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  1. I'm sure his NFL experience will sound good to recruits
  2. Bummer, but I hope he has a great NFL career
  3. CREMA has some of the best espresso I've ever had. It's near downtown, not far from the riverfront area.
  4. BYU surprisingly has a reputation for fighting and playing dirty across a few of their sports
  5. I'm not a fan of constantly hiring and firing coaches, I believe it can take time for a new coach to settle in and have things running optimally. With that said, going from 12 to 8 to 6 wins is not a good trend. I would understand if there was a big dropoff in talent, but there hasn't been. We've had consistently great recruiting classes over the years, and we haven't had an above average number of injuries or underclassmen playing. We have, however, had a team that rarely seems to play 100% focused for an entire game. If the trend does not reverse this year then it's easy to believe that 20
  6. Yep, and our two fullbacks (or H-backs) are also freshmen and have only been targeted a few times. The last time that we had our FB/HB get a bunch of touches was Eric Smith, who had great hands, and Mario Fannin.
  7. That's what was disappointing and surprising to me. The effort on defense was very low, with guys barely even trying to tackle. I did not expect that from a Muschamp defense. Forget about scheme, our guys on D need to care and tackle.
  8. I just realized that I did the confidence points backwards. oops.
  9. Didn't we have a TE commit or target last year that went to this school? I live just a few miles away from it and from what I understand it's becoming a bit of a magnet school for athletes. If Daquan was previously at Evans high school, this school is a big upgrade for him.
  10. John Broussard is a 2016 commit from that school. There are no current schollied players on roster from Central- Phenix City. Isn't Jonathan Wallace from Phenix City?
  11. Ditto, I have Brighthouse and can't watch SEC Network on WatchESPN.
  12. Marcus Davis. He had only 13 catches last year and all of the WR attention has been on Duke, Sammie, and Ricardo, but he's got great hands and could thrive if teams put all of their focus on Duke.
  13. Jeb Bush is probably the only GOP candidate I've seen so far that isn't too extreme. The key for the GOP will be winning the independent vote and I don't see people like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Santorum having any shot with independents. Rand Paul is an interesting candidate, but I don't think he's ready yet. Not that Jeb Bush is that great of an option, but he doesn't scare me like the others. I have not yet seen a GOP candidate come forward that is electable for me. On the democrat side, I think Biden is the most unelectable. Too many gaffes that are somewhat excusable as VP, won't fly
  14. I went to the release, and luckily there were no riots this year. A co-worker of mine also went, but he's not a fan of stouts so he traded me his four hunahpus for some hopslam. A different co-worker went last year and bought 17 bottles right before the riots broke out. He's been flying down from Atlanta almost every year. The hunahpu's day event was excellent! I think there were 65 different breweries were there, so there were a bunch of booths I couldn't visit. I tried some Mazurt, though I don't think I made it to the 3-4 other Atlanta breweries. It's a great event even for people tha
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