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  1. I was at the game. The tornado sirens were going off and no one in my section ever moved. I had a seat right next to the steps and water was cascading down like a waterfall
  2. I’m not a member there but I’m glad it’s better here at least. Lots of great folks on this board.. The whining gets old or maybe I’m to old ...
  3. Congratulations to the team on an outstanding year! Reading through this thread reminds me why I don’t visit here as much as I used to.
  4. Except for the mental lapse covering first, Barnett had an outstanding performance 👍
  5. I wish we had Ben McDonald calling our games. Even though he’s a LSU alum he’s a good color guy and he would probably be even handed if not partial to us.
  6. To many guys slide head first on a play at the plate. Sliding spikes first will make a catcher think twice before blocking the plate
  7. I agree,The NFL QBs learned to play that game a long time ago.
  8. Fair question. I’m talking about the things that can’t be measured with stats. Leadership-he seems to have this quality in spades, just by judging what his coaches say and how the team reacts to him Good self-evaluator - He has no problems acknowledging his short comings and wanting to improve Great teammate- He puts the team first above his own self interests Gets along with the staff and his teammates(you don’t see him arguing with coaches and teammates on the sidelines during games) Shows good character in and off the field. So that’s why I’m pulling for him to improve on the measurables (accuracy on long balls and short ones, knowledge of defenses, audibles, not taking sacks ect..) he is good guy and he’s easy to root for. That’s what I meant, I just didn’t have the time to expand on my thoughts when I posted
  9. I’m pulling for TJ to step up and be the guy because I think He’s got the intangibles.
  10. If the coordinators and the HC have the same vision or way of doing things or whatever you want to call it, that’s an improvement over last year already. Doesn’t guarantee success but it does us a better chance of success.
  11. He’s a fan of racing as well. So it’s not just a photo op., I’m sure he’s enjoying the experience
  12. The SEC is going to meat-grinder this season. So many good teams.. Great series win on the road!
  13. Gonna need to score two touchdowns to win this one😆
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