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  1. gulftiger66

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    Yes. Finally. 😀
  2. Well it was fun for awhile but I guess I'll just cancel my yodeling lessons and wish him the best. Looking forward to fall practice and the upcoming season. War Eagle to all.
  3. gulftiger66

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Queen Haley not looking too good in her booking picture. I was also surprised about the 200lbs but she is 5'10" and looks pretty solid. I wish her the best.
  4. gulftiger66

    The Singapore Summit

    Since the Korean War our Presidents have tried diplomacy without ever meeting with the North Korean Leader face to face. It has never worked. Why not try something different? I would venture to say that if we gave the North Koreans the same deal we gave Iran the Dems would criticize it just because it was proposed by President Trump. Very sad indeed.
  5. I'm surprised that she lasted this long.
  6. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. ole miss game 3

    Since CMD is relatively new at AU I'll give him a pass and expect that he will get the base running straightened out. He appears to me to be a "no nonsense" coach who will control things. I like his emphasis on aggressiveness so the ladies are going to have to buy into the program.....and they will.
  7. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. Kentucky Game 3

    They seemed to think it was because she is in a slump and not hitting. It seems strange though since she is excellent at 3rd base.
  8. gulftiger66

    Softball vs Kentucky

    A terrific game by all the Tigers but I'll single out Makenna Dowell for great fielding and timely hitting. She certainly didn't look like a Freshman, coming off the bench to fill in for the normal SS, in a crucial SEC game. I'm glad we've got her and it makes me feel much better about depth going forward. War Eagle, Makenna.
  9. gulftiger66

    softball vs. Alabama State

    They'll both probably pitch relief this year but only after Coach thinks Kaylee and Makayla are both tired and need help. Who he goes with will probably be a gut feel based on his years as a pitching coach and who he thinks has the best "stuff" that day.
  10. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. uat game 3

    With the level of pitching the girls see in college I wouldn’t mind seeing the rule loostened to where the whole foot would have to be outside the box for an out to be called. I always hate to see a clutch slap hit taken away when the game is on the line. Hitters need some love every now and then.
  11. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. uat game 3

    Could it be that the umpire thought MP was just pinch hitting and was not a substitute for KK? Miscommunication between MD and umpire? The rule about substituting creates a lot of coaching strategy but is hard for me to keep up with and the announcers aren’t much help as they seem to be in the dark as much as me most of the time.
  12. gulftiger66

    Softball vs. LSU

    I think we have a solid team that will only get better. It’s tough starting against those two pitchers. Our ladies are very athletic and fun to watch. They play great softball. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. War Eagle
  13. gulftiger66

    Stats Review

    We appreciate you for posting this. I have to agree that team speed has been a major factor this year. Aggressive base running has made a big difference in several games. A walk and stolen base equals a double. This team is really fun to follow. War Eagle.
  14. gulftiger66

    Future Opponent Scouting

    I wish she hadn't left.
  15. gulftiger66

    Tiger Invite Game Threads

    I might have known.