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  1. I think we should call our OT recruiting efforts “ The curse of Bug C” If all goes back to that NSD.. Anyone have a chicken they can sacrifice?
  2. That’s where I’m at. I came to this conclusion after the UGA loss this year.
  3. A couple of thoughts Because of geographical statistics, Auburn has the potential to out recruit(I didn’t stutter) Bammer,UGA & LSU There has never been more talent in our backyard .Alabama, Georgia, Fla. are our traditional areas. There is more talent in these areas than ever before. The expectations have changed for head coaches because the old bowl system has been blown up. It’s about the playoffs now. We should reasonably be able to challenge for the playoffs more often than we are now. I absolutely love coach Gus. I don’t think he sucks, or that he is dumb as a box of hammers or anything like that. Any objective person should be able to see that Gus hasn’t been bad. He has actually done very well in spots. But I don’t think he will take us to the next level. Gus hasn’t done badly, I just think Auburn can take it to the next level,but I don’t think he’s the coach to do it.
  4. I think Dooley won the Title in Dye’s first year. Dooley retired in 88. Dye did deal with Bear. His out recruiting him for Bo Jackson is what turned the program around and gave us the most successful years Auburn has had. Outside of winning championships,this was the arguably the biggest event in AU’s football history. I think my point stands. We need a coach who can go to to toe with Saban and Smart by first out recruiting them and second by out coaching them.
  5. Dye has as many SEC titles as all of our other coaches combined. Dye was successful because he wasn’t afraid of Bear or Dooley and because he out recruited our rivals. If we want to have that kind of success again, we need a coach who will take to Saban and Smart who can out recruit them. It comes down to recruiting, being in the top ten in recruiting won’t help us overcome the talent deficit we have with UGA and Bammer
  6. Throw it every down... run game isn’t there
  7. Playing horribly. Only down 7. Thats pretty lucky.. Still time to turn it around
  8. At least our helmets look cool 👍
  9. We can’t stop the run We can’t run Not a good recipe
  10. If Clemson were to join the SEC, the SEC could leave the NCAA and the four team playoff from the SEC would be better than anything the entire NCAA could come up with.
  11. It’s crazy... If we can stay within shouting distance for a couple of more recruiting cycles, we have a shot at running of a string of those 10 win seasons. We may be able to sneak in an SEC or two as well