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  1. Byron Cowart

    This says a lot about Auburn's depth on the defensive front. The smart thing for a good defensive lineman (who wants to get in the league) is to get in a program like Auburn's where the DL gets a lot of rotation, less wear and tear on the body, good coaching on technique, SEC competition, etc. Wish him well. Sometimes we seem to get too hung up on number of stars that commits come in with. This isn't the first time a five star has been a bust at Auburn.
  2. The Woes of Malzahn- Insights and Looking Forward

    Ah yes. The "Tommy Gun" offense.
  3. Breaking News

    There is no doubt.
  4. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    We tried to throw. Receivers not coming open, QB holding the ball too long, passing in obvious situations where O line couldn't protect....and on and on. There is very little innovation in the Auburn offense. If this is the Chip offense then he needs to be replaced. 🙁
  5. Woody Barrett lights it up in JUCO debut

    These are the threads that keep me coming back to the forum. Time for another PBR.
  6. One move in 2007 and its effects

    As I recall, we were doing pretty well against Vandy until they(?) made Franklin go away from the spread. At that point the season was virtually over.
  7. Junior College and Auburn

    I remember being at Auburn and someone had a contact at Ft. Benning, Columbus Ga., who could get us When my buddy realized it was 3.2% beer he turned it down...fake beer. Fast forward 20 years, I run into the guy at a tailgate and he's drinking Miller Lite. Isn't that about 3.2%? Go figure.
  8. Two football support staffers resign

    I think I've got that letter in a file somewhere. I never understood the term "over-qualified". I always thought it was about how hard you worked and the more qualified...the better.
  9. After reading all the stories surrounding the MJ incident it seems to me that Haley was largely in the wrong place at the wrong time. There were never charges of using marijuana in this case, only possession. However, I don't expect that the police would have been call if there was no previous evidence of use. There was probably just no smoking going on when they arrived. Since the medical report showed no marijuana in Haley's system, she obviously had not been smoking. But just being present when others were, and being a senior leader on the team, Coach had no choice but to suspend here along with the rest. Also, the incident after the Florida game didn't help her case any. Having said all of that, I'm ready to see the suspensions lifted and to having all three back for the rest of the season. But again, Coach knows the entire situation and I trust him to make the best decision for the team and for the three players affected.
  10. Birmingham Auburn fans

    It's all about winning. During the Shula days there were a lot less houndstooth/elephant junk on the streets.
  11. AU expected to hire Felton

    Sounds like something that might happen at a place like Springboro HS.
  12. 2017 4* DE Ryan Johnson

    Nothing against Auburn academics but playing football and maintaining high academic standings in a challenging curriculum such as Engineering at a school like Stanford is a tall order. As I recall, Ben Obamanu had the chance to go to Stanford but chose Auburn instead. He was thus able to play closer to home while at the same time achieving his academic goals. Last I heard he was in Law School, or had recently graduated. I imagine that he will embark on a successful career and the lack of a more "prestigious" degree will have little impact on his future. This is just my take on academics.
  13. Perspective

    But we were the best team on the radio and I still have the t-shirt.
  14. part of the qb puzzle revealed

    No doubt.

    Buddy Rutledge and Charlie Davis. I thought they were the best back in the 60s.