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  1. Wow !11:00 Tuesday after Christmas.seems to be a formula for a sparse crowd.Hopefully AU will show up and play better than most of Gus’s bowl teams.
  2. It is now beyond obvious that the SEC manipulates games to maximize money. The manipulation might benefit your team or hurt depending on the situation each week.
  3. I like Washington ! There’s a ton of free things to do. I really enjoyed climbing the Washington Monument and visiting the Lincoln Memorial.
  4. Try TJ !! Unless Bo is allowed to run a lot,use his legs and pass enough to keep them off balance(RPOs) Let Bo bust loose!
  5. Tigers win 3-2 based on fact we both semi suck🤣
  6. Based on the above assessment it looks like we need to get ready for some more rough years .
  7. How does Harson try to correct this pass defense mess?
  8. Is our defense Vandy dressed up Like Tigers ? Tigerdores ?
  9. This whole vaccination thing is just like my relationship with my wife -complicated !
  10. I saw a massive first string offensive line that looked much stronger and more like the size needed to compete for championships
  11. I do believe BP has and will do more great things for Auburn.He has made our brand strong on a National scale .
  12. Not a troll but don’t we semi- suck this year.
  13. On a positive note,this looks like an opportunity to hire an better recruiter.
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