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  1. Maybe he can do what his predecessor did. Load a secret plane up with cash and fly it in....
  2. To my thinking Socialist is a better definition.
  3. Most of the internal leaks we are now talking about include classified inf formation and that is illegal to be given to the press. I hope Mueller investigates that also.....
  4. Yes by all means lets follow the money. But you have to start a little earlier. Should be fairly easy though. $500,000,000 in less then four years.
  5. Hillary and Bill have skimmed enough money for me. As to the Republican statement about. Comey is a registered Democrat as is Flynn.
  6. How do you know that total enforcement will not help. When was it last done?
  7. Did I miss a civics class in the 10th grade? The Attorney Genera's job as I remember it, is to enforce the existing laws of the land. To represent the government when cases come up in front of the Supreme Court and to advise the president and others in matters of law. Until recently it seems the AG's only enforced the ones they thought worthy. If you don't like the existing laws get them voted out or changed.
  8. Nothing to see here.... She was only found guilty of 18 of the charges brought on her. I'm guessing two years probation and a Neiman Marcus designed ankle bracelet. She is a Liberal Dem.
  9. Its a good thing she lost then isn't it. Wait a moment! Never mind! She would has never admitted to anything.
  10. How come everyone in the world besides the Libs. know that Trump firing Comey will not impede the investigation in any shape of form? If anything what he did put it more in the spotlight. There are more then enough Dems in the FBI that vote strictly that way every time. They are Federal employees........
  11. Here is my new favorite CNN headline. They were fired while investigating Trump. Sally Yates Wasn't she fired for arguing against Trump's immigration ban? Preet Blarara Wasn't he fired when a new regime was elected as usual and he was one of many? I must have missed what his investigation was all about. James Comey I could have swore up till now its people in the Trump Administration being investigated? Maybe CNN has the scoop.. Maybe we can play the game CNN loves to play. Truth or not true!
  12. You might want to read up on their immigration laws.....
  13. For once I kind of agree with something that copied and pasted 1st. The republicans should have left ObamaCare to just die on the vine. It was certainly going to do so and I wanted the Dem's to get all the credit they deservingly earned. 2nd. I am not for any more entitlement programs aimed at wealth redistribution. What I heard on the radio this afternoon was quite alarming. 0ver 70 percent of all black children currently being born are coming into the world to single mothers. Over 50 percent of illegal alien children are. Add that to a big populated county close to me has a high school graduation rate of less than 50 percent. I look forward to helping to pay for all this and if not me. Then my kids will have to. But that's just me......and yes I'm pissed at the republicans!
  14. Who and what do you blame the crisis on to begin with?
  15. No, she would have been very busy destroying any woman that accused Bill of doing anything inappropriate. Maybe she would have been extremely busy redoing her instructional video of how to protect government classified material. I have also heard she does really well with cattle futures and foundation fund raising. But providing cover stories for security lapses at embassies seems to be her real forte. Multi-faceted comes to mind.