    Did Fed Agents Infiltrate Trump Campaign?

    My fav. so far this week was Clapper on tv stating that spying was not the right word. They were trying to protect the Trump campaign from Russian interference. Why did Hillary need it? It was her emails and Podesta's account that was hacked. How about the poor DNC.
  4. WDavE

    Creating more terrorists.

    Do you even wonder at all what the goal was for those trying to get into Israel? Do you think it was to greet and hug Israelis and congratulate them on the 70 anniversary of Israel coming into being? The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their capital. In 1967 it was controlled by Jordan not Palestine. In fact in 1948 it was also. It's hard to negotiate with people who chant death to you everyday.
  5. She only has my attention because she is evidently made of Teflon. Nothing she is ever accused of ever seems to stick to her.
  6. WDavE

    World markets are tanking

    Maybe we can do what China did. After the next election and since the government changes. We should then refuse to pay the debt or deny even owing the money. But currently, the People’s Republic of China owes a debt of over $750 billion to American citizens who are holding these full faith and credit sovereign bonds (many of them denominated in gold) sold to them by the Republic of China. Worldwide, the debt China owes to all bondholders is estimated to be several trillion dollars.
  7. WDavE

    Where Is The Justice?

    Sessions even though he recused himself from the Russian collusion case. He still has the power as AG to step in and stop the investigation anytime it goes out the range of that investigation. He doesn't have to be fired. Just shut the investigation down. Game over. This would be a lot of fun to watch if it happened. The left would hit the roof. But what legality would they complain about? A Special Counsel is supposed to be named to only investigate a supposed crime. Which collusion is not... Just for the record: Mueller's investigation alone is costing 6.7 million every 4.5 months. Then there is the other government agencies he has doing his bidding.
  8. One-sided report as usual....
  9. I read this and then I think about what went on the years preceding Trump's tenure. Obama pulled missile defenses from Georgia at Russia request. Stood by while Russia invaded Ukraine (which part they still control), sold 20% control of USA uranium to Russia, & open mic Russia that he was going to help them more after the 2012 election. Stood by and watched Syrian forces along with their Russian allies kill citizens wanting nothing more then some form of independence. I also believe Obama failed to stop Russian interference that he was aware of in the election. The term lackey comes to mind.
  10. Oh oh! We just sanction Russia......
  11. WDavE

    'Trump Madness"

    I guess it was a courtesy grouping that had two losers trying to play their way into the dance. (Pelosi and Schumer)
  12. WDavE

    Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    I was kind of impressed with the Shiver's 200 meter time versus Omac's. Me kidding now..... I bet Shivers doesn't trip over imaginary objects like Omac on occasion did. In one game, I thought a sniper got Omac.
  13. WDavE

    Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    The Shivers kid might take a lot of the carries away from Stove. He is OMAC fast and has moves. OMAC in high school ran a 10:44 100meters and 22:44 200. Shivers ran a 10:47 100 and a 21:13 200.
  14. WDavE

    DOJ Opens Investigation of FISA Warrants

    I guess we should just disregard that the papers/report were are against federal election laws and that the DNC/Hillary should be charged. Hillary's lawyers picked the emails the government got to look at and now her lawyers or the DNC lawyers paid for the report. Must be nice being made of Teflon.
  15. Let's talk about a bastion of liberalism Ted Turner. Do you know how many failures Ted had in his business life? Long ago, I watched Ted on the air begging for donations to keep one of his tv stations on the air. Some of these business heroes just happened to have more successes then they did failures. Ted is an example.