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  1. I don’t think Shelby will be leaving. Just a gut feel.
  2. What a great article. I’m looking forward to seeing them pitch against SEC competition this weekend.
  3. He had his picture taken with chopsticks.....racist
  4. Good for UCF, good for AU. I don’t think I was overly impressed by the play of any of them.
  5. Truly a speedboat without a rudder.
  6. I remember when Dye replaced Barfield and lost some guys, when someone made a comment like “Well Coach Dye, it looks like you’ve lost some of your players” his comment was something like “Yeah we’ve had a few guys quit but I haven’t lost any players”. I miss CPD and his style of football.
  7. A very good and mature decision by Mr Smoke Monday. Looking forward to seeing you on the field in 2021. War Eagle, Smoke.
  8. I’m not sure why Tank would opt out unless he’s pretty sure he will transfer. There seems to be very little team allegiance this year. I imagine that it has a lot to do with COVID-19 restrictions and of course in Auburn’s situation it has a lot to do with the coaching change taking place. I just think we’re at the point in college football that no one cares about bowl games unless their team is in the top 4. Fans aren’t going to travel a great distance to see a low energy football game with only 25% of the seats filled. It is obvious to me that the only way to re-energize the bowl seas
  9. I'm good at $5. $25 seems a little steep. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for it.
  10. I believe James Joseph was the RB called "Bo Peep". They called Bostic "Bosco". At least the other players did. My favorite James Bostic run was the one in the second half of the Iron Bowl that sealed the deal. He shifted into another gear and simply outran the Bama secondary. He got drafted by the Rams who had Jerome Bettis at RB. That was most unfortunate for Bostic.
  11. He may look a little like Braden but nobody is as strong as Braden Smith.
  12. I always thought Coe had a chance to be really good at AU. Unfortunately he was overshadowed by Marlon and Derrick. I thought his best path would have been to work hard last year and come back for a killer senior season. For whatever reasons he didn't see it that way. But he's been a favorite of mine and I wish him well catching on with an NFL team. War Eagle Nick.
  13. From the pictures I've seen she appears to be a left handed slapper who relies on speed to get on base. As I recall, Victoria Draper was our last true lefty slapper and I thought she was outstanding.
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