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  1. Once again I must have missed some really important event. Obstruction? Of what? Rod Rosenstein recommended Comey be fired. Rod Rosenstein hired Mueller as special counsel. Mueller investigated for two years without producing any evidence of any kind as to where he could charge Trump with either offense and did so without any outside interference. I see a lot of butthurt but no obstruction.......
  2. Obama signed bibles but that was not a problem.....Farrakhan told him it was okay
  3. Or an estimated 11 million illegals to late.
  4. Mr. Kennedy was named second team All Pioneer League this year. He was a Redshirt JR. 6-4 285lbs.
  5. Parts of our defense is good. We need some pass rushers and a couple of corners. How many times was a Bama receiver wide open? We also never know where the ball is.
  6. There always seems to be wide open receivers when we're play zone. Play man to man and and least make the opponents work for it.
  7. Watch some of the passing plays. Usually there is a receiver open or breaking open. We never find them.
  8. Defensive was holding his left arm down low.
  9. The plays preceding the gimmick we're far worse.
  10. Let's try running routes that takes us past the first down line. I have seen other teams do it.
  11. Now all Bama has to do is keep blitzing and our offense won't do another thing.