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  1. So what’s so bad about Freeze. Is it the fact that he broke marital vows, lied to cover up ???
  2. At least we didn’t get blown out wearing orange jerseys.
  3. Some went on to be college professors, maybe even taught Obama. 🤭
  4. We’re getting closer. 😎
  5. I agree with Maddie and Carlee with Aspen in the mix. Glad to see her coming back. I’ve got to support my Baldwin County girls.
  6. What’s our Tight End doing in this picture? 😎
  7. At this point in the season the midweek games should be more about hitting than pitching anyway. Of course we need to win the game.
  8. She was safe on the steal attempt also. Those of us on SEC+ can’t back it up and freeze frame but the umps have to do a better job with their equipment.
  9. Did we pass on him or did he pass on us?
  10. We better be able to run the ball and take pressure off of the defense. I understand that both McClain and McCreary have chosen to sit out the game so our defense won’t look anything like it did against bama. Good luck and War Eagle to us.
  11. He was a great fit at MSU but saw bigger things for himself at Fla. Don’t know what went wrong at Fla but he should have stayed at State.
  12. At least give him a few series. He can still play the rest of the games this year without losing a year of eligibility. Who knows. DD may be the spark we need. TJ didn’t look particularly great in his short time against MSU.
  13. If they can hit CMD can find them a place to play.
  14. I used to love to listen to Stabler doing color for Ala. After he got canned I never listened anymore. Snake was the best.
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