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  1. I also think it would be Chris Porter, if he fits within the last 15 year cutoff. I actually went to downtown Atlanta to watch him play (in the SEC tourney I think). He played the same brand of schoolyard ball that the current team plays. The end of his career at Auburn was very sad for me.
  2. I had the good fortune to be able to watch Lexie warming up before a game this year. I was on the other side of the fence but only about 10 feet away from her. Her velocity was very impressive and accuracy seemed good. I wouldn’t have wanted to be catching her. It reminded me of watching pro golfers hitting shots on the range before a tournament and realizing the unique talent that they have. I became a huge Lexie fan that day. Two good wins for the ladies today.
  3. Seemed like Handley started out with control problems in the first but coach calmed her down and she finished strong. At least that's the way it sounded on the audio feed. Good win for the ladies. I think CMD really wants two strong starters that he can go with and then help them out with long relief on the occasions that hey have rocky starts. Think he's still looking for #2.
  4. How does one get tickets to the SD Classic? Thanks.
  5. Who is Kirby's agent? Maybe they just need to get a few mote bucks out of the "leg humpers".
  6. Since this thread started out being about Kameron Brown, I thought I'd go back to that subject. I'm all for offering him a scholarship. If he is anything like his brother, Derrick, he'll be an asset to our program. I'll take DB's opinion that his brother is a baller and give him a shot. What's to lose? It's not like we have this great record of success with our picks each year anyway. I hope Kameron commits to Auburn and that the Brown brothers get to play a year of football together for us.
  7. Hanging on to an All American who you thought you were going to lose is the best news you can get during recruiting, IMO.
  8. It's sad to see this year after year. DS needs to go have a talk with Bubba Pettway about life in the NFL. Thanks for your service, Darius and War Eagle. You'll always be welcomed back to the Plains.
  9. I'm still on the bus...never got off. The toughest part of being an Auburn fan is other Auburn fans, if you know what I mean.
  10. I wonder if Brother is welcome in T-Town anymore?
  11. So Kirby plays Fields periodically to keep him happy (most times interfering with Fromm's momentum) then tries the trickery with Fields and probably loses the SEC Championship and a slot in the playoffs and now Fields is transferring out. I can see why the UGA fans are pissed.
  12. Having a new OC may actually help Cord's stock. CKD should get a pretty good look at CS, MW and JG during bowl prep and hopefully he is a pretty good judge of talent and potential. I'm still not sure we know who will get the most QB playing time in the Music City game though.
  13. It seems that the "Mr Football" title may be a heavy burden for someone who doesn't immediately break into the rotation. Yes, a year was apparently squandered but Asa still had 3 more years to play, be in meetings, participate in the S&C program and develop into an SEC level running back. This is disappointing but perhaps Asa has his eye on a smaller program with immediate playing time, a la Roc Thomas at Jax St. I also wish him the best in the future.