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  1. So true, Harsin will get three years I’m guessing to prove if he’s the man for the job. Maybe not that long
  2. My hometown...but you already know that 😀 I’ve eaten there many times 👍
  3. Any assistants out there who are more in tune with Harsins offense would do if Bobo isn’t back next season. I think he will be back,I think Mason will be as well.
  4. Harsin is laying the bricks....It takes a while to build a solid foundation
  5. If we had the same staff we had last year and given the same set of circumstances we found ourselves in yesterday, we would have lost by 20+. Rebuilds are not pretty, I’m not a prophet so don’t know how Harsin will pan out, but I can see that a foundation of toughness,accountability ect.. is being built.
  6. On this board,I’ve never said anything bad about any Auburn players I’m not going to start now. We had plenty of chances to ice the game.
  7. Rebuilds stink. This is what we’re going through, patience is needed. What also is needed is a house cleaning on his some of his staff.
  8. Regardless of what a lot of the folks who are pro Bo or anti Bo or Pro TJ or whatever... It’s possible to be for both guys...
  9. Point being.. this year ain’t as bad as other years
  10. I’m guessing y’all weren’t around in 1977-78? I mean we lost to Southern Miss...And NC state 👎
  11. This is Harsin’s first “bad” loss of the season. Yes all losses are bad, but by bad I mean inexcusable. It happens to all coaches/teams I’m more interested in how we respond the next two weeks than today’s loss.
  12. No way to sugarcoat it.. That was a terrible loss. There is still two games left to improve and get better. I’m still optimistic that we can get better the next two games.
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