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  1. I saw a massive first string offensive line that looked much stronger and more like the size needed to compete for championships
  2. Fairfield Al not Fairhope 👍
  3. I do believe BP has and will do more great things for Auburn.He has made our brand strong on a National scale .
  4. Not a troll but don’t we semi- suck this year.
  5. If Bo goes to UCF to be with Gus we will really need an experienced QB😂😔
  6. On a positive note,this looks like an opportunity to hire an better recruiter.
  7. It would be quite dumb for a any player or players dad to comment on a new head coach.
  8. CBH plans to mesh his offense with CMB as quoted from report on Al.Com “I’ve wanted to work with Mike now for quite some time as he complements the many things we want to do with our offense,” Harsin said. “We are going to be very versatile in what we do, and Mike’s offensive background speaks for itself. I’m really excited to combine forces with Mike as we create the Auburn offense, a high-powered, attacking and physical unit that will come at you in many waysI
  9. Don’t worry about Pittman. He can get the software program for the so-called individualized neuromuscular efficiency protocols .👌
  10. I don’t know much about football but it a no brainer that he needs competition from a experienced QB that has been in a more complex offense.Give us the figgy pudding right now!
  11. According to bios ,RR and CBH were on Boise State staff at the same time . Evidently CBH knew him previously .
  12. Besides new freshman QB will CBH bring in a Transfer for competition?
  13. “Rigsby “has big day .AU 48-17
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