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  1. He's terrible he's overthrown all our open WRs "ALL" season!
  2. Last Friday 9/7 Roydell Williams, Hueytown: Logged 35 carries for 394 yards, with TD runs of 66, 12, 44 and 94 yards, in a 39-36 victory over Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa. He also scored a two-point conversion.
  3. So now that I've calmed down and had a good nights sleep...did anybody else notice how far across the line of scrimmage Hurts was on that Last play? I think the sec should review that and take those yards away since it was definitely a illegal forward pass that helped make his stats look better than They actually were.
  4. Should have been throwing deep instead of running 500 dive plays in the half.
  5. When i heard it i instantly knew why they were playing it ?.
  6. So anybody here think he tried to purposely get sent home from the combine because he knew he wasn't going to pass the pee test?
  7. Faking it off the man in motion and spinning in a circle doesn't Help either. Oh and trying to pull a guard to block the best pass rusher in college football. If the line isn't that good keep it simple and let them line up and block the man in front of them. I feel like the line isn't the greatest but they aren't the worst either. I just feel like these players on offense don't believe in Gus or his offense anymore.
  8. Why can't we call "normal" football plays Pettway was gashing them first half when he actually got the ball then Gus basically sits him the whole 3rd qtr. This was another game we could have easily won if Gus would have kept It simple.
  9. They should be on the phone with Petrino agent right now getting the deal done before the season ends.
  10. Reed definitely never reached the hype he came in with. Lemonier was pretty good. Dismukes and Robinson were good. Therezie was solid. Gabe never really stayed steady but he had all the potential. Carl needs to play a complete season it's still in the air with him but he's beastly when healthy. Adams has been solid since day 1. If i remember correctly Barber didn't have a lot of SEC offers maybe because of injury but he was good at Auburn. Nick and CAP were juco players. I guess what I'm asking is when did our highest rated player in the class turn out to be a star? I know we have plenty that weren't ranked let's just say top 100 that turned out to be stars.
  11. I was sitting here thinking since we fired Tubbs for not recruiting at a high level nationally. When was the last time Auburn recruited a player highly ranked player out of high school and he actually ended up being a star at Auburn?
  12. Gus shouldn't be worried about burning a redshirt because if he doesn't turn things around he won't be around to see Woody take the field. From what I've seen in Gus/Rhett time at Auburn as far as developing Woody is probably as good right now as he'll ever be under those two because they haven't had time to make him worse. I say play him and run the plays that he knows even if that means running his high school offense since we're running a high school offense anyway.