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  1. Why not just try to run up the score with the backup QB? It would have been good experience for him.
  2. I think Coach Steele has been a head coach before. I hope it works out better this time.
  3. Gus isn't going anywhere. Maybe to the Waffle House...if he goes there after losses.
  4. I quit listening when Mildred quit calling. She was quite entertaining.
  5. I still think that the only solution to the money problem is for there to be a NFL minor league where the players who only care about playing pro football could play. College football could then go back to the days when athletes played for the school, not to earn an NFL job. NCAA rules would remain, as today, with no endorsement money, only an academic scholarship. Of course the NFL doesn't want to pay for a minor league. They would rather keep things as they are. So what if college football and the NCAA have problems with the compensation issue. So what if college football loses popularity because of the turmoil that results. More fans will just come to the NFL. The NFL will continue to attract the star athletes because their magnet is money. This change to allow athletes to profit from endorsements is only the tip of the iceberg. From a fan's standpoint, nothing good will come from it.
  6. gulftiger66


    We were simply trying to help Jeremy keep his job......and it worked.
  7. With no TV I tried to track the game on the game thread. I couldn't make it through the 2nd quarter due to the naysayers so I just checked the score every 10 minutes. I also taped the game so I can watch when we get home next week.
  8. Let's not read too much into this. I think KK left because she thought that we were strong at middle infield and she wanted more playing time. I loved that she was a great competitor who didn't want to ride the bench. KK probably made a good choice leaving. I think we've got some good new mid infielders on the team now so I'm not worried about next year. War Eagle.
  9. We used to call it, "his parents redshirted him" to make their son more competitive on the high school team. My experience was that it was done a lot with kids who played soccer.
  10. I'm not sure that this is the year for wholesale changes to our coaching staff with both the OL and DL departures at the end of the year. But it would be fun to kick around who the available candidates would be. The only great recent hire seems to be Dan Mullin. UCLA and Nebraska haven't been so lucky. Maybe there are more good recent hires that I don't recognize. I just don't follow coaching changes as closely as some on this board.
  11. Tucker Fredrickson signed with Auburn mainly because Auburn had the only Vet school in the southeast at the time. So he actually fell into Shug's lap rather than Auburn actively recruiting the south Florida area.
  12. Can anyone put names with faces? I can get the easy ones:. Tannon, Justus, Brittany, Alyssa, Makenna, and maybe a couple that I could guess at (new hair styles tend to throw me off). I'll say this, "Auburn certainly has a beautiful group of girls on the softball team".
  13. Gus's fault. He should have realized that his players aren't aware of the sensitivity of the fans and players on the west (left) coast and should have held training sessions before the game. I bet our guys don't even know what a "safe space" is on a college campus. Oregon feelings are obviously fragile so this was a learning moment for Boobee. He'll appreciate it when he enters the NFL. I just hope he doesn't fall in with the "kneeling" crowd.
  14. Many Auburn fans seem to think (every year it seems) that "the up and coming guy" does exist..... until he is hired by someone and flames out a couple of years later. I won't list the names but we all know who they are. I'm just thankful that we aren't going through the agony that is Tennessee football right now. I guess this means that I'm still on the Gus Bus, but I am also prepared to hit a couple of potholes every year.