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  1. CCoach Harsin gets Auburn this is going to be fun war Eagle
  2. Finally 2021. Auburn can now start the era of the Killer B’s. Bryan, Bruce, and Butch. I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun to watch. War Eagle
  3. I sent my email to Allen. We simply have to speak up. This is past embarrassing. We could be at least competitive. We are not that. We are getting smacked down. Time to pull the plug on this program. It’s been on life support too long.
  4. We have lost six quality players since January. I expect there could be a few more so this is not exactly how to build a winning program that will compete in the SEC
  5. This is sad that this program is a major dumpster fire. So sad for these girls. Allen needs to take a hard look at this program. It was once so much fun to go to games. I hope that he’s really looking into this new assistant coach hiring not sure we know all the details about him.
  6. You can add Chardonnay Harris to the list leaving. It’s truly sad to see the softball program go down the drain. We have had season tickets since Myers was here. It’s sure not what it was. Dean should put his name in transfer portal
  7. Don’t be too surprised that we start seeing some girls left. I know that Justis and her family are not too happy. She questioned Coach Dean about the play when he had to steal home and she was called out and after she talked with him, she has been sitting on the bench ever since. Not sure if Martin will stay, she has definitely not been herself for the last month or so. I was sad to see her sitting over there on the bench by herself. Hitting has definitely gone down the tubes. It is indeed sad for these girls, especially the seniors. We were so high and going so far and then this year we are
  8. I fell really bad for these girls, everything has been turned upside down. Dean came in and tried to totally erase everything that they had accomplished. That says a lot. He made athletics take down the flags at the front for their wins in SEC and going to World Series! Really. I have never missed a game in the last three years at home. You can really read body language from our girls, they are not the fun-loving happy team that they once were. The standings were never posted this year, I am totally mad at Myers but he instilled in them that they could reach for the moon. Dean’s idea that def
  9. We all received a letter from him today through the secretary. It was an interesting letter. I think that he would have been better served to leave out a few things that he said. He said that he knew that he wasn’t the first choice and that he wanted to win people over but if not he was still going to work hard. I think for your first introduction to former swimmers and families. If he wins and brings the program back to the elite status that it once had, people will definitely be behind him. I was just struck by a few statements that might have been left unsaid at this time. We are all behind
  10. No, David was never contacted and yes, he was very interested.
  11. Well, Dave Durbin is not coming to Auburn, he just signed a three year extension with CA. We need to get rolling on this and get a great coach to bring this program back to life.
  12. Just saw that the University of FL swim coach is retiring. We need to get rolling on this. We need to get our program back to the Elite Status that it once had!! FL will spend $$$ to get a good coach and I bet that they are already working at it.
  13. David Mines is in charge of the search. You can call and leave a message 334-844-9141. Several people have done that. I am concerned that Mines is a holdover from Jay and we all know how Jay felt about David. As of today, no one has contacted David. This is Allen’s chance to make a great hire. I know for a fact that David wants to return to AU.
  14. I have heard from someone directly that our AD has not even reached out to David. I am somewhat surprised. He would return to AU and had hoped that this would happen. His daughter will be a freshman here in the fall. Interesting. This seems like it is taking a long time, not sure why. We need someone in place soon. Recruiting is so important.
  15. Sorry, not buying that this is just "boys being boys" junk. My son was an athlete, he was an Auburn representative and definitely would have been thrilled with a full scholarship, as would many students who are struggling to even go to college!! If this is the standard for this time, then no wonder we look like a middle school group out there! My son was busy training twice a day, going to class and representing Auburn and doing what was necessary for his swim team. Gus has no control, has no leadership, puts no fear into these players and it shows on and off the field. They play like
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