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  1. gulftiger66

    Can't make this up

    There have been other years when we had a few losses and dropped out of the top 25 that I would have loved to have been able to substitute some of the teams ranked above us for the teams remaining on our schedule. Rankings don't mean much unless you end up it the top 4.
  2. gulftiger66

    Pettway on what could have been.

    Pettway, Dyer, and many more. What could have been. It makes me sad thinking of the wasted opportunities. Young guys make stupid decisions some time though.
  3. gulftiger66

    FSU vs Clemson

    Doesn't look like anyone "Fear's the Spear" anymore. Very little of that obnoxious chanting last night. FSU's situation makes ours look good, at least for the moment. 😁
  4. gulftiger66

    Gus on CBS

    I call this thread “The Malzahn Derangement Syndrome”. Many in our boards seem to have it.
  5. gulftiger66

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    I don't think this year's team has rolled over for anyone.
  6. gulftiger66

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    I’m not sure where the money is going to come from but I don’t think Auburn University is going to pay much. So, if we’ve got rich alumni (PTB) who will pony up i’d like to know who they are... names please. No anonymous sources. War Eagle
  7. gulftiger66

    Ryan Davis Appreciation Thread

    I can't remember us having a punt returner with Ryan's talents.
  8. gulftiger66

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    Yes. Finally. ?
  9. Well it was fun for awhile but I guess I'll just cancel my yodeling lessons and wish him the best. Looking forward to fall practice and the upcoming season. War Eagle to all.
  10. gulftiger66

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Queen Haley not looking too good in her booking picture. I was also surprised about the 200lbs but she is 5'10" and looks pretty solid. I wish her the best.
  11. gulftiger66

    The Singapore Summit

    Since the Korean War our Presidents have tried diplomacy without ever meeting with the North Korean Leader face to face. It has never worked. Why not try something different? I would venture to say that if we gave the North Koreans the same deal we gave Iran the Dems would criticize it just because it was proposed by President Trump. Very sad indeed.
  12. I'm surprised that she lasted this long.
  13. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. ole miss game 3

    Since CMD is relatively new at AU I'll give him a pass and expect that he will get the base running straightened out. He appears to me to be a "no nonsense" coach who will control things. I like his emphasis on aggressiveness so the ladies are going to have to buy into the program.....and they will.
  14. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. Kentucky Game 3

    They seemed to think it was because she is in a slump and not hitting. It seems strange though since she is excellent at 3rd base.
  15. gulftiger66

    Softball vs Kentucky

    A terrific game by all the Tigers but I'll single out Makenna Dowell for great fielding and timely hitting. She certainly didn't look like a Freshman, coming off the bench to fill in for the normal SS, in a crucial SEC game. I'm glad we've got her and it makes me feel much better about depth going forward. War Eagle, Makenna.