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  1. I believe James Joseph was the RB called "Bo Peep". They called Bostic "Bosco". At least the other players did. My favorite James Bostic run was the one in the second half of the Iron Bowl that sealed the deal. He shifted into another gear and simply outran the Bama secondary. He got drafted by the Rams who had Jerome Bettis at RB. That was most unfortunate for Bostic.
  2. He may look a little like Braden but nobody is as strong as Braden Smith.
  3. I always thought Coe had a chance to be really good at AU. Unfortunately he was overshadowed by Marlon and Derrick. I thought his best path would have been to work hard last year and come back for a killer senior season. For whatever reasons he didn't see it that way. But he's been a favorite of mine and I wish him well catching on with an NFL team. War Eagle Nick.
  4. From the pictures I've seen she appears to be a left handed slapper who relies on speed to get on base. As I recall, Victoria Draper was our last true lefty slapper and I thought she was outstanding.
  5. I canโ€™t wait to try it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  6. I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to meet several members of the equestrian team at an Auburn Alumni Club social. Here are some of my observations: 1). They come from all over the country. 2) They find Auburn, not vice versa. Auburn's reputation as a great equestrian school is what brings them in. I assume the coaches at AU go through applications to select who they want/need. Maybe there is more to recruiting than that, but I don't know. 3) The girls are extremely athletic and most have been riding since they were very young girls. Most seem to come from well to do families and have their own horse(s), thanks to their fathers/grandfathers. 4) Auburn's equestrian coach started the program and he still coaches them. He Is obviously very talented and we're extremely lucky to have him. 5) The ladies are very attractive. My wife says that I only picked out the most attractive to talk to but of course I disagree. I remember thinking that I wished that there had been an equestrian team at Auburn when I was in school. Then I realized that even if there had been, they would probably have been out of my league. But they were still very nice to this old man at the social and I appreciated that. War Eagle, girls. Keep up the good work.
  7. I always hate to see a player leave the team early, especially one that has put in as much time and energy as Boobie Whitlow. I'm not sure that I think he has NFL potential but he was our main man for two years and made some good plays for us. I also hope, as do others, that Boobie is not leaving for off field reasons such as poor class attendance, etc. I'm not worried about our RBs for 2020. It looks like we have several with SEC potential so it's just a matter of letting them play and seeing which one rises to the top. If Boobie wants to continue playing football as a running back, I think he needs to evaluate his ability and probably catch on at a lower level of competition than the SEC. Good luck to him.
  8. I hope he had a great time at Auburn and got to date some cute coeds while he was here. War Eagle Arryn and hope he can score a slot on an NFL team.
  9. Noah's speed should put him in a good place during the combine. I agree that his resume' is a little light and another year would have given him valuable experience but the money always looks good. Good luck to a good Auburn man.
  10. Guys, Iโ€™ve lost a contact lens.
  11. Maybe Nick flunked out of school. ๐Ÿคซ
  12. Ricochet it. Much better than ZMac. ๐Ÿ‡
  13. I'm not sure where Nick is getting advice but wherever it comes from it's questionable. Maybe it's from the same source that told Bubba Pettway that he was an NFL star of the future. Nick has a ton of potential but is leaving money on the table by leaving early and will probably end up as an undrafted free agent. Very sad IMO.
  14. I hope he comes back but I also imagine that he could be a superstar at the combine based on his speed and athleticism.