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  1. I am no expert but I want someone who wants to come to Auburn and build something special. Kiffin drifts from one place to the next. I also seriously doubt if he would be happy with all the joy and love that has been given to Cadillac. I just don’t think he is really a fit for us but seems like he’s what we are getting—-until he moves on somewhere else and then we start all over again. This is our AD’s first big hire. I sure wouldn’t do it the day before the Iron Bowl. These boys are giving their hearts to Cadillac and the other coaches. Guess we will see soon war Eagle
  2. Yes. This is the right coach. He doesn’t tell us the the team is a work in progress, that he loved their energy. He holds them accountable for their playing. I love it. Down the road we will see great progress. My kind of coach.
  3. Well that’s all folks. The ending to another dismal and disappointing season under the leadership of good ole Mickey Dean. Please please send him off on his motorcycle never to return to the Plains.
  4. Dean needs to be gone tonight. He has literally killed this program. The poor girls. They will probably be heading to the portal by tomorrow. It was so much fun before he got here.
  5. So we are dead last in hitting in SEC. wow. That’s truly sad.
  6. Dean simply has to go. We are absolutely horrible at hitting and he makes the worst calls on stealing bases. We just lost again. Another lost weekend for Auburn softball.
  7. I don’t know about this search but I do know that after Bret left that David wanted to return but was not considered.
  8. Oh brother. This is sad. This is embarrassing.
  9. He was very angry with her one game for sending a runner. He should speak to her in dugout not in front of fans and our players. He did this last year several times.
  10. Where’s Emily?? She’s not at this game as well as the last game. Dean has called her out several times this season. How unprofessional for a head coach.
  11. I have heard that Allen met with swim team and they want someone with Auburn connection. Also may be reaching out to David Marsh. Time will tell. There are several great coaches who are AU alumni. Hopefully we will know soon. Recruiting is so important and we can’t take too long for this to be resolved.
  12. There is a world of difference in the level of play and decision making. These girls don’t seem to know what to do when plays happen. Under Myers they were trained daily on what to do. They reacted in a split second. These girls are not getting any training at all and hitting is totally gone. We lost to Chattanooga last night 1-0. This is terrible. He is a terrible coach. We saw what a championship program could look like. This is not it
  13. Yes David and JJ definitely clashed. I also know that David actually wanted to return when Bret was let go but that didn’t happen. I suspect David will stay in San Diego at this point in his life. Yes Maddie is a student at Auburn. We need to get this right and get this program back on track. This year was sad.
  14. Dean has to go. I am hearing that we are going to lose a bunch of players again. This is disgusting. We want to get back to softball being fun again and successful.
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