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  1. Sean White arrested

    Sorry, not buying that this is just "boys being boys" junk. My son was an athlete, he was an Auburn representative and definitely would have been thrilled with a full scholarship, as would many students who are struggling to even go to college!! If this is the standard for this time, then no wonder we look like a middle school group out there! My son was busy training twice a day, going to class and representing Auburn and doing what was necessary for his swim team. Gus has no control, has no leadership, puts no fear into these players and it shows on and off the field. They play like a bunch of slackers. All of us pay way too much money, sit is horrible seats, and try weekly to sit through this stuff!Enough is enough Sean needs to be kicked to the curb, Gus and Jay need to join him there.,
  2. A Day Tickets now on sale

    Good Morning All, The A Day tickets are now available online for purchase. Just go to www.auburntigers.com and do the ordering tickets tab. They will mail you the tickets. We need the entire stadium FULL! Time to get the GUS BUS rolling!!!! War Eagle! Pray for our swim team, they are competing at SEC's this week and I am fearful that this could be the year that our SEC men's streak ends-FL right on our tails right now! GO SWIMMERS!
  3. I think that he was one of the young men at dinner with ole TT when he bolted and left them all sitting there! Wow, Tommy, you are definitely a class act!!! Happy that we have Gus back! Think that great things are going to happen at Auburn!!!
  4. Winds of change are a blowin

    Actually, I have a different feeling after watching this entire season. Here is my open letter to our players: Dear Players, You have been given a rare gift, a FULL ride, through college that most kids would die for. You might have been the big stud in high school, but you have now moved to a totally different level!! I suggest that IF you want to play football at Auburn, you get off your duff and you work really hard to make that happen! IF you do like to work hard, follow the rules, be a team player, and be a part of the Auburn program, PLEASE turn in your uniform and let someone who really wants a shot at playing, at getting a college education, and being a part of the wonderful Auburn experience take your spot! You have let your teammates, your coaches, and all of the fans who spend tons of money and tons of time on you! Get over yourselves and MOVE ON! Give me that THREE star players any day of the week! They know that they have to work hard to accomplish their goals! My son was a swimmer for AU and worked his tail off! I would have been thrilled if he had gotten a full ride. Never happens for most of the swimmers! WAR EAGLE and I probably will NOT go to Tiger Walk this week. Enough already!
  5. For anyone around Jordan-Hare today

    I challenge all of you going to the game to join me at Tiger Walk. I never miss it. We need the biggest crowd ever today. As I have told others, negative energy only begets more negative energy. I choose to be positive, to stand with the team, the coaches, and Auburn. Do you???? I was at the rally on Thursday, the team and coaches really appreciated the support! I am sick of all of the calling out of our coaches and our team! This accomplishes nothing at this point in time. See you at Tiger Walk. Be loud and be proud tonight. WAR EAGLE
  6. Looking for 2 AU-Vandy tickets in the AU section

    I have two tickets in Auburn section , Section A, Row 63, seats 15 & 16. I live in the Auburn area, or you can call me at 334-257-4611. Email me at mamachaki@hotmail.com Seats were $50.00 each, I would probably take less since we now can't go.
  7. Week 3: La Monroe - Chizik's Sunday presser

    Seriously people, no one is more sad or disappointed than I am about our first two games, but all of this negative, ugly comments simply needs to stop now. I have read everyone's ranting and raving about everything under the sun. What do you want Coach Chizik to say? Do you want him to rant and rave and swear at the reporters like the guy in the other part of the state? I certainly don't! If you think that we are disappointed, how do you think our coaches and boys feel. Believe me, NO ONE goes out to lose!!!! My son swam and NO ONE felt worse than he did when he didn't live up to his expectations. These boys have not played together and all of this will take a little time and to attack our young QB is ridiculous. How do you think he feels, he is going to lose any confidence that he once had in himself and will never be able to move forward. Life is peaks and valleys and believe me, this group has seen two of their team members shot down and a young man lose his Mother just this week. We need to get behind this team and our coaches. Struggles always seperate the men from the boys. I love Auburn and will be there on Sat for Tiger Walk, cheering on our team, I will be in the stands cheering on the team, and I will be there at the end of the game!!! Where will you be??????
  8. Coach Chizik's Book "ALL IN"

    We have an awesome coach and we should be thankful and proud that he leads Auburn, he leads these young men, and he sincerely loves Auburn and loves the Auburn Family! I watch other coaches--I won't NAME NAMES and think that wow, I would NEVER want my child to even be around that person. My son was a swimmer at Auburn and we totally still bleed Orange and Blue. We may not win ever game, but we can always be proud of the character of our coach and that we indeed have the classiest coach and asst coaches in the entire country!!! WAR EAGLE Let's totally kick some butt this weekend!!!
  9. QUIET STRENGTH article

    Another article by someone who recognizes that we have the best man, best coach, and best leader in the country. I thought that the comment from Nick Fairley summed it all up--he said that Coach Chizik was the most caring coach he had ever known. OUr team needs that more than anything right now. I was at the candlelight service last night, these young men are trying to cope with a very tragic event. It is something that they will never forget. We are so blessed that we have Godly man to help them walk through these trouble times! We are family! We love Auburn when we win and when we lose! It is not about football, it is about life.
  10. Candelight Vigil For Shooting Victims

    Our email that we got today on campus said that the candlelight vigil was tonight at 8 in front of Samford.
  11. Our Coach and Leader

    Hello Everyone, I found this article on the Trackemtigers website and simply had to share it with you. Wow, this hits the nail on the head for sure. Our Coach stands heads above many other coaches and yet, he is the same humble, good man that I met when he was here before. I have really noticed a huge change in our entire Auburn "culture" since Coach Chizik arrived. I see a huge difference in our young men on the team--whether I meet them in Walmart, on campus, or coming through Tiger Walk--these boys are definitely way different from a few years ago. I see a huge change in our student section--they believe in Auburn and love it and they love Coach Chizik. I see a deep love and loyality from the Auburn family. I think that we do not realize that in the short time that Coach Chizik has been back to the Plains, he has made a huge impact of each and every one of us. War Eagle and God Bless all of you. This article really says it all! Article from TrackemTigers website: Editors note: I was in the middle of preparing this when al.com sports writer Kevin Scarbinsky posted his judgement of Gene Chizik. Instead of quitting, and leaving the story alone, I decided to forge ahead and post my version anyway. It isn't really a scoop type story, more of an opinion. My opinion. When I think of Coach Chizik, I think of these traits as a man. He is strong in his beliefs. He has proven he is solid when the waters become choppy. Most importantly though, he is true. True to his family, true to his players, and their families. True to Auburn. We only have to go back to 2010 to see how Gene Chizik handles adversity. The well known story of Cam Newton, the recruiting that surrounded his ending up at Auburn, and the media storm that followed all the accusations and outright lies about Newton. Through all of this, Chizik never flinched. His unwavering support of Newton, and uncompromising attitude kept those of us fans hoping against hope, that the media was wrong, and Auburn was right. After all the facts were laid out, and a lengthy NCAA investigation unfolded, Auburn and Newton came through squeaky clean. Did Coach Chizik hold a press conference and gloat about being right? No. Did he ever once say to the media"I told you so"? No. As a matter of fact, when asked about the situation, and how he felt about being right, Gene stated that he had "moved on". So as we are surrendering ourselves to the ugly news of these horrible shootings, Gene Chizik makes a statement to the public, and holds a team meeting to let his team know that he is there for them. "This is a sad, sad day for everyone associated with the entire Auburn family. I am devastated by the passing of three young men, including two that I personally knew in Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips and my heart goes out to their families. My thoughts and prayers are with their families and all of the victims involved in this tragic incident. Nobody should ever have to endure such unimaginable grief, and we will love and support the victims’ families during this terribly difficult time. We have a lot of people on our football team that are hurting right now and we’re going to do everything we can to help them get through this. We are relieved that Eric Mack, who was also a victim in this incident, is expected to make a full recovery. This is a very trying time for everyone involved, and I would just ask that you lift up the victims and their families in your prayers." Read more here: http://www.wareagleextra.com/#storylink=cpy I recall the story of Shon Coleman, and his finding out that he had Acute Lymphoblast a form of Lukemia. As trying and shocking a revelation as that was, Coach Chizik met it head on by offering Shon Coleman and his family a scholarship at Auburn even if Shon could never play football again. Auburn University, and it's football fans are indeed blessed to have a man of such high character leading it's football program. WAR EAGLE! I c
  12. Coach Chiz press conference today...........

    We should all be so thankful that we have the leader that we have. Our coach is a man of great faith, compassion, and leadership. The young men who are lucky enough to spend time with our coaches are blessed and parents know that when they entrust their children to our coach, they are going to grow into better young men when they leave Auburn. Coach Chizik has faced many trials since arriving on the Plains and continues to show us all how we should handle these trials, with grace and class. God Bless you Coach, we feel blessed to have you here with us. God Bless these sad sad parents who must bury their children. No parent ever thinks that will ever happen.
  13. Watch the Statue unveiling online live

    Wow, what a special and moving day it was in Auburn. The ceremony this morning was very moving and emotional. We watched it in the arena and it was wonderful. How proud to be associated with Auburn. We truly are a very unique and special place and only those who know and love Auburn get it! I think that next season looks really bright and exciting! As Bo said today, when you say War Eagle, your other "family members" know exactly what that means. WAR EAGLE to ALL!
  14. Rise up

    We should all be so thankful and proud that our coaches recruit kids who WANT to come Auburn. STARS do NOT make a player--hard work, heart, committment, and desire make a player! I guarantee you that I would rather have that kind of kid any day that the ones who have these huge egos and are not team players. I can't wait for the new season to start. We should appreciate our coaches. These coaches work 24/7 and sacrifice lots of their own family time to go after these kids. If you think that you are disappointed, how do you think that our coaches feel, they invest hours talking to these guys. I am thrilled with our new class--I simply do not care where it is ranked, I care what happens in August!!! Welcome young men, you are going to be a part of something really special! WAR EAGLE!
  15. A message to the players and parents

    I am a mother of an athlete, my son swam for Auburn. Believe me when I say--and I have said it many times--NO kid goes out to lose!!!! If you think that WE feel bad, how do you think these young men feel and our wonderful coaches. Both have put in hours and hours of work and preparation and emotion into each and everyone of these games!! Everyone needs to just GET OVER IT and be very proud that we won 7 games this year, we are going to a bowl game, we had the YOUNGEST team in ALL of college football this year and if you had listened to the talking heads--we should have just forfeited the season before we started! We do not want to be become like the other fans that call for everyone's head the minute things turn hard! Life is hard. Did you read Coach Chizik's book--we all have peaks and valleys in our lives and it what we do when we are in the valley that determines who we really are! This bashing needs to stop. Either you are ALL IN or you are not. Me- I love Auburn win, lose, or draw! WAR EAGLE!