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  1. He was a great fit at MSU but saw bigger things for himself at Fla. Don’t know what went wrong at Fla but he should have stayed at State.
  2. At least give him a few series. He can still play the rest of the games this year without losing a year of eligibility. Who knows. DD may be the spark we need. TJ didn’t look particularly great in his short time against MSU.
  3. If they can hit CMD can find them a place to play.
  4. I used to love to listen to Stabler doing color for Ala. After he got canned I never listened anymore. Snake was the best.
  5. I think he starts TJ but uses Bo if TJ struggles for above mentioned reasons. Hope they both do well and we can discuss this again next week. War Eagle. I also hope the receivers show out.
  6. Think about this: One reason that the number of African-American who go on to play college baseball is lower is because of travel ball. Travel ball is very expensive compared to football or basketball for high school kids. Therefore, only the more affluent families can afford to support their kids playing travel ball. Take a look at some of the junior colleges that are predominantly African-American. The majority of their baseball team is usually Caucasian, not so for their football and basketball teams. I haven’t done an in-depth study but there seems to be something to this. And, travel b
  7. As I recall, Stephen Davis seemed to get tired of running in the rain. It was a truly miserable day.
  8. Well he had a couple of good years.
  9. I was a student there at the time and he endured a lot at Auburn. We’ve come a very long way since then but many still don’t want to acknowledge that fact. He was a trailblazer when it wasn’t easy. God Bless You Dr Franklin. RIP.
  10. I think DD gets the whole 2nd half much like Finley did Saturday. It’s hard to evaluate a QB when you don’t let him play several series in a row. My assumption at this point is that there is very little separation between Finley and DD and the staff would like to see a clear number2.
  11. I heard that she is also an excellent cook and can make her own clothes.
  12. I don’t think Shelby will be leaving. Just a gut feel.
  13. What a great article. I’m looking forward to seeing them pitch against SEC competition this weekend.
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