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  1. Eagle5

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    I'm no Gustav apologist these days, but that "anonymous take" sounds almost verbatim what Danny "The Vampire" Sheridan is pushing this summer about Gus. Not that there aren't kernels of truth to the criticism, but I'm not buying that a credible SEC head coach dropped those lines. Maybe that bitter Stoops at Kentucky LOL.
  2. Eagle5

    Igbinoghene’s transition to cornerback

    Iggy is gonna be special in the secondary IMO.
  3. Eagle5

    What happened Saturday? Persepctive (LSU)

    One word in reply: JEEBUS.
  4. Eagle5

    shame won't see UGA play uat

    For decades, it was the Bahr, bammer's runner-up best head coach, ducking and dodging playing the leghumpers year in, year out so that he could feast on Vandy. Now, due to the SEC office's obstinence at not properly realigning the divisions with AU in the East, or going to 9 conference games, the dodging of these two border state "flagshippers" continues, to the detriment of the SEC brand. But alas, for years to come, football fans will be left to argue, imagine, or play TechmoBowl bammer vs UGA games to decide the fictitious outcome, since conference Bowl game tie-ins for New Year's Day Outback and Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl. al. won't allow a bammer vs UGA secondary Bowl matchup. On the positive side, since both UGA and bammer will have but one loss, I suppose there is an open window to lay claim to one of the many mythical national titles, to which I would have no objection. E5
  5. Thanks, my friend! I greatly enjoyed facilitating the banter with Coach Ray and Coach Adams! E5
  6. Many thanks to RunInRed and the AU Family board for publishing my article, You Don't Know Takeo last week! The book signing at J&M Bookstore on A-Day was UN. REAL. A long line formed with AU fans who bought books to get signed at 9:45, with the book signing running from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. The line kept forming the entire time, usually about 15 deep, and Takeo was just really warm, gracious and friendly to all the AU Family. One of the more hilarious moments (I tweeted it if you follow me on Twitter @Deaneagle5 ) was this dude had a small dog he paints orange and blue to look like Tiger stripes. Takeo took the dog, held him up for the fans / camera, and says, "ONLY in Auburn! This is is a Tiger, baby! War Eagle!" If Takeo didn't sell out the 500 books stocked for the signing, it was just a few shy, and that was only because J&M owner Trey Johnston had to get on the bullhorn and stop the waiting lines as Takeo ran over to about 12:15 p.m. signing books. None better than the AU fan base!
  7. Eagle5

    Takeo Spikes book signing Saturday

    Books will be available for purchase in J&M tomorrow morning. I'm not positive as to supply, working on that, so to be safe I'd try to arrive early and buy a copy.
  8. AU Family friends, Thanks for the incredible number of views / reads on my article about Takeo's post-NFL life and work! I know, I know, "TL / DR". I talked to Takeo last night (dude has been enjoying Sydney, Australia; tough life), and he looks forward to meeting scores of AU fans this A-Day Saturday! His book signing for Behind the Mask will be at J&M bookstore on College at Toomer's Corner from 10:00 a.m. to Noon before the game. You'll love this hardback stunner, and the stories from NFL LB greats (including both Kevin Greene and Takeo) as to how they overcame, and achieved their dreams, is so unique I think because they spoke so openly to a fellow warrior, Takeo. Some of their stories will surprise you, all their stories will inspire you, not to mention Takeo's photography in the book. I'll be hanging out at the book signing too, and look forward to meeting y'all! Many thanks to J&M owner Trey Johnston for hosting the book signing! Eagle5 aka Doug Dean
  9. Eagle5

    You Don’t Know Takeo

    Come on down, bruh! I'll be helping Takeo with the book signing from 10:00 am to Noon at J&M bookstore at Toomer's Corner!
  10. Eagle5

    A Head Coach Challenge

    Um, the whole, "went viral" thing? I'd say this well reasoned, fact-buttressed CGM "action plan" certainly qualifies! Very, very well done, StatTiger! E5
  11. RunInRed, Many thanks for the partnership here. On behalf of my partner, and a GREAT Auburn man, Coach John Ray @JMR I wanted to drop in and say War Eagle to the fine AU folks on this site. Lordy, HUGE community of posters here. One of the things I'm curious about both in terms of sports content and deep South college football consumer "habits" is to what extent people are embracing the joys of podcasts. My impression based on #'s is that it's at the "emerging" stage, whereas the west coast is "mature" in that consumer preference. Give our AU Football All-Access podcast a listen, and Coach Ray and I will drop in here from time to time to banter as a nice option. WDE! Eagle5 / aka Doug Dean
  12. Nice of Takeo to come on with us to break down the win over Louisville, and what he saw with our defense in particular. Episode 72, Sep. 7, 2015 Labor Day edition. Enjoy, and pass along to your AU bud to subscribe this season: E5
  13. Thank for the tip, man! We're also working to be added to War Eagle Radio, which I understand is android-friendly! E5
  14. As for me, I'm never at "enough" great content on the Auburn Tigers once the season arrives. Love the numerous sites, boards and podcasts. I'm new as cohost (Doug Dean here) of Season Two of the Auburn Football All-Access Podcast with "Coach" John Ray. If you've already subscribed to our AU Football All-Access Podcast, you should get each episode pushed to your Podcast favorites, but here's the link for the show previewing the Auburn vs Louisville matchup! I think you'll greatly enjoy this Episode 71 with Coach and Lance Bailey's (aka "LB7") deep cut analysis of the matchups, what Coach Petrino will likely try to establish to upset Auburn, and how Malzahn and Muschamp will deploy to win this one! If you give it a listen and enjoy, submit a review (must do on Mac or PC, not doable on smartphone app). Many thanks, and BEAT THE FIGHTING PETRINO'S! E5
  15. Yeah, I would be interested in a large sample size outcome from this. I may find myself in the minority and that's fine with me. I'm OK with others wanting to claim those and wouldn't disown the university if they decided to do so. I just feel it's a bit petty at this point to claim them is all. Just like it was for uat to do so in the 80's. A perfectly legitimate point of view, my AU friend. Nothing wrong with that. I'd say what makes the issue interesting is that there does in fact exist several approaches to the PR of "championships" among the football top 50 or so. No criteria exactly exists to externally control which approaches are "official". Even USCw very recently researched and added 1939 I believe it was.