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  1. No your absolutely right! I didn't help a young man and his mother who left El Salvador after his father was killed by rebels. I didn't drive them twice five hours one way to apply and then to take the oath to become citizens. I also didn't hire the young man and give him a job after he became a legal citizen. The kid now works for ESPN....
  2. Not quite true... FY 2009 - Even though the budget had been approved, Congress added emergency funding to stop the Great Recession. It added the first year's worth of spending from Obama's Economic Stimulus Act to the FY 2009 budget. That $253 billion accrues to Obama. FY 2010 - Obama's first budget created a $1.294 trillion deficit. FY 2011 - This budget contributed $1.3 trillion to the debt. FY 2012 - The deficit was $1.087 trillion. FY 2013 - This was the first Obama budget where the deficit, $679 billion, was less than $1 trillion. Thank sequestration, which forced a 10 percent cut in spending. FY 2014 - The deficit was $485 billion. FY 2015 - The deficit fell further, to $438 billion. FY 2016 - The deficit rose to $585 billion FY 2017 - The deficit is projected to be $666 billion.
  3. #ReleaseTheMemo

    Approved truth tellers..... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/22/clinton-lectured-state-dept-staff-on-cybersecurity-in-2010-video.html
  4. I wonder what felony/s are committed when you pay a foreign official during an election for damaging information about your opponent? We still have Federal Election Laws....
  5. Sad Days at The FBI

    I thought the black helicopters were Russian and in play already?
  6. Using any government entity to further a political agenda would be poison. Where were you two years ago?
  7. Latest on Russia

    I'm confused... How much money did Trump secretly send to Iran?
  8. Latest on Russia

    How many years have some tried to figure out who all are members of the NRA?
  9. Let's look at the other side for a change. He knew he was here illegally. In 30 years, what did he go to correct his problem? NADA!
  10. The "Sh*thole Countries" Remark

    Even the other half of the same island.... In 2013 the Dominican Republic's constitutional court issued a ruling that stripped citizenship from some 200,000 people of Haitian descent because their parents had come to the country illegally and they are deporting them.
  11. In 2010 someone hacked the EAS system and ran a Alien Invasion alert .I blame Obama...... No president has ever activated the EAS system just for the record.
  12. The "Sh*thole Countries" Remark

    Began a year or so ago.... I don't understand how Haiti is still considered a s***hole. The Clinton foundation spent so much on the island.
  13. The "Sh*thole Countries" Remark

    El Salvador's population in the last census that I could find is a little over 8 million people. Currently in the U.S. there are 1.1 million Salvadorian born immigrates. I bet most of the 1.1 million think its a s***hole too!
  14. Spuat or Thuga

    The first team that gets called for an offensive lineman holding will lose the game. The other linemen freak out not knowing how to block after the call.
  15. Demographic Curiosity

    64 Mississippi South Carolina Grad. 1975 Had the distinct honor of working with Jim Fyffe who made me become an Auburn fan. Nobody in my family did an intervention until he had already programmed me.