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  1. Softball vs Kentucky

    A terrific game by all the Tigers but I'll single out Makenna Dowell for great fielding and timely hitting. She certainly didn't look like a Freshman, coming off the bench to fill in for the normal SS, in a crucial SEC game. I'm glad we've got her and it makes me feel much better about depth going forward. War Eagle, Makenna.
  2. softball vs. Alabama State

    They'll both probably pitch relief this year but only after Coach thinks Kaylee and Makayla are both tired and need help. Who he goes with will probably be a gut feel based on his years as a pitching coach and who he thinks has the best "stuff" that day.
  3. Softball vs. uat game 3

    With the level of pitching the girls see in college I wouldn’t mind seeing the rule loostened to where the whole foot would have to be outside the box for an out to be called. I always hate to see a clutch slap hit taken away when the game is on the line. Hitters need some love every now and then.
  4. Softball vs. uat game 3

    Could it be that the umpire thought MP was just pinch hitting and was not a substitute for KK? Miscommunication between MD and umpire? The rule about substituting creates a lot of coaching strategy but is hard for me to keep up with and the announcers aren’t much help as they seem to be in the dark as much as me most of the time.
  5. Softball vs. LSU

    I think we have a solid team that will only get better. It’s tough starting against those two pitchers. Our ladies are very athletic and fun to watch. They play great softball. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. War Eagle
  6. Stats Review

    We appreciate you for posting this. I have to agree that team speed has been a major factor this year. Aggressive base running has made a big difference in several games. A walk and stolen base equals a double. This team is really fun to follow. War Eagle.
  7. Future Opponent Scouting

    I wish she hadn't left.
  8. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    I might have known.
  9. Softball "Woman" Crush Thread

    My new favorite, since Carlee is gone, has to be Victoria Draper. I've always liked fast women.
  10. Auburn Invite Game Threads

    That's why we love golf so much. 😉 🍻 🏌
  11. Changes at Toomers Corner

    I thought Archie was a great guy. I remember getting a late burger one night, maybe at the Torch on the way to Tuskegee (not at Archie's BBQ). Anyway we had had several beers before getting there and when we finished eating realized that we didn't have money to pay the whole bill. We saw Archie on the other side of the restaurant (he was hard to miss) and even though we weren't regulars at his place and he didn't know us, he bailed us out with a loan. Of course I went to Archie's BBQ the next day and repaid his kindness and from then on I would stop in periodically to say Hello to him and thank him again for his helping us out of a jam, an act that I have obviously never forgotten. BTW, Archie's BBQ had a dirt floor in those days, a unique and colorful place.
  12. Daniel Carlson missed PAT

    That explains it then.
  13. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    I think head football coaches hope that their players would all be playing for each other by the bowl game. At that point it shouldn't be up to the coaches to try to convince the players to play as a team and do their best. In Auburn's case there were many factors that influenced our players in the Peach Bowl. Obviously, losing the SEC Championship game and then being selected to play what was considered a lesser team, UCF, had some influence, as did career choices such as leaving early for the NFL. CD sat out the game for Auburm but there were many players on other teams who also didn't play in their bowl games for various reasons. I applaud Gus for trying to protect his players. Auburn has enough players on this team that they should have been able to win without Carlton Davis. Carlton Davis had a great career at Auburn and he should be remembered for that. War Eagle.
  14. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    See Braden Smith's article about his health during Peach Bowl. There obviously was a lot more going on prior to the bowl game than we fans knew. Overall we had a great year and a team we should all be very proud of. War Eagle to all the players on the 2017 football team and thanks for the memories.
  15. Herb Hand to Texas

    Shouldn't the OC have a say into who his position coaches are? Maybe CCL has some thoughts on how the OL should be coached in order for his offense to be effective? Could it be that Gus is giving Chip more of a voice in the selection process? I guess we'll never know but I don't have a problem with Herb to Texas after our last two football games.