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  1. Herb Hand to Texas

    Shouldn't the OC have a say into who his position coaches are? Maybe CCL has some thoughts on how the OL should be coached in order for his offense to be effective? Could it be that Gus is giving Chip more of a voice in the selection process? I guess we'll never know but I don't have a problem with Herb to Texas after our last two football games.
  2. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Let's see. LSU gets Ensminger and Bama gets Canada. Maybe we could go get Mazzone. College football is sometimes very strange.
  3. Spuat or Thuga

    The mutts cheap shots on KJ certainly didn't do anything to bring me to their side either. I think that if bama relies on their RBs to run and doesn't put too much on Hurts they control the game. As good as uga's RBs are I don't see them dominating bama's defense. Put the game in Fromm's hands and lets see how well he does. How does one whisper, "rtf"?
  4. Jarrett

    You are right. Nick hit his ceiling as a QB at Auburn and that ceiling wasn't high enough to play QB in the NFL. Therefore, he is a DB.
  5. Stidham Returning

    Jarrett seems to be a very mature young man who has made a very smart decision. His NFL potential should rise considerably with another year in college. He can only get better and the competition for QBs in the NFL draft in 2019 should be much less than this year. War Eagle Jarrett.
  6. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    Maybe he wants to see what Stidham is going to do. Or maybe he just wants to wait until Feb to see how recruiting and possible coaching changes might effect his schools of choice. Or maybe he just likes the added attention for another month. Obviously the early signing period hasn't taken all the drama out of recruiting.
  7. Thanks for your response Jeff. You said it much better than I could have. I also believe in second chances and my hope is that if Jibunor signs he will learn from this incident, change his behavior for the better, and not go the route of Bessent.
  8. Demographic Curiosity

    Richard Bond, minister, graduated around 1963.
  9. Holland going pro

    I didn't see any juniors on Auburn's Peach Bowl team that look like 1st or 2nd round NFL picks. Maybe the scouts weren't watching. Jarrett certainly doesn't look ready for prime time.
  10. Post Season Thread

    First rule of college football......never ever listen to the critique of your team by a fan of another team, even if he is a close relative.
  11. Positive Spin on the Peach Bowl loss

    Bringing home the bling
  12. Official Postgame thread

    I hope that we don't have to hear any more talk about Jarrett going to the NFL next year. Matter of fact, I don't think I saw any Auburn players on the field today that should think about leaving early. Not a good day for Auburn football.
  13. And what ever became of Bessent?
  14. How important was Chip to the offense?

    Since it looks like KJ won't be 100%, my hope is that Gus will turn Chip loose to air it out. I'd love to see Stidham break DC's passing yardage record. It's also time to use our backup QB and RBs. We can only hope.
  15. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I thought, at least in our game with them, that the Bama OC relied too much on Hurts ability to run and when that didn't happen it resulted in too many 3 and outs for them. I thought that they underutilized their RBs most of the game, to our benefit. We, on the other hand, have got to have at least 2 RBs that the coaches trust, for every game. Who else but Auburn would run their primary RB in to the ground against a Mercer?