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  1. All three of those were outstanding 👍
  2. And it will take 7 episodes to reveal him! Kamehameha 😎
  3. He will do well at the next level.. he’s blessed with versatility that the NFL covets.
  4. The best way to determine the champions is to start with this simple concept: the best team is determined by winning actual games... not ”eye ball tests” or “this team is now healthy” or “who would likely by favored to win in the playoffs” or “who had the best players” Get that straight first.. Thats why winning your conference should be honored first and all that junk that goes into consideration now should be done away with. Like every other sport on the planet.. Conference champions get an automatic bids. Seedings are buys are a different argument, but the same premise should be adhered to: Winning games takes precedence over all the other stuff.. If the SEC thinks that’s not fair, pull out of the NCAA and start a new league with conferences that are comparable
  5. I don’t get how people spouting off on Twitter is a legit news story?
  6. We were more likely to see a picture of Bigfoot the last two seasons than Harsin being in a picture like this...
  7. If an Ole Miss coach beats Auburn he gets a raise.. If an Auburn coach losses to OM he gets fired.. 👍
  8. Had to google He’s a head coach now at Bowling Green....
  9. I noticed that also. No idea if this list is complete.
  10. https://247sports.com/Coach/Christian-Robinson-4052/Recruits/?RecruitmentYear=2020 Robinsons recruitment list
  11. This isn’t directed to the OP... Whoever put the ignore function on this board deserves a gold star.. and my sincerest thank you 🙏
  12. Good points It will take a couple of portal and recruiting cycles at least to get where we can be good year in and year out. But I do believe that Freeze and staff will get us going in the right direction right away
  13. Perfect scenario: Freeze is here for 8-10 years and LAC takes over
  14. Sweet 😎 This is well deserved and it will help Freeze to connect with the players
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